Shark Tank: what do you think of those 5 sharks' attitudes when they walk in the intro?

Will a red tailed shark destroy a planted tank?

They won't destroy a planted tank, but their activity could uproot them if they aren't well planted and the tank is small (a 29 gallon really isn't big enough for one of these guys, which will grow past 6 inches long and are quite territorial).

Whats the minimum size tank for a bamboo shark also called a brown banded or cat shark?

That looks like it could be a bit small really, maybe while it's small, but ideally over 180-200 gallons, the dimensions being important - maximum footprint possible. Store bought tanks are often too narrow, custom build larger tanks would be more suited for this fish.

Minimum tank size for a Red-Tailed Shark/Bala Shark/Angel Fish?

You'd need at least two different aquariums. Balas are peaceful, but they are ridiculously active. They would stress the crap out of the angels. The balas should have no smaller than a 6-7 foot long tank. Larger is always better. This is your standard 150-200 gallon aquarium. Red tail sharks should never be housed together. You could keep one with the balas and one with the angels. I'd wait to add them until after the other fish have had time to grow a little. For two angels and a rainbow shark you should have a 55 gallon at the very least. The angels should ideally both be females, but a breeding pair is fine--they will just be more territorial come breeding time. The bala tank should be lightly planted with a lot of open space for the balas to swim actively. There should be a sand substrate for the red tail as well as some driftwood and cave-like structures. As for algae eaters, if you get a minimum of a 150, you could get a bristlenose or rubberlip or other small variety of pleco. If you get a minimum of a 200. You could get a common pleco. The angel tank should be very densely planted, again with some driftwood and hides for the red tail. If you get a minimum of a 75 you could get a bristlenose or rubberlip or other small pleco variety.

Can I put a Jack Dempsey and a Iridescent Shark together in the same tank?

Yes, this should be fine. Iridescent sharks do well with south american cichlids and get bigger than most of them. However, Iridescent shark do get big( up to 36 inches in the wild) And will grow to a possible 16-18 inches in aquariums so you might need a bigger tank for it later( especially if you plan to keep other fishes with it) Hope this helps!!

Why does my Bala shark keep swiming against the tank wall?

It sounds exceptionally stressed. Balas are shoaling fish, only secure in numbers over 6. They also get huge and for a shoal you'd really need at least an 8-10ft long tank. What size tank do you have this fish in? If you only have a small tank, take this Bala back to the store. With one fish already dead there could well also be something up with the water quality that's upsetting the Bala.

1-1 going in to San Jose, what are the chances of the Red Wings taking one in the Shark Tank?

I'd love to see the Wings take one in San Jose, if not both games. You'd think that the momentum has definitely turned, but just in time to deal with the fans at the Shark Tank. But the one thing I have to stress is the fact that sixty minutes is sixty minutes, especially against a team like the Sharks. Wings fans: remember the game on January 4th when we chased Nabokov early, only to allow NINE straight goals? They can't afford to make that mistake again and expect to win. I'm confident that they won't and at the worst, we'll be coming back to the Joe tied at 2.

Has anyone seen the shark tank show on ABC is it coming back next year?

No news on if the show has been renewed for a second season yet, but you can help. Email ABC and tell them you want Shark Tank on for a second season. here is a link with more info:

What are some compatible tank mates for a Rainbow Shark?

Rainbow shark is a non aggressive fish so any community fishes of approximately same size will do.

can I keep a rainbow shark in a cold water tank?

I also live in Australia and due to global warming and all that, we can never really tell what the weather is going to be. If your able to, purchase a heater otherwise, dont get the fish. It needs to be kept at a constant temp of 25-27 degrees

what fish go good with a small freshwater shark in a 40 gallon tank?

Why is barbra being replaced on shark tank?

What are good tank mates for bala shark?

Bumblebee catfish would make nice additions to your tank.

whats the best fish to put in a tank with a rainbow shark?

I have angelfish in the same tank as a rainbow shark and they seem to do fine together. Hope this helps.

Where can i find an actual video of shark tank season 1 eposode 111?

Hulu! best site ever! google it XD

Can i put a red-tailed shark and a bala shark in the same tank?

Just to emphasis what others are saying about the size of Bala Sharks, you may want to review this thread. Bala Sharks get massive.,6/t,85776/ You would want at least 3 Bala Sharks, 5 preferred. Since they get so large, this would require basically a 250+ gallon tank.

Who is your favorite panel judge on The Shark Tank?

