How are we so sure that Bama will even play in the National Title Game?

Will a team outside of the SEC win the National Championship anytime soon?

Depends on who ends up playing. I think Stanford and Wisconsin can beat LSU or Alabama, not sure about Oklahoma. Wisconsin has a pretty good record against SEC teams, as does the Pac-12 as a whole. But if you look at the Big 10 and the SEC, the Big 10 this year is stronger. Top to bottom: Alabama or LSU, can probably either split or sweep the top of the Big 10 (Wisconsin & Michigan). But after that is where it would get interesting, if you rank it down from each conference, it would go like this: Arkansas vs. Illinois. Arkansas would probably win this one, but its no guarantee. Nebraska vs. S. Carolina. I would go with Nebraska. Michigan State vs. Auburn. I would take Michigan State all day against Auburn's 105th ranked defense. Penn State vs. Georgia. If Boise State is as bad as SEC fans say they are, then what does that make Georgia. Penn State by 10. Iowa vs. Florida. Iowa. Better coach, and just a better team. Basically, it would go on like this until the very bottom of the conference, where Ole Miss and Kentucky are better than Indiana and Minnesota. The SEC is only as strong as ESPN and CBS make them out to be, but perception isn't reality. More than half of the SEC is no better than a 7-5 team.

is it possible for two college football teams from the same conference to play for the BCS Championship?

It's possible, but I don't want to see it. Look at this way, the only way to prove you are the best team and prove that the competition level in your conference is really tough, is to play other conferences. For those that believe that OU and Texas are the two best teams in the nation, and for those that believe that Alabama and Florida are the two best teams in the nation, the only way to prove this is to play each other out of conference. I'm surely no fan of USC, but the only way to prove they aren't the best is for an out of conference team to beat them, otherwise their argument is as good as yours.

Do you believe a one loss Auburn team is more deserving of a berth than undefeated Boise State?

yes Boise St. plays in a women's conference.

Will the University of South Carolina ever be a top SEC contender in football?

South Carolina is always going to struggle, especially late in the season, because of a lack of depth. The problem for your gamecocks is that they don't have the tradition of some of the other programs in the conference or even in the state. The schedule makers don't do them any favors, playing the majority of their tough games late in the season it seems like every year and football players are gonna get beaten up throughout the course of the season. What South Carolina would need to do to contend for a conference title would be to have a lot of good recruiting years in a row, which Spurrier just can't do all that well anymore. Until they can get the majority of the stars from their own state (eg. A.J. Green) plus get some better scouts in places like florida and texas, they won't contend.

Why does it seem the coaches and media have such an unhealthy infatuation with LSU?

lsu has only had two losses the same as any other team that has a chance of making it. The difference is both of lsu's losses have been in triple overtime. Georgia for instance has only had two but both of there's were in regular game situations. One of which was a pretty substantial loss to TN. Thats why they are the best choice to play in the BCS. I personally think it's time for a playoff system.

How is Darren McFadden and the Hogs going to do this year?

Arkansas is a strong favorite to win the SEC. McFadden is going to be a frontrunner for the Heisman Trophy. I would be suprised if he doesnt win it.

Has a 2 loss team ever made it to the national championship game? And could this happen this year?

The last time it happened was the 1960 Minnesota team, they were 8 - 2. With LSU's comeback last night, the only way that it will happen this year is if a one loss team beats the Tigers in the NC game.

What is your favorite college football team and why?

My favorite college football team is University of Southern California, USC Trojans. The reason they are my favorite team is because I grew up in that area and have been to several games. I have family who work for USC and go to every game. I am a die hard USC Trojan fan

What happened to the Georgia Bulldogs this season?

I love the bull dogs too my nephew played there Decory Bryant so I,m a fan we have a problem . First we have a new defensive coordinator secondly we don't have a quarter back and we don,t have a big time running back so there are a lot of problems to over come I believe in coach Retch so hang in there I like what I See in the new quarter back but in the SEC they figure you out real fast we have to build a offensive line to protect him we lost a lot of players over the last 2 years

Why do we need a playoffs in college football?

It all boils down to money made by ticket sales and TV rites.

What hotel in Atlanta, Ga will the sec teams be staying at?

Those are normally staying at the Peachtree Westin. At least when we went to the Atlanta parade a couple of years ago thats where they stayed.

How good are the Arkansas Razorbacks Really?

There only loss was to USC, granted it was a blowout, there were may guys injured (including McFadden) and the QB situation was still up in the air. If they beat Tenn. on Nov. 11th there will be no stoppin' the hogs! Arkansas will be 11-1 going into the SEC championship game! GO HOGS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would a 1 loss SEC team be chosen for the national championship game over an undefeated TCU?

Hell no! They better not be!

What is a good punishment for my friend who lost a bet?

how about a french kiss from the french class after you ate some french fries?

If Auburn loses to Alabama and then wins the sec championship do you think they will play over Boise St.?

Here are the Strength of Schedules for the top 7 teams. This just shows that the BCS system needs to be tweaked because I don't see how any team with a Strength of Schedule of 87 out of 120 should be ranked first in any league. 1. Oregon (1) 87th 2. Auburn (2) T-9th 3. TCU (3) 48th 4. Boise State T-65th 5. LSU (5) 14th 6. Stanford (6) 67th 7. Wisconsin (7) 75th one lose or tow losses SEC team should still play BCS!!! Bama play 7 top25 team this year, Auburn play 5, LSU play 6, Oregon only play 3, Boise St. play 3, and TCU only play 2!!! So I don't see any reason 1 or 2 losses SEC team can't play in national championship

How likely am I to get BCS bowl tickets? I have submitted my application, but how do they rank applicants?

Randomly selected, me thinks. I hope you get them though!

When does the BCS select the number 1 and 2 team in college football?

SEC and Big 12 get an advantage because of the championship game. Especially if they win and win big it gives them a boost that conferences like the Big 10 don't have. It will be interesting how it plays out.

What are the two best teams in college football at this point in the season?

Well I am biased towards the SEC so it wouldn't be surprising if I said Bama and South Carolina.. I think Oregon has a pretty good team though.. I think Florida from the way they played against LSU has a pretty darn good team as well.. South Carolina has the tougher schedule out of the two as they still have to play Florida and LSU.. Bama has LSU and Mississippi St.. So I guess we are just gonna have to see as the season progresses.. I feel like the season is gonna get crazier as it progresses.. I think we'll have a few more upsets that will really throw a monkey wrench in the BCS picture... That's why I love college football....

What will be the reaction of Boise State when they do not get to go to the National Title?

they should make a playoff system already

What would entice a quarterback to return for his senior season?

None of that will matter as much as he could use another year to hone his skills, and be a potential first pick. He might be the first QB taken anyway, so it would probably be foolish of him to stay. He might stick around for a NC try, but I don't know. If Georgia were a little closer this season, then it would be more likely, but two big losses might send him to the next level. I think he is about 95% gone. I thought that about Malcom Jenkins for OSU last season, and he surprised me. I think Stafford is good, and could be great next year, so I hope he stays, because I like college much better than the pros.

Okay, since Georgia did not win the SEC should they go to the National Championship Game or LSU?

LSU is a no brainer because they beat 6 top 20 ranked teams lost to (17) Kentucky in triple overtime and a very good Arkansas team also in triple overtime, So your telling me that a Virginia tech team that we beat by 40 should be in before us and Georgia wasnt even good enough to make it, So lets look at this season it took 6 overtimes to very good teams to hand LSU 2 losses sounds good to me, Hawiia is already out ok #1 They havent played anybody and #2 They are losing right now ........LSU LSU LSU GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Ohio State should be #2 because they havent beaten anybody besides #24,25,23 teams and lost to illinois THIS IS MY BCS TOP8 1Ohio State11-1 2LSU 11-2 3Kansas 11-1 4Virginia Tech11-2 5Oklahoma11-2 6USC 10-2 7Georgia 10-2 8Florida 9-3

How Come Some NCAA College FB Conferences Dont Have A Championship Game?

you need 12 teams in the conference to have a championship ACC, SEC, and Big 12 have 12 teams, split into 2 leagues, therefore there are conference championships in these conferences Big 10, Pac 10, and Big East do not have 12 teams Notre Dame should join the Big Ten, would be an excellent move, but there is too much tradition wrapped up in the Notre Dame schedule, teams like the military schools and USC...oh well... but the OSU/Michigan game has decided the Big Ten champion over 50 times...might as well be a conference championship game

Can 2 college football teams from the same division play in the BCS National Championship?

