Why has the news media completely ignored the Chinese elementary school stabbing?

I heard about that. I honestly don't know why they are ignoring stuff that happens in other countries. Maybe if we all helped each other instead of fighting with each other the world would be a better plac.e

What is high school like?

Well everyone changes in high school. Your friends in middle school will most likely not be your friends in high school. I know this sounds bad but shoot for being popular. If you are not popular or semi popular you will have the worst time of your life. My high school is divided as follows: Popular: jocks mostly, pretty girls, mostly people who party and do drugs. Some may be clean but mostly everyone does one drug or another. Be friends with these people. Even if you dont hang out outside of school, they will help your image. They are secretly hated by everyone. Semi Popular: (my group) These people go to popular kids parties but arent as back stabbing. Usually have very busy lives, aka a full time job. Everyone likes them. You try to be nice to everyone so no one can be mean to you. Usually consist of smarter people with attractive bodies, but can have some exceptions. Like if you are funny and fat, things like that. Drifters: These people have no set group. They just drift from group to group talking to everyone and being nice. This is what I was freshman and sophomore year. I would advise this because you can make friends in high and low places. Just smile alot and try to be yourself. rednecks: country boys who have crazy parties with 4-wheelers and a crap load of beer. These people you want as friends because they are nearly considered insane. They are crazy and love trucks. So to fit in you definetly need a truck. All in all, a pretty nice breed. Nerds: These people are only liked for one reason.... To do homework. I befriended one of their kind to do my homework. They are okay if you can bare listening to their weird jokes and state of mind. Most are pretty nice but you really don`t want to spend to much time with them. Their parties involve weird foreign alcohol, an xbox, and a huge house. Social Rejects: Do not ever talk to these people under any circumstances. They are weird. They are creepy. They are the ones who will bring guns to school. Personal Experiences: I am a senior at my high school. Let`s just say that everything mentioned above does not work in the real world. High school is pretty much the only time you will divide people into clicks. It is definetly the best time of your life. Ive never had more fun, getting drunk with friends for the first time, releasing 6 pounds of cricket through out our school, people running naked through the halls on a bet, people getting busted for possession, getting held down and ducked taped to chair (4 guys literally jumped me and duck taped me to a chair for 4 hrs until a teacher found me), girls are crazy, everything just kind of rolls. Its pretty cool but remember it wont be your whole life. Don`t get consumed in the idea of how you will be there forever. You have to balance your studies with all these experiences. Good luck!

Who go stabbed at fort hamilton high school?

Not sure who, someone DID get stabbed though. But that was so long ago, somewhere around the first semester. These crazy stuff always happens in any high school, but the most craziest thing that happen in Fort, recently was - Mayor Bloomburge visited - Some kid, beat up some other kid up with his wooden crutches, and broke them.

Why do girls at school hate me so much ?

I have so many problems at school with my old friends who stabbed my back and talked shit about me all the time. Trust me if you like hangin with those guys well then fuck the world. those girls are jealous and when they realize that hating you has no point then they will stop. I am in 8th grade in middle school and last year was the worst year of my life, people hated me, talked shit about me, and my best friends were part of it, they talked crap behind my back and when i found out i thought my life was destroyed, that iw as gonna die, that there was no point living, that everyone hated me. i soon found out that there was too many people in the school for them to all hate me. if those girls want to say bad things about you, let them, dont let it get to you because thats what makes you feel bad. I know its hard and im sorry if its weird for you to take advice from an 8th grader, but trust me. you dont deserve to go through what i did., just let it go and live your life. i have real friends who have my back no matter what and even if i havent known them for long they have accepted me for who i am and now my old friends want me back. well to bad. hang with your guy friends and live yur life.

How to survive Middle School?

Hello, Middle School isn't that hard, sweets! Haha. I promise. I was always terrified. I was into movies, and I thought I'd end up getting stabbed. I walked around the school a MILLION times and still couldn't memorize the halls. I could not tell the difference between up and down. And then in high school, I couldn't even find the gym! It's the easiest place to find! Especially since I only had to walk in the same direction for about 30 more feet. You get used to it, though. I promise. Just go there before school starts and roam the halls with a parents, or ask the office for a map if they have them. It's honestly nothing like you'd imagine, though. You'll get used to it, though. Don't let your shyness get to you. Be yourself, though. ALWAYS. Talk to people you sit by. Just be calm. Everyone is probably just as nervous as you are. If you can, talk to someone the class before lunch and ask if you can sit with them. If you have to sit alone, it's okay. Things will get better, I promise! If you have an idea what kind of career path you want to do, stick with those classes. It'll help in high school a LOT because I find myself running out of room in my schedule for all the classes I am wanting/needing to take. AND you will not fail. I've gotten straight A's basically all of my life. It's not hard. Just pay attention, take notes, and don't be afraid to ask questions. If you're having trouble ASK ASK ASK. You will get it. Do NOT procrastinate, stay organized, and just do your work. If you turn everything in on time it's virtually impossible to fail. Then clothes... Clothes are dumb; they honestly STRESS me out. Just wear what you have. Don't worry about it. If you like it, wear it. Don't worry about cliques or anything. None of it matters. I don't even remember what I wear the day before, and if someone else cares so much about what I wear. . . They are just ridiculous. Or maybe even slightly creepy. Don't change yourself to fit in, because later in life you'll realize they aren't your real friends. You'll regret it. I hope this helped! Best wishes! :) -Lexi P.S. If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask me! You can follow me at the sources below! :) I hope I didn't bore you too much! Haha

I need some advice about high school and show buisness?

DO NOT DROP OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL! OH MAN, THAT'S SILLY! The acting "biz" doesn't care how educated you are or are not, BUT YOU should care. It is really not about talent either. Don't you watch any Seth Rogen movies? It is mostly about luck and timing, which are the same thing really. Do not drop out of high school. You will just be a statistic. You're 17, so that makes you a senior anyway. Just finish what you start. You will have plenty of time for the acting world once you're done with school. Do what you need to do to graduate. Whatever it takes for you to graduate, take care of it before you start something else. Make yourself into someone of whom you can be proud. Dropping out of high school is taking the easy way out, which is actually the harder way out in the long run. If you bail out of high school, what is next? When things get a little too tough in acting, will you quit that too? It's a matter of finishing what you start. It may be rough, at times it will absolutely suck, but finish school. The only person who really should care if you finish school is you. If you do become a "serious actor", you will not find roles overnight. You will need to do something to pay the bills. How do you expect anyone to hire you to even flip burgers if you couldn't even finish high school? Life will reward you based upon what you feel you deserve. At the very least, you should feel as though you deserve a high school diploma. No question about it, stay in school. If it takes you an extra year, stay in school. One more year to finish the marathon of the school system will pay dividends. Dropping out is the easy answer for the moment, but all it means it that times got a little rough, you fell a little behind, so you took the easy road and satiated your desires for the moment. Trust me, stay in school. I would advise someone to stay in school even if they were offered a contract for a TV show. Take the TV show, of course, but I would tell them to find a way to finish school, too, even if it took a bit longer and was very stressful. A lot of it has to do with the pride of accomplishment, and the ability to see a very long task through to completion. When you finish, you will have earned the right to say, "I can do anything. If I set my mind to something, I WILL see it through." This will also give you the right to be able to launch into the story about how you just about dropped out of high school because you fell a little behind. You pulled yourself up by your boots, refused to fail, wouldn't take no for an answer, and applied yourself to complete the goal. Once again, stay there. See it through. One more thing... In the scheme of life, finishing high school is really among the easiest goals to reach. Do you realize how hard it is to be taken seriously as an actor, for example? You will graduate high school, get on with REAL life, and look back and say, "Wow, why did I think that was so hard?" HARD is being rejected every single day IF you can even get anyone to notice you to give you an audition. If you think high school is hard, you are NOT prepared for the strong will and determination it takes to try to crack the industry. Just finish school. Doing this will also automatically increase your self-esteem. Can you imagine sitting through 12 years of school only to quit at the very end? What does that say about the strength of your character? If you attend one audition, feel like you gave it your all, but are rejected, are you going to quit? Acting is the single-most competitive industry on the entire planet. At least give yourself a solid foundation and newfound confidence before you take a stab at it. Even if you graduate at 19, big deal. Who cares? What you need to do is sit down with your counselor and see what the best-case scenario is for how long it will take you to finish, and I don't mean with a GED. Earn your right to walk across that stage. You will be happy you did.

well, today in florida there was a stabbing in school, how many more?

wow there was a stabbing in my school last year but that wasnt on the news, but its crazy im scared of people at my skool its huge like 5,000 its a high school and there are lots of gangs here

I was stabbed at school can i sue?

