What is the best way to transition to a barefoot shoe?

Forget those stupid things. It's a lot cheaper and more comfortable, not to mention much better for you to just go barefoot than to pretend to go barefoot in overpriced shoes that only make you look like a clown.

What is the best running shoe for actual runners?

The best running shoe is the one that you like the best. All major brands make good shoes, try on different shoes and use the one that fits you and feels good to you. I own mostly Adidas, but that is my personal preference.

How do you lace skater shoes with 2 different color shoe laces to each shoes?

Bar lace one shoe pink and the other one white.

What are the best shoe inserts for high heels with my wedding dress?

Dr. Scholls. they are the best.

How to get Converse shoe tongue to stay in the middle?

It's really hard to explain and describe but I'll try and do my best. You know the most top two hole for your laces to slot in? Usually a person would slot the laces from the bottom to the top so you tie those laces on top of the shoe together? Instead of slotting the laces from the bottom to the top, you should slot the laces from the top to the bottom so you could tie it underneath the holes and tuck them into your shoe.. This is really effective for me it's really tight and the laces won't be loose easily.

How do I remove shoe polish scuffs from the doorsill of my car?

Car wax or rubbing compound (will be next to the wax) at walmart or an autoparts store. Walmart will be cheaper.

What is the best shoe to use for Freerunning/Parkour?

The new KO (Know Obstacles) are my best find. I've been training for years and every shoe I go through either lack flexibility, fall apart too fast, are too expensive or have no grip! I've now got a pair of the KO's which the WFPF (World Freefunning Parkour Federation) have recently started selling. Designed by Traceurs for Traceurs. They're affordable, lightweight, grip well (not so much in the wet) and are flexible. Not only that, they have a bit of a thicker sole as well, so they will hopefully last as long as a sneaker too. Heres where you can get them...http://www.wfpf.com/dev3/store/

which shoe is better for boxing a running shoe or a basketball shoe?

basketball makes more sense..............

What soccer shoe would be most comfortable and efficient for flat feet?

i just use my cleats and add insoles. u can buy ones with arch support. when u add insoles it makes any shoe a "good" shoe. my doctor recomended them for me because of my flat feet. u can get them almost anywhere. most drug stores have them. and they can be removed.

How to disinfect a shoe from insects?

First of never put any shoes in the microwave you will melt them and I don't believe you have to disinfect shoes from insects or spiders etc they don't carry germs, my advice is to use Undiluted White Vinegar to remove those insects from your shoes it will also kill the mold/mildew problem you now have due to washing them leave on for about one hour then use a stiff brush on the soles of the shoes the insects will be dry and fall of as you brush on the tops of the outersole you can dip a soft to medium toothbrush in the vinegar and gently scrub off the dead insects allow to dry for about half hour then brush them off gently when finished dry shoes outside away from sunlight and heat or in a warm room and stuff crumpled up newspaper inside the shoes to absorb any moisture in your shoes that has lingered from your washing these shoes, now your shoes will be disinfected as vinegar cleans and disinfects all surfaces removes stains and residue and has been touted as being the best disinfectant in the world Good Luck !

How much does it cost to stretch shoes at a shoe cobbler?

takes about 5 days.. the longer the more it stretches. I usually go in the first time i pick up my shoes and if they're too small i would tell them stretch it out more. Usually it cost between $8-$12 depending on the store of course..

What is the difference between Converse shoe sizes and regular shoe sizes?

Converse Chuck Taylors are produced as unisex styles. There is a two size difference between the men and women's sizes. The box and tag inside will say men 6 women 8 and the sole of the shoe will say 6. Some colors and prints that are meant specifically for women will not have the men's size printed on the box or the inside tag but the sole of the shoe will still be the men's size. If you bought a lady specific pair in a size 8, the sole of the shoe will have a 6 on it. Converse shoes are know to fit larger than most other shoes on the market. If you usually wear a size 8 in a Chuck Taylor, you would need a size 8.5 in a pair of Adidas.

What shoe should you start your toddler on?

I had my son fitted for his first pair and well every pair of shoes.. You don't want to get something that doesn't fit their feet right considering they are just starting out to walk you don't want to hurt their feet or make it any harder for them.. Plus my son has feet that turn in and wide feet so I wanted to make sure! I def would go to a shoe store and ask. I recommend Velcro! My son's pair of shoes that we recently bought him are tie and I KNEW I didn't want to get tie! But that was all they had and now I am regretting it as they come undone all the time! Velcro are easy esp for a little toddler who is kicking her feet you just snap them and done.

