NBA 2k12 Trades and current roster?


anthony davis or serge ibaka?

Who is the best shot blocker in the NBA right now?

It's Serge. Two double-digit block games in one month is pretty special. He might not be Dwight as far as flashy blocks go, but he's as productive as anyone.

Isn't it about time for Serge Ibaka to win DPOY?

YES!!! Anybody but Dwight Howard again (even though he is the best defender, he doesn't really have any competition). BQ: I give 'em both a 6/10.

What are your thoughts on Serge Ibaka's triple double?

Before the season started, my friends and I were talking about Ibaka, Howard, and Ben Wallace, all of whom played after the advent of the defensive 3-second violation, as being the best shot-blockers of all time. The shot-blocking savants in previous decades (Olajuwon, Russell, Mourning, etc) are vastly overrated as it pertains to blocks, in that they all had the luxury of camping in the paint all day, waiting for guys to drive through the line. The players who started their career in the 2000s don't have the benefit of doing that. So, to answer your question, Serge is a freakin' beast. Also, watch out for the rookie Bismack Biyombo, the 6'8" center from Congo. As an undersized bigman, he could surpass Ben Wallace as being the best pound-for-pound shot blocker in the history of the League when it's all said and done. BQ: I didn't watch the game, but after looking at the stat-sheet, I'm betting it was entertaining as hell. Durant dropping 50, Serge with double digit blocks, and Westbrook with 40 points, all happening in the same game is ridiculous. Unfortunately, the guy from Artesia, James Harden, was almost a non-factor.

NBA: What is more likely to happen Avery Bradly vs. Harden and Iblocka?