Do you think koch brothers gave Scott Walker the lavish trip that the fake Koch brother promised?

i hope he did. God Bless scott walker

How does Scott walker with all his legal troubles still way up in the polls?

No. Walker promised jobs and, instead, unemployment has skyrocketed. Walker is not running against anyone on the republican side while the Democrats have four candidates for governor. That should change after the primary when there is a specific candidate. The Koch brothers and other millionaires are also saturating the Wisconsin airwaves with hundreds of ads and there are virtually none for the Democrats yet. That should change when the Democrats start advertising. z

How is Scott Walker's bill to eliminate collective bargaining rights unconstitutional?

hey neha, its antwone, and it violates 2 parts of the first amendment: the freedom of speech by limiting collective bargaining rights, and against the right to peacefully assemble because it is anti-union. hop this helped, neha. :)

How does Scott Walker find the courage to go on tv with a straight face and lie?

I don't think it takes courage when you are a pathological liar and have been all your life.

why is scott walker cutting collective bargaining and how does it fix our budget?

because he only cares about big business

Is a Scott Walker win in Wisconsin going to shut up the progressive liberals and trade unionists?

How could Scott Walker claim to be concerned for children and the elderly?

republican = hypocrite

Should President Obama do what the Wisconsin governor Scott Walker did?

Because Obama can't just make his own budget. It has to originate in the Republican-controlled House o' Reps.

Does Scott Walker's governorship prove that Tea Party ideology is better in theory than in practice?

Is Wisconsin governor Scott Walker's campaign promise to create 240,000 jobs simply bait and switch?

Yes, Walker claimed austerity would create jobs. Reality proves him dead wrong. now he claims that if the people allow him to continue to stay, he will suddenly start creating jobs. He is an idiot.

Why do Wisconsinites strongly prefer both Scott Walker and Barack Obama?

The polls are clearly not conveying what people actually want TODAY. Take for instance the Walker recall, they had more than one million people sign to recall Walker Out of a total of 2.2 million people voting in the 2010 election statewide, "United Wisconsin, the organization formed to recall the governor, said it turned in about 1.9 million signatures to the Government Accountability Board" Read more: Clearly, any poll that says walker is the favorite is lying when 1.9 million out of 2.15 million want him gone. AND have signed a petition to recall him.

Who wants to join my Scott Walker victory ride through?

Scott Walker - did he really make it acceptable for women to be paid less than men?

Does the fact that the left is now making up stories about Scott Walker show just how desperate they are?

Cons, Why does Governor Scott Walker consult with Moammar Gadhafi before making any decisions?

Where is your proof? It is not true but then you are a union thug. DTG

How many people agree with Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker?

me all the way. %100

Scott Walker has managed to alienate government workers in Wisconsin, destroy the morale of the state, destroy?

This is just another example, over the past 40 years, that Republican policies only lead to destruction.

Has pride come before the fall regarding Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker?

The first thing Adolph Hitler did when he became Chancellor of Germany was ban unions all over Germany. This was his first move at taking people's rights away. One thing led to another and he thus became Der Fuhrer, DICTATOR of Germany. We all know what happened after that. How can Republican Governors not know they're dangerously opening Pandora's box? And most of you bright eyed younger people who think they have such a promising future with Republicans are going to learn the hard way. With Republicans no one has a future.

How much money do I need to "donate" to get the truth from Scott Walker?

Much less than getting the truth from Obama.

Why are people trying to recall Scott Walker?

Because he stood up to the unions and they are in a snit about it.

How do you feel about Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin?

