What is the single best search engine optimization (SEO) tool to help position a brand new website on Google?

Sprank was too harsh regarding SEO. Well SEO is one of the best and cost effective things which you can do with your business and gain lots & lots of popularity. First step you should do is to look out for keywords using the following tool: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal Search for keywords and you will also find some similar words related to your keywords. Decide on keywords which are most related to your business and do the following activities: Social Bookmarking - It means bookmarking your website on various Social Bookmarking websites like digg.com, delicious.com, jamespot.com, fanpop.com etc. Question & Answers websites. Answers questions related to your business and get visitors to visit your website. There are many Q & A websites like Yahoo Answers, Blurtit.com, answerbag.com. yedda.com etc. Above two will help you get referral traffic and some dofollow links from bookmarking websites will also help you in increasing website popularity.

How are SEO articles usually linked back to the target site?

Right - most article directories only allow links in the author's resource box. If you're just looking for the SEO benefit of the backlink just about anything in the resource box will do but if you're looking for good click through rate with human visitors I've found that splitting the article into two parts with part one on the article site and part two on your site works well. Tips articles are good for this - put half your tips in the article then your resource box would link back to your site with something like "for 5 more tips on [keyword link] check out [url link]".

What is the best SEO tactics for the subpages of the site?

I recommend that you go to http://www.websitegrader.com to check details like title length, meta tags... It doesn't really matter what keywords you use for subpages as long as your page is optimized for them and your content is a match. As long as you build backlinks to your site and subpages, you'l be going in the right direction!

How do you get better SEO results for a site if you have already altered the title tags and images?

There are many many factors when doing on-page optimization. BEFORE you begin link building (off-page optimization) you want to make sure that your on-page is top notch otherwise your skipping steps. You may want to create a webpage for each keyword. There is an amazing free tool you can use (link below) to find out how well your page is term targeted. I also put a link to a guide that covers all the basics!

How to know if a SEO company is reputable?

Hard question. But here's what Search professionals do.... The one, best reference is to see if they are members of the largest most reputable group of Search professionals, SEMPO (the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization. Their directory of member companies is here: http://www.sempo.org/directories/ You can find one in your areas with that link. It's not an endorsement but it's very helpful. What else can you do? Here are some RED flags - don't work with any vendor that says they guarantee or promise the top spot or even the first page. Either they can't deliver or they will get you rankings for keywords that don't prove value, such as for your brand name. SEO's for small businesses are typically small businesses themselves, so get local references. Ask for five and call at least three. Remember that you don't need just traffic, you need "quality" traffic and that's what makes a good SEO. Ask the references if they get more SALES as a result. As a fall-back, call your yellow page provider. All of them have an SEO program (AT&T, Yellow Book, Verizon etc.). They are reputable and have generally good results. You can also use Web.com, Yodle and Reach Local. They are national companies and have average results (see links below). They will also give you a good idea of what the right rates should be... Good luck!

How can I learn how to do SEO for others?

Hey, I was in the same situation for you where I needed to learn SEO for one of my websites and one of the most helpful ways I found was to just to on youtube and view the tutorials by someone of the experts and ordinary people like us, I learnt quite a few good tips.

What are the possibilities of being a SEO.What are the different stages of SEO jobs?

Well, I run a small SEO company and there are two ways companies generally go about it. The first way, they hire a few people who specialize in particular areas. For instance, they would hire a keyword analyst, article writer, link-submitter, video marketer, social media-er etc. While other companies train SEO's from A-Z, for every component involved. Keep in mind though, there is a stack of info out there and only so many brain cells per person ;)

What all seo knowledge required for getting placed a IT company?

If you want to join in a MNC whom are providing web designing and development service then you have to gain these knowledges - Digital marketing PPC campaign Social Media Marketing Reputation Management These things are really needed.

Can somebody recommend an affordable SEO firm for a starting up website?

There is so much free information out there on the net about SEO. Remember SEO is not the end all and be all of internet marketing. Some free sites to visit: www.inboundinternetmarketingblog.com www.sethgodin.com www.davidmeermanscott.com www.hubspot.com Hubspot is a great company with a ton of free stuff. Use their free webgrader.


I always check my website history and analyze my site on alexa.com . Just try this you will have better details of your website.