What do you think about the goal Seydou Keita scored against Fenerbahce in the Champions League?

was nice goal....good signing for barca

Top 10 Transfers Of The Summer 2008 up til now?

1) Daniel Alves 2) Deco 3) Zambrotta 4) Gilardino 5) Matthieu Flamini 6) Seydou Keita 7) Ben Arfa 8) Luka Modric 9) Jose Bosingwa 10) Giovani Dos Santos

This or that poll!!!?

^^^^^^^ que te importa just answer the question Question. 1. Marquez, Milito 2. Salcido, Maxwell 3. Moreno 4. Osorio 5. Jonathan 6. Keita 7. Iniesta 8. Giovanni 9. Vela 10. Chicharito 11. Bojan Krick 12. Zinha 13. Bojan 14. Mosquera 15. Neither

Arsenals TRANSFER Targets should be?

Giorgio Chiellini - No point even mentioning him, they won't sell him and Wenger will never get a big enough bid to even tempted Juve to sell. Micah Richards - If Clichy goes? Clichy = Left Back (and he's obviously Left footed) Micah Richards = Right Back (and again obviously Right footed) where's the logic in that then? Seydou Keita - Fair enough good player on his day especially in DMC but would be very surprised if Barca sold him, even with Serigo Busquets and Mascherano there. Another negative is that he’s getting on into his late 20’s early 30’s I think? Karim Benzema - Really? Arsenal need to sign a goal scorer... and you think they should sign a £30m flop. He did well for Lyon scored some goals etc for the one reason that the French league is nowhere near as good standard as the English or Spanish league. I Agree with your view on Keita but none of the others.

Which players do you think are the best poll/?

1. Gerrard 2. Denilson 3. Messi 4. Pirlo 5. Ribery 6. Drogba (even tho he hasnt done much this year) 7. ???? 8.????? 9.???? 10. Keita

Barcelona Line-up And Formation?

good formation...but i would leave yaya out and play iniesta instead of him and hleb on the left wing both xavi and iniesta can make the passes and run the midfield messi on the right flank is a good idea cuz he can then cut in with his left foot.....

La Liga a two team league?

very good post, i love the details you put in about each team, i think you're right that theres a lot of talent in la liga beside the top 2 but i think the problem is consistency and of course financial backing, these are dark times in la liga and its the home grown talents that are keeping it alive, at the moment levante are top of la liga, a team with the lowest transfer budget. i agree with you about distributing the tv money more evenly but there are other issues to contend within like the lack of sponsorships on shirts and attracting more foreign investors into la liga to bring stability and new talent to struggling teams

Looks like there's Portuguese bias in the Madrid locker room ?

Ok, so Iker was 30 meters away and he heard the conversation? was Mou using a microphone or something? To me, this is total BS


sanchez 86??? come on, he hasnt really showed much and only give him that rating just because he plays with barcelona

AFRICA NATIONS CUP 2008—Can Mali come out of Group B alive? GROUP B (Nigeria, Bénin, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire)

Group B... definitely the group of death! Group D comes second GROUP D (Tunisia, Angola, South Africa, Sénégal) Bénin striker Razak Omotoyossi ...after finishing joint-top goalscorer in Sweden's first division... ...has set his sights on moving to a bigger league... Could it be the English Premier League??? Razak Omotoyossi aims for England !!! Didier Drogba (Côte d’Ivoire/Chelsea), Michael Essien (Ghana/Chelsea), Kolo Touré (Côte d’Ivoire/Arsenal), Obafemi Martins (Nigeria/New Castle)... ...here comes Razak Omotoyossi !!! GROUP B (Nigeria, Bénin, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire) is definitely the group of death!

what is your Football Manager 2011 squad?

GK Cesar RB Maicon CB Gerard Pique CB Gabriel Milito LB Ashley Cole RM Xavi CM Sergio Busquets LM Andres Iniesta LF Juan Manuel Mata CF Eto RF Lionel Messi Subs David Villa Carles Puyol Maxwell Mica Richard Shay Given Thiago Javier Mascherano Clint dempsey

Do you think FC Barcelona have 1 of the best squads in the world?

