How do you live through a school year with a mean teacher?

just concentrate on the work and get through it, knowing you won't have him at the end of the year for another class

How many clothes do I need to start off the school year?

This is what my entire wardrobe should consist of. but remember that you don't need to buy an entirely new wardrobe, just enough to make sure you have this: jeans- 5: dark skinny, light destroyed, medium boot cut, dark flare shorts- 9: 1 brown bermuda, 2 denim bermuda, 2 denim shorts, a fun color shorts, and some cotton ones/ soffes skirts- 3- one navy blue, two denim. one destroyed, one dark and solid graphic t's- at least 25 sweaters- 3, and get some more for winter when it comes around long sleeves- 2 graphics and 4 solids shoes- at least two pairs of sneakers and one pair of flip flops... at LEAST

What are the common start and ending dates for a school year in sixth form?

well i went to this UK school in China and it started around the same time maybe a little earlier and then it ends around the last day of June. But thats because they have way more breaks during the school year.

What happens if you fail your junior year of high school?

No I'm pretty sure if you fail more then two or three classes you have to retake the whole year. If you only fail two classes then summer school is an option.

What is the calendar school year in China?

Fall semester generally starts on Sep. 1st, and ends around just before Chinese New Year, Spring semester starts on March 1st and ends in mid-June. (or at least that's the case for all the schools in my area.)

How can a 14 year old Guy loose weight during the school year?

you need to use more energy than you take in (thats all i know of this matter thanks to biology today lol)

What are you planning on doing differently this school year?

What are the best songs and movies from the 2010-2011 school year?

my peacock by katy parry :3

Ways to convince parents to let 16 year old have a job during the School year?

do not what so ever work now, if you have someone who can support you then please pay attention to school, when you grow up you will pay them back because at that time you can be an engineer from paying attention to school or a doctor..etc

How come some school districts in Southern California have their school year end on June 18?

Budget cuts. we get out a week earlier, 4 day memorial break, and nxt year we get a week for thanksgiving.

What would happen to a 15 year old caught selling hard drugs to other students in high school?

Wow. Most likely juvie time. The least is out of school.

How do I not be shy during the new school year?

Do any girls have to wear black opaque tights all year at school or for work?

Get a good brand and enjoy the experience as much as you can. Black tights accentuate the legs nicely. Law professionals or even females in finance often wear hose in the office if not wearing a pants suit.

What are you most excited for the upcoming school year?

stolkked for grading! but at the same time sad.. :( im excited to see everyonee!

What would happen to a 15 year old caught selling hard drugs to other students in high school?

What im interested in knowing is has it happened or is it going to happen? How on earth do the kids afford $70 for the drugs when they are 15?! Do mum and dad know about the drugs?! If it was my old school they would be expelled charged and end up in some kind of juvenile correctional jail for X amount of years and hopefully if the justice system is working to get drugs and dealers off the streets and out of our childrens arms and noses then he will be prosecuted as an adult not just a child because he knows better than to sell drugs and the kids that are buying the drugs need a good swift kick up the @$$ for buying the drugs and steroids! Parents need to take a closer look at their childrens behavior and if they are parenting they should know somethings not right! Me personally if it was my son selling and or buying I would kick his @$$ to whoop whoop and back again and then send him to rehab and then jail just to make a point!

Are teachers allowed to quit during the school year?

It depends. Did you sign a teaching contract? If so, you may not be able to get out of it. If you're just employed at-will (no contract), then you can quit. The private schools here are at-will employment, while the public schools are contract. So, private school teachers can quit whenever, while public school teachers are stuck for the duration of the school year. You'll have to contact your school board of directors for details. Best of luck!

When does the school year in London start?

primary and secondary schools start early september, same with colleges and sixth forms. Universities start late september (around the 20th) but there is freshers week before that (no lectures)

Can you switch to homeschooling at any time during the school year?

I know where I live I switched a week before semester testing. I was having serious medical problems though that caused me to miss too many days of school. So I would of failed semester tests and had to redo that whole semester. I wasn't guaranteed to make it through high school with the problems I was having. It turns out my next door neighbor was home schooled. My mom went up to the school got some paper work and filled it out. I turned in all my books and on the paper work my mother wrote the subjects I will be studding and for how long and what times. We had it all done within two days. I think you should ask your school councilor they will give you more information. Make sure you do not lose the paper work and you get your grades up to that year. You will need it for college. All this is in Arkansas though so I don't know how it is for your state. Good luck though.