What shoe brand do you recommend for running?

I would recommend light weight shoes for running. Adidas Puma Reebok Nike. Those are my favorite picks. What i would see in a running shoe is good grip and light weight. Hope I Helped!

What sizes are respectively the smallest shoe sizes for adult men in different countries?

I love a bargain as much as anyone and I used to love all the cheap stuff I could find on eBay, but nowadays it seems so hard to find anything cheap over there and just when we're all finding it tougher to just pay our bills. I don't give up so I was looking for someplace online where I could still find myself a bargain... and by accident I came across this site I never heard of before where you get rock bottom prices from police impounded stuff, I mean I was worried about scams but this stuff is actually real and I got some real cheap stuff there... it's become my new eBay lol! Go to WinItems.com

What to do when one foot is a shoe size smaller?

I feel your pain. One of my feet is larger, but not a full size. I have on occasion taken the tighter shoe to a shoe repair shop and getting it stretched. Something else not relevant but useful. I try to always buy the same socks (color and brand), as a result the difference between the new and the old, is thickness. I put the thinner sock on the larger foot. It works for me. I hope this helps. I'll confess at one time in a self help shoe store, do my own mix and match. I hope the next guy to come along, had our problem and received a good fit.

What kind of shoe is good for running with flat feet?

Run in a pair of athletic comfort shoes. Athletic comfort shoes are designed give the foot additional support, cushion, and ventilation to better comfort the foot. A marathon is the place where you will need comfort shoes the most, think about it

What type of shoe insoles are best for sweaty feet and to prevent feet from sliding?

get a slap chop..stop having a boring tuna, stop having a boring life..

What is the difference between a cross-training shoe and a running shoe?

A cross training shoe is basically a gym shoe, it is protection for a variety of different physical endeavors while a running shoe is constructed to protect you from the repeated pounding of running.

Where would I find an over the door shoe organizer for large shoes?

im a size twelve and was in the same situation until i walked into a car accessories shop and saw a black nylon car organizer with 12 pouches that was designed to hang over the drivers seat,each pouch was the same size and took my shoes perfectly,as this was designed to hang with velcro i cut the straps off and inserted a wire coat hanger(black to match) and job done,

What kind of a running shoe is best for long distance running?

What to look for depends on your specific needs. You go in to a running shoe store and say you want running shoes, period. They would check your shoes to see the wear pattern which would indicate what type of shoe you need, a stabilization shoe, underpronation or overpronation, etc. Then they would have you run in a shoe to see how you run. Once they have an idea of what you need they should pull out several models and have you try them for comfort, have you put both pairs on and jog around the store to see which you like best. They should be half a size to a full size larger than your street shoes. And that’s it! If you go to a shoe store and they don't ask to see you run first thing to get an idea of your needs, find another store. Good luck!

How can I find legitimate shoe suppliers/manufacture for my future shoe boutique?

Go to an open house of product demonstration show.

What is the best running shoe for an under pronator with high arches?