I like Robert, not only because he seems nice, but also because he tends to do this thing where he lets Kevin act like a jerk for a while, and after the other sharks drop out, he comes in with an offer. So by that point it's just Nice-guy Robert vs. Jerkweed Kevin, and in those cases, the people usually choose Robert.

Has anyone ever tried Daisy Cakes as seen on Shark Tank? How large are they?

Hi there! Here is a picture of a daisy cake:,r:9,s:17&biw=1015&bih=580 They can be much larger or much smaller. To see even MORE daisy cakes here's another link:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1015&bih=580&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=univ&sa=X&ei=OTXtTaKyG82gtgeQ_O3YDA&ved=0CBkQsAQ ( If it doesn't work just copy and paste it into the URL browser) Hoped this helps!!! ❤Lєχ❤

Can u put an eel and a shark in the same tank?

You can keep them together, but not in a 10gal tank. Something around 50gal will be needed. Ian

Could I Put a Baby Rainbow Shark in 10gal Temporarily Until I Bought Bigger Tank?

Why not get the tank cycle it then get the fish i cant ever see the point in keeping fish in the wrong size tank whether they are babies or not

Which one would be most likely to survive in a shark tank?

The painting of Chuck Norris.

Where did the name Shark Tank come from?

Maybe it just sounds more ominous than "Circling Vultures" Sharks never risk themselves.

Are any of the products featured on the show "Shark Tank" actually for sale for us to buy?

Yes, you can find the information on where to buy the products here: I have actually purchased something; the websites are legit.

How much would it be altogether for setting up a tank with a shark?

maybe not 20 or 500 but try 300 gal. all they do is stick to the glass though, and are not sharks. its "remora" not "ramora"

Combining a beta and a rainbow shark in the same tank?

a female will probably do fine as they are more calm and less territorial, yet still pretty. All fish have different personalities, just like humans. I may get along with someone, yet my friend doesnt. Same rule applies to fish. One betta may do fine with your shark. A different betta may not like it at all. Try it and see if there is any aggresion shown. One good way, is to sit in a courner and observe them. Most likely they will not notice you, thus, acting normal. If there is agression, your pet store may take it back. it may not. Good luck.

If I put a shark jaw in a tank of water will it start to decompose?

If you bought a shark "jaw" it wouldn't be the real jaw of a shark, just a fake. Shark jaws are made of cartilage, which eventually breaks down. Only the teeth of the shark are really preserved.

Can I mix a male betta, a pleco and a red tailed shark in one tank?

I would not have a RTS and Betta in the same tank. The RTS tend to be fin nippers, and with the long fins of a betta, it would not be a good mix. EDIT: A RTS and a pleco should be fine as long as you have a big enough tank.

how do i breed a male and female balla shark in a tank?

Is the "Shark Tank" the perfect nickname for the HP Pavilion?

Yes but it's because at aquariums they have a tank full of Sharks. HP Pavilion acts as the tank and the players act as the sharks. Also you should of asked this after the Kings eliminated the Sharks because the Sharks are going to win the series and you will end up looking stupid.

When is the Shark Tank on ABC starting again?

It's not on ABC's fall schedule - but I don't think it was officially cancelled. They may be waiting to bring it back as a mid-season replacement, if some of ABC's fall shows don't perform well. Link below is to a news story about the show, from just a couple days ago. "ABC may have left ‘Shark Tank’ off its fall schedule, but executive say the reality show may have life in it yet. No matter what its future, branding expert, mogul and ‘Shark Tank’ shark Daymond John sees the show as a win-win." ABC's website says to "Check back soon" for information about upcoming episodes.

The Shark Tank Episode 9 watch The Shark Tank Episode 9 online free? amazing show!

Can anyone give me a link to watch the first episode (full) of Shark Tank on ABC?

not sure if they have it up yet but try the link below

Out of these, who would you rather throw into a shark infested tank?

1/3 of each. That would make one person and end with all.

Is it okay to put a red tail shark in a tank with a turtle?

We've kept a wide variety of semi-expensive "feeders" with our snapping turtle, main thing to remember with any turtle is that any fish put in with it will likely end up as food (try to avoid goldfish, they're really not all that good for your turtle anyway)... my experience with the one red tailed shark we tried went as follows: Introduced shark, various tetras and generic feeder fish mix into tank (I do suggest putting feeder fish in at the same time you put in any fish you want to "keep" while the turtle's busy with the ones he's meant to eat, the others have time to find somewhere to hide) several feeders disappeared immediately. The next day more feeders were gone, as were most of the tetras... shark was obviously stressing... by the third day, the shark decided that he would do better -out- of the tank than in it... he made that big leap from water to land, and well, by the time I noticed, he was pretty dried up and crusty... he obviously wasn't very happy being hunted and/or watching the other fish in the tank being eaten... The best luck we've had so far has been our ciclid and three of the five serpae tetras we got are still around, and it's been a few months since we got them...

