Why is there so much fuss over the BP oil spill?

It is a game of political football / Soccer the oil spill is impacting on states that are very dependent on tourism as well as fishing and the oil industry the oil is impacting on all three industries. It is an opportunity for the Republicans to score points against President Obama one way or the other reading Sarah Palin's facebook page clearly places the blame on the spill on extremist environmentalists. The thing is that the damage done to the environment is serious and the fact that it was all preventable and it was caused by cost cutting and poor maintenance which is common in other countries, however it is very much a case of Nimbyism. The Americans don't care so much about similar spills elsewhere, the costs could be easily taken care of due to tame local officials or rife corruption as money does work in clearing things up. Still happening where a lot of Americans take their vacation is something they will not tolerate and when a band wagon is kicking around some politicians will jump on it as it allows some not to appear as if they are more for the little person which gains a lot of brownie points.

What else could i use for this experiment on marine life affected by an oil spill?

Try cat or dog fur to represent marine animals such as otters.

Can someone explain the BP oil spill?

It is really more of a hemorrhage occurring about one mile under the ocean's surface. Evidently, one of the pipes ruptured. British Petroleum is an oil company, just like Shell and Chevron. They failed in that they had no working back up plan.

wouldnt it be wise for all oil companies to combine efforts to clean up oil spill?

That's cute.. YEah in some dreamy bubble, all of us should just get along and be nice. In the reality of this cut throat blood thirsty world that we live in/ are you suggesting that a money oriented company help their competition stay in business for the good of us all. That really is cute. Dude, come on. I agree that it is a horrible thing and understand that they could have kept it under control. But the people who run our government aren't doing it for the good of the people, they are doing for the good of their own greedy bellies. They make passionate speeches which is what there advertizing consultants tell them to do ,but............Really?? ...

If gas prices nationwide go up because of the BP oil spill, why is BP the only oil company responsible?

because thats how big oil works. they look after each other. first of, BP didnt really own the rig. It was a third party company that ran it, but BP hired them. So it was that third party that was responsible for not keeping a same work zone, but BP has taken all responsibility.

Another OIL Spill?????? Oil Companies Destroy More livelihoods?

Replacing water with cash won't restore their livelihoods. I agree with that point All that food from that water is gone for years. Sad Someone should be thrown in jail

Why aren't people consistent with oil spill boycotts?

Will Shell Oil drilling recklessness cause similar ecological damage in USA waters like in Nigeria?

your right. we should drill on land, and shallow waters where it is much easier, and safer for workers as well as the environment.

did the other oil complanies come together with BP to tell what why would do with a spill?

BP is not the only company drilling on american shores (and BP wasnt explicitly doing the drilling - a company that contracts for BP was), most oil companies have rigs all over the world. A similar thing would happen to another company if the spill happened on american shores. The major concern is that companies do not have plans or technologies to deal with spills.

With ALL oil spill the experts in the world, why didn't 0baama ACCEPT the Dutch, Norwegian, Shell Oil. Saudi?

This is for O G Katz Why didn't federal officials implement an oil spill clean up plan they've had on the books since 1994 as soon as possible after crude began pumping into the Gulf of Mexico following the explosion and sinking of BP's Deepwater Horizon drilling platform 53 miles south of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico? Gouget said when he was at NOAA, the agency created a plan that required burning off an oil spill in the region in its earliest stage, if the prevailing winds would not push the smoke and soot from the operation inland. The plan is still in effect, but was not activated last week by NOAA. "They had pre-approval. The whole reason the plan was created was so we could pull the trigger right away instead of waiting ten days to get permission," Gouget told the Register. "If you read the pre-approval plan, it speaks about Grand Isle, where the spill is. When the wind is blowing offshore out of the north, you have preapproval to burn in that region. If the wind is coming onshore, like it is now, you can't burn at Grand Isle. They waited to do the test burn until the wind started coming onshore." When the Register asked Gouget why federal officials waited for a week before conducting even a test burn, he said, "Good question. Maybe complacency was the biggest issue. They probably didn't have the materials on hand to conduct the burn, which is unconscionable." Gouget told the Registe that NOAA officials at the Unified Command Center in Louisiana know how to respond to spills, and know burning should have started as soon as possible after the initial release was detected. He also speculated that they may have been prevented from doing so by higher officials. Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinio…