What are some bands you absolutely love/hate?

OMG lyssaboo haha i love all that girl hahahahaha excpet for muse i love british people hahaha

What are some bands you absolutely love/hate?

My favorite bands- not really in order. My Chemical Romance(my very favorite of all time!!) Avenged Sevenfold The Used Modest Mouse The Flaming Lips The Beatles AFI Pink Floyd

which of these two SHORT chapters r better?

They're both good, but I think the second one :)

Randy Orton or AJ Styles+NSW Presents it's first ever show Friday Night Delight Week 1 Part 1?

Well it's either a guy who can Wrestle and can steal the show (A.J Styles) or the most overrated guy in Wrestling today who has to use 2 minute chinlocks and other time killing moves?A.J kills Orton is overall Wrestling anybody with a brain can see A.J is miles better than Orton,watch A.J's first best Matches and watch orton's best matches and compare them and you will see who's better.

Is my poem a good poem on the scale of 1-10?

It is good. Sounds like you are in love or your really missing your love !

I'm the most confused girl in the world, part 2?

Kay so that took me the longest time to read, i was gonna start sleeping at like 11. I think im the only one that actually read this whole thing. I can't find part 3 though. Well I've got a lot to say. First off, at the beginning I really felt you were being completly honest about everything and now im just confused. Its 50 50. Oh btw i didn't read this all because i am "in love" with Justin Bieber. Tbh I use to be a fan, never crazy about him but he's dying off. He's ight. I don't hate on him or anything but i wouldn't jump up and down if i got a chance to meet him. i'd be like kay cool he's just a person. anyway I know i know you dont care if i believe you or not but I just thought i'd let you know. First off it seems like something anyone would do that is as famous as justin bieber. seems pretty believable.. I wouldn't want the paparazzi following me everywhere either. & you've made a good point about how it's just a scam with selena, i was just about to bring that up. It is a little random for him dating her. Yea you make a good explination for MOST of my questions. But it's one in perticular that I have. 1. Why would you blow this whole secret all over the internet where millions of people can see? You know this is now in google forever and i could and ANYONE could give this to the paparazzi and show jb and selena as liars and everyone could hate then. why risk it? So for that reason i dont think anyone would risk something like that. and 2. Why would you let him kiss anyother girl? I know he feels nothing but he's YOUR bf right?.. 3. Kay so those are pretty good reasons and I hope u dont blame me for them. So imma talk to u like i know ur telling the truth 100%. I can tell u love him. you wouldnt go through all this trouble. You need to tell him how u feel just like u told me. It will make it easier on everyone. I know you dont like the publicity and everything but if you love him you would just do it for him. It would be so much easier on both of u. In the end, follow your heart. Thats all i have to say. I hope this question is truthful and not a joke to see who would write back because i took so much time just to read & write this. Oh and another reason why im not sure about this is because u talk about how pretty ur are when it really doesnt have much to do with it, and how popular u are, which makes it seem like ur tryin to be one of dem cocky stuck up girls. But idk u seem nice n stuff other then that. well good luck! :)

I'll answer yours: I like him, but he's going out with my friend. Help?

wow. firstly, you dont need jake because by ther sounds of it, you're i love with yourself. did you re-read what you wrote? '(im prettier, im more talented)' etc! maybe thats why people don't like you/you dont have any friends, because you're so up yourself! 1. if selena is your friend, you'll be happy for her (if you're a true/good ffriend) because the whole panic at the disco thing was cute as. get over him. become friend with him but dont thirdwheel (hang out all 3 of you) 2.you cant, and shouldnt go for jake. he is selena's and that would be betraying your friend. 3. dont 4. theres no 'three of us' stay out of their relationship and ifnd a man of your own

Disney Channel Stars. Potential or not?

lol! miley cirus is a huge drama queen. and yeah lol! emily can't sing very well! Selena gomez is pretty, and a wonderful person! same with her bff demi lovato! thats probably why they're bffs! ~fully a weirdo :)

Has anyone noticed......?

hahahaha watch out hannah montana...good one lol