Walker should NOT step down. He has saved Wisconsin from financial collapse that would have happened had he not acted. (Think California) He has kept his promise to the voters of Wisconsin who put him into the Governor's seat. He has acted courageously against the Union Thugs who tried to intimidate him and against the illegal abandonment of their seats by the democrat legislators by soldiering on in his course in spite of the incredible opposition to his position. I admire the man. The Unions have the right to petition, that's what our country is all about, but they do NOT have the right to expect that bullying, threatening, intimidation, slander, vandalism, assaulting, or any such tactics should cause the people of Wisconsin to change their minds. If the people want him out, then the people should be the ones to put him out. NOT the Unions. In my opinion, the Unions are as much a drain on the life and health of America as Wall Street and the Big Banks, the FED and the out of control Socialist, Liberal, Elitist Government that is taking away the prosperity and freedom that our country was founded upon. We need to be educated and we need to act.

Why is Wisconsin Governer Scott Walker exempting unions that contributed to him from his plan to bust unions?

It's so obvious, I'm amazed the Right supports the strategy. They would be going NUTS if this type of Government trickery came from the other side. Everyone has become true Sheep nowadays.

What happens when Scott Walker stands his ground and stays in office?

Oh come on now, lets be serious. Now to answer it, he wont have to worry about it because he was out in by the people and a bunch of liberals who are mad that they wont be getting free things all the time anymore is not going to be able to beat him out. You got to love when the Liberals are to tired to get out and work to do something for the nation but the second their free things and entitlement are up in the air they are up in a riot demanding people be removed and that everyone is racist. You got to love them, you really do.

Why cant I hear scott walker in the prank call? easy 10 points?

Will Scott Walker be known as the Governor that broke the unions, or the Governor with the shortest term?

He will be known as the Governor that is doing "What he was elected to do". Nasty job , but it has to be done, WI is broke and the dictates of the Unions and the Lib's cannot put money where there is NONE!

How can Scott Walker fire all the Wisconsin Teachers, when they work for districts, and not the state?

This idiot is sinking his own ship. I say let him try. The revolt will be staggering.

Should Scott Walker being hanging out with the people that ripped Dyson vacuum off?

I think this is the least of that man's public image concerns.

Is this reason enough for the recall of Scott Walker?

I think so. He did a classic 'Bait and Switch'. This is quite common for Modern Republicans - their overwhelming goal is merely to get elected. They will say whatever it takes to get elected - then - their arrogance takes over. Never forget that Modern Republicanism is a Morally Vacant Ideology. ..

Has Scott Walker shown his true motive is to stamp out the union?

It's about stomping out the union and redistributing wealth to the wealthy. Thats why he cut taxes on the rich, creating a budget shortfall and demands that middle class workers pay more to offset the budget issue his tax cuts caused.

Will Republicans still support Scott Walker if he did in fact steal from Veterans as a reporter has written?

Why do conservatives at Yahoo like Scott Walker so much?

Why do you want Scott Walker recalled?

I think the recall is the correct thing to do. In my opinion the Unions did not start the problem. This problem With Walker has been going for a long time. Now all of a sudden it is a Union causing all of the problems.When there were no problems with in the State for Contracts The Government just Rubber Stamped everything just so it would go away with no consideration at all for down the road in a few years. So no allocations were made or Future Budgets. Now here comes Walker. The Union mess. I will be the first to admit that there are some problem with the SEIU, Union. My Opinion Unions are Good. I feel Collective Barging is also a good Practice. But from what I under stand If a SEIU member in your State becomes Vested or has Tenure after five years and is in titled to full Benefits if that person retires and has not paid One Cent into Benefits and can retire with full Benefits it is Insane for any Government agency to agree with those terms. When there is this type of a problem no wonder there is a problem and that problem is a problem with your State and Local Governments. If you do not pay for Benefits and expect to collect 100% from Tax Payers Expense that is Wrong. There are a lot of Insurance Companies out there that Offer Group Insurance But the Members and Employers need to contribute to the system. Same goes for Retirement.

What would a good lead for a story be about Scott Walker's bill?

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is a lonely cowboy in Madison as he plans to stick to his guns but the state legislative Democrats plan to stick with the Illinois ambiance refusing a head to head confrontation with the governor which they are sure to lose.

