California series Sonoran SCE or cd140sce?

I'm not a big fan of Fender acoustic guitars in general but I prefer the CD140SCE mainly because the Sonoran has that Strat-style peghead that looks so out of place to me. Spend more and get a Taylor 114 or 214.

How can I contact SCE if I think I have a good game concept?

I don't think you will be able to even share your idea unless you like go to their headquarters or some game developer. You most likely won't be able to contact them by just finding a number or email on their site.

SCE said power will be off for 10 HOURS?

Which account can appear on either the income statement or SCE depending on the company method?

Foreign exchange differences - can be gains/losses in the income statement; can also be in Currency Translation Reserve in Equity.

Where would I obtain a chart of Southern California Edison(SCE) rate increases over the past 15 years?

Unfortunately I was only able to find the last 9-10 years. The link for 2009 rates appears to be broken.

what if you left because of a medical condition are you still denied under sce 402(b) ?

if you mean unemployment, one of the rules for unemployment is you must be able and ready to accept employment, it appears you would not meet that criteria, I would be very surprised if you collected so you could find a better job, it wouldn't seem right

Does anybody own a Fender Malibu SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar if so is it worth the money and hows the sound?


SCE told me to have GFI's installed in all wall sockets does that have to be done only by an electrician?

There is a purpose for these GFI's, but why in all in all wall sockets? Normally these are put where there is water nearby and all sockets in that area are wired together with one GFI. If the home is older and cannot be wired together then I guess GFI's in all sockets. Here are a couple of sites on GFI's. They are easy enough to install but maybe these will help you. Good luck

What is the difference between a fender sonoran sce and a fender sonoran ce?

don't buy a fender acoustic. if you're looking for a beginner acoustic there are much better options. if you're price range is 0-250, probably go with a yamaha. 250-500, a used guild or an epiphone masterbilt. 500-1000 blueridge br-163 000. just go to a guitar shop and mess with some different models, but fender acoustics are awful

Can SCE disconnect my electricity for nonpayment of DEPOSIT?

Sorry, but they absolutely can and will disconnect you for failure to pay the deposit. This will, of course, result in an additional reconnect fee and could increase the required deposit. Contact SCE prior to the due date of the deposit and ask if you can make payment arrangements. Often, they are willing to accept installment payments of the deposit, or grant an extension to come up with the money.