NCAA Basketball fans, what do you think of my Shaka Smart song?

you have an annoyoing voice

What is Shaka Smart's ethnicity?

He's African-American. Coach of VCU's Mens basketball.

Who is smarter, Chaka Fattah or Shaka Smart?

Chaka Fattah,

Where will Shaka Smart be coaching next year?

Why is Shaka Smart coaching the Hornets tonight?

it didnt help, they still lost

Which coach do you trust most if you have one game to win - Calipari, Calhoun, Brad Stevens, or Shaka Smart?

Brad Stevens, with or without his contact lens in.

Who would you rather have as your coach Shaka Smart or Brad Stevens?

Brad Stevens

Who wins the coaching duel between Shaka Smart and Brad Stevens?

Brad Stevens is an Indy native and has been involved with Butler team for ten years now. He is staying put. Looks like Shaka Smart has a bit of a shadier background and I can see him definetely selling out to a big name.