Will the United States military come home in shame or will we save face?

i fear this administration will have our military picking sides when it comes home. those protecting the rights of americans and those who will just blindly follow

Is Lynn Chen (As Vivian Shing in Saving Face) a lesbian?

Hey zerox80.. The answer for your question is "NO".. Lynn Chen is a superb & good actor.. She's happily married to Abe Foreman Greenwald (boyfriend from college).. She was married in 2003 and said "plan to be for a long time".. Hope my answer will help you..

can you please explain this sentence? "face-saving is the dominant note in our exixtence"?

Face saving equals to one's dignity, one's honor, one's pride..In this world, life standard is not important but the quality of living life, how you reflect yourself to others, you may be poor but still live with dignity, you may be rich but you are out of honor...face saving is important in one's existence, without dignity, life is just as meaningless as you live your life...Be dignified no matter who you are....what you are and wherever you are!!!

Why do whites try to save face by pretending they have a job and Americans are still employed?

insecure,pink folks they are. The truth is something you aren't going to get out of them

what dangers did the danish people face in saving most of their jewish friends and fellow citizens?

The danger was life-threatening in the most immediate and accurate sense of the word. The leadership shown by the King showed how a population can be inspired to do what is right, at the worst of times. Many heads of state and of government are weasels when it comes to really tough situations.

Saving Face - Facial Cleanser

I've used Avenno foaming cleanser and it is soooo light and soft. I really think you'll love it. FYI: to remove psoriasis off the face get some sunshine, UVB stops the abnormal cell growth of psoriasis. Doctors recommended my boyfriend to use a stand up tanning unit in their office for 30 seconds (only UVB) so instead i started taking him to the tanning salon and it worked amazing!! Doctors just dont want you to go tanning because they cant profit off you that way, but unlike the creams that thin your skin, sun shine is the natural cure for psoriasis. Just make sure if your going outside dont use a cleanser for acne in the morning for acne products make you UV sensitive and likely to burn. 15 minutes during peak hours (11am-2pm) is more then u need!

Can angry Republicans save face and crash the stock market?

Did you blame Bush when it was over 14,000 during his second term?

i need help with a song that comes out on saving face!!!!!!please!!!?

I guess you tried to search for it on yahoo? sorry never heard of the movie or song. good luck

Cultural terminology -- EQ versus saving/losing face?

No. While EQ is the ability to recognize our emotions thus helpful in interpersonal relations, it also indicates if we have self control, self awareness and motivation all of which attribute to success in many other fields. Most employers are testing job applicants of management level their EQ which can reveal their thought patterns and what drives their behavior. Saving/losing face would be one of the many aspects an EQ evaluation exposes, it is not EQ per se. One simple test is to look at all the avid China fans in this section, they all score very high marks in saving face, but their EQ is in question, only a thorough test could tell.

Could anyone explain to me the Chinese custom of "saving face"?

Hi Matt, Saving face in China is very easy to explain. When reports on "Melamine Milk" scandal got out, Chinese milk manufacturing company "Sanlu" bribed several tv news networks including the popular internet search engine "Baidu" with millions of money to block out news about their tainted products, in order to save face. My comrades in the Communist People of China also known as Wu Mao or 50 cent party regularly post anti-Western propaganda to bash on US and deflect any bad news in China. These people can also be seen in China travel forum of Yahoo Answers. They overturn any bad news in China by using multiple account trolls to gang up on a member in order to save face of China. In China, it's called saving face from criticisms, in other countries, it's called denial tactics and bribery. I would rather save my kitty cat's cute face. lol

Do most people really care about Haiti, or are they just being politically correct and saving face?

help with cutting, pasting and saving my face onto another person's face on photoshop?

Who sing these lyrics: "I could be the sun on your face, i could be your saving grace"?

JT Spangler ‘Saving Grace’

How can I decorate face of my house and face of entrance to look it beautiful and money saving.?

like a giant pumpkin or jack-o-lantern

What does "saving face" mean?

Well it means to save your credibility or your ethics... To save your dignity... After something bad happens or an embarrassment takes place, you try to "save face" by getting out of the situation by means of a good explanation or truth to tell all who think you did something bad... You try to save face by keeping your integrity intact...

where can i watch saving face with english subtitles?

I dont know if they have subtitles but go to this site http://nabosearch.com/?q=saving+face it gives you 4 direct links to the movie. Just go through them and see which ones have subtitles. Hope this helps

Have you taught your child a face saving out if they ever know they're in a bad situation?

Anybody understand why Japanese women are so concerned with saving face?

I suspect it's because you're white. Japan is a very conservative and reserved society in which ettiquette and moral behaviour and duty to one's family is of the utmost importance than just 'doing your thing'. It's the same all over Asia. In Japan, because they're so close-knit and reserved, not many outsiders are accepted. You've got foreigners who spend their whole lives in Japan and still not be fully accepted as Japanese in the society. They call white people in particular "gaijin", which is one step short from being degratory, almost like the insult 'nigg*r'. I suspect that she didn't want to bring 'shame' to her family because dating a gaijin would be something extremely frowned upon. This probably means her family is rather conservative, since some families in Asia now don't really bother too much about their children dating outside the gene pool.