Yes. The BCS championship game is between the two top ranked teams in the country regardless of conference. It generally doesn't happen because the two best teams in a conference usually play in the conference championship as with Bama and florida, so one of them will lose, and most likely be knocked out of the championship game

I have a question about the SEC football championship?

Auburn is already locked into the championship. To answer your question though is if you have two teams tied going into the championship. The team that won the game against those two teams goes. Say Auburn and LSU were tied. but when Auburn and LSU played each other Auburn won. They would go to the championship.

Who thinks Houston Nutt is the 4th best coach in the SEC?

First off, it's Urban Meyer and Mark Richt. And you can't rate him ahead of Les Miles either.

If Texas and Cincinnati lose today, who plays in the national championship game against the SEC Champion?

This has been a topic on ESPN for the last week.While it is highly unlikely,anything is possible.I think the SEC Championship would have to go to multiple overtimes and end on a controversial call for it to sway people enough to vote that way,otherwise TCU will go.

Do you think these reports about Cam Newton only happeneing because he is a threat to the SEC?

I think so. If he was a bench player for the Auburn Tigers, then Mississippi State and or Florida would have never leaked this things out. Because he is so close to winning the Heisman trophy, they have decided that they want to do anything possible to destroy his dreams. Hate will get you no where in life people.

What are your top five teams in college football?

My Top 5 teams: 1. Alabama 2. Kansas State 3. Florida 4. Oregon 5. Notre Dame BQ: It will be Alabama vs. Kansas State in the BCS National Championship Game.

Who will give LSU the best game before the SEC Champsionship?

Most would say Florida will be the toughest game left for LSU. But I think they will come closest to a loss in a road game left like UK, Bama, or even at Ole Miss. All three of these teams could really make their season a huge success with a win over LSU. I tend to agree with you that one loss is very possible in such a tough top to bottom league like the SEC.

If Oklahoma loses, then who will play in the national championship?

All of the experts say that UT will play for the the Championship. Not only that, personal influence will play a part in chosing who would play. USC would be the logical choisce, but they are getting hit hard this year because of their confrence and Utah is still considered as a little brother type program. I figure it will proably be the team with the coach who can politic his team to the for front, Each tam will have a solid reason for playing in the game, But i dont know who is the most worthy. I wonder if their is a system that the NCAA can input to make sure this type of wild sceneario wont happen.

Who are your picks for the 2008 NCAAF BCS Championship?

Alabama/Florida vs. Texas

Who will play in the National Championship game?

there will be two teams that have extremely easy schedules that will be playing...The system wont be fair until there is a playoff scenario put into place.... The SEC and BIG 10 will never allow this because they will never make it in to the final championship this way though.. CHAD: Your delusional...Mississippi State, arkansas, auburn, s. carolina, georgia, kentucky, vanderbuilt.....No wonder Florida is #1 look who they play! No wonder LSU is up competition, Alabama as well..... Texas would crush these teams, The SEC is such a weak conference..... I love how Oklahoma lost to TEXAS last year..Texas would have whooped up on Florida last year and they will make minced meat of them this year.... Your glorious SEC will not survive without the precious BCS system..Just wait for playoffs..... SEC needs to stick to Basketball......

Can the LSU Tigers still go to the National Championship?

LSU can still get invited but it's a long shot. LSU still has games against 'Bama, Georgia, and a probable rematch against Florida or Georgia in the SEC Championship Game. Assuming that they win out they would be ranked in the neighborhood of #2 or #3 depending on the records of Texas and Penn State.

Where are all the big talkers for the BCS Championship Game?

Texas fans are concerned about their teams performance against Nebraska.

How did the Florida Gators get the #2 seed over the Kentucky Wildcats?

they won the sec championship. florida is a good team. they beat a very good ucla and byu squads. easy my azz. butler is a good tem who beat pitt and florida barely lost in oT against butler it came down to the last shot. kentucky and florida are both really deserving sec teams. Edit: my bad i actually thought florida i said that blindly but they are still deserving+ different region. florida is a very solid all around team with great gaurd and interior play and an all around chandler parsons. not ovverated. butler is a very good team. they beat pitt, and odu (best rebounding team in the country) a good wiscosin team which had quality wins (beat ohio st) and florida another top rebounding team. keep in mind kentucky is just a bunch of punk freshman kids so you can never know how that team is gonna turn out. they have the potential to go far, like they are doing now or bomb in the first couple of rounds

Can the Florida Gators still make it to the National Championship if they win the SEC Championship?