For sure is you can take him to court for medical bills and all the other stuff that comes with it. If the school was aware of the gang at the school and aware of how dangerous they are/were then yes you can sue them too. Have a nice night and have nice weekend

I witnessed violent behavior while following a school bus...should I call the police?

Emily, as a middle school teacher who has the responsibility to wait with students on the bus route to catch (not a school bus, but regular city transportation), I applaud you for following and doing as much as you did. Many people are so afraid to get involved these days, and when you think about it - it's much like bullying. Either you are a part of the problem, or part of the solution. In this case, you chose to be part of the solution. I can't tell you how many times I have called and emailed the transporation department of our school system with bus number, tag number, description of driver, time, and date. You don't know how important this information may be later. You can follow up with questions and you deserve to have someone respond. I have received many emails 'thanking' me for be observant, and caring about the children, and adults who are involved. You have done the right thing. I am sure, like in my city, you have access to the school district's phone number and/or email. They should have a transporation department and you should be able to follow up on this incident. I wish you the best and please - continue to call, follow, or do whatever you feel is necessary to ensure the safety of our children, and drivers, for that matter. Every little bit counts - and helps.

Is my school especially weird? Or is yours like this?

Every school is different. Some schools are more violent than others. Your generation has more technology than the generations before. This means boys your age are playing games like Grand theft auto 5 where you can kill hookers and cops in the game. That is gonna mess some kids heads up. Also all these videos on youtube are gonna mess some of the kids in your schools heads up. Your generations is going to be off the wall. So basically I am saying your school is going to be similar to others schools. You seem like a decent kid so just keep staying normal. Ignore all the craziness. When you get older, it gets better.

high school boys and gurls some questions?

1. are you happy with your current school?: Yeah I guess. My school is a public school, but it's still in the top 5 in my city, beating some private schools! 2. how old are you and what grade are you in?: I'm year 11, and 15. (Year 11 is 10th grade) 3. have you ever been bullied or have you bullied someone?: I have been bullied for my accent because I moved from my home country when I was a baby to America, where I learned to talk, and when I moved back I got bullied for years for my accent, but not badly. Just a few hateful words here and there, but I dealt with them. I don't think I've ever bullied, but I've seen bullying going on and not done anything about it. 4. Are there any gangs in your school? names of any gangs pls?: No, but there are kids there who's families are part of gangs. There's the Mongrel Mob and Black Power which are the main ones in my country, and I'm pretty sure there are some kids who are sort of or going to be part of them. 5. did you ever get in a fight with someone in ur school? if you have then why?:Nope. 6. any of ur frends in prison or in jail?? if so how many?: Uhhhh no can't say I have any of those... 7. have you ever been robbed or got jumped in school?: Got jumped? Is this some new term of teen gang conduct? If so, niether of those... 8. have any of your frends got stabbed or shot?? if so for what?: Okay this is getting more and more ridiculous. I think your school must basically be full of gang bangers, which mine isn't. It's got a certain group, doesn't mean they go stabbing and shooting up the school. 9. what do you think about gangs, gangsters an thugs?: Hate them if they live to live off others. There is the odd number of people in gangs who care about other people and don't do drugs or kill, and I don't mind those. But I haven't seen any personally, and I can't stand how cocky they are and how they have little respect for anyone or anything. I mean, they wonder why people hate them, it's because they're not safe to be around, they radiate fear and drug related issues. Kids, and I mean toddlers have been shot in my country, there's still a case going on about one girl who was put in a washing machine. All of these murders were people from gangs so I hate them. 10. whats your opinion about fake gangsters?: Like white gangsters? Those are mainly the teen/early 20 year olds who have nothing better to do. I don't like them either. IMPORTANT ----- WHAT STATE ARE YOU FROM?: I just have to say that not everyone on Y!A is from the USA. But I lived in New Hampshire when I was there, and North or South Dakota, I can't remember which.

I fell over at school and started crying?

That's what happens when you stab someone. Stabbing is a felony and you could have had charges pressed against you and ended up in jail. You're lucky you just got In School Suspension.

If I were to get into a fight at school, what would be the consequences?

It depends on the policy at your school, as well as on what you did and who saw you. Some schools have a "zero tolerance" policy. I know a middle school boy who was suspended for blocking a punch. He did not even punch back. The boy who punched him was expelled. I also know a boy who, in elementary school, stabbed another boy with a knife [not seriously, but still...] and was not expelled. I heard of a local boy who was expelled for having an airsoft gun on campus, which he was using to film a movie. It is my understanding that even those not at fault are likely to deny that they have been in a physical confrontation. For instance, one boy attacks another, they struggle together on the ground, a teacher sees them; and they both say they accidentally fell down. Well, in many cases you can get in trouble for defending yourself, so kids act accordingly. I do understand that sometimes the teachers can't tell which is the aggressor, since not everybody tells the truth. So they end up punishing both of them. So, to get back to your question, it depends on the school policy, what happened, and who saw it.

Knife blade under 3 inches in school?

On private property like a school, where you have been requried to read and confirm with a signiture of the reading of a handbook, they can enforce their own supplementary rules. IN this case. If you bring a knife to school, and use it, you will be caught. If you are caught with a knife, you will go the the principal. If you go the the principal with a knife, you will most likley be suspended. Don't get suspended. Don't bring a knife to school. Get direct-TV. (there may be no law against it, so you cant be punished by law, but you still can get in alot of trouble with the school, school security, and the police officer assigned to your school if you have one.)

★ Back to School Survey!?

Hey. :) What year are you going to be this school year? → Fourth year, Senior. O_____O" What anime school would you want to go to? → The school in Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni. >:D I'd love to be in the midst of those people. O.O" Do you prefer wearing uniforms? If so, what colors would your uniform be? → I've never actually had to wear a uniform; my school is the only one in our region that doesn't have any. O.o" Not really interested in uniforms though...but they are kind of cute. >//////< I suppose I wouldn't mind a...black and blue uniform though. XD They look nice. >.<" What time does your school start? When does it end? → It starts at 8:33am and ends at 2:31pm. :D What classes are you taking this school year? → My classes this year are... - University French 12 [mandatory - I attend a French school]. - Philosophy - Music 12 - Writer's Craft - English Literature - University English 12 [also mandatory] + two free periods. :) [my teachers actually said that I should have free periods. XD] Who (anime charas) would you want to be in your class? → Risa, Ed, Zero [VK], Lucy, Gintoki...>_____<" And the cast of HNNKN. :D Who would you want to sit in front/back/beside of? → Front: Risa Koizumi. :) So I would have an excuse not to take notes. >.>" Back: :O No one! >:\ I wanna sit in the back! >:O >.>" But I'll choose...uhhhmmm...>_________<" Ed Elric. O.O" So that...uh...he wouldn't be able to see either. >____>" Beside of: Zerooooo. ;D So I could catch side glimpses of him. O.O" Constantly. Who would you want your “shoe locker” to be next to? → o.o" Gintoki. >.>" so I could steal his katana. If you could create your own club what would it be? → >.<" A manga/anime club. Or just a book club. XD My school seriously needs either one. >________<" Ohhh, now I really want a manga club... .____.' What anime character would you confess to? → O_O" C-confess? >//////< I would never do that! >.>" Too nervous. ^-^"" >.>" Only confessed to someone once ever. -______-" And that was awkward...>.>" I'd just..get close to...O.O" Lucy! Mhmm, that's right. >____>" Do you have a bento box or do you buy your food? → O.O" Both. :D >___________>" Not on the same day, of course. >.>" Not unless I'm very hungry. :D >.>" Usually a bento box though. ^-^" Would you eat in the classroom, cafeteria, outside, or on the rooftop? → O_O" Omg! :D Rooftop. Lmao, that'd be awesome. *-* >______>" Wish I could actually do that. DX Stop getting my hopes up! >:\ Do you know how to use chopsticks properly? → ... >.>" Nope. XD I've attempted multiple times and a few have tried teaching me... -_-' But I fail miserably. I just stab my food with them. :) Though...I CAN eat noodles with them sometimes...>.>" Only sometimes. What would your class do during the school festival? → *-* Those things are aweshum. >:P ...>>.<<" I honestly don't know what the class would do though... >__<" A café DOES sound awesome though...>:D *steals your idea* Do you have any after school activity? → I have jazz band. :D >:D Beware of my great trombone skills! >:F *exaggerating* Be honest, are you excited to go back to school? → ._____.' Not one bit. >.>" I'm kinda scared of entering my final year, to be honest. v_____v Byeezz. :D

Why is an American school shooting international news, but a Chinese school stabbing not?

If the school shooting hadn't taken place in an upscale neighborhood, it would not be subject to the goregasm of media wallowing it has received. The media, being controlled by corporate interests is very much trying to push the dead-horse gun control/confiscation/ammo-ban agends it has been behind for several years because corporate America fears that people becoming more aware of how badly they are being screwed may resort to a revolution. Why else do you think the police state has been building?

starting at new school?

I don't want to upset you but I feel the need to be brutally honest. Middle school is going to suck. Fortunately (kinda), it will suck no matter where you go. Middle school is, in my opinion, one of the worst things to happen to adolescence - a couple hundred hormone-ebbed kids are thrown together into class rooms with stressed out teachers and terrified administrators. It doesn't matter what the rep of your school is, that's just the reality of it. The psychological differences between kids going in to middle school and the ones leaving are so vast that it just adds to the problem. On the bright side, however, it's a very small portion of your life (2 or 3 years?) and despite how it may feel at some points you WILL make it through. You have the benefit of having attended a private institution, so if you do end up in a public school you'll have the educational upper hand, and that will get you every where. What you need to do (regardless of where you go) is find GOOD friends that you can rely on. Unfortunately, being a girl you got the short side of the stick and you're going to go through a lot of nasty friends before you find the good ones. My little sister, bless her heart, just got out of middle school and finally learned that a friend who stabs you in the back isn't worth your time. Keep that in mind from the get go and you'll be much happier. I met my best friend in middle school - now we're about to graduate college together and I never plan to loose her. Remember, too, that it's the social structure of middle school that drives the students crazy - the educational part isn't all that hard. Like a good student, stay on top of your work, focus on classes and stay on your teacher's good side, and you'll be set with grades. Keep in mind, too, that some of the best school counselors are in the middle schools - don't be afraid to seek their help when you're feeling lost. Going to them doesn't make you crazy or a wuss or whatever people say. It just makes you that much smarter. There's a reason adults pay hundreds of dollars to see psychologists. They're a good investment! ^_- Take the help for free while you can. Having an impartial person to talk to about anything makes life that much easier to deal with. More than anything keep in mind that you're not the only one going through middle school. Everyone there is experiencing the same problems as you as are millions of other people across the world -- and millions more have made it through, just as I'm sure you will. The fact that you're thinking about these issues shows that you're wise beyond your age; so when middle school gets you down just remember that you have high school just over the horizon. (Also, if you don't mind my saying, based off of what little I know of you -- which is obviously very little -- you seem like you're built for college. You're obviously smart, and have a good head on your shoulders. I really do hope you attend college. It's a difficult journey but I feel like you would benefit from it more than a lot of folks. ^-^ Don't over look it - it's always possible!!)

The principal unfairly suspended my son from school for no reason.Should I sue? What to do...?

Students are not allowed to have machetes on school property. This isn't a new rule that might have escaped your son's attention. He's been living with this rule for his entire school career. So have you. So no, it's not true that your son "did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG." He broke a serious rule. If you were not prepared to expect him to comply with the rule, you should have found an alternate way of educating him; if he's going to go to public schools (and most if not all private schools) the rule is "No machetes on campus," not "No stabbing people with the machete that it was perfectly acceptable for you to bring to campus." Next, we can't possibly say what your son was or was not planning to do. The only one who can say what he was planning to do is him - and he has a reason to lie, so even if *you* believe him, that doesn't mean that the school authorities have any reason to. And your son's friends knew he had the machete and probably saw it, so yes, he did show and tell other students about the weapon. Moreover, having the thing on campus does threaten other kids' safety. Even if your son wouldn't have intentionally hurt a fly, his friends could have been planning to take and use the machete to hurt someone, or the 5 of them together might have been playing with the weapons when someone fell on it. Maybe he didn't threaten anyone (although again, all we can really know if we don't know your son well enough to be able to tell when he's telling the truth and when he isn't) is that nobody came forward and accused him of threatening someone) and maybe he didn't stab anyone, but the point of rules like "No machetes in school" is to handle the problem long before it ever gets to the point that another child or a school employee has been threatened or stabbed. If you are serious about suing the school, you should talk to a Pennsylvania lawyer about the chances that you could win. Many lawyers will give you a first appointment free so you can decide whether or not you want to hire them and they can decide whether or not they want to represent you. But I've got to tell you that I don't think the principal was too harsh. Nothing short of out-of-school suspension is appropriate. Maybe he should have called the police on the boys while he was at it. I'm really not sure what I think about that. I don't think you're likely to find a judge or jury who thinks the principal was too harsh, either. If you're upset that your son has a machete at all, I'm sure you can understand that the other parents with kids in that school would be upset that he had one around their children. And finally, I don't agree that "any responsible parent" would have refrained from punishing a young man who took a machete to school. The "almost comically poor decision-making" in this case was the 5 boys' and if your son is old enough to get a machete without his parent noticing, a talking-to by a parent who is also fuming about the suspension and calling his principal ugly names is unlikely to convince him that he really messed up. It would be a tragedy if your son turned out to be the kind of kid who would use a machete against his peers and he just went and got a second one now that you've confiscated the first, but it would also be a tragedy if your son turned out to be a basically good kid who didn't get the message that he can't go around doing this sort of thing until after he had been convicted of a serious crime.

Have you ever witness a stabbing/shooting at school?

at my old school there was multiple chainsaw killings on our playground in 3rd grade...it was horrible, back then i was in 6th grade so we did'nt go outside

are the schools in usa like over here?

Some schools are that bad and others aren't. It depends on the area. I don't think Obama will have much effect on the tension in schools, but I don't think there should be government schools anyway because they have proven to be some of the most pathetic schools in the world.

Home-school or Public High School?

I started online-schooling this year. And I understand how you feel like you're missing out. Sometimes I feel like that too, but then I look back to freshmen year and honestly I remember I wasn't missing that much. Except back-stabbing, liars, drama, annoying school pep rallies. Plus I learn better while I'm on my own. But being social and having friends and dating is an important part of life, so my best suggestion would be get a job. Through a job you'll meet friends and maybe a cute co-worker. I haven't gotten a job yet, but I'm planning on getting one eventually and I think that will be a good way to make friends. Also, join a club! Think about something you're interested in and find a club around your community. That's a great way to make friends, and then also you'll have something to talk about right off the bat. Good luck. If all else fails go back to high school for your last 2 years of high school, and force yourself to be more social.

All of my middle school life has seemed to be a waste of time.?

Middle School sucked for me too, it was almost a complete waste. High School is better, still eager to finish though. Just forget about middle school, it's behind you, time to start fresh. I'm not going to lie and say I had a super-great time the first year of High School. There were a lot of adjustments, new people to get used to, new teachers, I made a lot of mistakes, and so on. But I can honestly say i'm in a much,much better place now than I was in middle school, I can tell you that much. People are a lot more mature but still a lot of fun. Okay, so some advice: 1) I know you've probably heard it a lot before, but don't slack off. I did, and now I'm going to have to work double-hard to make up for it. 2) Please do yourself a huge favor, and stay away from any drama. This is another thing I should have done and didn't, and it caused me a lot of irritation and I lost friends who I might have became closer with. Seriously, you'll be pushed into it all the times, but it's not that hard to stay away from. And when you're done with freshman year with all your friends still behind you, it will be well worth not having been involved with the gossip and the back-stabbing. 3) Take advantage of any clubs your school offers. It's a good way to meet new people. This is yet another thing I regret not doing. Also, if your school offers tutoring in any subject that you find difficult, try it out. It will probably help a lot. 4) BE CONFIDENT. Even if you're not, do your best to appear so without being fake. I know it's hard, but there are always nasty people who prey on insecurity and will push you down. I know it's cliche, but try to believe in yourself as much as possible. Set goals, both acedemicly and socially. Confidence is what will get you good grades, good friends, and a good guy. So the bottom line is, you'll have more freedom but you need to make sure you don't fall through the cracks. Keep up the balance between friends and school, and it's all good. It's okay to be nervous, but just remember that everyone else starting High School is/was just as nervous as you. Good luck, you'll be fine.

Ideas for school musical!?!?

