does separation of church and state, somehow equal separation of state and God>?

Our founding Fathers said no such thing. Further more The United States Supreme Court cannot pass laws, the only ways that laws can be passed is by approval by both the house and senate. Separation of church and state is not a law, Roe Vs Wade is not a law and any other Court decisions that have not passed through the house and senate are not laws.

Why isn't the "Nickle and Dimed" book used in NH high schools a violation of church/state separation?

by Barbara Ehrenreich?? that is the only book i can find online and it's not relevant at all to Church/state separation... but, just to feed the topic of c/s sep. IMO the bible can be used to teach an english class, even tho I don't believe in what it says, understanding the phrasing is worth a degree all by itself..

Can someone give me a link to a credible website stating the separation of church and state?

What you are referring to is the Establishment Clause and, probably to a lesser degree, the Free Exercise Clause, which is the first phrase of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The language of the amendment (and for the most part, the cases interpreting it) does not mention any "separation of church and state." This is a concept interpreted from Constitution later by the courts and applied to situations where people feld they were being forced by the government to parctice a certain religion (and varying degrees of similar claims) This site contains the First Amendment. Click on the "Annotations" link to view a discussion that I believe should lead you to where the "separation of church and state" idea comes into play, I'm assuming it's in there, but I didn't read it. I'm not sure where Findlaw takes its annotations from, but it is a very reputable source.

Why do many of the Christians against church-state separation only advocate for their own religion?

The phrase separation of Church and State doesn't exist in the Constitution, as you well know. I as a Christian am oppossed to forced prayer in public school. The Ten Commandment monuments are important because they reflect the judeo christian heritage of the nation and have figured highly in our laws and cultural traditions. What most of us are oppossed to is trying to strip all reference to God from the public arena.

What does Rick Santorum intend to do in not following the principle of Separation of Church and State?

He has already declared his support for setting up Christianity as a de-facto state religion by using its laws to tyell people who they can marry and who they can have sex with. He wants a big nanny government which is involved with every aspect of our daily lives.

Separation of Church and State? Not for Islam?

this is what i believe in with my whole heart. When any immigrants who come in to this country legal way they should keep their ideas of what ever they beliefs are to themselves. it seems that they have forgotten that they came to this country, they are the ones who have to follow our rules and laws. the best thing about this country of us is that every one can practice their religion with total freedom, no one will ever tell them that they can not do that. how ever knowing this freedom does not give them any rights to force their religion and believes on to the rest of us. they have come here for any reasons that they had, but it seems that they are using the freedom act that we, our Fathers have fight for us in order to have these freedoms. They are using this freedom act against us, in order to push their agendas down to our trouts. Now if any of us go to their country's none of us will be allowed to practice our religions in open, we will be rested put in jails and God knows what else. There fore they must follow our rules, our laws not the other way around. hey they came to this country, we did not went to their country's. so it is best for them to keep their believes and ideas to themselves and practice what ever they practice in their own homes only and i am positive that ACLU is having a ball, and using and miss using all of these ca motions to push their agendas, for their own selfish reasons. and we are allowing these things to continue, every Christmas we go through all these nonsense stuff. this is Christan country and whom ever does not like it, well no one has force them to stay, they all can go back.

What is the Function of the Phrase "In God We Trust" in US Currency if there's a Church and State separation?

The "separation of church and state" came generations after the founding of this country and is not a part of the U.S. constitution. The founding fathers were not intent on separating all aspects of church from any aspect of the state as is presumed by some today; merely they were intent on preventing any religion from being mandated, sanctioned and sponsored by the government, e.g. the Church of America. The idea of "separation of church and state" is nothing more than an attempt at the elimination of God from the state, by enemies of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which rights come from God. If the concept of God and His inalienable rights are removed from public consciousness, then those rights can be usurped by those who seek power over life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Who originally declared that the first amendment states a separation of church and state?

Actually, no one did. The separation of church and state is more of a general rule to follow but it's technically no in the Constitution.

Has 0bama violated "separation of church & state" by requiring Catholic institutions to pay for contraceptives?

Yes, it's a combination of Big Government and anti-Christian what he's doing here.

