Do you think Raptors will trade Shawn Marion?

Hes gone.

Why would anyone want to commit more then 1 or 2 more years to Shawn Marion at this point in his career?

I agree not to give the guy more that a year or two, but he is not in ben wallace category. ben wallace is a defender and that is it, no offense at all and he is undersized for a center and he is still small for a PF. Marion has always been a role player, he was never the best player on his team, he was a really good 3rd option in Phx, but an average 2nd option in MIA. In Phx he was in the perfect system, they didn't play D so he really didn't have to dedefend PF or C as hard as he is asked in MIA and TOR. And they played a RuRunnd Gun offense where he was a huge match up problem cuz if the bigs came out on him then the guards could drive the lane and if they didn't he knocked down his ugly line drive J.

Who is a better overall player: Carmello Anthony or Shawn Marion?

Shawn Marion...

What if the raptors traded Jermaine O'neal for Bruce Bowen instead of Shawn Marion?

Bro are you seriously comparing Bruce Bowens to the Matrix? This gotta be a joke.

How long is Shawn Marion going to be injured?

As long as he wants to be injured.

What basketball team does Shawn Marion play for? Also what sites would have pictures of him playing?

He is a forward for the Miami Heat. was traded to Miami in February along with Point Guard Marcus Banks for legendary center Shaquille O'Neal. google photos of Marion - yahoo -

What do you people think of Shawn Marion?

What I think of Shawn Marion? -Shawn Marion is a good player, very rare talent, has qualities that even the best player in the NBA doesn't have. - And having him as a teammate would be great just on the fact that I've seen his personality when he's warming up or visiting And1 or any other big conventions that the rest of the world knows of. -From what I heard from Mike Dantonie (don't know if I spelled that right) he said Marion has rare talent only a few players in the NBA have.....more like 2 or 3 at best and L.Odom fits in that category as well. -And your last question on his athleticism, skills, and defense is completely true.....Marion has something that all NBA guards wish they had.......that "theme" that's stands out.....It's kinda like Jordan and his fad away or Kareem's hook-shot......instead of it being a hook-shot or fade way its Marion's ability to tone into all these abilities into one theme and excel.

How well would Shawn Marion fit into the rotation and style of play of the Miami Heat?

Defensively- 67% Offensively- 45% coz the Flash is in Miami

Shawn Marion?

doesnt matter how he shoots as long as it works

shawn marion?

How about not trade him at all.