What is a cheap, effective way to get high search engine rankings?

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What is the best way to monitor my search engine rankings for certain keywords? Free site or program?

Good question. There is a good ranking-meter at seochat.com. Unfortunately, it is done manually for each of the phrases/words you want to chek out. maybe, just maybe, they have chart function. good luck in finding it.

Will this be a problem for search engine rankings?

Removing all the files could essentially "reset" your rank. Why remove them all? Modifying the template would be a better idea, you'd keep all the information on site, same URL structure, etc without upsetting the rankings. Obviously any major change to your site can and will have an effect on your ranking, it just depends on how much. If you've created a template and can change that (eg the look) then you stand a better chance of maintaining any ranking you've achieved. You don't want to knock out your foundation. That said, if it's a new site it won't matter so much. Also, are you keeping the same URL or changing it? Is your site currently in a non-SEO friendly format (eg flash) that you're updating to a more friendly version? If so, do it. Anther consideration is the end user. Does your current site navigate easily? How about your new one? As much as ranking is important you must keep in mind the people using your site. If they like it you're on the right path. If you only build for search engine spiders you could be missing out on myriad opportunities.

How is it possible for my Yahoo search engine rankings to get hijacked?

Your situation seems very weird. How can that happen if you do not have any redirection in your website itself. Double check your website for any redirection that you may be having in your header. Or there can be some unusual script which you are not aware about, which is causing this. Let me tell you the ranking hijacking is not possible, which are describing.

Can the installation of web analytics software adversely affect search engine rankings of the website?

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what is more likely to have a positive impact on a page's search engine rankings and why - 10 links from 1 web?

What's the best way to improve my search engine rankings.?

I was in your shoes a few years ago and I feel your pain. You can learn all the SEO in the world but if you don't have a solid step by step game plan, chances are you won't get any results. When it comes down to it, SEO is all about 1. Finding the right keywords to rank for 2. Optimizing your website to rank in Google for those keywords 3. Then building backlinks with those keywords Of course there is a system to each of those steps but it would take all day for me to explain. You can visit my SEO blog if you get more info. It's in the resources section right below.

What happened to my search engine rankings?

Your site has very few inbound links (13). None of them are high quality and at least 3 of them are no-followed. You want 100s of good links. You will need to embark on a quality link building campaign. http://www.seo-blog.com/inbound-links.php

how do i get me site higher in the search engine rankings?

You might want to give this a try... It's is a new search engine which searches via key words rather than content, though keywords need to be relevant to the content. As the site grows, listings will rotate so each site will share turns in the top position over and over again... http://webchamp.com or http://webchamp.com/search/addurl

What is the best way to track your search engine rankings?

I use Google Analytics Too.