Is it me or did the secret service have a massive delay in responding to the shoe thrown at President Bush?

I know. you'd think after the first one, they'd be all over him maybe they agreed with him?

Does the president pets have a secret service security detail?

They hire pitbulls to guard the puppies. Pitbulls with lipstick. But they're still pitbulls. And don't let anyone tell you any different...

If a former president is sentence to jail, do we need to send secret service to protect him in jail ?

Probably so. Just like celebrity prisoners he would be isolated, but I'm sure he would have a couple of agents inside the prison nearby to keep a close eye on him.

What do you need to major in if you want to join the secret service?

Well my bro is in the FBI and what he did was become a lawyer. So, I'd image you take a major along those lines and you could get in.

What do people at a field office for the Secret Service actually do?

Make it look like they are working. Government employees are the worst, and our Secret Service is a joke.

Will the secret service have to be very aggressive in protecting the president elect?

Nope they should look the other way and let nature take its course

Do congressmen and Senators get Secret Service Agents to help them with Security?

Technically no, but there are exceptions. Hillary Clinton receives protection because she is an immediate family member of an ex-president. During the recent election the congressmen running for president received protection, but not because they were congressmen. It was because they were presidential candidates. So some members of congress do in fact receive protection, but not because they are in congress.

How many Secret Service agents work in the White House?

Why not chesk with the Secret Service itself? They may not want to had out such info, but they might be able to give you an idea... Hope this helps!

Are they going to have to double the secret service now that Obama won the President?

I am black, but I think we need to stop playing this tune to all white people. Before the election, I spoke with a white American (I am British) and he got pretty offended when I said I was surprised a black man had got that far, because I didn't think white Americans would vote for a black man. Guess what? He was right and I was wrong. Most white Americans are not racist. Barack Obama is proof of that. Every US president faces a security threat. I don't think there is any increase in threat because of the colour of Obama's skin. Maybe there are some white supremacist nutters out there, but there are are always nutters of every persuasion.

How do presidents justify using taxpayer-funded transportation & Secret Service protection while campaigning?

To them and their political party, they already made it so close to being president, and one of their needed duties include campaigning around the country. There are a lot of haters out there, so no one is safe on the campaign trail. Sure, it wasn't aleways like this, but with the murders of J. Goldsteen Dupree, Robert Francis Kennedy and Leon M. Jordan while they were actively campaigning, better to be safe than sorry.

what is the best course to becoming a secret service agent starting from highschool? There is nothing wrong with studying Criminal Justice, but it will not do anything to make you a more appealing candidate for the Secret Service. There are lots of majors that would be more appealing, like computer technology, accounting, languages etc. . No matter what you major in, you will need a very high GPA, and a spotless background. No drugs, no criminal involvement and no bad associates. They do extremely scrupulous background checks, and I know very good candidates that they have turned down for very minor "blemishes" in their past.

How to become a Secret Service Agent? What are the Requirements needed?

most likely a degree in criminal justice here is the link that will answer all your questions...

The secret service regard these RepubliKLANS as so dangerous that they needed a robot to examine a package of?

Sad... No wonder they keep losing..

Primary difference between the FBI and the Secret Service?

The FBI is basically a plainclothes police force, that investigates crimes under Federal jurisdiction. The Secret Service's primary purpose is to protect the integrity of the currency - they are the agency that investigates counterfeiting, bank and wire fraud, and similar economic crimes. As a 'sideline' the Secret Service also provides bodyguards for members of the Executive Branch (Or candidates for it) that require them, and investigates threats against them. Yes, Federal Marshals protect judges and courts. Richard

How to become a member of the secret service?

join the army. go intro ranger training. then move on to special forces. get the experience for a few years. move into the cia. then try and get a job as secret service which is a step down if you ask me. besides i wouldnt want to risk my life for the moron you have to defend now

Who is the secret service agent with the Uzi in the Reagan shooting?

how would anyone know that? they don't publish secret service agents names in the paper. half his body guard group were carrying Uzis. it's a monster piece for it's size.

Is the heroic Secret Service starting to pick up lone wolf conspirators who make threats?

Yeah. He's the guy who'd been using a million different names to post questions here about Obama "in THAT regard'. I guess he thought he'd be anonymous behind his monitor. They're zeroing in on stuff like that since they updated the ECHELON program to include web-crawlers. Now if they'll turn their attention to his 12-year old brother who's been doing the same thing here the last few days.... And for those who claim he's 'only' exercising his free speech rights: 'advocating' and 'soliciting' and 'threatening' are all criminal acts. Free speech does NOT include the right to yell 'Fire' in a crowded theater, nor its equivalent on-line. Their political affiliation doesn't matter, nor should it. It's unnecessary, juvenile, dangerous and stupid. Or put it another way: they're free to do it, but they'll also suffer the consequences. The Law of Cause-and-Effect. Action-and-Consequence. .

