Will it make sense if I just start out with the newest final fantasy which is final fantasy 13?

Although I haven't played, I've heard they don't really don't tie together. ZaVaZ is right.

How do I develope a better sense of knowing when people miss treat me?

Right ! thats the point , if you believe others are out to harm you ,you will be a very crabby person , better to alow those few slobs to take advantage of you , after all whats the most they will get from you some of your time ( Undiserved ) but still once you discover who they are ( Qwietly ) you simply don't be giving them any more , they'll show themselves Very plainly all the world will see who they are , but the rest of the world doesn't have to pay for their bad act , that is if you give openly to all even those jirks who want to use you , You will eventually be able to recognize them on sight , but till they show their true colors , give them your best , Let them feel the good they will miss out on if they don't knock off the s*** . Don't become bitter and hard , be an example of who we should be looking toward becoming .

What do Common Sense and the Declaration of Independence have in common?

1. they're both arguments for why the Us should rebel 2. The bill of rights. 3. Snowy and cold, just like after the war 4. It helped fracture the power structures of established churches, which is always a good thing for democracy.

What is the sense which senses that things can be divided?

errrrrrrrrrrr wrong answer. actually those who cannot ASSOCIATE ideas properly are called schizophrenics, not idiots. Idiots are those who HARM other atman by their own tunnel vision/realm-of-opinion minds when they believe they are HELPING. Actually people like charles manson and various other schizos made a good career for themselves with your method of infallibility/insanity. So please go on painting a circus so we may learn of this spectacular forgery of the human experience to further our advancements as intellectuals. Really, i want to become familiar with the same effective philosophy which efficiently brainwashed the hitler youth so when i see something like this put into practice i may point and laugh.

What biological sense is there for having ticklish feet?

i guess there is no good reason for feet to be ticklish i guess because of the nerves good question!

Whats the difference between common sense and wisdom?

The key difference I think lies in their import and impact..... common sense leads to right judgment and decisions with respect to ordinary matters of the present that don't have any significance in the longer term and is thus basically dependent on a presence of mind and rational thinking rather than any special knowledge or experience gained over time...... wisdom leads to best possible judgment and decisions on issues of importance and longer term significance and therefore depends more on the variety and depth of knowledge and experience gained over time so as to develop an insight and foresight about people as well as events and issues.

What sense does the republican plan to replace Medicare with vouchers for private insurance?

What? Republicans want to screw over America in the name of corporate profits?

How to write rhymes and make sense at the same time?

I write the first sentence as my main one making it the most meaningful and beautiful making sure it ends on a word that is easy to rhyme with. Then I run through absolutely every word I can think of that rhymes with that last word and when I stop on one i like I see if I can make it fit in a second sentence that meshes with the first. Just play around with the second sentence in your head until you can make it sound how you ant and still make sense.

What is a sixth sense besides the feeling of being watched?

who said that? where are you? are you watching me?

How do the sense of smell and sense of taste work together?

when you eat food the aroma goes up through the back of your throat to your nose. Your olfactory sense then interprets the aroma as a smell, thus enhancing the taste. I think the olfactory is located close to the amigdala. for more info check out the page listed below.