Read my story? Suggestions for a twist?

A good twist could be something to do with who adopts him. Like you could have her come back after a while and she finds out he was adopted by _______.

Is my story good, am I a good writer? How old do you think I am?

This is really good! I love it! Are you going to carry the story out through the boy's view? I think that'd be cool, because with the mother i couldn't see much of a story line other than her grief. Then again, i don't know, and it'd be cool if you proved me wrong, although i still think going with the boy's view for the rest of the story would be best. For a twist, him finding out something about him? Like his dad was famous, or his mom was kidnapped after he was adopted, or something crazy. Unless you want to take it into a fictional story, at which point the possibilities are endless:D Unlike most of the time (when i try to make my answers sound nice, when i really dislike the story all together) i actually legitimately LOVE this. If this is anything like the rest of your story you are amazing! I don't see how age matters in a writer, but i'm guessing you are a teen, since you asked that question in the first place:) Keep writing! -me-

Is this a good story? Ideas for a twist?

I think what I am about to purpose would involve you having to write a bunch more to the story which may not be desired however I must say I really do enjoy your story thus far :). The only thing I could think of for a twist would be that years later after having struggled with her decision for years the mother decides to seek help in a support group for women who adopted out their children. In this support group she befriends another woman who had to give up her first born but has a daughter from later in life. The original mother goes over to her house for a bbq and meets the daughter and the daughters boyfriend who just so happens to be her long lost son! ??

Read my story? Suggestions for a twist?

wow a really great story heres a twist she mets a guy okay and then the guy has a child but no wife. so she finds out his son is blake from the adoption:D plz keep writing its really good

Am I a good writer? What do you think of my story? Ideas for a twist?

Sorry, I have no idea how old you are, but this first chapter is really good!! It had my attention the whole time :) However, this draft still needs quite a bit of editing. As far as the twist, how about something like, Blake is kidnapped after he is placed in another home, and after Julie is informed about it she goes on a search for him? Haha, I don't know, it's your story, you'll come up with something!

Seattle and Limburger Cheese?

You can get it at Whole Foods (I can't think of any premium grocers in the Tacoma area): Westlake 25.7 miles north 2210 Westlake Ave Seattle, WA 98121 Phone: 206.621.9700 Fax: 206.621.9705 Bellevue 27.9 miles northeast 888 116th Ave NE Bellevue, WA 98004 Phone: 425.462.1400 Roosevelt Square 29.8 miles northeast 1026 NE 64th Street Seattle, WA 98115 Phone: 206.985.1500 Fax: 206.985.8500 Redmond 32.7 miles northeast 17991 Redmond Way Redmond, WA 98052 Phone: 425.881.2600 Fax: 425.881.2660

Has anyone here been on the "Savor Seattle" tour? If so, what did you think of it?

This was a wonderful experience. The tour was well designed and gives you a good tour of the market and the history of the market. Our guide was Tim, and he was very engaging, funny, and knew his material well. The amount of time for the tour was good, and the different vendors and food's sampled on the tour were excellent. I was very satisfied with the variety and cost of the tour. It is well worth it and is a must do if you go to Seattle. Plus the discounts you get for going on the tour to the sites visited makes it worth it too. The only complaint I have is with the equipment. The guide has a microphone and each member of the tour has a wireless earpiece so that you can hear what the guide is saying. This is a must because the market can be very loud. The problem is that if you ever got 10 feet or more away from the guide (which happened a lot because the market gets very crowded) you either lose what the guide is saying completely, or it becomes full of static and you cannot hear what the guide is saying or have to turn the volume down. They need to upgrade the equipment to make it better. You can read reviews of other peoples at: