What do you think of Sepp Blatter laughing at Ireland's request to be at the World Cup?

i,am irish and i think sepp blatter shoul be sacked.I think there should be no 33rd team in the world cup but france shoud be dumped out of it because of cheating and ireland put into it.

Is it Sepp Blatter's time of the month for knocking England again?

Yes - Blather's periodic outpourings are tiresome and totally out of touch with reality. Majoring on the politics of envy he seems bent on furthering the interests of the many at the cost of undermining what is successful. We all want football to progress as the global game but his Anglophobia is a crude example of socialistic preoccupations with levelling down rather than building up. We're all aware of the imbalances but know that attempts to restrict, limit or shackle free enterprises always fail. His wafflings go down well with minor countries, with the usual whiff of corruption - the same reasons the UN is a ghastly ragbag of self-interested states which resolve FA. As the EPL now rivals the Spanish and Italian giants we're bound to get sniped at even within Euroland - with Platini leading the envious brigade but so what ? If these tin-pot wannabe dictators push their luck too far the major Euroland clubs will break away from UEFA and FIFA - there's no reason we should allow OUR game to be ruled by such fools.

Shaka Hislop upset with Sepp Blatter comments?

I remember him playing for Newcastle, What a great goalkeeper! It true, fifa are not passionate about kicking racism out otherwise they would have come down harder on clubs to stop racism

Do you actually buy Sepp Blatter's apology for the referee-ing mistakes at World Cup 2010?

Nope, I'm done with WCs unless they implement video replay.

Is Sepp Blatter really going to do this in the future?

typical blatter blabber. positioning himself politically to be perpetually at the helm of fifa. yeah, he can pressure confederations but doubt they will buckle.

What the fair punishment for Sepp Blatter the sore loser ?

he should be hanged

If Joseph Sepp Blatter, has retired as FIFA President, who do you think that could replace him?


"im clearly a satisfied man at the moment."- sepp "currupt" blatter?

Sepp "The Don" Blatter Corrupt is the correct spelling

where was Sepp Blatter while the members of Fifa rewarded Italy on the field ?

at the prostitute center

What anoys you most about Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini..........?

Blatter : Besides his anti everything English tendencies.. *He doesn't act in the professional manner that his position requires. * He doesn't always act in the best interest of the game as a whole globally. * He plays far too much politics. *He tries to intimidate Nations with his false bravado. *He is sexist. * He never takes responsibility for his mistakes. *He has failed to enact hard enough penalties for things like violence that have occurred over the past few years. *And I don't like how he "Warned Australia" against bidding for the 2018 WC inferring we wouldn't get it and it would rule us out of bidding for 2022 as they will be awarded simultaneously. Now if that's not a threat what is ?? Platini: * He changes his mind like people change their undies. * He openly shows his allegiances..of which their should be none in his position. * He has failed to be impartial as his position requires. *He shoots his mouth off about his "personal views" too much.

is it time for sepp blatter to stand down?

yes! he is hated by fans, hated by players - not respected by footballing chiefs. In other words - he'a a c*nt

Are you happy Sepp Blatter will be re-elected for another 4 years as FIFA President?

Don't be like that sweety.Please.And who pray tell is Sepp Blatter?

On which date was FIFA president Sepp Blatter born?And in which country?

march 10, 1936 in Visp, Switzerland

I thought Sepp Blatter was honest. Was I wrong? Is the top brass of FIFA corrupt, including Blatter?

The top brass in any orginisation is corrupt how do you think they got there

Fifa boss Sepp Blatter sorry for Qatar 'gay' remarks. How did this prick ever become President?

Wow this is something that the question got through phrased like that. LOL. Nice one. Every time I see Blatter I feel like puking. He is such a corrupt POS. I hope he gets caught fiddling soon. I cannopt stand the man. did you hear his previous faux pas? Blatter urged women footballers to wear skimpier kits to increase the popularity of the women's game.http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/3402519.stm Kylie does look nice! This sums it up quite well: http://www.mirrorfootball.co.uk/opinion/blogs/mirror-football-blog/The-madness-of-Sepp-Blatter-special-Qatar-slavery-women-in-tight-shorts-and-a-game-of-four-quarters-the-craziest-ideas-of-FIFA-s-one-man-wrecking-ball-article575489.html

Can someone please tell me why Sepp Blatter is still FIFA President?

Bribery and double-dealing sums up Blatter.

The most powerful man in World football, Sepp Blatter: What are the positive things he has done throughout....?

(1) he has m. hold on lemme just visit wikipedia.. i'll be back i promise

has sepp blatter surprised the worlds media?

AHAHAHAHA That is fukcin QUALITY! Nicked!!!!!! :o) Oh and it's Jimmy Page by the way kids.sssss

Should Sepp Blatter step down as president of FIFA for his comments regarding homosexuals at the 2022 WC?

That and for saying women football players should "wear tighter shorts and low cut shirts... to create a more female aesthetic and attract more male fans", and for giving the WC to Qatar despite vote trading with spain/portugal, and for rigging the voting when he was originally voted as FIFA boss in 2002 "His 2002 candidacy has been marked with rumours of financial irregularities and backroom dealings,[8] culminating with direct accusations of bribery, by a third party, made in the British press by Farra Ado, vice-president of the Confederation of African Football and president of the Somali Football Federation, who claimed to have been offered $100,000 to vote for Blatter in 1998.[9]" Hes a corrupt dictator who nobody likes and no-one can stop him... he needs to be removed.

Why must Sepp Blatter apologize for simply warning gays about the laws in Qatar?

i dont understand this either. what should he have said? he couldnt have told them to ignore the law however, I still think he is a money grubbing A hole, and a country where homosexuality is illegal should never have even been considered

How does Sepp Blatter keep getting away with it?

Exactly, the people around him, dont even care that his corrupt! As long as they keep getting paid millions, they dont give a crap. I swear we need to create a new world body of football.

Sepp Blatter says he's gonna step down in 2015 if hes elected again next month your thoughts?

STEP DOWN??? Nowhere NEAR good enough.. the truth is, that Sepp Blatter should be PUT DOWN, - or, at BEST, DE-SELECTED, - RIGHT NOW!! Forget the p**s-up in a BREWERY, - he couldn't organise a GANG BANG, in a BROTHEL!

The only time i want to blow this annoying Vuvuzela trumpet is in Sepp Blatter face, does anyone share feeling?

Hahaha! Thanks for the laugh, I feel the exact same way! I wrote this reply for another question, but I will post it here to share my opinions with you. The question was "Are you bothered by the vuvuzelas?" My answer: "I'm in Europe and the station that I am watching from has managed to tone down some of the noise from the vuvuzelas. But for me, it is not enough. I watch the World Cup every 4 years with my husband. It is a tradition for us, like watching the Eurovision Song Contest together every year. We are on our 3rd World Cup and we haven't watched nearly as many games as we would have liked because of those darn noise makers. For us, it ruins the whole atmosphere that is football. I LOVE hearing the chants from the fans even if they aren't supporting my team! I LOVE hearing the crowd go wild when someone scores a goal or makes a great pass! The suspension that builds when the whole stadium is silent and tense as someone steps up for a kick is amazing! Now because of these vuvuzelas that is all gone. I can't even imagine how annoying it must be for someone sitting at the actual game or for the football players themselves. What we are hearing through our TVs is only a sample of what they are hearing at the stadium. I wouldn't be able to concentrate on anything if I was there. The vuvuzelas are interfering with the game itself and I think they should be banned. Football players have even commented that they can not communicate with their fellow teammates because of the noise. Also, I think it must lower their moral if they can't hear their fans supporting them with their chants and cheers. I don't buy this whole argument that they can not be banned because it is part of South African tradition and that wouldn't be fair since fans of other countries sing or play bongos or drums. There is a difference! Singing and drums are not a constant every second noise that drowns everything else out. No one has to buy ear plugs because of it! A lot of instruments are traditional to certain countries, but you don't see a whole crowd playing tubas, accordions or harmonicas at a game now do you? Vuvuzelas are a nuisance, plain and simple. If the officials feel they must remain politically correct then ban them at all football games, except in games where South Africa is playing. Problem solved for everyone! Right now, My husband and I are getting very tired of recording games that we miss during the day only to fast forward through them because we can't take watching 90 minutes of incessant buzzing. It is such a shame to take something that should be so fun to watch and turn it into a chore because of a plastic trumpet that costs a few dollars. It's horrible."

Lennart Johansson and Sepp Blatter are too old, younger people should lead football?