Shoes, with something about foot pronations. (Running Shoes) http://www.shoes.com/content.aspx?contentID=runningshop Food for thought: Information about some running shoes and spikes for hardcore runners: Key for running shoes - The better the shock absorption is the better the shoe is. Whenever possible, it is best to try them on before a purchase. An ideal shoe will fit your foot like a slipper. Your running shoes are the key to staying injury free. Knowing how to use them will enhance your speed. You can wear any type of shoe you want for training in. But you should have a second pair of shoes just for racing in. Oversize Trainers To Improve Your Speed - The best type of trainer to wear is one that is either a half or full size too large for your feet. Buy a high quality cushion inset sole and place it in the shoe. This gives your feet added shock absorption protection. This could be a big help against Shine Splints. If one foot is longer than the other, buy the trainers based on the longest foot. Except for hurdlers practicing their hurdle form, use this shoe for all of your running practices, including high speed sections. When you change shoes for races, you will find that your feet feel light and that your race time results are constantly on the speedy end of your speed range. Shoes For Racing In: A racing shoe (flats or spikes) that properly fits your foot and used for race purpose only, will enhance your speed. These shoes are normally very light but do not support your feet like trainers. You can make many brands of racing shoes feel very comfortable for use without soaks by placing a thin, soft cushion, flat insole in it. Replace the insoles when they begin to show signs of wear or when they are flat in your impact area. They can be bought in some grocery stores. If you use arch supports, place it in your racing shoe too. If one foot is longer than the other, buy this pair of shoes based on the shortest foot. However, if the toes on the longer foot are knuckling up in the shoe, then the shoes are too short - get a longer pair. Hurdler shoe issue: Shoes play a huge part of helping a hurdler be fast, especially in the short distance hurdles. This is not practical, but hurdlers need three pairs of track shoes. They need their proper foot fitting racing spikes, they need a pair of proper fitting running shoes for hurdle work practices only and, they need their oversize comfortable running shoes with extra cushion protection for all other running activities. Wearing Spikes To Train In: There are times when using spikes in a training section is very important to the athlete. Sprinters, hurdlers, pole vaulters, javelin throwers; long, triple and, high jumpers should wear their spikes when trying to calibrate their steps and starting block position. Once the measurements have been established with your spikes on, take them off and put on your trainers. Use your trainers to find the location of your established starting points. The order of finding your points should be with spikes first and then with trainers, never the other way around. This is because trainers vary too much in size, shape and, length for the same size foot - change your trainers and you change the deminsion of your foot. For this group of people, knowing how to find your precise starting points with your racing shoes on, assures you a consistent range of high end results for your discipline. Runners World: (Shoes) http://www.runnersworld.com/topic/0,7122,s6-240-400-0-0,00.html Road Runner Sports: (Cloths & Shoes) http://www.roadrunnersports.com/ Amazon - Athletic & Outdoor Shoes http://www.amazon.com/Athletic-Outdoor/b/ref=sv_shoe_5?ie=UTF8&node=679564011 Springco Athletics: (All Track Products - spikes) http://www.springcoathletics.com/ First To The Finish: (All Track Products - spikes) http://www.firsttothefinish.com/itemmatrix.asp?Cc=fw_foot_sprint&GroupCode=183829-01&eq=fw_18382901&MatrixType=1 Amazon - Running Spikes http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dshoes&field-keywords=running+spikes&x=0&y=0#%2Fref%3Dsr_pg_1%3Frh%3Dn%253A672123011%252Ck%253Arunning%2Bspikes%26keywords%3Drunning%2Bspikes%26ie%3DUTF8%26qid%3D1289023435&enc=1 Hotestsale: (Cloths & Shoes) http://www.hotestsale.com/Wholesale-Nike-Shox-TL-Footwear-p-3973.html Finish Line: (Cloths & Shoes) http://www.finishline.com/store/catalog/product.jsp?productId=prod657130 Off Brand Running Shoes: Search engine: (Newton Running Shoes) http://search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt=A0oG7lfFnMJMmP4AsUml87UF;_ylc=X1MDMjE0MjQ3ODk0OARfcgMyBGZyA3lmcC10LTk2MwRuX2dwcwMxMARvcmlnaW4Dc3ljBHF1ZXJ5A05ld3RvbiBSdW5uaW5nIFNob2VzBHNhbwMx?p=Newton+Running+Shoes&fr=yfp-t-963&fr2=sfp&iscqry=

How long do you have to leave a shoe stretcher in shoes befor the leather will stretch?

I used to work at a shoe store, and we left shoes on the stretcher for 24 hours.

What is the difference between a trail running shoe and a hiking shoe?

for running, you don't want a chunky shoe that you would need for hiking.you want a lightweight, fitting shoe. for hiking, you want a comfortable, protective boot.

Are you allowed to wear shoe insoles in your socks when boarding an aircraft?

If you have to go thru a millimeter wave scanner, they will question you about them......

Can a shoe maker stretch shoes to fit wide feet?

i do not think they can strech a shoe and make it bigger than what it already is. i hope i helped. but i think it can not be done.

What are some indications that a running shoe does not fit?

You have chosen shoes that are not giving your toes enough room. It sounds like you need a wider toe space. I had that problem for years and the depth of the toe area as my big toe would always point upwards. Clean up the toes the best you can and demand that you be better fitted for shoes. Maybe get a shoe with a better form fitting to correct the positioning of your foot. One with a higher arch to draw up the middle of your foot and lower the toe area.

What basketball shoe would be best to maximize my performance?

Reebok Pumps,but you have to pump them up because if you do not pump them up they are just like any other shoe.