Who decides when secret service is needed for presidential candidates?

-Don't Know...but I dont think my taxpayers $$ should be used to protect political CANDIDATES.... -they can hire their own security if they are afraid ...besides if they worry about personal risk maybe they should find another profession.. -The Pres/Vp has secret svs protection...yet everyone knows that even with "protection" there are NO guarantees that ALL attempts to harm or kill will be stopped... -Maybe Obama needs to remember that the job aint all power and glory....

Does a US Secret Service agent has arrest authority in this situation?

Like most federal agencies, Secret Service agents are assigned specific duties by federal law. They are primarily responsible for protecting the U.S. president and some other politicians and for protecting the U.S. currency from counterfeiters. They have the authority, though not the responsibility, to enforce ANY federal law. Since your scenario apparently happens in DC (within walking distance of the White House) he probably can make the arrest since DC is a federal enclave but I'm not sure about exactly how that works since not all laws in DC are federal laws. Generally speaking, federal officers do not have the authority to enforce state and local laws and the federal government does not have the authority to grant such power to them. Each state makes its own rules. If your scenario were to happen somewhere here in NJ the Secret Service agent would be able to make the arrest since NJ law grants full police authority to all federal law enforcement officers. If your scenario were to happen in a state that hasn't granted police status to federal officers then he wouldn't have any arrest authority beyond that of any other citizen. Not all states allow a "citizen's arrest". However, even in such a state he may still have arrest authority if the victim fell into a category that made the rape a federal crime. For example, assaulting a federal employee is a federal crime so if the victim was a postal worker then the agent would have full arrest authority because the rape is now a federal crime. .

When did the Secret Service begin protecting an ex-president 24 hours a day?

Not really. It is regulated by the law. See here for more detail:

What is the salary of a Secret Service Special Agent?

Salary and qualification information can be found on their website:

How does Santa get past the secret service?

He has a long standing top security permit and passport. He has clearance everywhere.

Where is the Law that Secret Service protection of the POTUS is top priority?

Each person that the Secret Service protects has his/her own team of agents. They don't switch off. So if both are under threat at the same time, no one says "protect the President first". They'd say "call in the President's backup detail". Here's the law describing what the USSS does.

Does the secret service nag the president about his smoking?

That's why Obama only lets agents from Kentucky and West Virginia on his detail. In those States, they still believe the link between smoking and ill health is unproven.

Is it true that the secret service has cyanide pills in their mouth?

The cyanide in the molar, is the stuff of fiction and legend lore. The secret service are not necessarily undercover operatives, they are police as well as security protection for political leaders, and some information is on a need to know basis. (Quite unlike the fictional James Bond, uberspy in the British Secret Service.) While the information they know, could be of some value, kidnapping a secret service to learn information about the any current or past presidents, and other military leaders would be met with harsh retaliation if detected. There has been some mention of ex secret service working more in a mercenary capacity with undercover CIA operatives, but that is another story. If they accidentally bit it, brain death occurs within minutes and the heartbeat stops shortly after. Cyanide poisoning causes oxygen deprivation in all affected cells.

Who pays for President Obama's daughters secret service protection for this trip to Mexico?

People who work and pay taxes..This obviously doesn't hurt Obama with his base.

How hard is it to get into the secret service?

The US Secret Service has several divisions, some are sworn federal officers, others work support positions. Those jobs are highly sought after, but the qualifications are reasonable. Check their website for the most current info:

How can I find information on a missing person from the secret service?

If you are speaking of the U.S. Secret Service, I think you are mistaken, the Secret Service has NEVER worked on an atomic bomb project. They investigate fraud and protect the President. They would have no reason what so ever to work on an atomic bomb project. Also, you should contact the FBI if you are in need of finding a missing person, the Secret Service doesn't handle that either. Good luck.

What is the jurisdiction of the US Secret Service Uniformed Division?

Wherever the President is, there will be uniformed officers for functions such as airport, hotel security etc................

What do i do to become a secret service agent?

If you're 16 or older you should look into the Student Temporary Employment Program ( Besides that, get a college degree in finance (the SS investigates white collar crime) and stay well away from drugs. Also get involved in some sport and just generally keep fit. Also - if you get the chance to learn a Critical Language (arabic, farsi, pashto, hindi etc) you'll be a lot more attractive to the SS and also get paid a lot more.

