Nashviile has a winning hockey team?

Should the Flyers trade Pronger?

Naa, he's too good to get traded. But a trade for Shea Weber would be a good trade or other good defencmens like Drew Doughty and Dion Phanuf, since he's also getting pretty old too

What do you think of my fantasy hockey team? is there anyone i should drop(its a pool of 12 ppl)?

Tavares has been absolutely terrible. Pick up another C if you need one. There are plenty underrated ones floating around right now in my 12 team leagues.

Hockey Who to keep who to drop?

For Lidstrom its worth it.

Out of free agency players, What does Nashville have to do to take the next step?

For one, Steve Sullivan. The guy just can't seem to beat the injury bug and if he was 100% healthy, he'd be a welcome addition back to the team. The Preds would also love to have Hornqvist join them. He's been playing solid hockey in the Swedish Elite league that scoring touch he has could definitely be used by Nashville. But the bottom line is, they need scoring forwards, especially on the wing. Radulov just isn't consistent while Erat and Dumont can't do it all. Obviously everyone would love Hossa, but realistically, maybe a guy like Cory Stillman could be a possibility? Otherwise, the Predators are actually in pretty good shape in my opinion. If they can't sign a scoring winger, they can always trade for one. The Preds have plenty of solid young blueliners both in the NHL and down in the minors that i'm sure many teams would love to have.

Make an all-star team of players from you're home province/state?

I'm from Manitoba Arron Asham - Jonathan Toews - Alexander Steen Travis Hamonic - Ian White (I want to put Duncan Keith, but he was just born in Manitoba, not raised.) James Reimer For fun, I want to do my birth province of New Brunswick, but since it's slim pickings, I'll do the maritimes in general, just because I don't think there are any maritimers on here. Michael Ryder(NFLD) - Sidney Crosby(NS) - Steve Ott(PEI) Adam McQuaid(PEI) - Randy Jones(NB, I don't really like him, but I needed someone from New Brunswick, and he's a Jet, so fine.) Drew MacIntyre(PEI, only choice, played for the Manitoba Moose, so that's nice) Honorable Mentions to Patrice Cormier(NB) and Mark Flood(PEI), two maritimer Jets, who gave me this idea, but don't fit into the master plan. This was tricky as I had to give consideration to other provinces, and I don't even think Newfoundland and Labrador really consider themselves as part of the maritimes, but oh well.

Pretend you're the GM of your favourite NHL team.. What would you trade for these following players?

My team is the Flyers 1. Matt Carle and a 5th rounder 2. 1st rounder 3. Matt Carle and a 2nd round pick 4. Sergei Bobrovsky 5. Wayne Simmonds and Scott Hartnell 6. Same as number 5 7. 2nd round pick 8. A bag of pucks 9. Danny Briere, Matt Carle, 2nd round pick 10. 1st round pick BQ: When he played he averaged around 180-200 pts a year. In today's game I think he'd probably score around 130-150 every year.

What do you think of this fantasy team for the future?

Haha on my team I had Stamkos, Seguin, Hall, Dubinski, and Callahan this year along with Shea Weber...Good team

Question about restricted free agents?

In order to be eligible for salary arbitration, a player must play four seasons in the NHL. Shea Weber has, while Doughty has not.

What do you think of this fantasy hockey team?

You need more Red Wings...GO WINGS!

These are my players for keeper hockey league, which should i choose?

All of them!

Which Predators Defenseman would you rather have on your team?


Where can I find the Nashville Predator's 2010-2011 opening night pregame video?

umm, maybe? they might put it up on the predators website in a few weeks so keep checking

How many jerseys do you own?

Backes 3rd AUTHENTIC STL BLUES Gretzky Home Kariya Away Crosby Home and Jack Johnson Home

Who was your biggest fantasy hockey draft bust? Who was your smartest pick?

smartest = Phil Kessel and Nik Lidstrom Bust = Marion Gaborik.

Do you think the NHL disciplines based on talent?

When are the Capitals gonna get an elite defenseman like Shea Weber?

This is beyond laughable... Washington, even if they traded Semin for a 7th round draft pick, would not have the cap space to cover Weber (Weber is out of contract after the season but he will be an RFA which means Nashville can match any offer made on July 1st 2012 and retain him; he won't be a UFA until after the 2012-13 season assuming it gets to that point). If you're Nashville, you aren't going to trade Weber barring Washington blowing them away with a deal. By that, you're talking 1-2 frontline players (not prospects) PLUS draft picks AND a prospect. Semin's trade value is near nil. Example of the kind of package you're looking at: -2012 first round pick (the one they got from COL) -2013 first/second round pick -Brooks Laich -Evgeny Kutzenev -John Carlson Two frontline players, a highly regarded prospect, and a couple first round draft picks. Washington's farm system is ranked in the bottom third in the league by Hockey's Future (last I saw they ranked 21st). You haven't even given a new coach a chance to have a couple games with the current roster.