How early can I apply for off-campus housing for the upcoming school year?

I don't know of any college that allows non students to live on campus during the school year (housing is usually pretty scarce for the current students). I suggest you email someone in the residential office and ask if this is possible and what the process is.

How much better is sophomore year of high school than freshman year and why?

You get out of school what you put into it. If you study hard, you will get good grades. If you are nice to everyone, you will have lots of friends. If you get involved in lots of school activities, you will be well balanced. I will admit that the difference in being a sophomore as opposed to a freshman is easier because you have gotten use to the school and kids and you wont be the new class anymore. BUt beyond that, its totally what you do that matters.

Are there any jobs for fourteen year olds during the school year?

you could start a babysitting , pet walking, pet sitting, or tutor service!

Shopping for school clothes: How many outfits does a 5yr-old girl need to start the school year?

WEll my son is 5 and going in kidergarten too. I plan to buy him new sneakers and shoes, at least 4 pairs of jeans, a few sweaters and some tshirts. Probably new underwear and socks too. I like to shop at old navy for him becasue they have adorable clothing. My daughter is 8 going in grade 4 and I will probably buy her new bows for hair, shoes, jeans a skirt, sweater a few cute tshirts with sayings on them and new undergraments. Walmart is good because they have a mk and ashley line - barbie and princesses too. Zellers has trolls and hilary duff. Walmart has that garuntee - if it wears out before your child out grows it then they will replace it. Thats always good - just be sure to save receipts. Good luck :)

When does the canadian school year start?

i think its slightly different through out the country. in british columbia where i went to school it starts at the beginning of september (usually within the first week) and goes to the end of june. i think in alberta they started in august some time though. international... umm i think the usa would be similar to canada. i live in australia now and the school year runs from the end of january to the end of november.

Is it possible to transfer from home schooling to a public school in the middle of school year?

yes, a child can enroll in public schoo at any time during the school year. The school may require the child to take proficiency level test to place the child in the correct grade level so the child won't be behind the other students.

What is the first semester of the school year?

I would say the first semester is the fall semester.

How could I good grades and keep focused during the school year?

Get busy. There has been a positive correlation between the amount on a student's agenda and their performance in school. Sometimes, when you know that you have the time to take your time, you slack off. When you are busy, you are in a full-force working mode. Of course this depends on who you are, and what your personal studying strategies are. But it might be work a try. Join a sports team, or an activity, that way you won't have time to be lazy.

How easy is it to switch High schools during the school year?

You can change in the middle of the year. I've done it plenty of times when I was in middle school. I've been to 5 different middle schools between the years of 2003 and 2005. I just graduated this year.

How do I change my high school graduation year on Facebook?

I would try going to account settings and going to networks. leaving your high school. then joining again under a new year

Why does the school year in America start mid year?

Because of the importance of farming to the early American settlers, schools were closed in the summer so that the children could tend the crops and do other farm chores. That tradition continues today, but very few children still help on the farm.

Would a longer school year/days equate to a salary increase for teachers and school personnel?

I believe I read that an increase of 300 hours was suggested..that equates to 40 some days. There is no way that employees wouldn't be compensated. For a teacher making $40,000, that would be about $9500 per year. I don't see how this plan will ever come to be...there just won't be money to support it. I cannot imagine what it would cost to pay teachers, support staff, utilities, gas for buses...

Does the American school system start halfway through the year?

Yes. The school system was built around allowing kids to work the harvest on family farms or wherever. So the beginning of the school year is usually mid to late august and runs to late may, early june. There are some school systems that have gone to a different schedule, but this is still the dominant one, even though most kids don't work on farms anymore.

What do you usually do at football practice during the school year?

Summer workouts are the worst because they are trying to get you into shape for the season. Our practices always got easier as the season went along because the focus became more on learning and running plays. Our practices ran 2 1/2 to 3 hours. You'll want to at least rinse the gel out of your hair before practice because when you get to sweating it runs onto your face and if it gets in your eyes it burns like hell.

