Picture this: Kaka, Seedorf, Pirlo & RIQUELME???

And where will Gattuso play?Will he ride piggyback on Kaka? EDIT: Whoops!My mistake.Gattuso can play,but only if if Milan play only one striker.Even so, the formation looks pretty confusing to me.

Ronaldinho or Seedorf???????????

Ronaldinho's the BEST!

Do lass diarra n seedorf even deserve # 10?

I don't bout lass, he's good though but i don't think he deserves the number 10 but i know very well that seedorf deserves but he's time has gone, it needs to pass down to younger generation.

Did you know? Today is Seedorf's birthday.?

Yes, he is an amazing footballer, happy birthday Clarence Seedorf: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NX69HnECv1k http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0x7O5oaPu0 simply brilliant for AC Milan.

Don't you just love Clarence Seedorf?

Actually other than that goal I think he's Milan's worst player on the field. He's giving away the ball too much, but he kinda redeemed himself with the goal, but even that is due to Ronaldinho mostly.

bekenbauer or maldini? platini or maradona? seedorf or davids?

1.Beckenbauer-the game's best defender Maldini's skill is not even half as great as der Kaiser's. He could even attack 2.Maradona- world cup winning captain and hailed as the 2nd greatest player of all-time.Platini has the same skills as Maradona but can't give his country a world cup.I think Zidane is more better than Platini 3.Seedorf-the first player to win 3 CL titles in 3 different teams(Ajax in '95,Real Madrid in '98 and AC Milan in '03).

What is that *thing* you dont lend others to borrow?

My toothbrush! Somedays when my friends come over to stay and they forget their toothbrush...i 'mistakely' lose mine

But why... a good player as SEEDORF doesn't play in holland team????

Seedorf is a great player no doubt but all national teams tend to get a chance to young players this is how the things going .. but I think Seedort don't want to waste some one chance and save his remaining energy for the sake of his club AC Milan do you agree with me

who's better Seedorf or Luca Toni?

This is easy enough Luca Toni!!!

Is carlo ancelotti really that good a manager?

yes he is a very good manager. so is riijkaard and mourinho. being a good manager does not guarantee you job security at a big club, it just guarantees you will still find work after being fired. 2 CL titles is an amazing feat. Seria A was actually harder after Inter pretty much raided Juve's side for the best talent there. His team was just tired this year, and old. They have too many old players.

Has any team in recent history shown as much heart and passion in a game as LFC did in UCL final 2005?

that was a great game great second half spirit by pool. BUT you had 45 minutes to score 3 goals, while in 99 manchester united only had stoppage time to score 2 goals... s

With Ronaldinho in AC Milan what will the other stars in milan do?

seedorf gave the number 10 up to ronaldinho. that is gunna cause alot of dumb tension. kaka and ronaldhino dont really play together that great and chelsea is trying to buy kaka, which probably wont happen but they just put up like E100. ronaldinho will most likley play up top next to pato behind kaka. which still leaves pirlo, seedorf and ambrosini.

Clarence Seedorf to the Prem?

Wow! what a fantastic goal in that link. Fantastic player, but at 32 and still under contract until 2011 (not that that matters nowadays!) i honestly dont think hed be heading to England, but perhaps a few years ago, yes i would have loved to have seen him at Arsenal.

Which position do you think Beckham will play in Milan?

the first 3 you mentioned all are defensive midfielders, Beckham will need a right-sided/winger position, so Ronaldinho will play on the left, and Beckham on the right..with Kaka or Seedorf in an attacking midfield position depending on fitness, and Pirlo can play as a defensive midfielder as well, problem solved :D OQ: refresh the WC 06 section ;)

Who has been the best football player in the world from 1990 till date?

Romario - some of the players on the list are better but just because of his goals in usa 94. Pure class and total nonchalance in everything that he does

What are the chances for a liverpool win in athens?

it's a 50-50 chance for either side.

How do those fans supporting the top 4 EPL teams feel when they are playing some team?

Whao what's wrong with Ambrosini and Seedorf? Hey! No these days I doubt a lot of Milan's games. Cause Ancelotti is coaching. Hehe. And we're not consistent. ok

how to stop diving - by clarence seedorf...?

Haha he thinks like me. I agree with everything he said. I'm sick of these childish wimps. I've watched some women's world cup and they dive less! People try and say every player dives..I wouldn't if I were a player. The only exception is a situation like if you're one on one with the keeper and defender behind you pulls your shirt back and keeps you from getting to the ball and the only way to get the ref to make the call is to fall back with it. That's canceling out his cheating. But there's no excuse for this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8W00d3yJKl4 Or this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZviLX37sMY They brought a stretcher and gave Dida an ice pack. LOL unbelievable. Here's the Juventus/Inter incident. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iu17XY6c6qo Mario B. holds his face when touched on the chest area and sissoko looks like he gets sniped. Video technology. Punish them after the game if you have to. Fine the coach too. Bash their masculinity and moral in the paper. Have games replayed if a dive decided the winning goal penalty kick. Stuff like that. Definitely get them off the field if they're pretending they're injured and let the game resume. EPL has it's fair share of play acting. Thank you Seedorf for speaking up against these cheating nancy boy ballerinas.

Out of all the players America is interested in buying, who do you think will be signing a contract?

Milan fans how do you feel about us dominating the Champions League?

Congratulations to Milan....!! Well done..!! now let's talk bout the coming season...not last season.... edited: and sasan...did i mention ur avatar looks great? cannavaro is hot

Inzaghi, Gattuso, Seedorf, Nesta all leaving ?

Yeah, some are retiring,and some might join MLS to make money...

Should Clarence Seedorf give up his no.10 shirt to Ronaldinho?

No way. Dinho needs to earn it. If he does outstandingly well next season, then he'll deserve it. otherwise he should just stick with 80 for now. The same way Kaka has his trademark 22.

Seedorf is staying at Milan for next season?

my reaction was more like : Seedorf is gay.

Should Milan start Seedorf?

No. Too old, too slow. You said it.

Why does Milan want to sell Kaka when they can always sell Ronaldinho?

No one wants to buy him haha.

Do you think Seedorf deserves to wear Number 10 in Milan???

if he wear the number 99 also he will saty one of the best players in milan forever you always take care of somethings (strange) like pirlo`s hair and seedorf`s number any way do u think that totti`s newlook is fine

Which soccer team do you think is more skilled or is just better, AC Milan or Manchester United?

Manchester United has some of the best players in the world.

Seedorf laughing off Flamini's behaviour?

What is Seedorf suppose to do, slate his own teammate?

What numbers will Ronaldinho and Sheva take if they come to AC Milan?

The current free numbers 6. 12. 14. 15. 24. 26. 28. and 30. would be the most likely for what they will choose. It really depends who leaves during the summer. I think that Seedorf will go and Gilardino to go which will leave 10. and 11. free. I think Ronaldinho will choose No. 10 and Shevchenko to choose No. 14/ No. 11.

What ever happen to the leyendary Ajax Team?

Every club goes through a lull period where they can't buy a trophy. The Ajax of the 90s was a world beater. They won the Eredivisie 7 times from 1989-90, 1993-94, 1994-95, 1995-96, 1997-98, 2001-02, 2003-04. Ajax are famous for their youth program. They have been known to produce top young talents who had went on to help win trophies for the team. Cruijff being the best example. But with the clubs from the other countries getting richer and buying young talent from the Netherlands, teams like Ajax are loosing their young players at important stages. And with that, they loose the chance to win trophies. Most of the good dutch players like Van Persie are plying their trade overseas at a younger age. As you said, the legendary Ajax team of the 80s and 90s are a thing of the past. Unless the production line stops shipping out their good players to foriegn countries..

AC MILAN fans:will it be SEEDORF or KAKA?

it will be both!! 1. kaka, seedorf, oddo, and gila. (i hope) 2. no 3. no 4. no 5. no

Milan fans, why do you hate Seedorf?

yea i do he is old and should leave

Was Seedorf's withdrawal from Holland National team the right decision?