Not knowing the makeup of your school, it is hard to take stabs in the dark at what would fit your abilities... so instead, I will just name great shows that fit most schools and that fit well in a christian environment. 1. Children of Eden - Bible Stories revolving around what it is to be a father... incredible music by stephen schwartz if a bit difficult (but hey so is Jesus Christ Superstar)... set can be pretty minimalistic. 2. Urinetown - extremely funny (one of the funniest musicals) and fun music... not as "dirty" as it sounds... perfectly fine for a christian school as far as I can remember... 3. Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat - Every christian school will do this show at one point or another... it is a staple all around the country by all of the summerstock theatres. A go to money maker... very light... extremely fun music by andrew lloyd weber... and it's a bible story that doesnt really try to be anything but that 4. How to succeed in business without trying - very accessible, but has some themes that may not be appropriate "a secretary is not a toy" being one of the songs. These themes can be downplayed greatly. 5. Seussical - revised slightly since it was on broadway it actually became far better and is sooo much fun for the audience as well as the performers... has a story line that follows major characters from famous Seuss books... this is another that you must do eventually... very good fit for any school and especially a christian school because it has NO racy themes. 6. Once on this island - written by the same duo that did Seussical (and ragtime).. strong score and a story that makes people cry every night.. major themes are the strength of love vs death and racial equality... very fun ensemble peice and a great show off peice for several voicetypes. 7. Zombie Prom - If your environment is ok with zombies...actually this show has little to do with anything zombie and everything to do with spoofing musicals like grease. except it is far better and more touching and funnier than grease. The main character falls into a jumps into a nuclear reactor and turns green...and .. well zombie looking... story follows him fighting for the his girl and his racial equality within the school system... very funny, very sweet. 8. Godspell - another telling of the story of Jesus by schwartz. It is at this point a classic. 9. Sound of music.. really good if you have access to even younger kids... and serves as a great study in history (not that it is accurate about the main characters, but it evokes an understanding of the thoughts and moods of people in that time) it is also a classic of which everyone knows all the songs fairly well. 10. 1776 - omg a great musical... but only has a ton of guys in it (and one girl) so often never done in schools. 11. Music Man, if you have a charismatic male, there is no reason not to do this show... pure fun. there are tons others.. but I tried to pick ones that stoodout and werent already mentioned which had large casts (or could have large casts) in anycase.. there a literally hundreds of good musicals that will fit. Have fun with whatever you choose. All the other answers seem like decent choices as well... I would be wary of Once upon a mattress tho as it deals with pregnancy before marriage and alludes comically to the act which resulted in it... it is very good musical for most high schools, but maybe not for a christian school... depending. Cats is dance heavy as he says... without a lot of choreography the show seems kinda flat and without substance... so beware.

Does home schooling 'mess' children up?

My best friend and fiancee were homeschooled, but I went to public school. I would say roughly 3/4 of kids I went to church with (in kansas) were homeschooled. Because Wichita has such a large homeschool population, there are lots of sports teams-- pretty much anything you can think of-- that played against church school teams, so there are plently of opportunities to interact with kids your own age, even if you don't attend a church. I don't think homeschoolers are "socially retarded" or anything, it's all about the parents and the opportunities they give them. They can either give their kids the opportunity to hang out with other kids or they can keep them trapped inside the house, but really, isn't it the same with public school children as well? I do think that my best friend especially, can be a little nieve. My fiancee could tell you all about bullies! Just because it's a church doesn't mean there aren't bratty kids. He has ADHD and he used to tell me about when he was a kid and the older kids would get so annoyed with him they'd lock him in a closet or stick him in a trash can. My best friend does have trouble making new friends-- she's not really an extrovert, which to be honest, I think does have something to do with being homeschooled. She just has a little bit of social anxiety. I think this could be the same as living in a small town and moving to a big city though-- she had the same friends throughout her whole life and then she got married and moved to Kansas City, she's been there for about 6 months and hasn't made any friends yet. The effect on the family-- my best friends family are all homeschooled, she has three younger brothers. Her two younger brothers desperately want to go to public school, but her oldest brother just graduated and seems indifferent. I think her younger brothers are just a little more outgoing and want to spend all day with their friends. Plus, their mom is really strict and I think they are under the impression they will get off easier at school ;) My fiancee has an older sister and a younger brother, raised in a strict christian family and they both have rebelled pretty badly. I think this has less to do with being homeschooled and more to do with being pressured to be good and cracking, BUT the downside is that their mom feels it is entirely her fault because she raised them by herself-- she doesn't have anyone else to blame it on but her since she was with them all day, every day. Hope I helped! :) edit// since this is for a paper, I figure I'll throw some more info in here! I think homeschooling is also wayyy beneficial for people with disabilities-- like I mentioned before, my fiancee has ADHD. My brother does as well, but the difference is-- the school told my mom my brother needed to be on medication for him to be in normal classes. Homeschooling was not an option because she was a single mom, so he was on lots of different medications all throughout his childhood (one almost killed him) and he eventually dropped out of high school, because he had really low self esteem and kids made fun of him. My fiancee on the other hand, graduated high school and went on to technical school, graduated and now is a United States Marine. His Mom MADE him do the work-- she tells stories about belting him to the chair to make him sit and not get up! A one-on-one education like that is really beneficial in those situations. Also, another girl from my church is partially deaf, and her whole family (all deaf) are homeschooled. //sorry I keep making this longer! One thing I can think of that can be a pro or con-- I KNOW a lot more people than they do. It may just be me; I went to a public school, attended one college for a year and now attend another, did volunteer work around town, and then I worked at a bank-- so every time I go into Wichita I ALWAYS run into someone I know. They just don't have as many "connections", which I find are really helpful for finding jobs, etc. Also, I can put things on job applications they can't, mostly officiar positions held in clubs and whatnot, but again, that could be different from regular public school kids too. Also, they got to pick and choose what they were exposed to. I was exposed to pot and alcohol AT school at a young age-- the first week of middle school if I remember correctly! They decided if they wanted to go to parties or not. My best friend wasn't exposed to any alcohol until her late teens, and then not in a party setting, but in a formal setting where no one was drinking to get drunk. My fiancee decided to take the opposite route and starting smoking pot when he was around 16-- he stopped and doesn't really even drink now either, it was more of a teenage thing he's grown out of. So you aren't really exposed to the same forms of peer pressure, which is a good thing in my opinion.

How much of life is AFTER high school?

I was homeschooled for part of high school, so I understand what its like to be isolated. But to be honest, you haven't missed much. Middle school was a horrible time for most of my friends and I. It was our akward stage, and we all had problems fitting in and making new friends. The two years of high school that I did do, also sucked. Everyone was worried about dating and being the most "popular" person. No one cared about school, or just having good friends...everyone stabbed each other in the back and that's why I left. I was also fat in high school, which made it harder for me. I started home school my junior year, went to the gym and lost 45-50 pounds. I wouldn't go back to high school for anything now. I graduated high school in '09, went to community college a semester...took a break for 6 months and worked. And now today is my first day back at my new technicial college and I can't wait. Trust me, you didn't miss anything. You gained probably a lot of maturity and I bet you did much better in school. And don't stress about the dating thing. I went to 3 years of middle school, 2 of high school and never had a date. Even today, I have been out of high school for over a year and I still haven't much...it will happen when it happens. When you start college, you will meet people who are interested in whatever you are studying...join clubs or join a sport and you will meet someone. =]

did/does your school have a bad reputation?

He Yes! Worst school in the whole district. They finally shut that baby down and turned it into a boot camp. About my school The people there were either A. In A Gang B. Would fight you over you stepping on their shoes C. Had lots of guns & knives. We never had a normal class because people would either A. Pull the fire alarm all day B. Fight students C. Fight the teachers Lunch was out of the question why? A. Someone would always start a food fight B. People would steal food C. A kid once jacked the pizza guy outside for all the pizzas Our school was mostly black and in the hood so, we had a bad rep since day one. We actually are literaly locked in by gates. Out school was horrible but I'd go there again for another 3 yrs. It was lovely. Oh yea pregnant teens were ever where & last yr we only had less than a 100 gradute from Garringer HS, look it up. We're on wikipedia

how is high school in the midwest?

My daughter went to a high school in the burbs not in milwaukee, but in the outlying burbs. Its pretty much the same as far as the cheerleaders and football players are the popular ones, etc. etc. but those popular ones are the ones whose parents dont care about them or what they do and they party a lot, of course not all, but the majority. Also the popular ones are the ones who would pretty much stab their own friends in the back, so it may seem to be cool to be popular but those friendships are only skin deep and when high school is over, they have to face real life.. Lots of marijuana smoking and kids are having sexual relations very young. Luckily my daughter was very popular just by being herself and liking all people in all groups. The school has really good academic programs like you can get your CNA certification at the school, your childcare teaching certification, and others and lots of AP classes and AP kids leaving school and going to college for advanced classes. Mostly closed campus at the school. I cant comment on what it would be to go to like an inner city school cuz like I said we were in the burbs, more middle and upper middle class.

Violent child allowed back in after school program?

Public schools are pretty much obligated to allow all children within their boundaries to attend. OTOH, the school is only obligated to give any particular child so much attention and services. Both of these are symptoms of a broken school system. We had a similar problem when our child was in fourth grade, except that the perpetrator did not have any diagnosis....she just hated our child. After she attempted to kill our child by choking her to death, the perpetrator received three-days of in-house suspension...she had to sit in the office until ten in the morning, after which she returned to the class. Needless to say, the day our daughter was attacked was her last day in school. There's not much you can do about this at all, except keep an eye on the child. You are working within in a system that is completely broken. Until the system itself is fixed, there's nothing significant you can do. You have my sympathies. All the best.

student stabbed in school?