Saving face after coming off too desperate?

I would recommend that your husband lie low and not attempt to reconnect with the hiring person. Hopefully, any over-eagerness on your husband's part will hopefully disappear from the hiring person's mindset. Just take a big breath and ask your husband to just take it easy and take another breath along the way. Your husband sounds like he's eager to join the workforce. Again, he's not merely looking out for himself, but he wants you and your family to share in the great news, when he is offered the job! Good luck!

If you face the choice of saving one sibling or five strangers, what would you do?

Given the limitations of your scenario it would have to be my sibling. I don't believe anyone could be faulted for making a choice like that regardless of who they chose. ADDED: OK logically I would want to save the five strangers because I would be saving more lives.However, keeping within the parameters of your question, I would be acting emotionaly rather then logically. So I would save my sibling. Even the one who always picked on me when we were growing up. If you can give more details my answer might change.

When a teacher flubs up, does he have a face-saving psychological device?

Todd Minor: You flubbed that again, sir. Teacher: Todd Minor, there is no such word as "flub". Todd Minor: Yes, there is. It's in my dictionary! Teacher: Ah, well, I know that. I was just testing you.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how important for you is Honor and saving face?

I'm a liberal. I wouldn't worry about saving face if it meant costing anymore lives. Honor is important but if you truly have honor, you don't find yourself in positions where you must "save face".

Cons, are you really, really sincere when you say Romney could beat Obama or are you just saving face?

Romney IS Obama. It wouldn't make any difference if Romney beat Obama; it would be four more years of Obama's bullshit in either case.

Does anyone know of a similar movie to Saving Face?

Well.. The Wedding Banquet is similar in some aspects.. far more so than Romeo and Juliet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otYv1wnJSXE Another one that might be good is Fire http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0116308/plotsummary Here's the trailer for Saving Face in case someone who hasn't watched it wants to check.. the trailer is pretty descriptive.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcvHpQiT7Kw

How can Obama say with a straight face he is saving the USA a trillion dollars over 10 years?

Now this article was originally written in Oct, 2008. Lewin projected that the Obama proposal would increase federal spending by about $1.17 trillion over the 2010-19 period.[18] HSI estimates the Obama plan would cost $452 billion per year, or more than $6 trillion over a 10-year period.[19] The dramatic difference between this estimate and others is largely a result of HSI's assumption that under Obama's mandate to cover children, the federal government would subsidize virtually the full cost of coverage. Also, HSI finds that the employer mandate would add sizable costs to the federal government. The TPC projects the Obama plan would cost $1.6 trillion over 10 years. However, the TPC model did not account for any of the savings measures in the plan.

Dave need us to come up with a 'Face-saving' swift exit from Afghanistan- Can you help?

Well, some years ago Canada set a date that we would be withdrawing from Afghanistan, and it seems we are sticking to it (February, 2011). No shame; we've done good work there, but it is time to leave.

What is the sequal to "Saving Face"? and where can I find it?

To my knowledge there is no sequel to Saving Face..

Is face saving important in American culture?

Well .. Politicians do it all the time (or at least try to do it) .. Celebs cover their rears (face-save) too (or they just don't care and will do anything to promote themselves via the media) .. For the AVERAGE Citizen .. we are just REAL .. we live our lives, EARN our INCOMES .. pay our Bills .. and hope we can make it another day.

Would this be considered an act of 'Saving Face'?

I would say that is an act of saving face since they're are trying to prove or protect some form of reputation.

If God's word is not true, then why should I believe your claims? Is it saving face or saving grace?

The Holy Bible, God's word, is true. It's not my claims, it's God's claims.

What does it mean when someone "needs to save face" or "saving face"?

In sociology, I found out that this is a big thing among collective cultures like in Asia. When you are saving face it means that you try not to do things that will disgrace or hurt or put to shame the name of your family, or group, or institution, or corporations. In western cultures it mean nothing that's why you see people in high places or celebrities screwed up all the time and still it's not that big of a deal. In Asia, they use saving face to humble themselves. Face value, in our culture on the other hand, is very important where as in Asia it's not that important, dear. Good enough, dear, yes?

So Atheists: Are you looking for ways to return to Christianity while still saving face among fellow atheists?

Are you kidding? Very few return to the faith. They would be eviscerated by their former "friends". Odd, considering two days earlier they were sagacious and now they're suddenly illogical and irrational.

What creative ways can Obama use to get rid of Van Jones while saving face?

I have to laugh at these people who find it to be discrimination to want the communist to resign from his position as green czar. I guess they don't realize what a powerful position this is that will effect the future of the United States without Congressional input. He can even make demands about who will be hired for what positions. He is a black radical, anti-white, self avowed communist. I think Obama will wait a week or two and then ask Jones to resign because he publicly called Republicans a**holes. Its my guess, his administration released that tape, not the republicans. He will never address the real reason for public outrage.