Could I keep a red tailed black shark in a 29 gallon tank?

No. One red tailed shark requires at least 50g. If you want to keep it with tiger barbs, you'd need to upgrade to at least a 65g.

Can i add a red tail shark to this tank?

In a word, yes - they will be territorial, so they will act aggressively in a tank of your size, since there's little room for other fish (especially the corys who will also be bottom feeders) NOT to be in his territory. See these links for an idea of their mature personality:

Is there a shark tank on campus at Simmons College in Boston?

There is indeed a shark tank -- but it's not what you think. :) Simmons has a long athletics history, and one of their facilities is known as "The Shark Tank." That's because the college's athletics mascot is the shark, and I guess it does resemble a shark tank in some ways. So, the Simmons Sharks play in the "Shark Tank." Give your girlfriend a break. ;) I suspect she's just a tease and not a liar -- which can be pretty cute, if you're relaxed enough to handle it. :) P.S. If you want to really impress her with your knowledge of the Tank, there's info about the Sharks at

Shows like "Running russell simmons and Shark Tank?

"Dragons Den" it is the Canadian version of "Shark Tank" but i have seen it airing in the US and also " The Lang and O'Leary Exchange"

What was that invention on Shark Tank?

I believe that was Lipstick Remix, its a method of melting down lipstick and poring it into a mold to make new ones.

Question about Shark Tank tv show on ABC?

Well I think that 750k is a little to much to ask for. You need to ask for the amount that is needed for you to start producing the items and making them.. then when you start making money you will spend it on more production of your items. You cant just get 750k when you dont even know if the items are worth that much. Have you gotten any orders on your items? Have you tested your items and do they work? I would wait until you get a patent because sometimes you need one of them. Good luck with everything! If you get on the show I hope you get a good deal.

What is 25% royalty on a busniess like on shark tank?

Yes indeed you are absolutely correct dear boy. Warren Buffett had better watch out, with a young whippersnapper such as your good self about to set the entrepreneurial world alight! Just make sure you know how to spell "business" properly!

Can someone please tell me when is the shark tank rerun?

I don't know if they are going to air any reruns of the show but you can find all of the recently aired episodes very easily on or That's what I always do! Hope this helps :)

how do u filter a 2000 gallon shark tank?

all the tanks ive seen that big use large swimming pool filters. heres one link its 1 of 100's yeah that tank is 50,000 gallons and if you look at the photo's he's using a swimming pool filter.

What are the challenges of maintaining a small shark tank?

The smallest freshwater sharks are the Red Tailed Sharks/Rainbow Sharks. You can't have more than one in an aquarium when they are adult as they are aggressive towards their own kind. Their maximum size is 6" long, but they do grow wide enough to look impressive. Each of these sharks needs a 55 gallon, cycled tank. They can't be housed together. They can't be housed with more of their kind. Technically, both these sharks are catfish, but are called sharks. If you are looking for a shoal of sharks, Bala Sharks can top 12" and are shoaling fish. But for a group of 4-5 you are looking towards at least a 150 gallon tank. Advice: - Do research. Sharks are not the best beginner fish.

Can you keep freshwater shark in a 10 gallon tank?

No. A rainbow shark will quite quickly outgrow a 10 gallon tank. MM

If I jumped in a shark tank Do I get welfare?

No, you get chewed on.

THIS IS ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE ZWINKYS! Does any one know how to buy a shark tank for your room?

u need a zcard!

Is Anyone Goin To Watch The New Show Shark Tank Besides Me?

I'm watching it now -- LOVE IT!!! I hope they don't cancel it cuz I'm already a BIG FAN!

Where can I watch past episodes of Shark Tank?

This is what I found... The Shark Tank - 1x01 - Episode 101 The Shark Tank - 1x03 - Season 1, Episode 3 The Shark Tank - 1x05 - Episode 105 The Shark Tank - 1x04 - Episode 104 Shark Tank - 1x10 - Episode 110 The Shark Tank - 1x02 - Episode 102 The Shark Tank - 1x06 - Episode 106 Shark Tank - 1x12 - Episode 113 Shark Tank - 1x08 - Episode 108 Shark Tank - 1x14 - Episode 115 ... 14 results found. 10 results displayed.

How much sand in a 180 gallon shark tank?

about 100lbs for an inch