You should suggest that you all get discussions on how to prevent this in the future and to bring in Security to have checks on all Students entering the building. If one person gets away with it then it becomes the norm for others to follow.

Anime about Japanese Schools?

I'm going to take a stab at this as no one else has responded to this question and hope that it's what you are looking for. Some animes which take place in Japanese schools and which do not include a lot of romance (i.e. there may be a little bit of romance in them but romance is not the major part of the story) include: Hikaru no Go (about a middle school's Go club) Prince of Tennis (about a high school's tennis team) Whistle! (about a junior high student struggling to become a player on the school's soccer team) The anime Bleach and Buso Renkin also have major parts of the story taking place at the schools where the main characters go, at least at the very beginning of the stories. If I can think of any more I'll edit this answer but until then, I hope you find you enjoy these series. Sorry if it's not what you were looking for.

Help me move schools?

Sweetheart, I'm a rising high school sophomore (going to 10th) & I've moved schools more than 6 times in all of middle school. Those two friends you have, value them. Moving to a new school for popularity and/or more friends is the worst thing you can do for a few reasons: 1.) Just because you move doesn't mean you'll be popular. Ever read The Clique series or seen the movie The Clique? If so you know how hard Claore tried to fit in & was repeatedly rejected because of how she was, yet at the end Massie found her to be really helpful. If you've read the books you'd know the motto: The only thing harder than getting in, is staying in. And this is true to real life. Once you're in - if you ever get in - you either have to change or be kicked out. The change isn't always for the best. When I moved, I went back and forth from popular to outcast. I found being popular fun, but then I realized how mean I became. I'm now apart of the "outcast" group. Those kids are my best friends ever. 2.) Most transfers don't include buses. The only time they do is when you're in a sticky situation. For example, I was in a program in my state the allowed me to get a bus to my house (I lived far out & the zoned school was bad & too far) AND I for free lunch because money was tight. Things like that get you to be made fun of if you tell the "popular" kids. True friends won't care where you live, what you wear, or how "poor" you are. Popular kids do. 3.) They will LIE to you. They will make people hate you. They will get you in trouble. Also, they will kick you out for saying even ONE wrong thing. Popularity is an illusion. You may think that they are the most perfect people in the world - because you're in the outside. Once you're in, you'll find out a lot about them. They talk about EACH OTHER behind their backs. 4.) Loss of real friends. Once you're popular, you do bad stuff. You'll drop your TRUE friends for fake ones. Then when you realize what you did, you're LUCKY if they take you back. I've been on all sides. In the words of Claire & Massie: I'd rather be a friendless loser than be friends with people that secretly hate me. And one more thing: popular kids see other popular kids (especially new ones) as a threat. It's everyone for themselves in a lot of situations. Have you seen Mean Girls, Mean Girls 2, & Teen Spirit (even in The Clisue)? In every one of those movies, there is back-stabbing. Mean Girls: Katy back-stabs her first two friends, then Regina (and Regina does the same), Mean Girls 2, the main character sells her friend out, & in Teen Spirit, the second-in-command turned out to want the most popular girl's place. Middle school popularity is a joke. In high school it is too but not as much. Like in HS, a lot of people are "popular" to others because they have good qualities. I know you don't want to hear this, but trust me, it's for the best. Want to be popular on your own? Run for Class Prez, Homecoming (if it's allowed there), and/or Prom Queen. Sure usually the most popular witch gets elected, but running a good campaign & be honest yet sweet and nice will get you know AND get you popular for a good reason. Bit because you're pretty or a cheer caption.

why do all my school friends hate me?

that's why they are school friends. same apply w/ friends at home. HOME is where THE HEART IS. ALSO YOUR TRUE FRIEND. feel at home and relax talk to your home friends about those back stabbing ppl at school. Your at home friends wont mind. Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind

Does your school have any creepy places, stories, or a creepy past?

well there was someone stabbed on my school grounds before and my cousin was there at the timed(at the other side of the school) and she got questioned and all and a guy that was in 5th year(now thrown out of the school) tried to rape a girl in 4th year (he half succeeded)

I do not want to go to school tomorrow.?

Clearly, you should sit your @55 down in school and learn, just based on the fact that you want TO STAB YOURSELF TO GET OUT OF SCHOOL! Are you really that stupid? Yes, school seems like it sucks, but with a high school education, for jobs you can get bub-kiss. You live pay-check to pay-check, barely making enough to get by, you don't get to have anything fancy or nice because you can't afford it, and you will work until the day you die. If you suck it up, go to high school and get some sort of post secondary education your life will have a way better chance of being good. Let me put it another way, I am 18, first year engineering student, and I get summer jobs to work for 3 months and I get paid $18 000 for oil and gas companies. I saw someone who just barely scraped through high school because they wanted to have fun and skipped classes, saw him the other day selling corn on the side of the highway. They are lucky to make $18 000 in a year. Great living, barely making a enough to eat that day. Either go to school and plan to go for post secondary, or go to school at get at least your high school education then apprentice for an Electrician. An electrician is one of the highest paying jobs you can get with just a high school education. You can make up to $50 000 a year. But stick to going for post secondary. Engineers can make $60 000 a year first year out of university, and that can quickly climb to $90 000. So, don't go skipping school, either that or plan to work everyday of your life until you die and live it a small run down place with a bunch of other people so that you can afford the place.

PLEASE HELP MEEE!!!!!!!!! any1 who was or is public schooled!!!!?

Hey there! It's so nice that you get to be a part of the decision... some parents don't let their kids decide where to go to school. ;) I was homeschooled up until high school, and then I went to a few different public schools. Kind of like your situation, the schools in my area when I was going into the 9th grade weren't very good (a lot of drug use and violence in the school) but we couldn't afford a private school and for some reason I thought it would be way more fun going to public school so I just decided to go to the "ghetto" school in our city. It was a horrible experience, and the fact that it was my freshman year made it even harder on me since freshman are often bullied or at least ignored by the older students. I only stayed for one semester, but here are the pros and cons of going to public school my freshman year: Pros: - The classes were actually easier than I thought they would be. - I got straight A's and all of my teachers liked me. - I joined JROTC and the school chorus and I made friends in both activities. - It was fun getting to socialize a bit more than I did as a homeschooler. Cons: - Someone at my school got stabbed the first week of school. :P - A lot of my friends were bullied really badly by the older students. - Tests, essays, and projects were a lot more stressful than I thought they would be (especially since high school grades are permanent and actually matter!) - I never felt like I got enough sleep since I had to wake up very early every day and worked on homework until late at night. - I didn't really "fit in" with everyone else... this is also a "pro" since it meant I was ignored for the most part and didn't get involved in the majority of the drama at the school. - After some gang violence broke out the school, my parents decided that it wasn't a good learning environment so after finals they decided I wouldn't go back to that school. So I was then homeschooled for the rest of my freshman year and then I moved to another state and lived with relatives and went to a better public school for the rest of high school. Here are the pros and cons: Pros: - I learned to assimilate a little more, and actually became one of the popular (but not snobbish) kids. - I continued getting good grades. - Almost all of my teachers were really nice and when I graduated last year many of my teachers wrote really nice letters of recommendation for me to universities. - I had good relationships with the school administrators, principle, and my school counselors. - When I started applying for college, the school counselors helped me apply for scholarships. :) Cons: - Because I was more involved in the social aspect of my high school, there was a lot of rumors and drama going on which was annoying and distracting and actually really hurtful sometimes. - I missed how relaxed home schooling with my mom was. :P - The food at the school cafeteria sucked! - I had some issues with a few people at the school and it was really lame having to see them at school and even having to talk to them in some of my classes. So overall it was a pretty good experience and I'm glad that I went to public school for a while. I will definitely homeschool my kids someday though, just because I think the quality of education is better at home since homeschooled kids get one-on-one attention instead of competing with thirty other kids for help from the teacher. I'm sure that moving will be a big change, but sometimes change is a good thing and you sound like you'd fit in at school well and be happy there. :) Well, whichever you choose, I hope it all works out for you! :)

How many people did you stab while you were in school?

I'm going to read more into that question and I find it tragic that depression, suicidal thoughts, etc...are so prevalent these days that I believe these types of thoughts of "stabbing" or killing kids in school has become such an issue. Back in "my day", none of this stuff went on. Kids had sex AFTER high school, not when they're 11 yrs old and the worst drug anyone tried was pot. Society makes me so sad. And it's not the kids' fault they want to stab people...it's a combination of so many things. I read in the mental health section here of all the 15yr olds who want to kill themselves and it's shocking! Okay, I know I've really gone on enough. It's just that I understand...so to answer your question, I've never even wanted to stab my worst enemy in school. NOW, i want to stab everyone who looks at me.

Taking online school for High School?