Is the idea that the Separation of Church and State something that "came out of Hitlers mouth" as Tea Party:?

no it was first said by tomas jefferson and many people today think it is a law but it is not, tomas jefferson metioned it in a letter saying somtimes there should be seperation but other times your morals and religon should play a role

10 Commandments posted in courthouses, violate separation between state and church?

I believe it does, but not all courts agree with me.

Separation Church/State no prayer in school why then in Congress?

No one in authority has felt like making the proposers and ratifiers of the First Amendment into a bunch of hypocrites. In the case of Marsh v. Chambers, 1983, the Court looked at the fact that, the same week Congress proposed the First Amendment, it also passed a bill to hire two legislative chaplains. Six out of the nine Justices felt that it would be wrong to make it look as if Congress wasn't even obeying the very rule they proposed. The other three Justices were not worried about the potentiality of making the 1789 members of Congress into hypocrties; to the three of them, the principle was more important than the fact that the members of Congress were (and haven't been in all this time) obeying the principle. But it seems as if no one on the US Supreme Court is interested in following YOUR logic, that what's acceptable in a legislative chamber ought to be acceptable, too, in a classroom. Too bad you and I are not on the US Supreme Court.

Poll: Does having a high school graduation ceremony in a church violate separation of church/state?

Not in the least, the aclu needs to go it was founded by Communists by the way

Is anything required to be a Pastafarian besides love of separation of Church &State and love of Italian food?

You must be an avid beer drinker too and never underestimate the meatballs R' amen

If there's separation of church & state, then why are public libraries closed on Easter Sunday?

I am surprised by the amount of people who think that all libraries are closed on Sundays. My local library, as well as many suburbs around me, do open on Sundays - but not for Easter. It is because we are still a Christian majority.

Is the governments recognition and use of a seven day week a violation of Separation of Church & State?

let me see if i understand what you are saying, just so we can do away with the history of behind the seven day week you want to make each month have more days, make it so no one gets a day off from school or work instead they work every day of every week, until they take a vacation. hmmm interesting, how would we handle leap year? what would we do about all the people who began going insane from all work and no play? should the people who believe in that "creationist nonsense" not be able to worship because they may miss work. of course this would put my cousins husband out of a job because the cleaning business he owns primarily cleans wharehouses on the weekends when no one is around, because they are off. so him and his 100 employees would be out of jobs. not to mention that the business i work in would take a huge hit since saturdays are the busiest days in the car biz, mainly because everyone is off work. so just because you have an issue with people who believe in god you want to change the lives of every one in the country. hmm seems pretty self absorbed. And also why do so many people have an issue with the term in god we trust? muslim, allah translates to english God, yaweh in hebrew translates to english God, if you are an athiest, then to an extent you believe you are god. meaning you are the sole person in control of your destiny not in some megalomaniac kind of way. plus it is a piece of the history of our country. but of course we should throw that all out so that no one is offended. on a side note it actually takes the earth 23 hours 56 minutes to turn once on its axis, and the earth takes 355 days 23 hours and some minutes to rotate the earth. these are the reasons for days and years. the moon takes more than 30 days to rotate the earth. it is a little closer to 40 days, this is why if you go back hundreds of years you will find 9 months to a year. then the world was got Octavius ceaser, and we got october, becase he felt a month shoudl be named after him, then julius ceaser and augustus ceaser named months after themselves and we got july and august. then the mathematicians got smart and organized the 12 month calender in a way that made sense and allowed for the lost time every day and year and came up with leap year.

Are Muslims against separation of church/state, and for oppression of women?

Libs hate women as well, didn't you see Hillary splatter against the glass ceiling? And really, "woman's lib" has degenerated into an abortion only platform. Woman still make less doing the same job as a man, but that is unimportant to them.

Have to create some questions to research on separation of church & state but the topic is so broad any idea's?

Why was the separation of church and state written into the First Amendment of the Constitution? You could start by reading the Wikipedia article on the history of the separation of church and state.

Can anyone tell me what countries have educational systems run without a separation of church & state?

cant help on web sites but i guarantee iran is one country that has no separation--you could look them up-hope that helps a little---enjoy the night---also cant state for a fact but the vatican might be another

Supreme court and separation of state and church?

