What is the current political position of the people of Serbia?

Totally Whack Oh In Remission. As opposed to previous whack oh on the boil. Check the spooks website, I think it's C.I.A. dot gov or something.

What is the history behind Kosovo and Serbia?

Kosovo is Serbian land from early 9. century.It is stronghold of Serbian churches and it is holy land to Serbs,especially after they won almost 4 times larger Turkish army back in 1389. there.However,after some defeats after 1690. and 1739. many Serbs were forced by Turks to flee from Kosovo because of heavy retaliation over civilians done by Turks.That was the period when Turks inhabited Muslim Albanians (from southern Caucasus) on Kosovo.Serbs liberated themselves from Turkish occupation during 19. century.They liberated all their lands (including Kosovo in 1912. Balkan wars).However,great animosity between Albanians and Serbs will not start until ww2.During ww2 Serbs allied themselves with France and Britain,while Albanians allied themselves with Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy.When Serbia was occupied by Germany,Hitler allowed Albanians to create a new state-Greater Albania(including southern Montenegro,half of Macedonia,northern Greece and Kosovo).Albanian Nazis,called Balistae,committed awful attrocities over Serbian civilians on Kosovo and that is something that Serbs will never forget.Anyway,after ww2 ended,everything settled,Serbs even allowed Albanians to have jobs and schools in Serbia in an attempt to forget the animosity of the past.But Albanians didn't forget.Their nationalist organizations wanted to recreate Greater Albania and they started to commit terrorist acts over Serbian civilians and police on Kosovo in 1989,but with greater intensity in 1998.Serbian security forces answered fiercly,but that was the time when USA and NATO involved,willing to ally themselves with Muslim Albanians because they saw threat in Serbia-greatest Balkan Russian ally.So NATO (under pressure of USA) committed bombing campaign against Serbia during three months war in 1999.Serbian army fought unexpectedly well,but when NATO started bombing Serbian civilians,Serbia had to accept peace treaty which meant that their army and police had to pull out of Kosovo.Since then KFOR is stationed on Kosovo with aim of securing peace and stability.That is nothing but a lie.They stood still and watched while Albanian extremists committed genocide over remaining Serbs on Kosovo during march of 2004.For the end,just some statistics:Before the 1999. war Kosovo population was consisted of 60% Albanians and 35% Serbs.After the 1999. war and 2004. genocide there are 90% Albanians on Kosovo.

why is Serbia important in the ottoman empire in the Balkans?

Because Serbia is highly nationalistic. Not only that, it was also an area that supported Pan-Slavicism, which is the belief of a united Slavic Empire. Once they gained their independance from the Ottoman Empire, they worked with Russia, another Slavic nation, to create a Slavic alliance. When the Austro-Hungarian Empire annexed Bosnia, the Serbs were furious. The annexation of Bosnia destroyed the hopes of creating a Slavic empire. Thus, one militant group assassinated the heir to the Austrian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and that lead to WW1.

When will Serbia restabilize its province of Kosovo and expel the terrorists there?

Thanks to BC and his diversion by "cigar" issues, he figured to make a few phone calls to quik-fix the pesky issue--saturation bombing of Serb targets and let NATOe thru the tulips(wearing UN colors). Now there are a group of 'radical' Muslims who love US and BC in particular--too bad Monica doesn't luv him ennymore... The EU was loath to screw the Serbs since they had been the effective bulwark against Turk-Muslim invasion of SE.Europe for over a thousand years. While the commies recently ran the show they supressed all religions. Upon USSR -Tito death, the ethnic boundaries resurfaced , re-"Balkanization" (only 50yrs surpressed), except that the prolific Muslims had spilled out of Albania and inter-mingled everywhere else post WWI, esp. Kosovo. Under this ethnic pop. pressure the Serbs slowly pulled East. Bush has inherited this mess --never fairly resolved--and wants to preserve the status quo; at least until he leaves office. Will BO do any better? Hot aire won't solve the Albanian-Muslim vsSerb-RussianOrthodox conundrum.

How do I pay someone in Serbia from the US?

I know for Western Union, but they take a lot. I have PayPal so i can give him as i live in Serbia! :D

What countries does Serbia usually side with on issues?

The relative allies of today of Serbia are: UN Security Council, Russia, China, Cyprus, Romania, Slovakia, the people of Greece. I'd add Venezuela too :) The problem with Serbia is that there is a strong inner polarization between pro NATO parties and anti NATO parties. These polarized parties struggle over selling or not selling Kosovo. Serbia is a third world country and it sides to UN Security Council for that reason. Its enemies; the big political world sharks like Germany and USA and their poltroons which try to rip Kosovo away, relativize international law into the gray area. It is like a political push and pull. The fish usually looses.

How do I make a collect call from Serbia to US number?

Indeed, very few operators services in Serbia, everything is digital switchboards and machine recorded messages. But you can make a collect call to any place, including the US number. Just dial 901 - it's a number for International Calls of the Telekom Srbija. You will be connected to the operator. They are all multilingual, and English is the most common language used. The operator will ask you to give the number and the name of the person in the US you wish to call, then your number here and your name. They will call you back (from 901) in a couple of minutes if the other party agrees to take the charges for the call. Hope it works fine for you:-)

How can I live in Serbia for longer than 3 months for vacation?

That's what the foreigners do when they wish to stay longer than 90 days. I've had some colleagues from the US and Australia, and they went to Budapest or Vienna, spent a few days, then came back. However, if you plan to live here for about a year, I don't think you'll be able to repeat the going out of the country and coming back three times in between 3-month periods. You will have to register with the local Police Station, and provide some sort of evidence about your stay and plans. You'll have to do that within 24 hours of entering the country. There's a new Law on Foreigners, just implemented on 1st April, so here's a link for you to read all the details concerning your stay: http://www.mfa.gov.yu/Visas/registration_of_foreigners.htm

Why did US and NATO bombed a Chinese Embassy in Serbia and how did the Chinese public react to it?

First question,,collateral damage, it happens, the Chinese understood this. Second question,, can't answer without a little research and I'm too tired to research right now.

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I don't know.......... what about it?