Yes, the new younger one will change the image of football to be back to his pure game not for the comercial sake. I think there will be a new change in the near future

I dont get it, Is Sepp Blatter seeing an Irish Girl or something?

because that "dive" in the box was at least questionable after the trip.... the handball was undeniable plus everyone knows Italians are way better at football than the Australians, vs French compared to the Irish. you best stick to rugby, cricket or kangaroo boxing

Every tme you see Sepp Blatter on T.V do you change the channel?

hahahahahah my dad does, its funny i agree tho 100%

Is it just me or is Sepp Blatter a tosser?

this guy is the clich rich fat bastard. I agree he doesn't know ANYTHING about football, compares a contact sport withother professions like dentistry?!! WTF!! proposes a lifetime ban on injury tackles.. proposes the altitude change of soccer, when the fat lard hasn't even been to nations like Bolivia and Ecuador where the elevations are high. fat lard thinks everything is how he is, he can't accept that football is a world sport and withit comes many different cultures and traditions within the game, it can't just go by one man's perception of what's Moral. This guy needs to get out of the Football scene. especially after his allegations of corruption and stating that women should wear tighter shorts in soccer.. a fat, rich, perverted, and hypocrite of a person is the head of FOOTBALL?! his lard ass should get shot.

Has Sepp Blatter ever played football ? What I want to know is, did you ever score a goal Blatter ?

Biography Joseph S. (Sepp) Blatter was born on 10 March 1936 in the Swiss town of Visp, near the famous Matterhorn. He graduated from the Sion and St. Maurice colleges in Switzerland with a school-leaving certificate and then gained a degree as Bachelor of Business Administration and Economics from the Faculty of Law at Lausanne University. Joseph Blatter has one daughter. Sports activities Active footballer from 1948 to 1971 (played for the Swiss amateur league in the top division) .....Doesn't say if he ever scored. Over a 23 year period he must he gotten at least one somehow.....

Who do you dislike more? Sepp Blatter or Michel Platini?

Sepp Blatter is hideous and Platini is his clown.

Do you reckon that other guy looks better than Sepp Blatter?

the elephant man looks better then blatter WHY EVEN A PILE OF PUKE LOOKS BETTER

Why do you think Sepp Blatter and FIFA is corrupt?

because how of all countries how can qatar host the world cup in 2022 when fifa were spoilt for choices to pick australia, japan, south korea or usa, like me i'm sure fans would pick any of them but qatar. qatar doesn't even have football history, they just have money and some fifa members have been suspended because they have been caught being corrupt, all politicians are corrupt, including sepp blatter

It seems that people think that I, Sepp Blatter am anti English?

Play in goal for Arsenal

Lets start a conspiracy against Sepp Blatter. Who is with me?

Or we can just stick with the facts - he rigged his last election and he appears to be going senile.

SF: If you had the choice to axe either Sepp Blatter or Michel Platini, which one would you choose?

Platini. Sepp Blatter condemned Juve's claim for 30 scudetti and has gained my respect.

Is it true that Pop Paul the Octopus is gonna succeed Sepp Blatter as the FIFA president?

I heard that Paul will replace Juergen Klinsman as the expert analyst on ESPN;)

Sepp Blatter has to resign he is the one who insisted that Africans blow this annoying whistle,what do u think?

Blatter is the biggest blight on the sport, but we should be clear that it's South Africa (not all of Africa) that uses these annoying instruments. And to people claiming this is part of South Africa's traditions: so is violence for a lot of football supporters, yet should we expect FIFA to allow that too? More than the annoyance of television viewers having to endure the constant blowing of horns from their TV screens is the health risk associated with these devices. Again, to people speaking of the "traditions" of South Africa: must spectators and players alike be subjected to a tradition that jeopardises their health (i.e., causes hearing loss and the spread of germs)? Should "tradition" dictate that players not receive adequate sleep due to being subjected to the blowing of horns at the early hours of the morning (one of the complaints made by French defender Patrice Evra). Incidentally, this so-called tradition had already been banned in South Africa for safety reasons and was only re-introduced in 2001.

Why did Sepp Blatter order the World Cup holders to qualify?

Im not sure. But they've had to qualify for about ten years now. Before that the holders and host automatically qualified. Maybe it's because they gave asia, africa and oceania extra qualifying places and the holders had to qualify to help balance it abit more. Try google and see if you can find an old article from when they changed it.

If Sepp Blatter isn't corrupt then who is in the universe?

Alex Ferguson. Yep, old bacon face and his famous brown envelopes are legendary.

How much of an idiot is Sepp Blatter?