Why is Boumeester and Shea Weber considered Canadas next Great Blue-liners?

They are just the real young guys, Weber, Phaneuf and Bouwmeester, whom I believe leads the entire NHL in ice time per game. There are many more-Staal-Regehr- Vlasic-LeTang etc. Know this- most NHL defencemen don't gain prominence until after a few years of honing their position. It was awhile before guys like Pronger and Stevens actually even started to make an impact. There are guys who fit into the mold of not that old as well- Redden-Pronger- Campbell-Boyle etc. I think they are fine for years to come on the blueline, you just haven't seen alot of them reach that prominence yet.

Chris Pronger or Shea Weber?

Stop bashing Pronger. Again I will be the devils advocate and go with Pronger. Pronger's been a consitent elite d-man for over a decade. He's a powerful defensive defenceman that not only can kill you with his strength/checks/fighting skills, but he can also wrack up the points. He's got an awesome shot and great vision to get those assists. Did I mention he's a great leader, in which he's won countless awards (multiple gold medals, all-star game appearences, stanely cup, mvp/norris cup, etc.) Pronger all the way! Kelly Kelly all the way, beautiful face and body.

Should shea weber be suspended?

Drew Doughty or Shea Weber?

Weber by a mile and then some.

shea weber's shot against Germany?

al macinnis shot the puck through the boards once in a warm up so the net thing doesn't surprise me

Rick Nash vs Shea Weber?

Rick Nash by a long ways. Rick is a power forward type without the luxury of productive teammates who are offensively challenged. He has to often do the work in the corner then somehow get to the front of the net to do his thing. He is basically a one man show that other teams completely key on. Weber on the other hand gets to shine in what he does best. He is a tough defenseman with offensive upside. He gets ample opportunity to move up in the offensive zone and run the point on the PP and plays in a defense first system that exploits his tremendous skill. Seems to me Trotz utilizes Weber in a perfect way exploiting his strengths and allowing him to be in a position to have maximum production both offensively and defensively. BQ. Hornqvist has the best potential to be great on another team...Sullivan is the most accomplished scorer but cant stay healthy. Jackets dont have much in the way of good defensemen, Lepisto could end up being the best of them and that isnt saying alot. Tyutin is solid at what he does but is best served as a 3rd pairing guy on a quality team where he would be best utilized

Shea Weber or Dan Boyle?

It seems everyone's going for Weber, so I am going for Dan Boyle. Right now they are both pretty even and tied in points. But Dan Boyle seems more consistent. Granted he's been around a lot longer and he is a lot more distuguished, but it is safer that way. Boyle's got a much better team infront of him and much better goaltending behind him, which ultimately gives him more convidence and will definitely help him in the points and -/+ categories. Weber is much better in size, but Boyle's got the speed and finese. Its a good matchup, but I am going with Boyle, just to be the devils advocate ;)

Reebok 2011 Shea Weber#6 All-Star Jersey?

46 is a pro size. What you might want to do is get a regular ASG jersey and have it personalized with Weber's name and number. I just looked on = and not seeing any 2011 ASG jerseys on that site .. but NHL Store might have one.

Shea Weber suspension?

Do any of you like Shea Weber?

yeah w hy not... he's a tough customer and is an important part of the Nashville D...

Brent Seabrook or Shea Weber?

Shea Weber hands down. He's a franchise player and a leader. Brent Seabrook is a very talented defenseman but typically falls in the shadows of Duncan Keith and other Hawks' stars...but not without reason. Id love to have him on my team but he isnt as much of as game-changer as Shea Weber is. Shea Weber is capable of great offensive production (for a blueliner) on a team with very little offensive might. He also has a slight advantage in size and Id ask you not to consider +/- as a relevent statistic when clearly Seabrook plays with a much better unit regardless of what line is on the ice. Its not a landslide victory in favor of Shea Weber but I think the decision should be clear. BQ- Eve Torres.

Shea Weber for Miikka Kiprusoff?

Don't do it - Kiprusoff is playing on a bad team and looking flat out bad himself, not at all worth it.

Do you think Shea Weber will stay in Nashville?

Shea Weber will be a Restricted Free Agent this summer. If Nashville wants him to return, which no doubt they do, then Weber will have no choice but to remain with Nashville

Do you think Shea Weber will resign with Nashville?

It's not up to Weber, he's an RFA, and Nashville has said they will match any offer he recives even if it means going to the maximum.

Will you ever step in front of a Shea Weber slapshot?