I believe it was his pride that made him do that! because u know they did not call him for the world cup, and now they want him? it was just a revenge thing, I believe!

What do you think of the Dutch coach's decision to leave Clarence Seedorf off the roster at Germany 2006?

I really think that Seedorf deserves a spot in the world cup squad looking at the way he has been playing for AC Milan. His form now is much better than Edgar Davids who I believe has been included in the squad.

Which Languages does Seedorf speak?

English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch.

what do you think of seedorf's statements?


Which player,if any,scored the first in tonight's match between AC Milan and Sevilla?Was Seedorf playing?

renauto (sevilla) and yes seedorf was playing.

have Chelsea made Clarence Seedorf eat his words?

Yeah last week was a bad week for Seedorf and A C Milan. Chelsea goes to Semi finals and A C Milan lose to Barcelona fall out of Champions League then Sunday Fioretina beats Milan 2-1 at home in San Siro then Juventus wins and takes over the lead of Serie A. Now A C Milan must look at recapturing the lead to win the title because Juventus is playing Napoli for the Italian Cup and not just the Serie A title. Chelsea now is in position to get back to Champion League next year since Tottenham is on the slide.

Why wasn't Seedorf in the AC Milan squad vs Atalanta?

that's for the good of the team as you saw yesterday they won but he been lift out so he can rest

Do people like Antonio Valencia,Charles Seedorf, Ronaldihno face racism in football or is it just the Africans?

No, none of them have and dont It isnt just based of nationalities i.e just Africans. It is the black players that play in certain locations such as Russia. Outside Russia racial abuse doesnt happen really, maybe in Spain but not to Latin black players such as Ronaldinho

Do u think if Seedorf was in the Holland squad, they could have been better?

seedorf when on his day can make a difference. the problem was not the dutch's attack but it was their defence. their defenders are awful. why do you think the dutch have their strikers in top teams, but their defenders play for crappy teams in sh!t leagues. (wtf is an everton epl bs). get sh!t out of here.

OK, Did anyone see that amazing goal by Seedorf?

Yes I saw it and it looked on purpose. He did not AT ALL falter or stop his run but kept going as if expecting a one-two from a team mate. I admit as I saw it live at first and it was on the other side of San Siro it looked to be a fluke but on replay you're right, i looks pretty well intended and a cool finish also

Robert Pires and Clarence Seedorf the most underrated players?

i think they are awsome especially seedorf! anyway they are too old so thats y people dont like them that much! people r going for younger players like rooney, c.ronaldo, villa, torres etc. otherwise there gr8!

Do you agree with Clearance Seedorf that David Beckham will be a disaster and a detraction for AC Milan?

Yes! It was an operation of marketing, and I say this from Italian and supporter of A.C. Milan!

In their primes who was better Paul Scholes or Clarence Seedorf?

Seedorf without a doubt

Can ANYBODY please tell me what's that status on Clarence Seedorf Injury?

he's hurt? sweet! hopefully it won't force leonardo to be pressured into playing him now, like ancelotti was last year. watching seedorf give the ball away all game and refuse to play defense was the most frustrating thing all season! next to ancelotti refusing to play Sheva and Ronnie.

What number does Clarence Seedorf wear for the Holland National Soccer Team?

Well in the 1998 FIFA W C he wore # 10

Apart from Seedorf and Del Piero, has there ever been a footballer?

Yes, Javier Zanetti. Probably more so than Raul. Seedorf is a mercenary and he doesn't deserve to be respected for anything other than his footballing ability.

is clarence seedorf underrated and is he still one of the best players in the game today?

Definitely Underrated. Tireless little worker. Played in a midfield diamond formation in the Milan lineup. True Kaka shoots better than him, Pirlo is well known for his passing and Gattuso is a fearless midfield enforcer, but you can deny the fact he's a good team player. May have disciplinary problems in the past but I think he has mellowed and became an important player for AC Milan


i'm so happy, AC are my favourite Italian team, i wish they'd nick the scudetto from Inter haha