McCollum v. Board of Education Dist. 71, 333 U.S. 203 (1948) Court finds religious instruction in public schools a violation of the establishment clause and therefore unconstitutional. the 1st i think if you need a link i can provide it---it is NOT a religious freedom link as the above is---just the facts

Everyone: What do you think separation of church and state was for?

"My thoughts are that the church and state separation was more to protect churches and religion than than the state." I am of the opposite thought...1st Amendment protects ME from the powerful influence of religion if it is allowed to overly influence Government. What you are saying is that Government laws should reflect the values and ideas of the Majority with little or no concern on the effect such laws would have on the minority. What you are saying is that if the Majority of Americans are Westboro Baptist members who elect Westboro Baptist representatives to run the Government then they should be allowed to use Government to enforce a law calling for the death of Homosexuals...or the death of Mormons...or Catholics...or Protestants...we know for sure such a Government would hand out death for Atheists as well. You want this simply because you believe it will be YOUR particular type of christianity that will be promoted over all others. And given the current state of affairs your type of christianity very well might rule. You could change the Constitution so that the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness ONLY applies to those who have "Correct Type of Christian" branded on their forehead. Christian Americans have basically said "No Atheists shall be elected to any Government position" and this is shown by the simple fact there are NO openly Atheists currently serving in a higher elected position. Only ONE Muslim elected from a part of the country heavy with Muslims. 99% of Elected Government officials claim to be christian and were voted into office by those who claim to be christian. They can and they do represent the ideas and values of those who voted for them...but there is a higher power that dictates that Government is to serve ALL Americans and that higher power keeps the Christian lawmakers from making and passing and enforcing laws for the benefit of one group of people and to the detriment of another minority group of people. That Higher Power is of course Man's Law AKA The US Constitution. You want all the Christian politicians and Christian Supreme Court Justices to legislate and enforce Christian/religious morality...your kind of christian morality of course, you would have a cow if it was Mormon Morality or Muslim morality. "What about government for the people by the people?" "People" refers to ALL people, as in, ALL American Citizens. What you are after is "Government for the Christian People and by the Christian People." And most likely you want in "Government for the __________(insert denomination here) Christian people..." Elected officials, christian or muslim or atheist or agnostic take an oath to uphold the US Constitution...not an oath to destroy the US Constitution...and that Oath to uphold the US Constitution means upholding the 1st Amendments seperation of church and state. It protects YOU in the same way it protects ME...It protects me from a Government that would force me, by law, to attend church and sing praises to Jesus or be regulated as a 2nd or 3rd class lessor citizen...even though I pay my share of tax revenue used for Government to operate. And it protects you from the possibility of an Majority Muslim Government enacting Shia Laws should they ever gain enough voters to elect Muslims...just as it also protect you from a Majority Westboro Baptist government that would use government to force you to become a Westboro Baptist or possibly be put to death with the homosexuals. I am sure you don't want that do you?

Seniors, would you vote for a candidate that embraces Dominionism, opposition to separation of church & state?

Churches should stick to weddings and funerals and stay out of politics

How where Puritans responsible for the concepts of religious tolerance and the separation of church & state?

The Puritans came over here from England because they hated being controlled by the Church of England. In order to practice religious freedom, they set up something called Congretional Independence. That meant that the government they created could not tell the church what to do. They also prevented ministers from running for public office, so that church leaders could not get into positions of governmental power. These acts were responsible for the separation of church & state.

Where is it written in our laws, the actual law, regarding separation of church/state?

Separation of church and state never appears in any of our founding documents. The only thing the founders were after was that a state religion not be established. We were founded on Judeo-Christian values and prayers were held before most assemblies. The Constitution also says freedom OF religion not freedom FROM religion. And no the Constitution doesn't say anything about God but it does refer to the ONE CREATOR. This was meant to acknowledge that we have a Creator and to establish where our rights came from. GOD not the government.

Would a law requiring a church to marry anyone be a violation of the separation of church/state?

