Where do you find science news articles?

New Scientist is a publication that I personally enjoy, but there are heaps more online. Most of them have at least a few things you should find interesting. Enjoy :)

Why does Fox News report on science news but not pseudoscience news? I thought they were fair and balanced?

I do not believe that anyone in here noticed the reverse psychology of your question or the humor in referring to Gravity as an unproven Theory.

What is a good place to find science-related news, without having to pay a subscription?

Personalise your home page, you can add topics there, and you get automatic updates. You can also use sites such as this (National Geographic) for free. http://www.nationalgeographic.com/index.html http://www.earth.ox.ac.uk/

Can you suggest me a good web science news portal, which tells about really important things.?

try this http://www.howstuffworks.com/

I have to do a science project and i need to do an experiment on breaking science news?

The sites below might help:

Where can I get the latest science news online?

Science daily.com

How could I find the latest technology news on IT or Science?


How Would I Go About Becoming a Freelance Writer For Science News?

Simple, really. Find the name of the chief editor or managing editor of Science News and write him/her a letter telling him you would like to become a freelancer and explain that you have a passion for science writing.. You should include samples of any articles you have written and a resume, showing your academic and work background. Hopefully, they have some science connection. Good luck!

What is the best website for acquiring up to date news specifically regarding science?

usatoday thats were i go to do engineering research

Science News?