Since Whoopi is replacing Rosie on The View do Sean/Rush really need any new material ?

Yeah, they should be good for years.

whats the name of the river ceasar crosses in sean pertwee's episode on his final assualt on rome?

The Rubicon

please suggest any singers who are a cross between pop and r&b?

Pebbles Beyonce' BabyFace Yvonne Elliman (from the 70's)

Hannity and Levin discuss cross dressing frequently. Are they homosexuals or just like to wear womenś clothing?

Same with the repulsive tub of guts liar, Limbaugh, who seems to like little boys and Viagra. It's no secret (see Goering and Roehm, other well-known Nazis who had similar tastes) a lot of these sniveling coward "tough guys" who sell war like soap and then avoid any personal danger ("chicken hawks") also enjoy sodomy. You're right, though...those who react to this stuff indignantly in public often practice the deed in private. Remember J. Edgar Hoover and his wife, Clyde Tolson, another nice, stable Republican couple? How about Roy Cohn? Yup. Another solid Republican attorney, pillar of the community; he and a few of his lovers died of AIDS. And on and on and on. They're scum, anyway. Who cares? Then again, that taste for little boys is not only revolting, it's very, very illegal. What's important is exposing these filth as the liars and cheap, paid propaganda queens they are. Whether they're the other kinds of queen or not interests me virtually not at all.

Wasn't there an episode of The Critic with a clip about Sean Connery calling people Moneypenny?

Yes! I have no idea what episode it was though.

Can Laron Landry fill the shoes of Sean Taylor?

The loss of the Redskins best defensive player is a huge blow and most thought the team was on crack for drafting another safety in the top 10, but now Landry will have to become the man. Considering he's only a rookie and supposed to be the best safety in the draft, he should be able to fill Sean's shoes. Time will tell, but so far he's been okay, next year he'll have to step up, the rest of the season is going to be hard for the Skins to manage.

Does anyone agree that Sean Wright-Phillips is finally showing a return?

i am sure his dad, ian wright, will not disagree. swp for england, anyone? LMAO.

What kind of car does Sean William Scott drive in the Movie Role Models?

Check IMCDb (the Internet Cars Database) at: I think it was a Ford Bronco.

Sean Connery Cross Stitch?

I think one of the cross stitch magazines had one sometime ago not sure if it was Cross stitcher or Cross Stitch Crazy. Other than that try ebay it won't be free of course.

What do you get when you cross a Sean Hannity with an Anne Coulter?

A whiney lying man (with a huge Adam's apple)!