How much would a Shiba Inu or a King Charles Spaniel cost?

Jeanne - Where DID you get your info? Shiba's were NOT originally bred to fight, they were bred to flush birds and hunt small game. And even if they were originally bred to fight, so long as you get them from the right breeder (not a person who fought the dogs) and actually took the time to TRAIN them properly, they would not become aggressive. Another thing, they would be ANIMAL aggressive and not human aggressive. Most fighting breeds are more prey driven than human aggressive - even in the fighting world a human aggressive dog would not be bred from because they want these dog to be able to be handled. But on to the original question.... I don't know how popular or rare they are where you live and that would affect the prices. I would GUESS either breed to be about $500 (or estimated 250 pound) to over $1,000 (or estimated 500 pounds.) If you adopt it would be significantly LESS. If you buy from a petstore or newspaper add it would be in the middle ish range, but the dogs would be poorly bred (puppy mills and poor breeding) and may cost more in vet bills as time goes on. Supplies and vet care in the first week will cost in the $400 (200 pound) range, and fees ARE recurring (food, supplies, grooming, training, vet care, etc.) Expect to spend a grand or two in US dollars (500-1000 pounds) OR MORE every year on care.

What is the difference between a Shiba Inu and a Finnish Spitz?

The Finnish Spitz will looks more like a wolf than the Shiba Inu and have a fuller coat and fuller tail.

What is the difference between a Shiba Inu and Jindo?

i have a jindo and my cousin used to have a shiba. When we compared them, we found that they have very similar physical characteristics, but we found that even though the jindo is independent, it still is owner oriented(loyal) compared to the shiba where it is independent but displays a "me, myself, and mine" temperament. They are both excellent wild dog breeds, and i will never get a Lab, Golden Retriever, or "normal" dog ever again because i love them so much. Good Luck!

How much does a pure bred Shiba Inu puppy generally cost for purchase? Price range?

As with almost any breed you can find them free to $1,000+. Newspaper ads or petfinder classified have often have free dogs and shelters get in Shibas, around here a $59 adoption fee gets you a dog all shots, neutered, chipped, heartworm tested, Frontlined and first dose of heartworm given. From a responsible reputable breeder who has OFA'd stock, titled the parents and has a good guarantee a pet quality will prob run you $1,000 and a breeding/show pup $1,500. Most rescues charge around $200 or so for a dog all vetted so there are several options.

Is a 1000 or 900 dollar Shiba Inu from the pet store expensive?

A pet store would have to offer me MUCH more than $1000 to take one of their dogs. If you take a dog from a pet store, they SHOULD be paying'll be much more likely to incur outrageous vet bills on one of their dogs (they're usually not very healthy) it or not, they are ALL from puppy mills...and those dogs are poorly bred, badly behaved (who can blame them for having psychological issues, considering where they came from?), and were not screened for potential defects. The only place to get a dog is from a shelter or a good breeder. You often won't be able to get a dog as quickly from one of these places, but you won't regret it when you get your healthy dog, and you won't have to feel guilty about contributing to the demise of "good" dogs. Many dogs are breeding that shouldn't be, contributing to behavior and health problems that we shouldn't have to be dealing with. It's better for you and your dog in the long run to spend the money on a well bred dog, or to adopt from a shelter.

How much does it take to tire out a Shiba Inu dog or a puppy?

They don't need lots of walking, but do walk him/her daily. From what I heard that they are very cat like. Independent. But I'm sure they like to cuddle too, what pup doesn't? Enjoy your new baby.=)

What is the difference between a Shiba Inu and a Shikoku besides size?

Basically both have the same temperaments. I wouldn't suggest either of these breeds to anyone that is not a experience dog owner. They can be challenging and difficult. Shiba's are smaller, and Shik's are a little be larger ..... both have a strong minded personality, very stubborn. Also they are one of the few breeds that is a domesticated wild dog. I also wouldn't suggest this breed for any families with young kids, or other animals since they have a extreme high prey drive.

How hard is it raising a shiba inu puppy?

All puppies are the same. When teething, they will bite just about anything including fingers, furniture, toys, etc. When dealing with a teething puppy, you need to encourage chewing on the appropriate items by giving them a chew toy or bone when they chew on the wrong items(or hands). Never hit a puppy. Most dogs can play fetch or catch if you train him to. Obedience is something taught, not something a puppy comes with. When dealing with biting, it all depends on how you raise a puppy. The breed doesn't matter. If you let a puppy bite, he will continue to bite. No dog bites more than others. A bored puppy is a destructive puppy. Furthermore.. No puppy can bite your face off. Puppy teeth are sharp, but can't do too much damage.

shiba inu??

I have a two year old Shiba Inu. She is wonderful!! Time Alone: I am a teacher, so I am also in school all day. We actually adopted her in May so that I wouldn't have to leave her during the day all summer. Then when I was ready to go back to school, she went in a crate/kennel. YES!! They do chew everything the first year! Put her in a kennel. Ours is 2 and is just now able to be kennel free all day. Walks: We are bad and don't walk her a lot. She runs around the house and backyard several times a day. Groom: We just brush ours every couple of days when she is shedding. Other than that, her coat takes care of itself. Food: I don't know...not a lot. We just fill her bowl every 2-3 days when it is empty. I really love this breed. Mine is so sweet and playful. She loves people and other animals. I can't get enough of my little girl. :)

Shiba Inu??

I LOVE my Shiba Inu. Shibas take a lot of work and patience. I was unprepared for owning one, but after 9 years I am so happy I still own one.... er... I mean she owns me! They can be stubborn, sneaky, agile, smart, really fast runners, cat-like and tend to want to be the alpha dog. But with the right training, they can really bloom. Cost for an AKC puppy will run you $500-$1000. Mine currently weighs 28 pounds. They do have Glaucoma in the breed, which I just found out about. This can lead to a very costly vet bill. My Shiba Inu Dobi is featured in this month's Petco ads and on TV and has her own website,