A law forcing a religion to marry those it did not want to marry would indeed be a separation of church and state. Here you would have the government reaching in and twisting lives to its pleasure. I think most people more or less want to keep their own rights. In consideration of your reference to gay marriage, I believe the question should be taken up with the church itself--not the government which constitutionally should not be able to come in. No, I don't think it would be worth it. Would it be happier and easier if churches did it willingly? Of course! But forcing it with a law is going to create a lot of issues. You will have angry people, you will have people scare of what the government will make them do next, etc.

Would you vote for a candidate that embraces Dominionism, opposition to separation of church & state?

Most definitely not. Fortunately the US constitution has withstood all kinds of confoundedly foolish ideas including this one. None of the GOP candidates, including Ron Paul, seem to be interested in shoring up The American Way by fixing our economic woes and the gridlock in Congress. Prayer is their answer to problems, sadly, rather than workable legislative solutions.

Why do conservatives wanna turn this country into a theocracy? What happened to separation of church & state?

Moral superiority comes from mad hypocrites...

For a party who always cries for separation of church & state, what happened during the inauguration?

You people just are never happy. All we have heard for months is that Obama is Muslim, he is not Christian. Then when he has Christian ministers speak, you have to complain about it. Grow up.

What to do when a PUBLIC school doesnt have a separation of church & state?

I don't really understand your question. BUT, I think you should write to your congressman or something about it. It sounds dumb, but it might make a little difference. Hope this helps!

Why are a government that believes in separation of church & state,?

The church and state separation doctrine is greatly misunderstood by the general public. So much so that it has been worked into judicial opinions and thus became a law. This was a term used by Thomas Jefferson in a letter to the Danbury Baptists in 1802. His philosophy on the matter was written into legislation in 1786: "II. Be it enacted by the General assembly, that no man shall be compelled to frequent or support any religious worship, place, or ministry whatsoever, nor shall be enforced, restrained, molested, or burthened in his body or goods, not shall otherwise suffer on account of his religious opinions or belief; but that all men shall be free to profess, and by argument to maintain, their opinion in matters of religion, that that the same shall in no wise diminish, enlarge, or affect their civil capacities."--Thomas Jefferson, Statute of Religious Freedom 1777 Now to your question, yes the government is convince of this point but they do seem to be doing the opposite. Which seems to be true to facts when they do this all the time, say one thing and do another. L8r

Separation of Church&State exists because there was TOO many opposing religious beliefs in the colonies?

<> No, It exists so that the government would not be able to control things that it ought not control. < which religion specifically?.>> Not at all. Most of the Founding Fathers were deeply religious men - and they wanted Judeo-Christian values to be strong in American society. You have to remember where the founding fathers were coming from - from a government that sought to control too much. A government with the authority to create a state religion is not good. A government with the authority to cease an existing religion and force it to be a state religion is not good. A governent with absolutely no authority to interfere in religious matters is good because Freedom of Relgion is Good.

Why do we try to have separation of Church and State?

To keep religious zealots from imposing their religious beliefs on others. Freedom of religion also means freedom from religion. Just remember that others may have different beliefs than you, do you want those beliefs imposed on you? I suspect not so why do you think you should have the right to impose your beliefs on others? You want Christmas trees? Someone else might want an inverted pentagram or an upside down cross. Can YOU live with that?

What constitutes separation of church & state?

Cool, I'm not he only one P-O'd about Hillary and Osama braying liberal discord from the pulpit today. If I were in a position to respond, I'd strip the said churches of their tax-exempt status for allowing political figures to use their services for political campaigning purposes. The bigger question is, WAS A COLLECTION TAKEN FOR THE CANDIDATES CAMPAIGN FUND? This would virtually force the IRS to act.

Is there a difference between a candidate's religion, and the candidates views on separation of church & state?

I completely agree with you that while I would not consider a person's religion as a deciding factor in my vote, the way they view the separation church and state IS a big factor. And sadly, there are certain segments of religion which do not believe there should be any separation. Among them would be the evangelical Christians, a la the Moral Majority folks of 10-20 years ago. It is a given that these types of individuals will try to legislate the Bible into law at every possible opportunity. Therefore, I would not vote for such a person. That includes Sarah Palin. As for scientology.... as an atheist, I don't see their views on the supernatural as any more absurd than those of any other religion. Talking snakes is just as crazy, imo, as being impregnated by aliens.

