I have Sharjah Hamriyah Free Zone residece visa. Now i have to sponsor my wife for residence visa. What are th?

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how much does it cost to rent a 2 or 3 bedrooms apartment in Dubai or Sharjah?

i would suggest you stay in sharjah bcos the rent would be much more cheaper and anyway sharjah is just 10 minutes drive from dubai. most of the apartments would needed to be booked for a month but there are few that let you to book for half a month, need to check with sharjah yellow pages and confirm. staying in sharjah would cost you less than $700

How much does a taxi from Dubai to Sharjah Airport cost?

Sharjah airport is around 20KMs from the Dubai airport , you will end up spending around 75 AED if the taxi is taken from Dubai airport ( Airport Flag off fare is 25AED and City Flag off fare is 3.5 AED) 1USD = 3.65 AED, please ensure you have the transit permission to move around in the city.

What's the distance between Jebel Ali and Sharjah and how long does it take to commute?

From Jebel Ali to Sharjah through Emirates Road -the fastest route- it would take you approximately 55-80 minutes if you were lucky to have no accidents/traffic jams available en route. It takes me 40 minutes from Jumeirah to Sharjah; which is around 25 minutes away from Jebel Ali. Also, it depends which hour is your journey. For instance, Sharjah-Dubai(morning) and Dubai-Sharjah(afternoon/evening) are the heaviest traffic jams. If you can go in the opposite direction during the same timings, then, you're most probably on the safer side. Yes, you will find bus shuttles from Jebel Ali to Sharjah: public ones and private ones too. * Note: Keep in mind that Jebel Ali is located in the Emirate of Dubai's west border, and Sharjah is another Emirate bordering Dubai on it's east border. http://www.internationaldestinations.com.au/_data/docs/maps/Uae.gif

how do I get a mobile sim card in sharjah airport?

available GSM visitor SIMS are "Ahlan" card from Etisalat , and "Visitor" card from Du , and are valid any where in UAE. http://www.du.ae/en/section/mobile/plans/visitor-mobile-line-en http://www.etisalat.ae/index.jsp?lang=en&type=service&contentid=8b0da665f221b010VgnVCM1000000c24a8c0RCRD¤tid=a648c15f5006b010VgnVCM1000000c24a8c0____ There is no rate difference on the visitor card , though value added services may differ between carriers , only on the regular GSM cards one can sign up for some discount / friend/family calling scheme. You will need to submit a photocopy of your passport to get the cards.

What is the proceedures to take a on arrival visit visa from Sharjah?

No visa on arrival procedures at Sharjah. You may however arrange the visa through Air Arabia. A Sharjah tourist visa is issued in 2-3 working days after the submission of the application forms at a charge of AED 400 including Medical insurance. To apply for a visit visa outside the UAE, please call Air Arabia Sales Centres in your country for the necessary formalities. Kochi - XXVII/3202-A Kunnalekat Building, Atlantis Junction, M G Road - Track India Pvt Ltd Tel +91 484 235 9601 Fax +91 484 235 9606 Doha Al Asmat Street Arab Roundabout http://airarabia.com/visa-information1.html ..

What are formalities to open a small cafeteria in sharjah, and what is the estimated capital required?

Go to www.score.org/template_gallery.html and download the Excel template for estimating startup costs.

Can I attest my employment contract from Sharjah Ministry of foreign affairs?

see the official website http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&sl=ar&tl=en&u=http://www.mofa.gov.ae/Mofa/portal/f8a010f2-7701-4080-abf5-df516ad972b0.aspx&prev=_t&rurl=translate.google.com&usg=ALkJrhhpiM7vqZB1JfodVQleZqDQ_nUHQQ

What is the cost of rent for a house in Sharjah per month?

it depends on the villa or flat if it is a big flat it will be 6500 if its a villa it 1 million or above

What is the distance between Sharjah city centre and Hamriyah Free zone?

Approxi : 40-50 Minutes. yes you can find some sharing personal cars check Gulf News classifieds section for that. Road is not that much crowded in those hrs because pple at that time are mostly travelling from Ajman to Dubai or Sharjah to Dubai but in your case you have a opposite route that's Sharjah to Ajman. All the Best.