Have you checked the Santa tracker?

Santa tracker? i thought he was omnipresent

i want to track santa tracker on google earth how i do it?

its norad!! here ya go buddy http://www.noradsanta.org/ i do it every year if that doesnt work...try using http://www.norad.mil/

i need ideas for entertaining my whole family on Christmas both young and old?

I don't know if this is your thing, but what we are planning to do tomorrow is have a Christmas Idol competition, because on At&t they have this santa tracker channel that has songs that you can sing to like karoke. After, we will play pictionary, cranium, and then go around as ask everyone what good things they wish for they Earth. This is all after eating, and then after all of these activities we open gifts.

How does the NORAD Santa Tracker work?

im as confused as you are, my best guess was that they are making it up

What is this Norad Santa Tracker? Does that mean he's real or what?

It's for kids and hallucinegenic substances.

Santa Tracker - Will I See the Sleigh In the Air?!?

Due to recent intelligence, Homeland security believes that Osama bin Laden has either hijacked Santa's sleigh or created a replica to infiltrate U.S. soil. Any form of reindeer-propelled sleigh is to be immediately shot down by order of the president.

I know Santa is real, but is Norad Tracking actually acuurately where he is?

hmmm....i don't know....i'm also a teen and I believe. I think that if someone in your house doesn't believe than he won't come. He only comes to houses of true believers and that's why some of you caught your parents wrapping the presents, they don't believe and that's why they're signing "santa". but i think norad santa just guesses for the satisfaction of small children.

Do you have any interesting Christmas traditions?

wow, i have to type this again! (i already answered a question like this) here we go! on christmas eve we invite my aunt, grandma and her husband (not my real grandpa), and my brother, sister and parents are there too. we have dinner and tons of desert, then we do gifts. my grandma ALWAYS gives us PJ's, and as soon as i open them, i run upstairs and get changed. they also wrap the gifts in newspaper and write really hard clues on them (including the PJ's, even though we know what they are!). you can't open your present until you use the clues to figure out what it is! it can take a while! then my aunt and i read the night before christmas, and she always complains when she gets "the hard page" :P we used to listen to the Santa tracker, before i figured out he wasn't real:( we always put out cookies, milk and carrots (for the reindeer) then on christmas morning, we open out stockings first, then the gifts. we hang around all day playing with our gifts, then go out for dinner at this huge buffet.

Is anyone else really looking forward to Christmas?

MEEE I LOVE CHRISTMAS AND CAN'T WAIT i love: - festivity - atmosphere - colours - decorations - lights - movies - songs - happiness - friends and family coming together - looong summer holidays - hot weather - northpole.com - santa tracker on christmas eve - EVERYTHING!

What are some good Santa clause apps?

Well, it's not an app, but try googling to Norad Santa Tracker on December 1st (that's when the site opens). Leading up until Christmas, they have fun games for kids (I still like to play them though, even though I'm almost 15), and then all day on Christmas Eve they show where Santa is. It's really cool, my 3 year old cousin loved watching it last year on Christmas Eve.

Should I stay up for santa tonight?

Of course, Santa is real. And you should never, ever stay up to spy. Go to sleep and dream of sugar plum fairies. As for Santa tracker - would Norad lie? I really don't think so. Merry Christmas!

Why do they have NORAD (Santa tracker) if he is "supposedly" not real?

there are so many youngsters on yahoo looking at these questions, and i dont like being the one who will dash their hopes and dreams but so many others will do it in a nasty childish and spiteful way. they have NORAD to keep the dreams of children alive, its essential for growing up that a child has a healthy imagination and a worldwide belief in father christmas, the easter bunny and the tooth fairy keeps many children happy and sheltered from the death and pain of this world. i am sorry to say, but im sure others will tell you in a much nastier way, that father christmas doesnt exist, but there was once a saint nicholas who gave gifts to all the poor children, he was a true person and we still give and recieve to this day, so the spirit of togetherness and giving of gifts IS saint nicholas. in a way he does exist, but not as a physical entity

Does anyone else get very emotional at Christmas?

There are a couple things that always makes me emotional at Christmas: 1 - Christmas Eve service at Church - I did the Scripture reading for the 7PM service last year and almost choked up reading the nativity story from Luke. It's such a beautiful story and Christmas has always meant so much to me. 2 - Seeing the joy and excitement on my kids faces when they open their gifts on Christmas morning. It reminds me of all the great Christmases when I was a kid and it always makes me so thankful for our family and how blessed I am.

Who's gonna use the Norad Santa tracker today?

Using it right now! Got 2 young kids!

Who is going to follow the NORAD Santa Tracker?

Yes i will be hehe, i'm so excited! Even my dad tracks santa on NORAD haha. Merry christmas! :-)

What Are Some Christmas Topics That I Can Write About For My Blog?