Currently right now yes...mainly because many of their players are from the clubs academy and they have all been playing together since forever like xavi and iniesta and messi and puyol and piqué and valdes are all from the youth academy...the main reason their academy is so good aid because Johan cruyff brought over Dutch trainers to teach the youth at Barcelona and now they have showed the Spanish youth coaches well and the whole crew of coaches is now Spanish...I am a Madrid fan

Who do you think will leave FC Barcelona this/next season?

Probably Cuenca, Keita and Tello may leave us, Dani and Valdes are safe, I hope.


Top 3: 1-Messi 2-Ronaldo 3-Xavi

FACT or FICTION: "La Liga teams do not play 100% vs Real Madrid"?

nothing will happen. football associations rarely investigate successfully into such dealings. even in very corrupt big european leagues (that i need not name) it took forever for perennial cheaters to get caught and even the punishments dished out were soft. this year alone in england wolves were investigated for playing subs v MU in a PL match and a light fine was given to Wolves. when mr. webb helps MU at worst they send him to ref some lower league matches but he gets back soon.

So Jonathan Dos Santos goes back to Barca B, thoughts?

Actually Jona is still part of the 1st team he signed a contract until the end of the season He's probrobly just training with them for now but he js still part of the 1st team

Why don't they play for barca anymore?

because ok first of all they all do play. Keita ,and toure were both in the starting line up for the champions league final. and secopnd they are bench players to give the big names rests and not blow the game. and third they dont start is because, CLEARLY as you saw this year, they one it alll (the treble) with out them starting. so WHAT NOW . i love barca. my team

Which of these *unusual* names?

They're both interestnig, but I think the sounds in Cannavaro are more appealing

Why did goal.com bring up a horrible rumour about Pepe?

Goal.com is a joke of a website. I really don't understand why people still read things from it. Caughtoffside is another stupid website. Full of silly rumours and there are so many idiots who believe things they read on it.

Is Seydou Keita perhaps the most ordinary of players who is capable of doing extraordinary things...?

Absolutely, he's an unsung hero in Barcelona. It makes me sad that he'll be sold soon, and only for around 6M. He's a great player and a genuine guy in my eyes. :D

Newcastle 'strongly' linked with Barcelona midfielder Seydou Keita in the Summer Window...?

Good luck for that if it happens. Newcastle vs Sunderland second biggest derby of England and I am looking forward to this challege that's in our hands in a few weeks time. But as much as I would like to win I'd be happy with a draw :D Ha'way The Lads Red & White is written all over me!

2010 FIFA: Seydou Keita just scored a hattrick, WOW!!!!?

YAYYY I know... and Ibra scored his first double with Barca.... one from a freekick =) And Keita was superb!!!!!!!!! =] The Milan game was AWWWWWEEEEESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I was like literally screaming out loud when Nesta scored his 2nd in injury time!!!! I AM SOOOOOOO HAPPY!!! LOL Congrats Barca and Milan fans! =] VISCA BARCA Y FORZA MILAN Mes que un clubs!!! =P lol

What experience will Seydou Keita have in common with these players?

" He will face the experience , like the other players you mentioned above, the feeling that you are kicked out after giving the team all what you can. " ^^^... Yeah, yeah, Just like how Raul was kicked out of the club by Mourinho, right ?

Should Seydou Keita win an Academy Award for his acting today against Kaka?

Yes and then a Red Card for bafoonery and theatrics!!!

Should Seydou Keita start against Arsenal?

in my opinion i think his better than busquets but i heard with pique and puyol out, busquets will go CB, so keita and mascherano may have a chance to play

What do you think about the goal Seydou Keita scored against Fenerbahce in the Champions League?

It was a real stunner, and it was the most underrated goal of the year in any competition.

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