Yes, Yes, and yes. That's high school for you, with all its crap, and "just hang on it will be over soon"; but you know what? Time is precious, and why waste it on something that clearly isn't working. I don't know you, and you don't know me, but since I'm taking online schooling, and relate to your situation almost so close, if not skin close, that I might beable to help you a little, if not a lot. Taking online school WILL help you in understanding yourself, well, it did for me. I took a month break from school, and just isolate myself thinking about my future, and if continuing school after highschool would be the best for me. I decicded I would like to continue and not quit. Its all about motivation, and if you think you are not getting that motive from traditional run-by-the-brick motor school than maybe online schooling is right for you. For the friend stab in the back thing, well let me tell you that although they may seem cruel in school, they will be cruel after school too. You can't disengage with people who are stupid, because most time you are one of them. But, being online school does help a little, by mean you get to take a step back, and not worry to much about other fake people often. For your failing and flunking in school courses. It might be a mind set, that prevent you from doing your work. Where you feel that you are not capable like other student, and teacher aren't fair. This however, is not true. Everybody, and I mean Everybody (even the stupid ones) can graduate high school with A's, but its all about knowing some "basic" knowledge. Like taking notes, studying, and time managing, that frankly school does not teach - for the life of me, I do not know why either. Its school, so they should atleast have one class dedicated to How to LEARN in school. Online schooling is great, and it take the life pressure away from the social of education like highschool, and give you that dependent factor in just LEARNING, and picking up the gear. But, let me tell you, its all about learning on your own too. But, that part is easy just hit up a browser and Google a few "how to study, how to take notes, how do people learn, how to ignore stupid kids," Shyts like that. Also Procrasination is #1 killer in online schooling, make sure you google that stuff 20 time over until you are pro at not procrasinating your work. (procrasination: is the process of NOT doing your work and letting it to the last minute) - don't worry, thats just normal behaviour, and can be easily fix if you just read a few winkihow, and article about why we procrasinate and tips to prevent ourself from doing it all. Sorry if this is a little long, but I strongly believe that online schooling really benefit people. And why continue high school traditionally if it "just isn't working". you don't run into a door 500 times, "hopeing" that you break through it somehow, why not just turn the knob and let yourself in easy. Everyone is different, everyone grew up with different parents, and sometime you just need to get away from it all for a year or so, and just do it online. Doesn't mean your going be an anti-social kid, you could be even smarter, because you got all that time to read from other great scholar that did amazing in "learning". That was quite long - I apoligze

It nomal to always be depressed while high school aged?

Holy crap. I'm not even in High School yet o.o And you're 14 e.e Ok anyways back to topic.. :/ You know I used to cut myself right? I had to stop because my mom was giving me WAY too much protection and wouldn't even give me my space. I don't know if this will happen to you :/ I mean think of the consequences. What will happen to you before someone finds out? And what if someone doesn't find out? You know, I went to the school councellor and she told me that I was smart because I told her everything that happened. She explained to me that if you tell someone about your problems, you kind of feel more relieved because now, you aren't carrying that much stress. And it's kind of like you gave them a bit of your stress. It's not bad though. I don't think this is normal.. :/ That's my honest opinion. Well actually.. Now that I think about it. Yes it is normal =) What else do you think you could do? Could you try some hobbies that you like to get your mind of things? Seems like you're a bit of a pessimist no offence :/ Do you try and look at the bright side of things? You know I have alot of say but I have to go soon so I'll try and make it as thorough as possible. You know, I tried to stop myself from cutting. No use. I then saw this tip on a website. This works if you're a Nature/Animal etc. lover. It said you should draw a butterfly [or animal if you are an animal lover] on your hand. This means that if you cut, you will kill this butterfly's Life. Life is very important to every living thing. [Like the First Nations did not overuse and made everything into use.] It's shameful to waste a Life. Once this butterflies disappears, it means that it has escaped. But before it starts to fade away forever, I retrace it. Not a very good technique if you have serious depression like this. Think about it. If you continue on like this, what will happen? God gave yut his Life for a reason. Why do we always have to misuse and abuse it? Doesn't it hurt Him? Doesn't it hurt everyone around you? Your friends, siblings, family, God? It hurts everyone. Not only do you hurt yourself, but it's a bit selfish. Only thinking about your depression and your Life and your problems. Think about what your Mom and Dad would feel if they knew this. What I suggest is.. Go first to your school councellor. I stopped cutting once I told her things that happened in my Life. The stress thing actually did work =) Anyways.. I don't know actually.. Therapy is the only way to get rid of your cutting addiction. When I told my school councellor I was cutting, She told me to go to a Therapist to get help with the cutting. Anyways.. I think maybe you hsould call the Police? Think abotu your Life afterwards? You're not alone. The Police can help you. They are very nice and friendly people =) They can help you. And you can call Kids Help Phone [1-800-668-6868] =) I remember that number from when I was in Grade 5 ^^ Anyways, they keep your secret.. =) So you're safe. I think you shoudl talk to a proffesional.. :/ I mean.. The chances that someone who is a proffesional and on Yahoo Answers ! is very small chance.. >.< You could get a Life Coach. They coach you through Life. And best, they don't leave you untill they die, or you die, or you leave them. It's just like training for sports and such, except you're training in Life. =) Anyways, It may not be help.. >.< But I hope this helped Edit: God loves you . You're never alone. Besides, you hsould start being optimistic. Whta good comes out of cutting and Death? Nothing. Everyone wants to go to Heaven but are afraid of dying and doesn't want to die. You should think of the good that comes out of Life. You'll get a family. A good job. Lots of friends. Everything you do affects God. I think you really do need counselling.. You should talk to your school counsellor.. [S]he will tell your mom and dad and they'll bring you to therapy whether you like it or not. You need help. Even, they could phone the police because this is so serious. You should jsut call someone you trust and get them to phone in the police, a counsellor, or Kids Help Phone. Good Luck and God Bless You~ ^^

Advice about high school?

High school has every emotion you can think of. One day its fun and so comfortable, and there are days that you just wanna be outta of there. My school does everything block, but it can't be too different. High school goes by so fast you don't know where father time went. There are times where your gonna feel like "Aww I love it here, I wanna be here forever!" and there will be times you'll be like "Get me the hell out of here, I wanna graduate now!" I'll start off with the bad so you will be relieved with the good at the end. Bad- Chances are you may loose contact with the friends you had prior to HS. They may either change, or you change, or since its not just 90 of you guys anymore and its now 500 of you, there will be a good chance you'll get split up. even with lunches. You guys will get booed at assemblies. I don't like it when people do that, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, it doesn't matter we were all freshman at one point of our lives. alot of fighting, peer pressure, sex (can be good too i think) rumors and gossip. Hardest classes. Probably Algebra 2 and Physics, but you probably won't hit those classes until either your Junior or Senior year, plus Physics is required but optional too (When you hit your last science you have about 3 or 4 science classes of your choice). Some girls are gonna get catty and some boys will do anything to be a "Badass" so watch out there are alot of cocky people in high school. Sophomores will hate on you, but that's cause they feel they're cool cause they aren't as new anymore, Trust me they think they know everything, they really don't. Last sophomores were so cocky, I liked the Freshman alot better.in my opinion they still have quite a bit to learn anyway. a Junior is barely considered able to "Judge" Freshman. Be careful on who you consider loyal to you, because those are the ones that will always back stab you Good- You might loose some old friends, but you will gain some new ones. You may gain alot. Homecoming week and dance is the funnest part of HS for me, The dance is fun cause you dress casual and your around friends, slow dancing and break dancing its fun. (that's why I like the fall semester better than the spring. Lunches are about 3 times better than elementary school lunches. You actually have alot more options to choose from. Even beverages. There are loyal friends out there too. Prom for me was fun, even though you can't really go until a junior, but if you're lucky, A Senior or Junior may wanna take you. And no you won't study for test everyday. You do that in college. My advice to you is don't rush your years in HS cause Senior year will come knocking on your door faster than you think, and you'll be like me. Wishing to go back to my freshman year. enjoy (: as we get older, we tend to not need alot of friends. its not about the quantity, its about quality. I would rather have 5 good friends I could love and trust, then to have 100, when I can't trust none of them. Don't worry when you enter high school, you'll know exactly what Im talking about. people in high can be so fake and cruel, your not gonna care anymore. But I promise you, you will meet some amazing people

School days?

The School Days anime is based on the game, which has 21 different endings. The game is known for it's bad endings, but there are some good ones too. If you want to read the different ones, go here and scroll down to "Endings" : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/School_Days_%28game%29 What you saw in the AMV is probably from the game. One of the game endings is Kotohona commiting suicide, and some of them involve the death of Sekai, Motoko, or Kotonona. Edit : Conclave only subbed 7 episodes so far, not all 12. So if you don't want to wait for the Conclave subs, AnimeYoshi subbed 5-9 and m.3.3.w subbed 7-12. The last half of the last episode is a bit.. well it was preempted because a girl killed her father with an axe [in real life]. So it was out of respect. I hope I didn't spoil it for you.

is stab appropriate for school?