Sepp Blatter & Raymond Domenech are 2 of the wrongest heads in football. Atleast france got rid of Domenech, Sepp blatter is still there making stupid decisions and saying idiotic things in press conferences.

What will influence Sepp Blatter tomorrow?

Caviar and gas won -

is it true that sepp blatter refuses to give his funny shoes and big red nose back to the circus?

Yep I agree...he is a clown and should go back to the circus!! Where he truly belongs#!!

Did Sepp Blatter do a good job helping the big teams like he promised?

Yes, FIFA succeeded in cheating the smaller teams out of their hopes and dreams. 1) That goal should never have stood 2) How can Fifa all of a sudden announce in September that the teams will be seated for the Playoffs, after realizing that teams like France and Portugal would only finish 2nd in their groups? 3) They went by the FIFA Ranking. But what credibility does that have? Holland is in 3rd place or so for instance, but what did Holland achieve over the past years? Greece was seated, but why? They didn't achieve anything. UEFA/FIFA told Norway to bounce even though they were 2nd b/c they didn't have enough points in their group. So why weren't teams like Ireland and Bosnia seated then? They got more points in their group than France. It's all a scam. It's about money. Sponsors pay in more when the big teams get to play. I would much rather have seen exciting Irish fans and a team that plays with passion that lame French fans that support a team that got cheated to the World Cup.

When Sepp Blatter dies, will it be considered as good news?

What will be different if Sepp Blatter steps down from FIFA?

well alot of people say fifa is corrupted and blatter makes bad calls like no technology involved but then again i don't know who that middle eastern guy is, so can't say he'll do a better job

Is Sepp Blatter against replays because it would "ruin" the integrity of all the horrendously bad calls?

On the goal line technology, he's saying not all leagues can install and afford the technology. He wants uniformity across the world. I think this is a lousy argument. You don't really have to install the technology everywhere. Just at the World Cup... The federations can determine if they want to install it, like the UEFA Champions League or Euro Cup. This should be easily solved. On replays, he's saying it will slow the game down. Also what calls can be reversed? Offside, handball, yellow/red cards? Much harder to figure out. I'm guessing nothing gets done here, except adding a fourth offical. I think FIFA should look at diving a lot more closely... There has to be more punishment for divers. I think Sepp Blatter doesn't get a lot of stuff. He keeps complaining that MLS doesn't use a August-May schedule. I'm not sure if he realizes cities like Toronto, Columbus and Kansas City can be really cold (with snow) in the winter...

Is Sepp Blatter doing more damage to the game?

This is no joke Restructure the whole thing Give the presicency to SAF he doesn't need the money or the gravy boat But he would weed out those below him who did He may not be the best diplomat for FIFA but.. at the helm I think it would be a really good appointment And he could eat Platini ,, just in case edit: my spelling... sorry I'm a retiree!

Out of all retarded things Sepp Blatter did over the years, did he completely lose his mind?

1 - People who watch penalty shootouts are more prone to heart attacks than people who don't 2 - The only fair alternative would be a coin toss 3 - Yes, he should be replaced 4 - No, I wouldn't be happy, it would ruin a big aspect of football. 5 - Congrats on Serbia's success in Eurovision

Will you be sorry to see Sepp Blatter retire?

He is the most inappropriate person to have this responcibility ever.

What do you make of these comments from Sepp Blatter?

I've listened to the comments a few times now and I've tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. I've tried to find areas where he might have mis-translated, or not fully understood what he was saying. But the man's English is good enough for him to know full-well what he was saying. He was dismissing and even advocating on-field racism and discrimination. Why do we bother having Kick it out campaigns etc. when the head of world football condones racism? From now on people can racially harass people on football fields across Europe, and they can point to Blatter's comments and say "According to the boss of World Football you shouldn't be angry, in fact you should shake my hand at the end of the game!" FQ: No, he's not the most pathetic excuse for a human being ever. But he is a neanderthal who's out of touch with modern fans and modern society. He is so unsuitable for the job of President of FIFA, it's incredible.

Who can dismiss FIFA Dictator Sepp Blatter?

FIFA turned into another money greedy cooperate org. We need new blood n new ideas to bring football into modern era. The trouble is that 'modern era' statement sounds more like Americanisation. Look mate if football was over regulated like American sport then it would lose it's entertainment value. How popular are American overregulated sport across the world!? Football is the biggest sport in the world so they must be doing something right! Anyway for any major rule changes fifa have to go to IFAB so Mr Sepp Blatter is not as powerful as you think.