Why was the Secret Service made the agency responsible for protecting the president? Why not some other agency?

Basically it was the only Federal law enforcement agency that could start protecting the President immediately back then. There wasn't an FBI, or CIA.

How can the secret service protect Mitt Romney?

I'm sure that, if you look REAL careful, you might find one or two temple-ready SS men. Or, they can wait in the waiting room like everyone else. No one gets into the temple except by the front door. If anyone tries to get in who isn't supposed to be there, they will get caught right there.

What do you have to do to join the secret service?

"Candidates must be U.S. citizens and must submit to urinalysis screening for illegal drug use prior to appointment. All Secret Service positions require a top secret security clearance. Certain positions require the applicant to successfully complete a polygraph and/or medical examination."

Did the secret service fail to protect Bush?

Not only that but the guy had time to untie his shoes and take them off without Secret Service noticing. Aren't they supposed to be scanning the room as well? I think since Bush is on his way out, Bush has the reserve Secret Service. Obama got the full time Secret Service. LOL!!!

What is the group of Secret Service agents that protects the president called?

secret service lol

What role will The Vatican Secret Service Play In enforcing the will of Pope Peter The Roman?

There's already been a pope Peter - the first one - and there can't be another by Church rules.

When does secret service protection end for a presidential candidate?

As long as the Secret Service feels that there is a threat.

How do you become a Secret Service member?

As with any Federal Law Enforcement branch, you submit a Optional Application for Federal Employment ( Hope this helps! See

Should the Secret Service still be in charge of policing currency counterfeiting?

They are currently charged with that responsibility and have been for many years. I will bet that the error at the Whitehouse was caused by one of the Whitehouse (Obama's) staff vouching for the couple.

What are the qualifications to be in the secret service?

Write a letter to the US Treasury Department and tell what you want to do. They will send you a package with all the revelant information. Good Luck Secret SServiceMan! Do not give up on your goal or dream

Are Secret Service agents watched also by other agents while guarding the President?

They are absolutely watched by others. In training, all people, including fellow agents, are considered possible assassins

How do I become a member of the Secret Service?

From the Secret Service web site: To be considered for Special Agent positions you must: - Be a U.S. Citizen - Be between 21 and 37 years of age at time of appointment - Have (1) a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university; or (2) three years of work experience in the criminal investigative or law enforcement fields that require knowledge and application of laws relating to criminal violations; or (3) an equivalent combination of education and related experience - Have uncorrected vision no worse than 20/60 binocular; correctable to 20/20 in each eye (NOTE: Lasik, ALK, RK and PRK corrective eye surgeries are acceptable eyes surgeries for special agent applicants provided specific visual tests are passed. The following are the waiting periods before visual tests are conducted after the surgery: Lasik surgery–three months; PRK–six months; and ALK and RK–one year.) - Be in excellent health and physical condition - Pass a written examination - Qualify for a Top Secret clearance and undergo a complete background investigation, to include in-depth interviews, drug screening, medical and polygraph examinations _

What is it like to be a secret service agent?

Only a small portion of the Secret Service is involved in protecting people. Most of the agents are used to investigate counterfeiting money, and other crimes. Most of the agents assigned to protection are more like regular police in that they wear uniforms and guard building, only a few actually wear suits and act as body guards.

What do the Secret Service internship background check look for?

Your ISP doesn't maintain those records so it will be impossible for the secret service to review that information. They will look at your employment background, criminal history (including arrests that did not result in any charges), drug testing, social and political group affiliations, and they will check with your neighbors to see if they can vouch for your character.

Is the Secret Service allowed to arrest the President if they witness him breaking the law?

He defaced the American flag and nothing was done. He's a criminal.

If the Secret Service witnesses Obama using cocaine, is their first duty to protect the President or arrest?

It would not be seen even if they looked right at it. Look his past self admitted drug use was ignored by the public.

How did the secret service manage to lose the White House shooter?

not looking good for are security if they can shoot at the wh.someone fell asleep on the job im sure

secret service?????????????????

Sounds like you want the FBI not Secret Service, How do you get 3 years Federal service, well one way is to enlist in the military. Concerning collage courses a better bet would be to ask a counselor at the school you plan on attending.

SECRET service?????????????????

What is secret is who is employed by the secret service, what their annual budget figures are, how many there are, how many resources they have access to etc. etc. etc. Try to find out anything on them. (but don't tell anyone if you find anything... it's a secret)

Secret Service?

This is called hyper vigilance. It is a state of always being aware and on guard of what's going on around you. If there is a real threat, then the hyper vigilance is warranted. If there is not a real threat, then there is an illness. Either way, some therapy will help deal with the stress.