Am I breaking terms by giving a free hybrid solar electric vehicle for Youtube & Facebook subscribers?

Well; you broke just about every spamming rule that YAHOO has for this site; if that helps you any.

Has my obsession with Justin Bieber gone too far?

I totally have no idea what you're talking about. But I think you've gone too far. I mean, bursting into tears because of Selena Gomez? Justin Bieber is human too.

What unlimited rev CDI would work for this scooter?

As far as I can tell from what I have read in the forums, your scooter doesnt have a rev limiter, and there are no aftermarket CDI boxes made for your make or model.

can i add a solar panel to an electric scooter??????

You could, but to only one battery at a time. I'll repost later w/ detail and how to avoid ruining either the panel or the batteries when I have some time.

The Question Is About Scooter Tier Blowing Norm.?

The TIRE PRESSURE is determined by the scooter manufacturer, it is listed in the manual, not the MAX pressure cast into the tire sidewall. The pressure in the new tire will be the same as the old tire, the figures you listed were in metric units, there is a USA conversion on the other side of the pressure gauge (PSI) Pounds per Square Inch. The "blowing machine" is called an Air Pump.

A boy rides on a scooter- Linear momentum question?

F . t = Impulse = change of momentum Total forward impulse = 3 . (100 . 0.5 ) = 150 Ns Total retarding impulse = 25 . 4 = 100 Ns Forward impulse = 150 – 100 = 50 Ns 50 = m . ∆ v m = 25 ∆ v = 2 m/s = speed after 4 s.

How do i take off the governor from a stand up scooter?

What is the magnitude of the scooter's acceleration?

what are some good glasses to wear when riding my scooter?

Just so you know, you are wearing glasses that exceed ANSI Z87.1 impact ratings. They have higher impact ratings and/or better less distorting impacts than the suggestions in some of the other posts. Half jackets have small lenses are not designed for motorsports. So you will get a lot of air leaking at higher speeds. oakley makes a pair specific to motorcycling called the "Wind Jacket". it is the Split Jacket model with a gasket around the orbitals so air doesn't leak around the lens/frame and hit your eyeball. Do NOT get yellow lenses unless you are going to swap them out. Yellow lenses are good for overcast days as their are a contrast enhancing lens. If you wear them in full sunlight, yellow lenses actually intensify light and get extremely uncomfortable. You can wear yellow lenses at night, just keep in mind that when you look at headlights, again, they will intensify the light and look like yellow fog lights (hurting your eyes). I work at a motorcycle shop and i hear people talk about this all the time. Best thing to do is to have different lenses for different light conditions (which the split jacket has). If you don't want to go with another pair of Oakleys, any reputable cycle shop will have riding specific glasses. HTH D