What size shoe does an average 7 year old girl wear?

a 13 or a 1 maybe my sister was a size 13 at age 7 and so was most of her friends

What are the main reasons to shoe a horse?

There are only three valid reasons that horses are shod: protection, traction or to effect a therapeutic change in the way a horse moves. Protection is the most obvious reason: Simply put, if a horse's rate of foot wear exceeds his rate of foot growth, his foot must be protected in some way. If not protected, continuing the same routine, in the same environment, will cause soreness. Once sore, the owner can either lay him up while he grows out enough to protect himself with hoof wall and exfoliating sole, or shoe him and accomplish almost the same thing artificially. A traction device is anything added to a shoe to enhance or increase traction. Each traction device may be used in conjunction with others; thus, the usage may be customized for an individual animal to suit a specific set of circumstances. For example: a flat racer running on a sloppy track might be shod with a grab and sticker behind, and a grab and jar calks in front. The same horse, on a dry track, might run with only a grab behind and rims in front. The final reason to shoe a horse is to effect a therapeutic change in a horse's way of going, most often to stop the horse from hitting (interfering in some way). In reality, most attempts to modify a horse's way of going are not therapeutic; rather, they are an attempt to modify a particular gait to better meet an arbitrary (subjective) standard, usually related to a particular breed. (Non-therapeutic considerations are an important portion of pragmatic farriery.) The specifics of this particular aspect of farriery require particular expertise and are beyond the scope of this overview. In general terms, a gait may be modified by changing the way a foot leaves the ground (breakover) or its behavior off the ground (flight path). These factors are changed by the removal/application/utilization of weight and length. A gait may also be modified by changing the timing relative to opposite members; e.g., fronts to hinds. A horse will do whatever he does most efficiently if he is balanced, both fronts and hinds, in the two basic planes (anterior-posterior; medial-lateral) from the fetlock to the ground. Recognition, analysis and treatment of gait aberrations are some of the most difficult tasks facing the farrier. hope this helps!!! :o)

How do I start my own shoe business boutique store in New York City?

You'll need allot of money for starts, even in Small towns the rental on property on main streets is very high. To go fully online you'll probably need to use mail order, and you'll need a good web-site. In either case you should know most big shue companies have their shoes make overseas at a small fraction of the cost of what they could have them made for within the U.S>; and even then big companies, by making things in mass and having already spend the big bucks up front, can make things for less than a small business person may, per item.

What are a good skate shoe for beginners?

I skate and I started with vans. There okay but I prefer that you should try etnies, dc, or maybe a pair of DVD's. There all good skate shoes. You could get them cheap if you live close to a Ross

What is the best running shoe for someone with narrow feet and high arches?

I just received a review pair of the Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove today. I ran in them tonight, but Merrell has requested that I hold off on a review until February, which is actually a good call since it will give me some time to put some miles on them (Update 2/27/2011: My review of the Merrell Trail Glove is now posted). In the meantime, I’d like to refer you to a glowing review of the Merrell Trail Glove posted over at the Barefoot Running University by Jason Robillard. Jason is working with Merrell to develop educational materials associated with the formal release of the Merrell Barefoot line (reported to be February 1), and if my first run was any indication, Jason’s review is quite accurate.

How many different shoe styles should I start off with?

start off with 25 pairs of shoes and add on to pairs of shoes every 2 weeks and let me now how it goes

How do you become a shoe-shiner for men wearing suits or businessmen?

Like buggy whips, it is a custom of the past. Years ago every shoe repair shop had a shine person. Airports always had them. Now very few places have shoe shiners. Most people wear gym or athletic shoes that need no shining or repairs. In today's airports with all the congestion he would have to be able to work in the gate areas where people are waiting to get on a plane. That means having permission from airport management to go into sealed off areas. He could probably arrange with a merchant for space and legality. It would probably cost him dearly.

What shoe brands does the clothing store alley kat carry?

Minds are like parachutes they only function when open

What shoe is a good replacement for the New Balance 1024 model?

More than anything, you should probably stock up on the 1024's while they can still be found. Otherwise you're probably looking at New Balance's 757 or 1063 models, though the 1063 seems much more positively reviewed. And otherwise you may need to get fitted in a running store to see what else is out there currently you like. At least in my own experience, Brooks tends to make shoes that can be somewhat close in fit, etc. to New Balance, so you might want to look into their offerings like the Defyance and Glycerin.

How can I remove purple shoe dye marks from a grey canvas shoe?

try pre-treating the stain with a liquid all-fabric bleach just prior to re-washing in cold water.

