Whats to stop cheating on SAT?

Hopefully the answer is your sense of decency and honesty. You will also be severely punished when caught./

What's a synonym/ SAT word for cheating/ being unfair?


Sat Cheating Is It Possible?

You might as well just admit that you're a dumbass and fail at life.

accused of cheating on sat?

Go see your teachers and tell them the situation. They should know you and your character. Ask them can they find out what happened. If you were reported you should have the right of reply (innocent till proved guilty still applies).

Cheating SAT -foreign student be deported? -knowledge of law please!?

It's not the cheating on the SAT that will get you deported. It shows what kind of person that you are, but it is not illegal. It is being expelled from college that will cause you to be deported. The minute that you are no longer enrolled in college, your F visa is no longer valid, and you have to leave the country. If you do not, you will be deported.

how many sat test do the makers of the sat make in order to prevent cheating. Does everyone get a different 1?

Every year the Chief Examiners for English, Maths and Science write a paper for each level. There is only one paper that is finally approved by the examination board. As it is newly written every year it should be similar but unique. The exam board prints and sends the papers to the schools where they are kept locked in a safe until the exam day. The envelopes may only be opened in the presence of the candidates. The exam board sends representatives to check that this is done (random checks). Everyone who is entered at a particular level sits the same paper at exactly the same time. People with special needs can have arrangements made to meet their need eg a reader or a writer

What happens if you get caught cheating on ACT/SAT/GRE?

They castrate your sack, send out the dogs, and all hell brakes loose. Your ethics send you straight to hell and loose your morality. And they cancel your score, and collegeboard makes you pay to take it again. (P.S ellen watson's link is spam, please flag)

Is there an underground international SAT cheating site?

Yes of course! And there is also an underground college where they'll be glad to have you. It's called prison.

What are some methods of cheating on the SAT?

I've heard that having a water bottle on your desk during the test could be considered cheating, since you could have written something on the paper wrapping around the bottle. =P And, of course, there are the many kids who work on sections after time is called or who might be a math whiz but suck at the writing portion, so after finish the math section in 10 minutes, they subsequently move onto get a jumpstart on the next writing section. Of course a lot of these kids are caught and kicked out of the testing room... never heard of it happening at my school, though.

If SAT cheating happens, is there any disadvantage for the people who were in the room?

no, they just cancel the scores of the takers..