When USC beats UCLA, no chance. If USC does not win then Michigan would get in. I do not think Florida will have enough points to get to #2. Their strength of schedule is hindering them. The SEC Conference is down this year and their out of conference schedule is not very impressive. That is why they will be left out.

is Alabama Crimson tide assured a spot in the National championship game?

I'd say "maybe".. they'd need more teams to lose still I think and they'd have to beat Auburn.. I think LSU is a train wreck waiting to happen but Auburn.. they're going to have to outscore Auburn and honestly as talented as I think Alabama is I don't know if they can with the style of offense they play.. I don't mean to be the bearer of bad tidings at all but.. Arkansas.. well until today.. was 13th nationally in scoring defense.. Auburn put 65 on them.. for comparing.. Alabama got 24 vs the Hogs.. so IF they win.. yea I think so.. but I don't think they win em all

What is the point of a conference tournament in college basketball?

The regular season champs mean nothing, they just determine seedings for the conference tournaments. So, yeah, LSU won the regular season SEC championship, but if Florida wins the tournament, they're the SEC champs and they get the automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. One of the biggest things it does, is gives the bad teams a chance. I mean, think about it, you're a .500 team with no chance, why even play? At least this way they still have a glimmer of hope, as they could get hot, win the conf tournament and make the NCAA tournament. Thats how you'll see like a 16 seed thats 10-20 in the NCAAs, they got hot at the right time. The regular season champs will make the NCAA's anyway, at least in the major conferences, since they'll be good enough to get an at large.

who goes to the sec championship if arkansas beats lsu?

Bama by virtue of head to head competition. The only way Arky would go would be if they were 5 spots ahead of Alabama in the BCS rankings and that wont happen if Bama beats Auburn.....

What do you think of the possibility of FL beating AL but not making it to the Nat'l Championship game?

Everyone wants to see an Oklahoma/Texas rematch. They are the two best teams and the greatest rivalry in sports. Oklahoma fans want to play them away from Texas and their well trained refs. AP poll means NOTHING! it is just east coast bias claptrap! Florida is the only one loss team that lost at home, and AP has them at #2- what a tool they are!

Is Georgia worthy of a shot at the BCS National Championship Game?

This just goes to show how this system is totally FUBAR. What I think they should do, just to make things simple and since neither team lost, is just move up Ohio State and Georgia, and seriously go back to the drawing board for next year. It doesn't make sense that Ohio State could move up and Georgia would move technically down, but then nothing has made much sense this year. Before you give thumbs down, just remember, nothing in the BCS says you have to win your conference to go the th NC. What a year.

Can someone explain why Arkansas is a 9th seed and the SEC CHAMPION Georgia is a 14th seed?

because georgia won 4 conference games all year!

Who would go to the SEC championship if there's a 3 way tie between LSU, Alabama, & Arkansas?

Alabama without a doubt, LSU would have the last loss. No room for error except in Alabama's Case.

Who is going to win in the SEC championship? BAMA or the GATORS?

Bama their D is nasty.

Should Oregon to the National Title if OK State runs the table and LSU loses in the SEC Championship GM?

I don't know how far LSU would slip if they lost. If they lose it would be a team like Arkansas, South Carolina, or Georgia, whereas Oregon might play a team like UCLA for it's championship. Being that LSU already beat Oregon by a couple of TDs I can't see them leapfrogging everyone else.

How many think that they ought to move the SEC championship game?

I TOTALLY AGREE. We all know where the real Football is and it's NOT in the Big 12, Big 10, and Pac 10.

Who is going to the SEC Championship and who is the best team in the SEC?

UK !! Go ,Cats,Go!!!

What are some ideas for snacks for the Alabama vs Florida sec championship?

Finger paints, Pencils, vanilla wafers, pipe cleaners, plastic bubble eyes with the black beads that move in them, and glue. What was the question?

What are the Florida Gators' chances at a SEC championship and a national championship now that they have lost?

Dont forget that UF lost to Auburn our national title year... One loss is not going to ruin our season. We will have to run the table in the SEC, and beat scarily-good Bama in the SEC championship, but if we do that, LSU and UGA will be knocked down in rankings, and the other 10+ ranked teams will most likely suffer a loss at some point. Urban Meyer has to utilize all the talent he has at his fingertips and stop using just tebow/harvin though.