Do you ever feel like people will excuse their party of anything, just for the sole sake of saving face?

It's not just you, people really are that stupid. That whole "McCain is rushing back to DC so he can solve the financial crisis" baloney - we see how truthful THAT was. He was hanging out with Katie Couric, went to some birthday party while there, etc.

What is more important: our troops safe at home or saving face in spite of the facts in Iraq?

Simple. Our troops safe at home. Sadly, control of government in the eyes of the Iraqis should be controlled by the victors of the sectarian violence, not the elections. Our soldiers shouldn't be the mediators in a never-ending INTERNAL conflict where loss of life and limb is a daily possibility. Let U.S. soldiers and U.S. tax dollars come back to the U.S. where DOMESTIC issues can be placed at the forefront rather than neglected like it has been for the past four years.

How much of George Bush's failure to admit failure in Iraq has to do with saving face?

Alot. Because he watches spongebob and actally had a guest appearance on all that.

Saving Face and wanting to seen as a more masculine figure?

I'm assuming he wants you to take his last name? Does it bother you to take his last name? If it something he wants to save face with his family then why not just do it? The 'gender roles' do not have to apply to who takes on the others names. Besides there are enough hetrosexual marriages where the man can be more of the 'den mother' but his wife would still take his name. It doesn't have to mean anything or reflect the dynamics of a relationship. It's just a name.

Japanese System of Honor and Saving Face?

It is called Seken-Tei (世間体), which means the image in the eye of the public. Japanese people tend to exclude anomalies from their groups, so they often worry about Seken-Tei. Many people try to avoid troubles because they then become these anomalies. Kotonakare-shugi (事なかれ主義) is a policy where people highly value a decision of trouble avoidance and I think is widely seen among politicians. I think this is why Japanese politics are always too late to avoid troubles. People sometimes say it is bad for Seken-Tei (bad in public view) while making a decision. Many people worry about name values of their jobs, companies, and graduated universities, checking other people's status. It is because we are a homogeneous culture that has required conformity to a single view that we have rather a simplistic social evaluation measurement and we try to avoid inferiority in its measurement. Inferiority, too, can be an anomaly that can cause a person to be expelled from a social circle. Also, many people do not assert themselves, because strong assertion may cause them to be seen as trouble makers. "Sekentei-ni warui" (世間体に悪い) is a phrase that you may hear in Japan which means, this is bad for in public view. Save facing mentality may be strong in middle aged men. My manager at the office told me the men in 40s worry particularly of their images.

Where can I watch Saving Face with English subtitles?

http://www.allsubs.org/search-subtitle/saving+face/ http://www.podnapisi.net/saving-face-2004-subtitles-p128869 http://www.solarmovie.eu/watch-saving-face-2004.html http://www.opensubtitles.org/en/search/sublanguageid-all/imdbid-0384504 Enjoy ;-))

Why do Chinese people believe that saving face is so important?

they r proud

Is Obama developing a face-saving exit strategy for his health care debacle?

Yes he has taken Tiger Woods advice and run like a little boy from his 9 iron wielding wife

Was Michele Obama saving face when she said she loved her country last night?

The DNC orchestrated the speech, the speechwriter wrote it as told, and she read it as told. Period.

Is the UK government 'saving face' with regard to Afghanistan, rather than following any sensible policy?

As. far as I'm concerned the UK is riding the fence with regard to Afghanistan. They want to stay in the good gracious of the United States, however, popular support for the war is nearly non-existent. The UK want to rid the Middle East of terrorism just like the United States and have a just reason to do so, the subway bombings about 5 years ago that killed so many. But, just like in the US, they want to end the war without quitting.

When threatened or insulted what is your favorite way of saving face or striking out?

Using a Conservatives worst enemy, logic.

Is it safe to wash face using saving cream?

Why is saving face so important to Americans?

its a sign of weakness to some, to admit you are wrong or that you dont know something. its pathetic isnt it?

Do you agree the McCain is simply a face-saving nominee in a year the Republicans can't possibly win?

Since there are no viable conservatives in the race you may be right. I hate to admit it.

Why is the USA military looking for a face saving way out?

There IS no face saving way out. A responsible president would admit the terrible errors, apologize profusely, and withdraw forces immediately. But alas, we have a mental case in office instead.

saving face?

Because what ever you are arguing about is not worth the hassle.

Saving Face!?

she wants to be friends because she is flattered by you but, its not worth it cause she will never be yours...look, you like this chick...she will either like you back or not...if she has a boyfriend then, you need to step back as a man no matter what she says... ...she cant have her cake and eat it too...she is playing with your emotions and you deserve better...i bet if you leave her alone...after awhile...she'll come runnin...and if not...its not meant to be...good luck