What is the difference between a professional secretary and a bilingualsecretary?

a bilingual secretary speaks at least two languages. there is no universal standard for these job titles that will tell you which one is higher than the other. It depends on the job classification system in the particular workplace. all other duties and responsibilities being equal, a secretary that can read and write in a professional manner in more than one language, for a firm that does business in two or more of those languages, will probably be more valuable to the firm and perhaps make more money than a similar job with a person who only speaks one language

What are some characteristics of a good secretary?

Hello dear! I also wonder the same questions as you, as next week I will have my big test and interview as secretary. Here is what I found from the following internet link, which I think it might be helpful for you. A good Management Committee Secretary will: •be methodical, with a good eye for detail •be well organised, with an orderly mind •bring objectivity to the proceedings •deal promptly with correspondence •be able to take accurate notes of meetings •make sure members receive all the necessary material •bring the necessary material to the meeting •work well with the Chairperson •ensure quorum is met for meetings •have knowledge or experience of committee procedures Last but not least, good luck on your speech and being secretary. Greetings!

What rights does a secretary of a corporation have compared to the president?

Generally speaking, the secretary's responsibilities are limited. Typically responsible for maintaining corporate documentation, details of meeting, etc. Might sign checks if approved by the board of directors. Only has right to sell property is that responsibility is granted.....like signing checks. Can do it but not automatic

What are the requirements to become the secretary of state?

Hi Brittany, That's a good question. The answer is, no, there are no actual demands other than the person being an American citizen. America's most successful Secretary of State in the last 50 years was Henry Kissinger who was born in Germany and speaks English with a thick German accent. The qualifications aren't legal but political and professional. Presidents look for people to fill those slots who have professional training and background and who basically agree with them on how problems should be handled. These professional qualifications are really the determining factor.

What are the services the Washington State Secretary of State provides to small businesses?

Sounds like homework to me. Go to the SoS website and do your own research.

What are the functions of secretary of the branch?

Hey Lucas. I wasn't all that sure so I did a quick Google on its functions within Australia and I'm sure they'd be quite similar. I'm just gonna copy and paste some dotpoints edited only slightly by myself =P Branches have responsibility for furthering the objectives of their political party within each jurisdiction. They must operate within the written policies of the government (not sure if that point is relevant Lucas..) The Branch Secretary is responsible for: -maintaining current register of members at Branch level -maintaining minutes of all Branch Executive meetings -organising Branch meetings (including disseminating notices) -maintaining minutes of all Branch meetings -maintaining register of all incoming and outgoing correspondence -ensuring outstanding correspondence is dealt with -raa *hug*

What does the secretary do in student council in high school?

I am the ASB Vice president at my shool, in our student council the secretaries have a few jobs. They are in charge of taking pictures for events (our school is too small to have historians) and they record the minutes while we hold our parliamentary precedures. At my school, your office title really does not matter unless it comes to signing stuff or giving OK's, other than that everyone just meshes together to get the job done. You should be a good listener and be able to take good notes.

How much should a legal secretary make per month?

$5,000 per month in California. $60K per year. For an experienced legal secretary. Seeing as how you have to have experience to BE a legal secretary, that would be a given. If someone is willing to train you, then expect to earn a lot less until you know how to create pleadings, propound discovery, and understand law and motion procedures, court filings, electronic filing, calendaring, and the different rules of court for federal, state, and appellate courts. In a large law firm, salaries for senior litigation secretaries can range to $75K or higher.

Secretary position what is a good way to polish my application?

Here's a couple of general hints: If you're going for an entry level position and you're just entering the workforce, then keep your resume to 1 page. If you have lots of experience and are applying for a higher level secretarial job, you can extend it to 2-3 pages. Also here is the URL of a nice resume improvement blog: http://resumeupgrade.blogspot.com/

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