When does your university school year start and end? And when are the breaks?

It depends on the school. Some schools are on semester systems and some are on quarter systems. Here's what I know is true at least in California For the semester system, they typically start in late August or early September. Quarter systems tend to start mid to late September. For both types, winter breaks are typically 3-4 weeks long. Quarter system schools usually get out 2 weeks before Christmas and semester systems get out a week before Christmas. Spring break is usually somewhere in March for both types. And summer for semester systems usually starts in May while it starts mid June for quarter systems. There are 3 quarters (or trimesters) in a year for the quarter system and 2 semesters for the semester system in a year. The breaks are dispersed among the semesters. This is typically how they work in California. I have never heard about getting a 3 month break for winter.

What year of high school are we supposed to take physics?

Well here in California, we take physics (whether regular, honors, or AP) usually junior or senior year, but before this we take physical science, which covers basic physics, in 8th grade :) Hope this helps, and Good luck in Singapore!

How long is the school year in these countries & when do they start and end?

I'll give you the number of days. Finland - 190 Canada - 190 (Starts early/mid September and ends last week of June) Japan/South Korea/China - 220 - 240s (and the days are longer too) Australia/UK - 190-200 US is 180, one of the shortest.

How do I eat healthy in high school during the school year?

Peace be upon you, my friend: First of all, I am a fifteen-year-old girl. I am at a normal weight, and I am really attentive to what I put inside my mouth. So, I will tell you how to eat healthy because I know that eating healthy is very important to prevent any diseases, such as heart diseases, brain diseases, and so on. 1. Eat breakfast 2. Never try fad diets: they won't support your brain or your body, you will only temporarily lose weight, and will, very, very soon, gain more than your original weight! 3. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables daily. Eat a variety because all types are good 4. Make sure you eat whole grains, like whole-wheat bread instead of white bread, oatmeal, and brown rice rather than white rice. Bran is also very filling, so you can put 1 teaspoon of bran on top of your yogurt 5. You should limit your intake of sugar as well as of processed foods, lke: fried foods, pop, sugar cereals, and french fries 6. You should make sure you get plenty of servings from each food group. This is what I do (and do not worry, I do not gain weight because this is considered a very good healthy, balanced diet) You need to get some protein which is found in meat, chicken, fish, eggs, beans, or soy products 7. You need to get about 2 servings of dairy per say such as: cottage cheese, yogurt, or milk 8. Do not cut on the fats, you should eat some healthy fats each day, such as: olive oil, canola oil, nuts, and fish) 9. Fish is really, really healthy. You can eat about 2 fish a day. It will definitely improve your memory, your mental abilities, and a lot more. You should be eating about 2 meals of fish each week. If not, you can try "Omega-3 pills": they are for general health and well-being. I take one twice a day during meals to reduce cholesterol and to make me more attentive, and more fresh! 10. Spread out your calories 11. You need to drink LOTS of water 12. You should eat salad, because it consists of vitamins as well as minerals, which are rich in nutrients and so beneficial for your health and well-being. I make a simple salad that consists of only cucumber and tomatoes. Sometimes, I add some carrots and lettuce to it 13. You can get your favorite treat every now and then. Make sure you do not deprive or starve your self. I promise it would lead to binge-eating (Don't remind me of the regretful feeling I have after binge-eating. It is a feeling that sucks!) 14. You should exercise 3-4 times a week. I personally do some home exercises. For example, I do the squats 15 times, I jump the rope for 10 minutes, I do some crunches for my abs, and so on. 15. If you do so, then you are going to stay healthy and fit So, let me give you a simple example of what I eat: Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs 1 whole-wheat toast with cottage cheese 1-3 cucumbers Milk with cappuccino, OR tea with milk, OR skimmed milk with oatmeal (I use skimmed milk) * I can use lite yogurt instead of skimmed milk After 1-2 hours from breakfast, I treat myself with 1-2 pieces of different fruits, like a banana and an apple, an apple and a peach, 15 pieces of grapes and a peach, or with an apple, etc. Lunch: Grilled beef or chicken with green salad A slice of whole-wheat toast Dinner: 1 yogurt (lite) 1 piece of whole-wheat toast with cottage cheese 1 boiled egg What do you think? P.S. You do not have to follow this balanced diet, I am actually trying to lose a bit of weight :-)

When does the school year start in Canada?