If your teacher approves, then it is appropriate. BTW... this really is not an ETIQUETTE question... but thanks for asking! Have a polite day.

How is home-school or online school?

Yes, Yes, and yes. That's high school for you, with all its crap, and "just hang on it will be over soon"; but you know what? Time is precious, and why waste it on something that clearly isn't working. I don't know you, and you don't know me, but since I'm taking online schooling, and relate to your situation almost so close, if not skin close, that I might beable to help you a little, if not a lot. Taking online school WILL help you in understanding yourself, well, it did for me. I took a month break from school, and just isolate myself thinking about my future, and if continuing school after highschool would be the best for me. I decicded I would like to continue and not quit. Its all about motivation, and if you think you are not getting that motive from traditional run-by-the-brick motor school than maybe online schooling is right for you. For the friend stab in the back thing, well let me tell you that although they may seem cruel in school, they will be cruel after school too. You can't disengage with people who are stupid, because most time you are one of them. But, being online school does help a little, by mean you get to take a step back, and not worry to much about other fake people often. For your failing and flunking in school courses. It might be a mind set, that prevent you from doing your work. Where you feel that you are not capable like other student, and teacher aren't fair. This however, is not true. Everybody, and I mean Everybody (even the stupid ones) can graduate high school with A's, but its all about knowing some "basic" knowledge. Like taking notes, studying, and time managing, that frankly school does not teach - for the life of me, I do not know why either. Its school, so they should atleast have one class dedicated to How to LEARN in school. Online schooling is great, and it take the life pressure away from the social of education like highschool, and give you that dependent factor in just LEARNING, and picking up the gear. But, let me tell you, its all about learning on your own too. But, that part is easy just hit up a browser and Google a few "how to study, how to take notes, how do people learn, how to ignore stupid kids," Shyts like that. Also Procrasination is #1 killer in online schooling, make sure you google that stuff 20 time over until you are pro at not procrasinating your work. (procrasination: is the process of NOT doing your work and letting it to the last minute) - don't worry, thats just normal behaviour, and can be easily fix if you just read a few winkihow, and article about why we procrasinate and tips to prevent ourself from doing it all. Sorry if this is a little long, but I strongly believe that online schooling really benefit people. And why continue high school traditionally if it "just isn't working". you don't run into a door 500 times, "hopeing" that you break through it somehow, why not just turn the knob and let yourself in easy. Everyone is different, everyone grew up with different parents, and sometime you just need to get away from it all for a year or so, and just do it online. Doesn't mean your going be an anti-social kid, you could be even smarter, because you got all that time to read from other great scholar that did amazing in "learning". That was quite long - I apoligze

What's high school like?

Oh my goodness, high school is such an interesting place! Let's start with the basics. Friends: You know the saying "friends will always come and go"? Well that is something you will notice in high school. Most of the time, those you go into high school with that you think you are the closest to will drift away. You'll make so many friends and just as easily, you'll make enemies as well. You may make life long friends or stay in the same group you're in now. Don't be afraid to branch out, because the more you get involved with, the better the times can be in high school. (side note: I was in three different cliques and none of them seemed to collide with each other to be enemies with each other. It really was a lot of fun and there were different view points...very interesting.) Relationships: Relationships will come and go as well. You may be "exclusive" with a someone for a couple of days, and then you'll end up moving on. It's really just how it tends to go. Don't feel like you have to do something. Boys will try to tell you that "your friend did it, why can't you be like her?" Or try to shame you for really anything. If you are involved with that kind of person, get out of that relationship. There are plenty of guys that will be there in your school. Also, limit yourself. Don't be like the girl that goes all around the school with every guy, because you will be back stabbed by so many for doing that. Also, don't ever fall to pressure of doing something that you don't want to do. You aren't required to do anything with anyone. Girl Drama: If you thought that middle school drama was bad, oh my goodness you are in for a treat. High school drama happens in one of two ways- 1) You are involved in the drama or 2) bring some popcorn and kick back because it is about to be very interesting. Try to avoid the drama and just be happy about every situation you can. Don't get involved if you aren't involved. If you do get involved, make sure you know all of the facts of both sides before trying to help. Now the serious stuff. Teachers: Teachers are they to educate you, so don't look forward to them being friends with you. They do get friendly, though. You both will find common ground where y'all can agree and that could make your time in their class a little bit easier. Just be sure to do your work before talking about anything else with them, that way they know you aren't just trying to distract them. You will know when it's a good time to ask about their weekend, you'll even know which teachers to stay the hell away from and avoid eye contact with at all costs. Make sure that if you have an issue with a teacher, HAVE PROOF! And not just your friends backing you up. The administrators typically take the side of the teacher. If there is an issue, try talking with the teacher first though. You don't want the awkwardness of going into their class again after getting admins involved. School work/studying: Do remember to keep dates on EVERYTHING. That will help you in so many different ways when it comes time to study. Don't just write down what is on the board, because sometimes teachers tell you different things that aren't on the board that should be in the notes. Just remember not to cheat and to do your best, and you should be perfectly fine. Parents: They tend to not ask you to see every paper that you turned in during high school. But they do want to see your grades on both your progress reports and your report cards. Most school systems allow them to view them online now. So just try your best to keep up with your grades and try your hardest on everything. Extracurriculars: Participate in clubs! You have no idea how much that'll help you in the long run! Clubs, sports, and other activities will benefit you in so many ways. You can qualify for so many more scholarships, grants, and colleges absolutely love to see those activities balanced with outstanding grades. If you get involved in too many activities and grades start to slip, then just pull out of some activities until you feel you can take on the workload again. College: So this is like the biggest "DUH" that anyone can give you. In high school, everything counts. If you get written up, your dream college will know. If you fail a class, your GPA shows that. If you succeed, you will be noticed. Don't be afraid and hold back, give it your best. Best of luck to you on your future endeavors! :]

stabbed at school.?

yes children should be as our 1 priority, this day in time our schools are not protected , some of the tax payers money should be going on security for our schools. but it is not we need to look at our local government that we vote in and get their buts out of their if they do not know what they are doing

School boy stabbing numerous pupils with syringe?

jail time...for him and his parents. first, he 13...iono bout anyone else but when i was 13 i knew right from wrong and i knew NOT to stab people....and his parentgs should get it because they let him go to school with a needle. and if even 1 of those kids have hepatitis's or aids...then....he should stay in jail.

I'm home schooled, but I want to go to public high school?

I was home schooled until high school. I can completely relate to what you are going through. My mom had similar experiences and kept me home for the same reasons. I was so happy to start going to public school though. There are several issues that you need to consider as you make the decision about where you will go to school. What is your motivation? Will you learn more or less? It sounds like your motivation is that you would like to make friends. That's a completely legitimate reason. From my experience, in high school you meet a lot of people who you will probably not see again after you graduate. HOWEVER, because of the friendships and lessons you learn from your experiences, you will begin to grow into the person you are meant to become. Another great thing is that it offers you the opportunity to explore new ideas and beliefs. This is an opportunity you would very likely NOT get at home. I am from a very Christian family, but I have learned so much about my \self, others, and the world around me because of the people I had the opportunity to meet and the views I got to learn about. That being said, it's not all roses and chocolates. High school is brutal sometimes. Kids that age are often quite cruel. You have to be prepared to be stabbed in the back and hurt as well. But, if you look at it from a constructive perspective, you can grow from it. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger! :) There are also a variety of ways you could become involved in your community. This could be through school or some other volunteer organization. If you can't convince your mom to let you go to public school, then you should give volunteer work a try. I thoroughly enjoyed all the time I spent volunteering at the food bank in high school. There is really nothing quite like serving others to help get you out of the dumps. Secondly, how are you doing educationally? It is very, very common for home schooled children to fall behind in academics, especially if their educator is themselves not well educated or qualified to teach a subject. One thing you will gain from public school is a wealth of teachers to learn from, who (if they are competent) are experts in their field. However, a negative side of this is that if you are an accelerated learner, you may gain more education at home. It entirely depends on your situation. For example, in Utah starting this fall, they are starting a math curriculum in the 9th grade that starts everyone in basic algebra, regardless of whether they have already taken that (as young as the 5th grade, if you're like my brother). This is a tremendous disadvantage for accelerated learners. So, like I said, it depends on your situation. You mentioned that you feel like you will be overwhelmed with homework or not be able to keep up. When I started in hs, I was in 7th grade math and had dyslexia. If you truly work hard and strive to do everything you can, and not be afraid to ask for help, you can do anything. Everyone there wants you to succeed. I really hope this helps. Believe me, I feel your pain in this. You mentioned that you were even considering suicide. I know this probably means nothing coming from a stranger, but there is so much to live for! Even if high school is the worst part of your life, after that you have absolute control over your life. I grew up in a house that was emotionally abusive, and it is amazing how much freedom I felt when I moved out. I have been able to shape my life the way I want it to be, and surround myself with people I want to be around. I swear to you that as long as you are able to let go of your past, you will be alright after this. Don't loose hope for the future. :) Try sitting down with your mom and just honestly discussing with her your thoughts and feelings on the subject. If it is easier for you, you could even write her a letter saying all of this. That's actually what I did because I was afraid to talk to my parents in person. P.S. Go to college. You will regret it later in life if you do not. Also, it is such a wonderful environment to fully explore who you really are and who you want to be.

do you know are school nurse stabbed are principal today and i saw it .?