Are you kidding? Even the nets don't want anything to do with that. I think they should turn it into a form of execution.

Shea Weber VS Duncan Keith?

Now this question is a good one. I think that doughty or lidstrom will probably win the norris over both of these players to be honest but that is neither here nor there. Keith is a great, smart defenseman with a great stick but he doesn't have as good of a shot as weber and he has a much better team around him, especially up front. I think that keith's vision in breakouts is what seperates him from weber. They are probably even offensively and defensively but the breakout is where keith really excels and that is where he shows that he is a better d man than weber.

shea weber pics?

Check here:

Duncan Keith or Shea Weber?

1. Shea Weber 2. Paul Stastny (deserved to be picked before Backes at the all star game) 3. Anze Kopitar 4. Nicklas Backstrom (I think Malkin's career is going downhill) 5. Easily Parise 6. Chris Pronger (made the cup finals 3 times in the last 5 years, once with the Oilers , and won it once) 7. Mike Richards (St Louis stats are padded by Stamkos) 8. Ryan Kesler (does more for his team in general) 9. Steven Stamkos 10. Sean Avery (don't get me wrong, it was close, but Avery can show some signs of being a decent hockey player)

Shea Weber possibly leaving Nashville? where could he possibly go?

Islanders always need to fill up some cap space. The Kings don't have that kind of money.

Fantasy Trade: Rick Nash and Shea Weber for Ilya Kovalchuk and Alex Goligoski?

No way

Is Shea Weber secretly Osama bin Laden?

LOL yes he totally is Osama. Remember he did shoot that puck in the Olympics and nobody could tell how it got in the net....he is the next up and coming Allah or whoever it is lol. Not to mention the 72 Virgins he gets when he gets a Hat Trick.

Who thinks the NHL should start promoting this, Shea Weber and Pekka Rinne vs Crosby and Malkin for the cup?

I'm sorry, they already started promoting: "Jumbo Joe Thornton and the Hungry Sharks vs Chara the Destroyer and the Big Bad Boston Bruins"

Do you think shea weber would sign my canucks jersey?

NO that would be like asking chase utley to sign my jason vertiek jersey

Really need your help guys!!! Should i drop shea weber or tobias enstrom for brian rafalski for my fantasy ?

enstrom is the one to get rid of

if shea weber gets traded in the future could this trade work out, your opinions?

ehhh, oilers wouldn't do that, they like all their young guns, and draft picks.

Do you think Shea Weber has a harder shot than Chara pound for pound?

Chara weighed in at 249 for the all-star weekend..................Weber weighed in at 238. Chara's a lot taller (5") but not a lot bigger (Weber would actually displace more water in a density test and therefore is 'bigger' than Chara when height is neutralized) High School Physics

How many games will Shanahan give Shea Weber for smashing Henrik Zetterberg's head into the glass?

Do you think Shea Weber will be skating in a Nashville Jersey by the end of this year?

Probably. I wouldn't mind seeing him in a Canucks jersey though.

Who to drop when Shea Weber comes back from Concussion?

I'd drop Enstrom. The weakest team of the 3. Edit: No one seems to agree. NHL fantasy ranks MAB as the #9 valued D guy. Carlson is #15. Enstrom? 36. Carlson is on a team that's soaring right now. His numbers will likely pick up. MAB is on a really offensively minded team, his numbers will likely rise. Enstrom just came off a big injury, and I think his team is the least valuable. And apparently, the NHL ranks him well lower than both of the other two.

Is Shea Weber the best candidate for the Norris Trophy this year?

Sentimentally I am for Nicklas Lidstrom and he's having an awesome year except......he's minus two. Bad juju for a big award. I'm going for Keith Yandle.

Why is Shea Weber scratched tonight?

"Shea Weber left Nashville's morning skate before it's conclusion, which is extremely rare. Predators coach Barry Trotz couldn't shed any light on the situation immediately following the practice, but Weber was hit pretty hard on Friday. At this point, we'd consider Weber questionable for Monday's game." Edit: News just broke that Weber has a concussion. His return is expected by Friday, but they said 2 games for Sid...

How much could i get for a Shea Weber signed stick?

Not much, unless it's certified / authenticated by a reliable source like Also you make no mention of if it's a retail stick, or possbily a Weber endorsed one ... That can make a difference as well

Where do you think Steven Stamkos and Shea Weber will end up in the future?

Since both are RFA's neither will be leaving for the time being. To sign them to an offer sheet that wouldn't be matched you would have to go to the $8MM range and that would cost the signing team 4 first round picks. The Kovalchuk loop hole has been closed and "creative" signings won't happen as often any more. So both will stay there for at least a couple of more years. When they become UFA's all bets are off. Both will be highly sought after as free agents when the time comes.