How do I get my website on search engines?

Google : Yahoo : MSN :

What is the latest development and trend in search engines ? has 2 sections on new SE developments, and search engine news. Over 50 such articles as the SE's change and update often so there is much to read and keep current with. Some examples of latest developments and trends

How do you remove search engines from the Firefox search bar?

hi, you just need to install the extension listed below. You can then right click and delete the ones you dont want.

How do search Engines like Google or others calculate time required to search?

Any programming language will allow precision down to the millisecond. This is typically done one of two ways. Using server-side code (php, vb, etc) you grab the server's time before and after the search code is executed. Using client-side code (JavaScript), you basically do the same thing- subtracting the current time before and after you execute the code. Client-side grabs the time from the user's computer and the serv-side grabs the server's time. This should matter though, as long as your before and after times are from the same place.

What search engines do HR people use to find out about prospective employees?

HR and employers probably do not use a public way to find that info, especially background checks that are done by private companies. You maybe can try a "person locater" company, but be cautious - be sure they are legit with the BBB and not reported on

How to get search engines to search based on number of hits rather than tags/keywords?

social bookmarking.... like delicious,digg,furl...ect.. ihave more 100link

What odd search engines are there except the one that searches for websites?*:IE-SearchBox&rlz=1I7GGLL_en&q=list+of+search+engines&revid=1507361663&sa=X&ei=bM1vTLi9MoelnQe95enXCA&ved=0CHsQ1QIoAA

Search engines?

Google si still the best, if you want to search in Italian website, just choose the appropriate option (click on the option on the right); forn instance you can choose both if you're searching for results in Italian language or from Italian sites (there is a specifci choice for this). Anyway, remember no more than 20/25% of all websites are indexed on even the best website. The top by this point of view was used to be Northernlight.

search engines?

Hi, Submitting your site to search engines won't help you, and anyone who offers to take money off your hands to do it for you is a rip off merchant. You need to read up about 'Search Engine Optimisation' (or SEO for short). Basic SEO isn't difficult but there is a lot of knowledge to swallow. Because this question gets asked so much here at Yahoo! Answers, I've written a basic guide to SEO which is freely available for download at Sometimes you will get away with the basic knowledge in my little book and sometimes you will need a lot more help from a professional; it all depends on what market you are in. Good luck!

Search Engines?

As quickly as you find them...they will block them. Plus, this might get you in deep trouble trying to circumvent the system...I know I monitor this stuff at a school district!