Is there a moment in the movie The Game (1997) in which Sean Penn's character almost cracks up?

I watched that movie last night and I didn't see anything. Sean Penn is notorious for staying in character, so I'd doubt if that actually happened (unless he thought it was something his character would do).

Why isn't Sean Penn and Michael Douglas jailed for illegally visiting Cuba? Should they be?

Hopefully MD is in God`s Waiting Room and SP od`s soon.

In the movie "The Game" (with micheal douglas & sean penn), why did Conrad do that to his brother?

Because he's an asshole that's why duh !!

What is the movie starring Michael Douglas and Sean Penn?

In what movie did sean penn and michael douglas play?

The Game.

In the Michael Douglas movie "The Game," how much would Sean Penn's "gift" to his brother cost in real life?

A lot, not to mention a lot of luck. It sure was convenient that Michael Douglas decided to jump off the building at the exact spot where he would fall perfectly into the prepared air bag. In reality, he would have died. Terribly far-fetched movie.

I want you all to search something (Google)?

No thanks.

The Game, starring Michael Douglas and Sean Penn?

I love this movie. I think that what ever the price was, it was probably worth it.
Finding a toy clown to scare your brother= $5,000
Newscasters speaking directly to you from the TV screen=$7,000
Hidden surveillance camera in your house=$3,000
Finding yourself= PRICELESS

Which actor was the best? Charlton Heston, Kirk Douglas, Sean Connery or John Wayne?

Dude you gave me a scare: What do mean "WAS"? Sean Connery, maybe semi-retired, but he's still alive.
Anyway, to answer your question:
John Wayne
Sean Connery
Then comes all the rest.
BTW: There are some great names (old-timers) missing from your list (all serious contenders):
Marlon Brando
Paul Newman
Humphrey Bogart
Clint Eastwood
Steve McQueen
Al Pacino
Robert De Niro
Jack Nicholson
Robert Duvall
Peter Sellers
Gregory Peck
Lee Marvin
Anthony Hopkins
P.S. And while we're at it:
RIP Duke

How do i say sean douglas repass in german?

Sean is the Irish form of John, which is Johann, or Johannes, in German. But Douglas and Repass don't have German forms. They would just be "Douglas" and "Repass."