War on Christmas: Why did Sean Hannity's children believe in Santa Claus when they were young?

I grew up Jewish, and I even belived in Santa when I was young. The vast majority of kids believe in Santa, which is why Hannity's kids did too, most likely. Not sure what you are asking here.

Is true more southern people like BrickSquad and more Northern people like young moeny and Roc Nation?

Depends where you live in the north. I live in the north & I mostly listen to Roc Nation rappers and other real rappers like Nas, Biggie, 2Pac, Kanye, Lupe Fiasco, Eminem, B.O.B., but a lot of people around here listen to that wack sh*t on the radio. & nah I don't really like Young Money mostly just Drake but that's before he got big cause he getting corny now

What was the recent movie with the scene where a young girl was in jail and talking to some older women?

Sex Drive http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1135985/

Young girls aged below 25. Do you find Sean Connery attractive?

Omg, yes. He is a very beautiful and talented man. In his younger days, he was a knock-out. He is still attractive in my eyes despite his age. ♥

Does Sean Hannity suffer from Obamaphobia or is he just evil & jealousy about this young family?

he doesnt know how to argue the issues on any candidate because he doesnt understand them. all he does is talk around the issues and belittle people. it is sad to be that angry all the time.

Can anyone stand listening to Steve Young on ESPN pregrame shows?

Actually, I think Young is by far the smartest and best commentator. That is coming from a Cowboys fan who hated him as a player! He is a bit smug because he knows he is the only one who knows what he is talking about. He is much better than Aikman- that's for sure!

Sean Taylor: The young men should have looked up to him..not robbed him?

Certain people in our society are more interested into taking the easy way out rather than working hard.

Doesn't Sean Faris look like a Young Version of Tom Cruise?

YES!!! I loved "Life as we know it" and that's exactly what I thought when I saw Sean Farris He is sssooo good looking!! Even better than Tom I think!!! I shall have to watch that movie now, too!!! :)

Who looks better T.I, Nelly, Sean Paul(Young Bloodz)?


Before some of his songs does Wiz Khalifa say "It's SEAN Khalifa man" or "It's YOUNG Khalifa man"?

Young. No question. He's in his early 20s. His name is not Sean. And sometimes he also just says Yoooouuunnggg.

Whats the deal with this Sean Paul/Young Jeezy thingy in some of these videos now?

yeah be more specifice they both suck anyways

Did Sean taylor play with clinton portis at miami or was he to young?

Yes, they played together at Miami.

What is being said in the background of the Down song by Jay Sean? (almost sounds like "young kim clearly")?

is jay sean in young money?

Just published a book and Sean Penn would be perfect for the lead character for the movie?

Lol, Sean Penn picks his roles, you don't pick him. Your book is nothing currently, it doesn't even have any reviews on Amazon. He won't be interested.

Doesn't Sean Faris look like a young version of Tom Cruise?

yeah he does hopefully he wont become crazy like Tom

Old Sean Connery or young Sean Connery?

My hormonal urges say the younger Sean, I mean did you watch him in, "Dr. No" as James Bond? Enough said. While realistically, I think he's one of those rare group of actors that has aged gracefully & with elegance about him too unlike say John Travolta, who clearly has seen better days *sorry*

Down-Jay Sean no young kingz daily?

On iTunes it doesn't have it. But honestly, does it really matter that much?? If you're desperate, you can convert the video on YouTube to an mp3 file using this site: http://www.youtubemp4.com/

What's your opinion of Sean Young?

She's always interesting to watch, because you're never quite sure if she's a good actress or a rotten one. She does have an intriguing way of speaking, though.

movie with james woods and sean young?

The Boost

seriously, what happens to Sean Young?

There was a fabulous article in Entertainment Weekly within the month ago. Basically, between taking time off from acting and a rumor that she was "difficult" to work with put the brakes oh her career

Poll: Sean Young. Like or dislike?

My god I haven't heard that name in years. The 80s is calling, it wants its star back.* It's a no for Sean Young.*

Does anyone have an e-mail address for American actress Sean Young? Thanks!?

Yes -- fans@seanyoung.com Her official site is seanyoung.com but it's being worked on and this email address is on the home page. LATER: I also found this info on her IMDb page (regular, not Pro) but don't know how accurate or current it is. Phone: 310-625-3700 Fax: 818-505-1411 Email: cathleenyoung@aol.com It's pretty gutsy of her to make this contact info available to the world. I emailed her once through her old website about a part in a screenplay I've written, but I had no production hopes at that time. Maybe soon. I like her.

Who is Sean Young?

She used to be Ray Finkle, the kicker that lost the Miami Dolphins the Superbowl. If you could ask her today why they lost, she would say because the laces were in.

What is your opinion of the actress... Sean Young?

