What scratch ticket would give me the highest chance of winning?

1. Go to the website of your state lotto and find out what the odds are for each scratch and win ticket. 2. Find out how many tickets are left and how many prizes are left and what they are(the sizes of prizes left) 3. Buy the more expensive tickets, either the $10 or $20 tickets as in general, they print a less of these and the prizes are always much bigger when you do win. Also, if you think about it, what are the tickets that most people buy? You guessed it, the cheaper tickets. So, they make a lot more of them and the prizes get burned up pretty quick. Hope that helps.

What do cats scratch with their claws?

Cats generally scratch on things that are upholstered, such as couches and carpets. Things such as walls and laminate flooring aren't good candidates as they can't dig their claws in. You can try bitter apple spray on the areas you don't want your cat to scratch, or spray him with a water bottle when he attempts to scratch something he shouldn't. Introduce him to his scratching post as soon as you get him. If he does start scratching other things, spray him with water and direct him to his post, and praise him when he uses it. Not all cats will use a scratching post, though, no matter how hard you try. Mine absolutely refused to use his. I eventually had to get him one of those cat condos, and he scratches on that all that time (although he won't even go inside it). You're just going to have to work with different options until you figure out what works best for your cat.

How do you get a scratch out of a car?

I assume you didn't buy the Collision damage waiver. Well if you used a credit card it may cover the damage at no cost to you. Lots of credit cards do this, as well as American Express. If not call a dent or scratch specialist,or your local auto body shop. Assuming the scratch is not too deep they may be able to buff it out for about $100 or so. Or you can just take it back to the rental place and dispute the damage on the vehicle and state that it was that way when you picked it up (it was dark out, the car was dirty...etc.) but that would be unethical. :)

How do you get a scratch out of brass?

Make sure the brass has not had a protective lacquer put on it when it was made. This will be the reason the brass polish had no effect. If its solid Brass you can rub it down with fine wet & dry (1200 grit) paper along with a small amount of soapy water, make sure you mask off the surrounding area of the bag so you don't catch the leather or whatever material it is made of. After you have rubbed it down, use the brass polish until the minor scratches that you caused during rubbing down have gone. This process relies uppon you taking off a small amount of brass untill the surrounding area is level with the depth of the original scratch. There maybe some compromise required depending on the depth of scratch and finish you require. It will certainly make it better than it is. Hope that helps you :-)

What is the best scratch remover to remove scratches on an ipod?

get a case. there is no way to remove scratches.

How to remove a scratch from a touchscreen phone?

I think applying the glass polish can do so

What is the best scratch remover to use on buffing a car?

look on line for a product call gs 27 it was an infomercial thing but it works I bought mine from an auto part store small independent store no big chain but it works on all color cars

How do you repair a scratch on a leather couch?

Please do not use shoe polish it will come off on your clothes. DIY kits of the internet are also unlikely to work. You need to send a sample of the leather to LTT who will mix a colour and send you exact instructions of how to do the work.

How to remove scratches from a scratch proof glass watch?

Watchmakers use jewelers rouge and a low to medium speed buffing wheel...high speed buffing wheels will burn the surface...jewelers rouge is a polishing compound...you may also try automobile polishing compound...they use these to polish watch crystals...not sure if it applies to "scratch proof glass"...I think the scratch proof is a coating on the glass like that applied to eyeglasses. Maybe take back the watch to the manufacturer...because it obviously isn't scratch "proof"...more like scratch resistant.


Funny, I was just reading about cleaning a CD. What I read on line is don't. The best thing you can do is replace it (hopefully it wasn't something irreplaceble.