Seattle Gay News in Print?

Not gay per se but The Stranger is an alternative/counter culture rag that's printed in the Seattle area.

In Seattle it is sad article in the news that three boys aged 15, 15, and 11 robbed a store to buy an X Box?

Its the modern western culture, its that sort of a mind that got us into debt. People no longer want to work hard and save, but would rather beg borrow and steal. They shouldnt steal, but they have been brought into a world of greed.

Why didn't Fox News mention Mike Huckabees part in the release of the Seattle Cop Killer?

I found this link showing the Clemency Order signed by Huckabee and a Fox article discussing same. One thing is for sure, it doesn't look good for Huckabee seeking higher office. Edit: This is about the cold-blooded murder of four cops. If people don't have anything to contribute regarding the topic, either express your sadness at this planned act of murder against four police officers, answer the question or, say nothing. This is not about Obama or his detractors.

Is it sad with all the news about the Seattle Sonics moving to Oklahoma City?

I'm a laker fan and even I think that sux. The Sonics should stay in Seattle.

ABC news nightline Breaking Dawn concert in seattle?


What is your OPINION about this SEATTLE NEWS ARTICLE and WHY?

So they think the sun shines out of the taliban's ar ses. Hmmm..... I don't think so !

In Seattle Washington has anyone heard any news rumors about a problem with undigested centrum vitamins?

LOL well it is true that they do not dissolve thats the reason people will say when you take cheap vitamins you just have expensive pee and poop. The clogging od the septic systems story has been going around for years in every town and state. They wont recall the vitamins even though city sewage companies report that they will not dissolve because centrum, one a day and companies like them that are name brand are actually owned by pharamcutical companies and only made as a ploy to scam the public out of money and one day prove to the FDA that vitamins should be taken off the market because they do not work and only pharmacuticals should be used. They intentionally put bad products on the market to use the citizens of the world as a lab rats for later use when they want real vitamins taken off the market.

Seattle WTO riot,who was the famous news anchor?

I forget her name

Why is my WGN station in Seattle playing local news from Chicago?

WGN is a cable/satellite station based in Chicago. Big deal. Take a chill pill and change the channel to Biggest Loser

Which news website covering Seattle news updates its website most often?

The 3 main TV stations seem to be the ones that post the news first. I don't think that there is one that is consistently always first posting every news update. I have posted links to all 3 in the order which I think are updated most frequently. KOMO is always interesting because they have a live link to the Seattle police and fire call scanner on their website.