Do you know OUR school nurse stabbed OUR principal today and I saw it? (notice there is not also a period at the end of that sentence) It WAS really creepy. Perhaps the reason you can't write is because your school staff is too busy stabbintg people instead of teaching you the difference between the verb "are" and the possessive pronoun "our" as well as the fact that sentences need to have verbs to make sense.

What is law school REALLY like?

Law school is hell, that much is true. Whether or not you make friends, deal with backbiting and underhanded BS, and all that depends on the school you go to. Some schools foster an environment of excessive competitiveness, while others, like the one I went to, try to recruit people who will, at the very least, be civil. I made quite a few very good friends, and while we disagree on politics, we still make a point of visiting each other and grabbing dinner or drinks whenever they come into town for business or vacation. You succeed in a profession by being respectful, courteous, and honest. Law is no exception. In some town, New York being one, there are so many lawyers you can get away with being a jerk or a cheater, but in most areas and middle-sized cities, the legal community is so tight-knit that people who act that way get pointed out and labelled. I have colleagues whose every word is put under a microscope by judges because they're either sloppy or unreliable. I have others who are taken at face value - what they say in court is taken as fact because they research thoroughly and say nothing to the court that isn't true. TV is entertainment. Actual practice is nothing like that. And if you have grand visions of being a trial attorney, know that 95% of your work will be done in Microsoft Word. Your motions, your briefs, and your memoranda will do almost all of your heavy lifting. The trials are just a song and dance for the benefit of a jury after the real battles are fought. For work load, expect to study at least 60 hours a week, and even more when papers come due or when finals are around the corner. You read between 100 and 200 pages of material a night, and are expected to know it well enough to quickly recite the facts, issues, rules applied, holding, and result. without flipping through your books too much or wasting time hunting for things. You will need to learn criminal law, contracts, torts, civil procedure, criminal procedure, property, constitutional law, secured transactions, bankruptcy, commercial paper, wills and trusts, family law, and probably a couple others I've forgotten. You'll probably be able to learn oil and gas, individual tax, partnership tax, corporate tax, gift and estate tax, banking, environmental law, administrative law, labor law, specialized issues for death penalty, children, education, specific constitutional amendments, health care, federal securities regulation, mergers and acquisitions, consumer law, as well as a handful of practical classes that dovetail into legal aid clinics, moot court, and the like. Oh, and before I forget, you only have one final exam that determines your entire grade for the semester. You will be cold-called. You will be questioned, backed into logical corners, and likely humiliated at least once. You will have at least one nervous breakdown and will at least once question whether you made the right decision. If you can't find a job, which is the case for around 40% of law school grads right now, you'll probably consider suicide as the only way to escape your $120,000 in student loans (none of which can be discharged through bankruptcy) and the humiliation of wasting three years of your life on a degree no one seems to want just to go back to living with your parents. You will wonder several times, "why didn't I just get a masters," while chugging whiskey straight from the bottle. And then, once that's over, the real fun starts. You study for the bar, hopefully pass, and then spend the rest of your life living the dream, working 60-80 hours a week earning barely enough to pay your bills and keep the jackals you owe money to at bay.

would a stab wound hurt more then a tylenol overdose?

A stab wound of any kind is very painful, VERY painful and is by far a terrible way to fie, or live. THe pain from getting stabbed stays with you for a while during your recovery and it hurts like a b1tch. overdose, no pain, but you cant overdose on Tylenol. Regardless of what people say it is impossible to overdose on tylenol, become greatly sick yes, die, not so much much, maybe if you choke on one. And if you are taking tylenol PM, then you will just be in a paralysis state for a while. If someone is planning on stabbing you im willing to bet they wont do it in the open, stay open with people around you, no one is stupid enough to try it in public, im going to assume the offender(if real) is right handed in which be aware to try and catch his hand with your right arm swinging around to grab his wrist and your left hand grabbing the bottom so as to lock his wrist in place and push the knife away from you(Do not worry about getting cut, you worry then you will most likely end up dead, a few cuts is better then being stabbed.)At this point he is more focused on getting his own hands free secure his had with your left and elbow is face constantly until they either p[ass out or drop the knife, if they drop it take it, then report it. DO NOT TRY TO STAB HIM BACK! although im not gonna lie this does kinda seem like a question about killing yourself in which you could have placed a false motive for the knife part as lying and saying someone was gonna stab you, the fact that you asked about an overdose made this all inconsistent. I like how the guy above me is just an arrogant moron. For 1 I am an active practitioner of Muay Thai, Krav Maga and basic military combat for 8 years as well as a weapons practitioner in knife based combat for 2 years, if you dont want to believe me thats fine but all of it is true, you however need to learn respect before anything. and if you know ANYTHING about anything medical related you would know that Acetaminophen has NO sudden risk of overdose and is nearly impossible to overdose on, the main threat caused by taking to much is a result in liver damage. So do your homework, or you can get your ass back to the Y and do something, or actually go and find an active teacher in martial arts before you open your mouth. I have never been to any YMCA and i only learn the real martial arts and do REAL combat practice, whats the point in doing something when you only do it half assed moron. go fvck yourself.

What is middle school like?

Well middle school isn't all that. I mean its ok. I feel like most people either really love it or really hate it. for me I was alright but I had some bad parts. its not necessarily hell you just need to out of all the drama. in middle school girls are practically evil. there not cool, people will stab you in the back the umber one thing to remember is to watch your back at all times. don't trust too many people. that's a huge mistake I made, even if people are nice to you be careful. always be nice to people but don't let nobody walk all over you. how should you act? honestly just don't be fake. I mean that really it. just be real. don't lie or anything like that. don't be someone you're not. don't be overly loud (another mistake I REALLY regret. but if your outgoing then be outgoing just don't force it because people find that annoying. if your quiet then be quiet. just don't shut everyone out because then you'll make no friends and people will find you snobby. but theres nothing with being quiet. for what to wear don't stress too much about it. I mean simple cute blouses and jeans are fine. t shirts shorts even skirts and dresses. just don't come in on the first day of school dressed like a whore or a 7 year old. dress your age. I actually wore heals to school one day and I really wish I hadn't. just dress appropriately and wear what you like. don't go spend a fortune on school shopping though cuz its really not nessacary. and necessary if you don't bother them then for the most part they wont bother you. you shouldn't really have a problem with u. but there are those few girls who will just pick on you for there own enjoyment. if you come across any of those just ignore them. I know its easier said than done but don't let them get to you. don't give them something to bully you about. if you become confident in yourself then yoyourselfnothing to worry about. everyone has insecurities but if you just accept yourself love who you are and be confident in yourself they'll have nothing to bully you about. think about it like this if you have problems with yourself then they'll have nothing that gets to you. and specifically preppy bullies there a waste. just literally ignore them. like do not acknowledge there presence act as if there invisible. they hate it. they just want attention. don't give it to them. homework isn't that much honestly I got maybe 3 or 4 sheets a night except Fridays but every schools different and it depends on your teachers, theres not much theres say about mean teachers. there mean but you gotta deal with them. avoid them but don be afraid to stay after or ask questions. there usually mean because they have to dea with a lot of rude students who don't care. but if your polite and you're respectful you wont have a problem. making friends is natural. you wont have problem with that. just say hi compliment them smile and start a conversation. just be like "hey what do you have for classes". if you had friends in elementary school you'll have friends middle school. and popularity is so over rated. I get why you would want to be but just be natural don't over do it. don't try to hard because that's just fake. boyfriends will be the biggest waste of your time in middle school. boys are trying to grow and are learning things about the world they cant even imagine and they love it! relationships go nowhere in middle school and usually last between a day and a month and if you have so many boyfriends people will think youre a whore even if you don't do anything with them. boyfriends will just brainwash u right now and cause you confusion and heartbreak its not worth your time =. save it for when youre like 15 you're it means more then than it will now. just ready yourself for fake people and liars but you WILL make some good friends that you will cherish forever just be careful of who you trust and be yourself don't change for anybody. good luck!