Yes, it's true that school starts around late August/early September in Canada. But, you would just start year 10 (or whatever the equivalent is here) then. You wouldn't have to repeat half of your year.

How can I make this school year really fun and awesome?

i think you should just be happy and talk with everyone like they are your best friends and be really open about your life and funny because that will keep them interested in you and being funny will help have a good time (: . Also bring some of your own games/ sport equipment in and play with that! I also advise not to be too goody goody / swotty but still get on with your work!

How long does the England school year run. How old are you when you start school in England?

Your 5 when you start school in england

If I start high school and do drama club for the rest of my high school year will it help my acting career?

Step 1. Take acting classes -- this will help determine what you can do and what you like to do; you might find yourself interested in Shakespeare, or maybe you're destined to star in films. Step 2. Do plays -- this will help you get a sense for the real deal, working with people. I don't mean little kid summer camps, I mean community plays. Look for what you can audition for at your local theater. Step 3. Get good grades and get into a good arts college -- Julliard is nice, but if you don't make the cut, try a nice, private, liberal arts college Step 4. Become your own agent -- this way, you won't have to pay for one, and you can trust yourself. Extra Credit -- Join some theater camps or schools over the summer; it certainly couldn't hurt.

Can you start homeschooling during the school year?

If you do a search on questions that have already been answered, you will find so much info. on this. Briefly - YES. Each area has its own rules so you'll need to check there. Texas is a great state to homeschool in, btw. Homeschool and homestudy are not exactly the same thing. IF you want to do exactly what your local school is doing and continue on that path, then go to your district office and tell them you want to put your daughter on homestudy. They'll give you all materials and assignments, you will arrange to turn in the work and meet with a teacher once a week. Homeschooling is wide open to however you choose to educate your child. Try a packaged curriculum at first if you need to, then figure out what is best for your family. See this website for guidance: You just write a letter to your school and district informing them of your decision. They don't own your child or you. The law says that your child must receive an education, not by whom.

What is going to be the 08 school year highschool girl trend for carrying around books/school stuff?

I'm a sophomore now too. I'm guessing totes still. Sevetenn magazine will tell of course. :)

How can I start my home school year late?

Calm down, you're fine. School half days on Saturday, but make it fun, go longer in the summer and take a shorter winter break. Send the kids to educational day camps for spring break and you'll be fine. If that is not enough, tack an extra hour to 3 out of 5 instructional days, and you'll get to add an extra day to each working week. Also, document anything educational that your kids did while your family was unable to get organized. Think like an unschooler. We had a similar issue at our house this year, as serious life issues kept us busy through most of August and some of September.

Can a school raise tuition halfway during the school year and expect you to pay the new amount?

As far as I know, any tution adjustments would apply to the next semester. I wouldn't think they could just raise the tuition in the middle....without offering a 100% refund. What school is this?

When does the school year in California start?

schools in my area start anywhere from the first week in august to the third week.

How is the Condo market during the school year?

I'd say that if the US economy was going to recover, it would be well underway in 12 months. At that point real estate prices overall will recover, and interest rates may rise.

When does elementary school holiday/break start in 2008 after the new school year?

Try these links:

When does the school year start for Coconino high school in Flagstaff Arizona?

im guessing aug13 but i would try to call them or e-mail them Name Mr. David Roth Mrs. Diane Sorden Mr. Steve Bonderud Mr. George Moate Ms. Cris Ray Position Principal Assistant Principal Assistant Principal Athletic Director Assistan Principal Email

School Year?

probably 2 weeks into the second term. You've settled back into the rhythm but still aren't being overworked.

school year!?

Tell me of a High School that doesn't wear uniform and a teenager that doesn't want to express themselves. High school is not only about academic education but also preparing you for where you go after that. WORK (your future). What are your plans for after leaving school? Will the work you do require a dress code, uniform compulsory safety clothing. (don't abide by the rules at work and you loose your job) High school is for 5 years, work (your career) is another 50. Hold your head up high, be confident, use the little ways you can to express yourselves and know the limits. And hey, you are only in the classroom setting for 6 hours. Are you restricted after that and on weekends?