How much does Sara Ramirez (Grey's Anatomy) weigh?

She def. does not weigh 200. I would say about 160-170, depending on how tall she is. I think she is beautiful, and it's good that an average sized-woman is in a popular show, and that men actually want her in the show *gasp* The media needs more women like her so little girls don't think that being skeletal is being beautiful.

Do you know what size Sara Ramirez (Callie on Grays) wears?

As she quoted on "The View" she is a size 12.

ok I do have a ? for all of you Sara Ramirez(callie torres) fans out there?

Hi, I've been wondering too. Not that I care either way thou. You should go to and do a search on her name and you can hear her singing all kinds of songs from broadway. Definitely a gorgeous voice. Also check out and go to the multimedia section and listen to some songs. I like the character on Grey's but I think maybe she should be singing on broadway.....

Did Sara Ramirez sing "The Colors of the Wind" from Pocahontas?

No she didn't, that's probably a cover version. The original was sang by Vanessa Williams, better known as Wilhelmina Slater in Ugly Betty. :)

What are your thoughts on Sara Ramirez?

definitely hot, and her singing makes her amazing! the only complaint I have is that she is on such a... less than good show. (if I said what I really think of the show it would just be censored)

sara ramirez (callie torres in greys anatomy) gay?

Straight But does it really matter? she is just a great person and actress!

Is Sara Ramirez pregnant in real life or just on Grey's?

As far as I can find out is that she is not pregnant in real life.

Sara ramirez (callie torres in greys anatomy) gay?

She probably is just an LGBTQ supporter, but if she is Bi or Lesbian, someone get me her number.

What is the name of the song that Sara Ramirez sang on Grey's Anatomy Thursday night?

Is it called Sara Ramirez-Grace

Does anyone know where I can catch Sara Ramirez on Regis?

You might have to wait a few days to get it on-line but you can try the YouTube or their website good luck ☺..=)