What is the significance of keyword effectiveness index in search engine optimization ?

It is important to know your keywords. If you have a product that you sell on your site, ask five friends what they might search for on google/yahoo to find it. Take those different keywords and optimize your page with them. Also work on your meta tags. Here is an article on how they work: http://www.richkahmer.com/meta-tags.html

What is the cheapest search engine optimization company?

I suggest you to try some Dofollow blog commenting to get good Backlinks. I found a good dofollow blog commenting service. Not many but just 30 links you can buy from them. But all will be good quality backlinks to your site. I think the price is not too high. http://www.hellojose.com/content/dofollow-blog-commenting-service

What is Link Building in Search Engine Optimization?

SEO link building service provides an effective way to improve the ranking of your website on search engines. Link building is an important step in search engine campaigns and optimization methods. Good links on your website improve your rankings and make you website popular on search engines. This is an important step in getting quality people to visit your website and becoming genuine buyers. Importance of Link Building for Your Website The main search engines rely on the number of quality links that appear on your website for rating your web presence. The link building services offered by SEO companies include the following steps- •Identification of quality websites with content that complements your website •Preparation of link text with appropriate description of each webpage •Preparation of link exchange pages in HTML format •Exchanging links with the complementary websites •Security in link exchanges •Verification of links at periodic intervals There are several strategies that are used by the professional SEO companies to increase your website’s popularity. Some of the common ones used are- 1.Directory submission 2.Submission of articles 3.Selling of text link ads

Why is search engine optimization so expensive?

Seo helps company to rank higher in the search engine like yahoo, google, bing etc. In order to rank high, we need to improve the website in many ways to become more search engine friendly. Writing more relative Articles, better coding, broken links solving, buy links and more. There are really a lot to do which can even cost more than 40k a month. Results are normally long term like half a year to a year. However, if your company don't see result by then, means that they are not doing very good job on it.

Can you help me with small business search engine optimization?

Hello, A good way to get very good keywords and small business search engine optimization is to add geo target keyword for example: pizzeria new york is better than pizzeria. It will drive you very target traffic to your business. You can check my blog for a free ebook to find how keyword can change you life: http://cheap-searchengineoptimization-seo.com You can use google place maps too. Regards, Albert

How can a person become a Search Engine Optimization/ Marketing consultant? What course or books are required?

SEO Books will be outdated very quickly. Your best source is to first have an excellent understanding of web development, html, asp, design concepts and design standards. You need to take online courses. These can be expensive from the top online schools but worth it in the end. You need to sign up fro the best feeds, ezines, forums that are online. You need to be familiar with Google webmaster guidelines, ppc, link building, sem and social networking. You have to know how to market yourself as a professional. You best bet is after training find a mentor who can guide you and teach you the ropes. Learn how to search for what you are looking for as well. If you want to do SEO and SEM, then know how to find best information online. There are many and what I feel is best you may not based on your time, budgets and so on. So do some heavy research and reading as that will help you grow as well.

What is the best search engine optimization company?

I think the real question is "Who is the best at spotting the best seo company?" You definaltely want to stay clear of seo firms that don't shows signs of evolving, algos never sleep. The days of keyword stuffing and automatic search engine submissions are long gone. SEO has transformed into marketing, conversion, usability, local search, people pleasing, analysis and testing.

What are the three best search engine optimization software applications?

Try Internet Business Promoter, or The famous Web Position Gold. I tried them before and it works for me well.

How does search engine optimization work?

Hey Guadalup..., Basically, SEO is a process of how sites qualify and are ranked on result pages. You can find out more on http://www.mojocreator.com/capabilities/marketing-technology/search-engine-optimization/

How to deal profitability with search engine optimization prices?

SEO prices can be costly, especially for small-medium sized businesses, simply due to the fact that it requires a lot of time and skill to effectively perform. If you are looking for a low-cost alternative, and wouldn't mind putting in some time yourself to do the SEO, I would recommend a tool called LotusJump. I've been using them for the past couple of months and it's really quite simple and affordable to do. I even found a promo page so sign up under so I'm quite happy with that I've been getting. Good luck to you!