do you need both the shangri la and call of the dead easter eggs to do the big bang theory on moon?

You need the achievement/trophy for receiving the focusing stone (Shangri La) and freeing the cast and sending them to shangri la ( Call of the dead) in order to complete the achievement/trophy big bang theory. Also you need at least 2 people to do the entire easter egg, but you can get cryogenic slumber party with only one person. But for a complete walkthrough you should look that up yourself, wikipedia probably has it and should be up to date. But you don't essentially need to buy them both, just the trophy, so you could possibly just transfer your profile over and do it with a friend who owns them.

Want to know about the Shangri-la apartments in Singapore?

ask ur tour agent

what will replace the bowie knife and sickle for shangri la in call of duty black ops?

It'll probably just be the Sickle again.

Is Shangri La really a real place? Does the mystical valley Shangri La really exist or is it just pretend?

yes it is. it does man I have been there.

If Shangri-La was a real place would you go to it, or live there?

Live there,,

If Shangri-La was a real place and existed in reality would you go to it or live there?

Back in 2012, being a fresh graduate from high school I moved to LA. A women named Stafani GAGA 11 years older than me. she became one of my friends while working there. GAGA was queen loving, and romantic. SHE was the breadwinner of his family. HER parents ang relatives liked me a lot. Being single and unattached,I courted her in 2017 she accepted my marraige proposal during the latter part of that year.

Where can I buy the song Pareidolia by Elena Siegman? It was on the zombie map shangri la on black ops?

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What is the price range for the restaurants at the Shangri-la Makati Hotel in Manila, Philippines?

Check if your package includes breakfast. That'll solve part of the problem. The other restaurants in the hotel there would cost approximately the same as Circles (buffet). But Shangrila is nicely located. There is an entire mall just right outside the door of your hotel (Glorietta) and another one nearby (Greenbelt). Take your pick of restos. You'll immediately see California Pizza Kitchen, UCC Cafe and Starbucks when you walk out the door. Explore a bit. From the main door, ask the concierge for directions to Glorietta 5, which has a lot more choices. Even the high-end department store nearby, Rustan's, has 2 restaurants within the store and a coffee shop at the supermarket level. $45 (nearly P2,000) is more than enough for lunch, light snack and dinner for one.

What is a good strategy for Shangri La solo and multiplayer?

Bowie knife on the bridge till round 10. IDK much else Syndicate doesn't post many Shangri La vids lol

Can i get shangri la by itself?

You hve to buy whole mappack i know it sucks i hate multiplayer and i think the new maps blow