Why is there 25,000 people protesting in Madison, WI today? What is Scott Walker's plan?

Samantha, you ignorant little fool- You think it's pathetic that teachers are taking off school to exercise their 1st amendment right that they are given under the United States Constitution? Do you realize how stupid you sound when you say things like this? Go back to high school and pay attention in your Civics class, it sounds like you need to. And maybe you could go study your history about unions, and read up on what unionized people have given up for years now, in the hopes to help the state Walker is pushing a plan to get rid of almost all union rights for teachers. He wants to monitor how much money they earn and make them pay a greater share of pension and health care costs, all while limiting their ability to bargain collectively, which is a total joke because teachers are vastly underpaid. His big picture plan is to elimante all Unions. The reason for this is basically that Wisconsin is broke, but what he's doing is wrong. And reading other comments about Walker on various other questions/posts supporting his decision irritates me, but I realize that nobody probably actually saw Scott Walker's campaign ads, in which he never mentioned this as part of his agenda. They also don't realize how disasterous this is going to be for the state of Wisconsin. It's not good. He's a first class asswipe in my book. Scott G- You're a dumbass, Schools are closed not because teachers "aren't showing up" but because there aren't enough substitutes. What teachers are doing is 100% fine and if School districts around the state of Wisconsin are encouraging teachers to take off work like they are then I don't see what people are complaining about. And finally, schools in Wisconsin plan on having days off due to snow/ice/etc..(usually about 3 snow days per year) meaning that if this weeks cancellations pushes the school districts over the limit then students have to make the days up in June. Like I said, you're just a fool. And Scott G-It seems like you're missing the point. Health Care benefits and Pensions are the only perks to being a teacher, and now you're going to make them pay $200+ a month out of their pocket for this when they are already vastly underpaid? It's not like Teachers are making $150,000 a year like State Patrol Cops.

Police ticketing/arresting people for driving by flipping off Scott Walker's mansion?

Yes, this IS disorderly conduct. Would you be a bit pissed off if people were driving by YOUR house and holding down a car horn?

Why did Wisconsin vote for Scott Walker in the first place?

Because they thought they were sending a message to President Obama and the Democrats (LOL). But they only hurt themselves. And now they're reaping what they sowed. President Obama will be alright. And so will the Democrats who work in Congress.

How pissed is David Koch at Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker?

Im sure they are wondering just what their money will buy.

Would you be willing to sign a petition to support Scott Walker?

I can only wish that my signature would count but I do not live in Wisconsin. I see some people such as Steph, saying that she has already signed a recall petition. Maybe Steph should read the laws of her state. If she does then she will see that he can not be recalled until he has been in office for 1 year. From the Daily Kos, a good ole, liberal POS rag "Wisconsin law says that you can recall any government official that has been serving their current term for one year. This means that Walker and most of the state congress are off-limits until January 2012. While the "Recall Walker" movement has gained traction - it is neutered for the better part of the next year."

Why is Scott Walker (Governor of the Year) being recalled in WI for balancing the budget?

I love the fact that the LIBERALS/UNIONS/COMMUNISTS/MARXISTS spent all that money and time on this recall election that Walker will re-win anyways... When Scott Walker wins watch for Riots... Burning the State Capital and out right Murder by the same thugs who brought All their Hate they could muster to Walker and his/your State. §† FNS †§ ǝsɹnɔɐpuɐƃuıssǝןqɐsı ǝǝsʇouopsɹǝɥʇoʇɐɥʍǝǝsoʇ

Is Scott Walker the Current Gov. of Wisconsin a lot like Saddam Hussein in his tactics?

What is it about the lefts obsession with dictators? He's a governor of WI, a simple governor just calm down will you?

Are you looking forward to the recall of Scott Walker, come January when he's eligible?

Attacking the Unions had absolutely nothing to do with trying to save taxpayers a few dollars. Scott Walker has very close ties to the billionaire Koch brothers, a few billionaires who have waged war against the middle class for decades. The billionaires have mostly eliminated unions from public life, and are working hard to try to get people to give up on the idea that they deserve a living wage and to live the American dream. Government unions are the last stronghold of protected unionized American workers, so attacking public employee unions was their logical next step in their war against the middle class. With the public employee unions gone, there would be nobody left with the power to stand up for the middle class against the billionaires anymore. That's why they want to get rid of unions so badly. Scott Walker did this to pay back the billionaire Koch brothers who contributed heavily to his campaign. It is very important that Scott Walker be run out of office. Every other state governor is watching, and he needs to be made an example of. The future of the American dream rests, in part, on running this sociopath out of office. I'm looking forward to watching this recall get started. It'll be great to see the 99% finally stand together and run Scott Walker out of office.

How long till The Americans For Prosperity throw Scott Walker under their bus?

the americans for prosperity ARE THE KOCH BROTHERS all just stupid shit to throw people around and everything else look man heres the deal. scott walker is corrupt as fuck. he loves to suck koch and has no feelings for anybody except the greedy top 1% of america he gets what he wants they get what they want ITS ALL LIES DONT LISTEN TO PEOPLES BULLSHIT.

Where do I sign the petition to recall Scott Walker in Wisconsin?

you should have an easy time. Likely a petitioner would even come to your door. Call your nearest Democratic Party campaign headquarters or go in person. Oh, and thank you from me in Florida suffering another Teatard governor, Rick Scott.

How Do I Search for People Who Signed the Scott Walker Recall Petition?

The Wisconsin recall petitions -- consisting of more than 1 million names asking to recall Gov. Scott Walker, the lieutenant governor and four state senators -- have been posted online by state election officials. They're not searchable, but here they are:{6050034D-9036-45DA-8E19-D6F84AC9A9AF}

Did Scott Walker just throw the key and hold the grenade when it came to the Union stripping bill?

Yes! LOL! Baggers are so stupid!

What's the likelihood that the recall of Scott Walker will be successful?

Walker won the election by only about 100,000. With this overwhelming support for the recall I'd say he has little chance of winning the recall. Which is exactly why he has been out on the media trail (Morning Joe, Rush, Good Morning America, etc.) pleading his case. I wonder if the people of Wisconsin are funding his publicity tour?

What are the positives about Scott Walker's union bill?

Everything is positive. Wisconsin had a 3.6 billion budget shortfall. Walker's action dropped that down to 200 million. Prior to Walker's bill, public sector unions employees paid nothing for their pensions and only 5 % of their health care. They will now pay for half of their pensions and 12.6% of their health care, a sweet deal private sector employees would love to have. The fix has been in for the public sector unions for years. They contribute and support politicians that will ultimately be the ones the unions will bargain with for concessions. The checks and balances (taxpayers) are left out of the loop, like a snowball rolling down a hill, there's little to stop it building out of control. Public sector unions can still can bargain for wages, up to the consumer price index. Anything past that would require a referendum by the voters. You will find any number of opinions on either side of this issue. Listen to the language. Truth has a sound, we all know it when we hear it. It is the sound of rational, logical, often dispassionate presentation not angry rhetoric with forced facts sometimes dripping with spiteful attitude.

Once Scott Walker is ousted, will the new governor overturn the anti-collective bargaining measures?

I don't think the new governor can overturn the anti-collective bargaining measure. A new bill that repeals the old law will have to be passed in the State Legislature. Voters can also try and put a measure repealing the anti-collective bargaining law onto their ballot.

How is Scott Walker in WI helping his state by closing the offices that collect revenue for things like driver?

He is helping billionaires in his state. His opponents are vowing to recall him as soon as he is eligible for recall.

Scott Walker?

This is a great move by the Hurricanes. Walker will outdue his 51 point season from this year, and most likely can beat his all time season high of 67. Great secondary scoring type of player. Any Hurricanes fan should be excited about this guy.