What size shoe does your 1 year old girl wear and where to buy?

wow i thought i was the only one with truely little feet in the house, lol. honestly walmart does have a good shoe that comes in a size 2. it's a flexible sole and very sturdy for wobbling feet. not like the crib shoes you find in other stores for much more money. we even looked into nike's and found the soles on this small of shoe did not bend at all, making walking difficult for my daughter. she wore her walmart shoes just fine until she finally grew into a size 3 and 4. which was about 16 months. she's 2 now and still only wears a size 4-5, possibly a 6 depending on who makes them. also converse makes a size 2, you can order it online, or i found ebay to be a great place for little feet. most kids are not walking in a size 2-4 and the shoes you get there either have been on the shelf since birth or haven't been walked in at all. my daughter has so many pairs of merrels that i found on ebay brand new for under $10 a pair, it's unbelieveable. maybe the stride rite in other areas is better, but in mine they only sold dress or crib shoes in a size 2. none of them were fit for regular walking. they were more designed as part of an outfit as compared to actual walking shoes. but yes they are a good shoe, i just never found one in a size 2 that was a regular walking shoe from stride rite.

What kind of shoe should I wear with my white jeans and hot pink blouse?

converse or sandals sound the best to me :)

What shoe color goes best with a blue dress that has a black belt?

Well you could wear blue shoes, silver may be a bit much but you could add some silver things into your outfit like earings or a necklace to tie silver into your outfit so then the silver shoes would match a little better and you could wear white shoes too!

What shoe company uses the leaning tower of pisa as their logo on the bottom of the shoe?

I would try to google Pisa shoe logo

How many shoe styles should I start off with?

After listening to the professor above (good advice), i WOULD also see what they don't have. I know in the place I used to live we didn't have the population to be the "Urban Area" for the Foot Locker to sell us Nike Dunks, but we loved Nikes. Then a store opened that sold The colorful Dunk Hi's and Lows and THEY SELL ALL OF THEM, and it's very good business. It's a small boutique so start with a selection and see what sells, be cautious at first with a couple bold shoes. More than a handful, less than a busload Also, who are you selling to? This can be important to determine your 'target audience' to go study what they like.

What shoe brand makes the most comfortable flats?

Definately Clarks , Jones or Russell and Bromley. I am obsessed with shoes and have the same problem with my arches. These brands may be a little more expensive but trust me it's worth it! I've tried so many brands , but these seem to be the best. The cheaper alternatives aren't as well made and therefore don't give your arch any support, they leave your feet in pain as they apply a lot of pressure to the balls and heels of your feet. Try and get a pair of pumps with a small heel as well if possible. http://www.jonesbootmaker.com/ebusiness1/store/index.jsp http://www.clarks.co.uk/ http://www.russellandbromley.co.uk/product-page.pl?id=41 Hope i've helped :) xxx

What type of shoe or brand of shoe is best for someone who suffers from mid to lower back pain?

You can get some really good walking or tennis shoes for that price,,, at a place like Wal-Mart or chain sporting good stores like Big 5 or Academy Sports for much less,,,, and then get gel soles to put in them,,, it will make them feel like a $200 pair Here are a few good links your hubby should look at,,, they will help him with the pain. http://www.webmd.com/back-pain/guide/pain-management-back-pain http://health.discovery.com/centers/pain/pain.html http://spine-health.com and the Dr. Scholl's for men are what I have worn for a few years and love them,, also Wal-Mart,, under $30

What shoe and shirt color to match dark brown velvet coat?

I think your brown shoes are decent. I wouldn't wear brown with black ever. As for your shirt, I'd avoid the brown shirt because a brown jacket with a brown shirt and brown shoes is lacking in... variety. I don't know if you're a boy or girl... if you're a girl you can go with something lighter and softer like a light pink shirt. Boys and girls can wear a dark green olive shirt or a red (any shade) shirt. If you don't like or don't have colorful clothes you can just stick with a basic white shirt. good luck!

What type of shoe provides good lateral support for racquetball?

Racquetball shoes are the best like these http://www.racquetballwarehouse.com/appspage.html?ccode=RBSHOES&cat=shoes But I have found the basketball shoes work pretty good also Good luck and remember always wear safety glasses while playing!! Adam


Cleats? The items worn by baseball players during games.


Cover your mouth and spray some Fabreeze! GL~isa