Is There Really Such A Thing As Separation of Church & State?

From the Bill of Rights: "Article the third [Amendment I] - Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." So yes, it was intended that we have separation of church and state. At the same time, the writers of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were deeply spiritual and religious people. They did not intend that the people not practice religion, only that the government would not tell anyone what religion they should and should not practice. Several people have replied to this question and already proven they were spiritual people. Now to use your example of marriage. Marriage can have 2 steps. One step is a religious marriage done by any religious or spiritual leader. Such an individual does not have to be sanctioned by the government, they can just declare that (by whatever religion) these two people shall be as one. This step only declares them to be spiritually married, not legally so. The other step is the legal marriage. This is where the paperwork comes in. Many religious and spiritual leaders have gone through the legal process and fill out the legal marriage paperwork, before, after, or as part of the religious ceremony. It is a completely different step and concept unrelated to the spiritual part of the marriage, except that the same people are frequently involved - the two getting married, their best man/maid of honor as witnesses, and the religious person with the legal right to sign all the paperwork. Unfortunately, there is a strong temptation by many people to try to mix them. In large part because religion is frequently based on morals and right and wrong where politics and law really doesn't care unless the people care. Unfortunately, this can also be taken too far when we get away from core values to all people, such as murder is against almost any religion, and into gray areas such as the right for Homosexual individuals to be legally married and the right of a woman to choose whether or not to have a child especially when it is not safe or healthy for her or the future of the child. It's not perfect, but it probably is the best we've got.

Separation of church and state, separation of race and state? How do they differ?

Many people overlook the fact that affirmative action violates the 14th Amendment and Civil Rights Act of 1964. At the same time they think the Constitution allows for seperation of church and state, because of the way they interpreted a letter Thomas Jefferson wrote this one time.

Does the ban on gay marriage go against the separation of church & state?

The separation of church and state is (to the extent that you believe it) a myth. The Constitution states nowhere that religious reasoning cannot be applied to law. All it does, by the 1st and 14th Amendments, is state that equal protection must be given to all, independent of religion, and the forefathers mandated that the United States would not be a theocracy, meaning it would not be ruled based upon piety. This means that a pious person or pious people can impose laws based upon religious morals. Therefore, unfortunately, "the bible says so" is an acceptable argument =(. Of course, this still does not outweigh the fact that any law in the United States must not be unconstitutional (which many [including myself] argue that that gay marriage bans are) and must be a fair representation of the will of the people. These are the areas that one should argue against gay bans upon.

What is the significance of "In God we trust" on the quarter regarding the separation of church & state?

Its because God loves money and the rich people that have it. If you don't believe me, just look at all the religions, churches and preachers around you. If you still can't see it, than get your eye's checked.

is it true there is separation between church and state?

Yes--in a nut shell this separation means the government can't place any one religion above others through practices such as requiring everyone be baptized catholic, or only jews get tax breaks for tithes. At the same time, religious leaders can't enact laws for the nation, such as legalizing or preventing divorce, preventing the collection of interest, or stoning those that commit adultery. They can encourage their members to "stand for" whatever they wish though. A good example of this I think is repeal of prohibition. The Eighteenth Amendment (which banned alcohol) was repealed on December 5, 1933 with ratification of the Twenty-first Amendment. The final votes needed to do this came from Utah, despite the efforts of the LDS Church, which held an overwhelming majority in Utah at the time and prohibits the consumption of alcohol. The thing is few people really understand what "separation of church and state" is, or where it comes from. The separation of church and state is a legal and political principle. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution reads "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof . . ." The phrase "separation of church and state" is generally traced to Thomas Jefferson in a letter to the Danbury Baptists he told them that this wall had been erected to protect them. The metaphor was intended, as The U.S. Supreme Court has currently interpreted it since 1947, to mean that religion and government must stay separate for the benefit of both, including the idea that the government must not impose religion on Americans nor create any law requiring it.

In regards to legalizing gay marriage, why have so many people forgotten the separation of Church and State?

