How do I know a shaker bottle is BPA free?

Look underneath the bottle and see if there is a recycling code specified. If it is has number 2 or (HDPE), number 4 or (LDPE), or number 5 or (PP) then there is no BPA used during the manufacturing. It will most likely be a #5 plastic or PP (polypropylene), so it should not contain BPA.

What is the difference between a Shaker 500 and the Shaker 1000?

its the difference in the "wattage" (both are very over rated, they more than likely put out about half of their advertised wattage), if you were to upgrade to a cheap "real" 500watts system it would blow both of them away for a factory installed system it sounds very good though

How do you stop too much salt from coming out of a salt shaker?

The rice in salt shakers is meant to keep the salt dry. You prevent too much salt from coming out by better controlling the angle at which you hold the shaker and how hard you shake it.

How difficult is it to install the Ford Racing Shaker system?

You will need to cut your hood. If you are handy and pretty good with stuff like this you should have no problem doing it

How do I safely clean my shaker cup?

Clean it with some white vinegar, let it soak for awhile then rinse well...

Where can I find a cocktail shaker with a screw top?

Did your try you nearest liquor store? They may be able to tell you or even a bar might gve you a few ideas or order you one. Let us know what you find out.

What is the magnitude of the vertical part of the contact force on the shaker by the turntable?

TRICK QUESTION (or else this is just part a of a multi-part problem). Despite all the extraneous stuff about spinning (which effects horizontal forces), this is just a question of a salt shaker sitting on a table. Force of gravity = mg (down) Normal force of turntable on shaker = mg (up). They give you m. You know g. Plugnchug. Simple as that.

What is the magnitude of the horizontal part of the contact force on the shaker by the turntable?

a) Fh = mV²/r = .086*.6594²/.21 N b) Fv = m*g = .086*9.8 N Extra credit: Coefficient of static friction = Fh/Fv

What is the shaker 1000 system and how much is it?

Alpine Type-R SPR-17S - Car speaker system is a great set of components. Make sure you power them to the recommended wattage. Unfortunately, most amps that can push at least 110 watts at 4 ohm's are more expensive than these speakers. I am running a set off of these only using 55 watts rms and they sound great. Clear and accurate.

What happend to the shaker top on the salt shaker refill?

I know what you are talking about, but don't really know why they quite putting it on the tops of the salt boxes. I used it all the time even now my kids will see me barely open the spout to sprinkle salt on food and shake their heads. I would guess it wasn't cost effective or no longer used by the consumer. But these are only a guess. Thank you for the memory.