She was brilliant as Rachel in Blade Runner even if the love story felt tacked on. She was so-so in Dune but that movie is only so-so. Her nutty behavior in relation to being cut from the Batman franchise (she was the original choice to play Cat Woman but was cut when she got pregnant) was...was...I dunno...but so it goes.

Young Bloodz Sean Paul Or the Jamaican Sean Paul????

Young Bloodz

Why does Sean Claussen like looking at young boys undress?

Who is Sean Claussen?

Does anyone know the movie where Sean Young runs around naked acting like a horse?

According to IMDB, it sounds like the movie, "Love Crimes" (1992) I never watched it, but it matches your description. http://imdb.com/title/tt0102340/usercomments

Is Sean Young playing Meggie on Y&R?

Yes she is and she is a nasty nasty sneaky mean rotten person on the show and good at it. She tried to kill Murphy today in his hospital room.

A LMN movie starring Sean Young?

sounds like it could be 'everything to gain' with jack scalia and charles shaughnessy (the nanny)? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119083/

Do you know any rap songs that cheer you up like "High" by Big Sean or "Young, Wild, and Free" by Wiz Khalifa?

Big Sean - F UCK my opponent Big Sean - I do it Big Sean - What the f uck U doin

What kind of techniques do you use to lure the young men?

Hahahahah Damnnnnnnnnnn, I wish that happened to me.

ladies, would you rather have young sean connery or ashton kutcher?

oOoOo Ashton Kutcher sounds like the name for a cheap motel.

Y&R-Who seen Maggie 'Sean Young' on Skating with the Stars?

Yes I watched it and I wasn't impressed......Meggie/Sean Young seems to have an attitude...I was waiting for her to fall on her ice for all the mean things she did to Victor LOL...I have watched All the DWTS and a skating with the stars a few years ago.......and I think I am all done out on these shows......to much controversy.

Who was the young blond guy who the Camera kept panning to when Sean Penn won the Oscar for Milk?

he wrote the screenplay for MILK

What ever happened to actress Sean Young?

Quoting Wikipedia: "In recent years, Young has been busy with a variety of independent films and guest appearances on television. In 2005 she spent four months in Russia filming a miniseries in which she plays dancer Isadora Duncan. Young also starred in Poor White Trash, playing morally bankrupt Linda Bronco. Poor White Trash was written by Michael Addis and Tony Urban, and it was named one of the top 10 overlooked films of 2001 by Reel.com. Young was slated to appear in a starring role on the MyNetwork TV telenovela Art of Betrayal. However, media reports surfaced with allegations that Young was difficult and demanding during filming of promotional spots for the show. In July 2006, it was announced that Young's role would be played instead by Tatum O'Neal."

Are any soap fans tuning into Skating With The Stars to watch Sean Young aka Meggie from Y&R?

Havent seen it. But i might tune in and watch it.

What is your opinion of the actress Sean Young who played Meggie on Y&R?

She's cool, but if you want to see a different side of her you should check out the Mel Gibson movie she played in called "Blade Runner". Strange sci-fi movie but it keeps your attention. I think she played her part in Y&R, kinda hated to see her taken off the show so soon...maybe she will be back, the evil ones always come back:)

Do you like Sean Young's character Meggie on Y&R? Why or why not?

Since she first came on the Y&R screen I've loved her! I REALLY hope they keep her around.

Do you think Sean Young is attractive? Why or why not?

she does have a certain attraction to her

What do you think of Sean Young ( Meggie on Y&R)?

good actress

Do you think Sean Young is pretty? Why or why not?

yes, she does have a good figure

Name of movie starring Sean Young...?

Why did Michelle Pfeifer get the role of "Cat Woman" over Sean Young?

Sean Young also had a very bad reputation in the film industry. She was considered very difficult to work with and this probably cost her a number of roles.

What if young white males were in the car instead of young black males in the sean bell case?

i agree with you, i cant believe they would dismiss the charges against the cops, SHOOT A MAN 50 TIMES wth is wrong with the law?

Do you think Sean Young deserved to be arrested?

Does anyone know the name of the movie where Sean Young is a DA or such and the suspect makes her pee herself?

Heres a link to a list of all her movies: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sean_Young

Where can I find the kiss scene Soleil Moon Frye & Sean Young from Motel Blue?

try youtube u can find it there

What happened when actress Sean Young tried to crash the Vanity Fair Party?

http://defamer.com/hollywood/oscars/sean-young-spends-vanity-fair-party-outrunning-security-guards-158953.php she crashed it and was basically immediately escorted out.

is the kid who plays young Sean on Psych the same kid that plays the dectective's son on The Killing?

Yes, it is. Looks at his profile here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0416699/ . I <3 Psych!