Because it's more convenient for them to do so. They can't really justify a constitutional amendment regulating love and still claim to be the party of "smaller government". Christ said, "Judge not, lest ye be judged," yet all these funamentalist "Christians" do is judge. They just want to change the country to their liking. "Christianity" is full of hipocrytes. I doubt if Jesus would appreciate what they do in His name.

Separation of church & state: my workplace has refused to allow me to refer to 2011 CE as 24 SM?

No, but you have a case for dismissal if you keep it up

What American Government Party believes in "Separation of Church & State?"?

The Libertarian party. The Republicans have both ends of the spectrum, some think the church should be enforced by the state, others believe government shouldn't force people to do things, these are the Libertarian Republicans. Vote for the Libertarian Republicans.

Separation of church & state — Christmas tree or Holiday tree?

Christmas tree. Christmas Day is a federal U.S. holiday so I'm not sure how you are getting to the conclusion that it would be illegal to erect a "Christmas" tree.

How do you interpret Thomas Jeffersons letter to the Danbury Baptists regarding Separation of Church and State?

Pretty obvious to me. He was restating what is in the Constitution. The Federal Government will not establish a national religion. The modern definition of "separation of church and state" is the work of Hugo Black, Supreme Court Justice appointed by FDR and member in good standing in the KKK. With a visceral hatred of the Catholic Church, Black bastardized the meaning of the term which has morphed into the baseless assertion that the government must be totally divorced from religion. That was never the intent of the Constitution nor was it so stated in Jefferson's response. And I'm not a Christian or any other religion. However, I have read a lot of history and don't need some Klan member who shook off his white robe for a black one to do my thinking for me. Hugo Black was a racist who also disliked Jews and Catholics. He is a stain on the history of the Supreme Court. Congress cannot pass a law establishing a national religion nor can it pass one restricting the practice of religion. That doesn't mean that we can't have a Christmas display on public property. Particularly since the Constitution applies to the Federal Government, not the states. Nothing in the Constitution would preclude a state from establishing a state religion. It isn't likely to happen, but the Federal Government would have no power to stop them from doing so.

When government taxes churches for doing things they don't like, is it a violation of separation church/state?

Yes.One step closer to destroying religion.One of the agendas in socialism.Believe only in the government.No competition allowed.

Does the State of Texas have a Problem with the Separation of Church and State?

Anyone who thinks we were founded on Christianity is wrong, and that is not an opinion. "As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion..." That is the first line of Article XI of the Treaty of Tripoli, signed unanimously by the Senate and then-President John Adams, a devout Christian, in 1797. Many of those who signed it, including Adams, were our actual Founding Fathers. Anyone who claims to know better than they is ignorant at best. Oh, it was also read aloud before it was signed, and there are no records of anyone present objecting to those words. If you think differently, go back to your parents and your school and ask them why you were given revisionist history to learn.

In God We Trust and the Separation of Church and State?

Because it isn't referring to any specific god. It is meant to imply whatever, or whoever you choose to trust as your god. The constitution simply states the government shall not establish any specific religion as state sponsored.

Examples of interest groups that are against the separation of church and state?

Don't know if all of these are still in existence, or changed their name, or what, but this will get you started: Moral Majority Focus on the Family Baptist Church Catholic Church (they're the ones who put "under god" in our pledge of allegiance in the 1950s - it used to be simply "one nation, indivisible" instead of "one nation, under god, indivisible", but the Church had to make us a divided nation by messing with the separation of church and state and thus violating our constitution) Evangelical, pentecostal type churches Oral Roberts University the National Cathedral (and it's the Episcopal/Church of England? So strange!) Pat Robertson Billy Graham's organization, whatever it is and yeah.. the Republican party, at least during the last 35 years or so.

Rick Santorum doesn't believe in separation of church and state. Is he qualified to be President?

Why does Supreme Leader Ayahtollah Santorum hate separation of church and state?

Rick "I don't want to make bla people's lives better" Santorum is seriously ignorant of his own church doctrine. He should be informed that in 1958 Pope Pius VII promulgated “social justice.” The concept is that we owe our neighbors, especially those less fortunate, our time, our care, and our resources. We must come to the aid of those less fortunate. This isn’t an option; it’s church doctrine, a mandate. Santorum is not only ignorant, but arrogant. ##