What are some BeeGees songs similar to their songs in Saturday Night Fever?

Check out their One night only DVD. You can see most of it on You Tube. Their old old songs are really good too. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=one+night+only+bee+gees&search=Search

What is the ending of Saturday Night Fever (1977)?

  oh, umm..tony manero's friend dies. i forgot his name but it's that one guy that got his girlfriend pregnant and is thinking about marrying her or something. they all go to the brooklyn bridge and he tries to impress tony by climbing way up on the bridge just to be cool, he was drunk so he falls. tony then goes to manhattan to visit stephanie and apologize to her for intending to rape her in his car. she accepts and it ends with them deciding to be " just friends". that's the end.

The movies Easy Rider and Saturday Night Fever?

I'm not sure there are a lot of similarities. The leads in Easy Rider are living off the grid. Traveling America on their choppers. Selling drugs. Non conformists. In Saturday Night Fever the main characters are a bunch of guys desperately looking for somewhere they can fit in, even be big shots.That's the disco. All they got in their lives is the disco. They live in denial that unless they do something their lives are as good as they are ever going to get. Despite the fact that the characters in both movies have been romanticzed over the years as people you might want to be like, they are all a sad bunch on nobodies.

How good or bad is the movie "Saturday Night Fever"(1977)? Who stars in it? Is worth buying on DVD?

it's good movie if you like John Travolta, and Disco music John Travolta was nominated for an Oscar I wouldn't buy it unless you really like the music and want to see Travolta on the dance floor. The Bee Gees are good singers, many ppl love this music, others love to hate it. the story isn't as good as the music and dancing. in the R rated versions Strippers dance in the club, they a few sex scenes & there is a rape. they use the f-word & c-word. ppl loved the movie, the critics not so much. why don't you check it out of your local library, then decide if you want to buy it later. (from imdb) The film was rated R when it was released in late 1977. The studio was so eager to attract more young people to the film because they were buying the soundtrack album, that the film was cut by a few minutes and the shorter version was given a PG rating. The PG version was released in 1978. Both versions were released on VHS but only the R rated version was released on DVD. The white polyester suit worn by John Travolta sold at auction for $145,000. Film critic Gene Siskel often referred to this as his favorite film. He saw it 17 times and at one time owned the famous "white suit". The soundtrack album sold over 20 million copies, and it was the top selling album in history until it was topped by Michael Jackson's "Thriller" six years later.

Good disco songs? Like Bee Gees, KC and The Sunshine Band, Saturday Night Fever soundtrack?

Disco Duck Get Donna Sommers hits, too. And Village People.

JOHN TRAVOLTA dance in Saturday Night Fever?

He did some dance and voice training in acting school, and had some background in musicals, before Saturday Night Fever (which he did a great job in) he did about 9 months of intensive dance training to prepare for the role. He could also sing quite well, as he did in Grease. So he's pretty versatile.

What is the movie "Saturday Night Fever" about?

Plot Summary for Saturday Night Fever (1977) Nineteen-year-old Brooklyn native Tony Manero lives for Saturday nights at the local disco, where he's king of the club, thanks to his stylish moves on the dance floor. But outside of the club, things don't look so rosy. At home, Tony fights constantly with his father and has to compete with his family's starry-eyed view of his older brother, a priest. Nor can he find satisfaction at his dead-end job at a paint store. However, things begin to change when he spies Stephanie in the disco and starts training with her for the club's dance competition. Stephanie dreams of the world beyond Brooklyn, and her plans to move to the big city just over the bridge soon change Tony's life forever. Tony is an uneducated Brooklyn teenager. The highlight of his week is going to the local disco, where he is the king of the dancefloor. Tony meets Stephanie at the disco and they agree to dance together in a competition. Stephanie resists Tony's attempts to romance her, as she aspires to greater things; she is moving across the river to Manhattan. Gradually, Tony also becomes disillusioned with the life he is leading and he and Stephanie decide to help one another to start afresh.

Why Do People Assume "Saturday Night Fever" is Just a Disco Dance Movie for the Family?

The original Saturday Night Fever is an R film. But there is an actually a PG version that is shorter with a lot cut out. The adult content you mention is not included in that version, so people who see that version get the wrong idea about the film. The PG version used to be on TV a lot. After seeing that version when I was growing up, I couldn't believe when I saw the full version. Great film, though definitely not family viewing. The full version is regarded as superior by critics.

How does the film "Saturday Night Fever" call into question the disco lifestyle?

Saturday Night Fever (1977) starring John Travolta as an immature young man whose weekends are spent visiting a local Brooklyn discothèque where he is the king. His care-free youth and weekend dancing help him to temporarily forget the reality of his life: a dead-end job, clashes with his unsupportive and squabbling parents, racial tensions in the local community, and his associations with a gang of macho friends. So disco was just an escape from real life, not unlike a lot of things we fill our spare time with - like sports! Interestingly /quote/ The story is based upon a 1976 New York magazine article by British writer Nik Cohn, "Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night." In the late-1990s, Cohn acknowledged that the article had been fabricated. A newcomer to the United States and a stranger to the disco lifestyle, Cohn was unable to make any sense of the subculture he had been assigned to write about. The characters who became [Travolta] and his friends were based on Mods, an English youth movement that also placed great importance on music, clothes and dancing. /un-quote/ So it wasn't even true! What a rip-off. So where exactly do you have Zac and Nick? Are they chained up in your basement? You could always ask them - they're pretty smart;)

What is the club is Saturday night Fever?

2001 Oddyssey