What the blog called? Sounds interesting. = Keeping Christ in Christmas. = Tough Financial Times- Cheap Christmas Gifts = Keeping Christmas Traditions Alive = Guide to Having a Christmas Away From Home = Decoration Tips = Favorite Christmas Movie/Songs = Santa Tracker = Commercialization of Christmas = Christmas Crafts for Kids Good luck! Merry Christmas.

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Google earth santa tracker help?


How to get alot of Christmas spirit this year?

First of all you have to do what you like doing during Christmas season You can: DECORATE go shopping at places that feel like christmas LISTEN TO CHRISTMAS MUSIC, BUT NOT ENOUGH THAT YOU WILL BE SICK OF IT COME CHRISTMAS TIME make handmade present, look up ideas for handmade presents and watch there faces when you Open them STOCKINGS! I REALLY HOPE YOU DO STOCKINGS- GET UP EARLY AND OPEN YOUR STOCKING OR MAKE TRINKETS FOR OTHER PEOPLE'S STOCKINGS the night before Christmas follow the 'Santa Tracker' I HAVE BEEN IN THIS DILEMA BEFORE SOMETIMES ITS DOING LITTLE THINGS THAT MAKE OTHER PEOPLE'S CHRISTMAS'S BETTER THAT MAKE YOURS BETTER! :D hope I helped

Is the Santa Tracker for Christmas Eve on Google Maps an authentic tracker?

Jack ! you've been a bad boy!

Am I the only one whose city got skipped by Santa this year?

HEY!!!!!!! Now that I think about it, YES!!!!!!!!! Just because there's no snow in our city doesn't mean we should be forgotten!!!!!!! I feel your pain! But now it's morning, and he came last night... I just missed him. Sorry he missed you gize!!!!

Is Satan omnipresent? How come he tempts and attacks people in all parts of the world simultaneously?

No, he's just really really fast. Like Santa. Have you ever seen that Santa Tracker? He's traveling at something like 4000 miles per second.

Whats up with the NORAD santa tracker! How stupid is that? Is it suppose to make us believe its real?

IK!!!! so my bro went on to NORAD and found out that santa was in NY and then he checked on a different santa tracking website and that site said santa was in Cuba so now my little bro knows santa's not real!!!! AND HES ONLY 6 YEARS OLD!!! so his x-mas's are practically over!!! ugh what the heck?!

How Do I Believe In Santa Again?

Ok to be fair i think i understand where your coming from. I'm 13 and i have known since 10 that Santa isn't real and now i don't get as excited as i used to and i want to! Maybe you should go on a few websites that let you email santa and then go on the Norad Santa Tracker to see how close he is to your house! Merry Christmas! I hope Santa brings you lots of presents :)

Santa is real? How is this possible?

••• Yes, Santa Claus is 100% real... as real as you and me. ••• About 60% of the people you meet will say he does not exist. About 40% of the people you meet will say he does exist. Now, those 60% of people clearly don't believe. Perhaps the crazy thought of his existence is too magical and make-believe, and to them, it is clear and quite obvious that such a man cannot exist. Or, as they grew up, their parents did not believe in Old Saint Nick and that doubt of his existence spread right down to those other 60% of people. Now, for the 40%. All I can say is that people say "yes". And sometimes they have sightings and evidence to back it up. It's as simple as that. But you may notice that the ratio is not 50/50. More people don't believe, and this number of individuals grow each year. Now, I will admit that the idea of Santa Claus seems made-up or even childish. Even the fact that mathematically in order to reach all believer's homes he must enter 1,178 homes per second is a bit astonishing. But I'm not saying he is not real. Honestly, I am not sure if he truly does still exist or not. For me, there's a 75% chance that he does not exist, but there's still 25% percent left for the thought of accepting his existence. And I'm not going to stop believing until the non-real percentage reaches 100%, which I think will never happen. It is a fact that this man DID exist long ago, and did give poor children presents.But does he still exist and do this today? How can he? As a child, do you think your parents would sneak out and buy you all of those presents even if they couldn't afford them? Well, only if they (or you) didn't believe. In many families, Santa brings gifts to the parents as well. It's just very rare as parents, having a mind that thinks logically, do not often believe in a man like this. If someone says there is no Santa, he or she clearly does not believe. And what happens when you don't believe? He does not come to your house. There. A perfect set-up for someone to be sure that he does not exist. But if you don't believe, you will actually never know if he really does exist. If you do believe, he will come, but you may never have pure evidence that it was actually him, not your parents. However, people have said that they have even heard hoofs on the roof while in the same room as their sleeping parents. Also, food left for the reindeer is often thrashed about the yard like a true animal had eaten it. Sometimes children receive a mountain-load of gifts that their parents could not afford. There are even sightings of Santa, usually in the sky. Men from the air force have confirmed this. Yet other people always think that they are lying! When you don't believe, your percentage of likely-hood of his existence immediately drops to a 0%, where if you do believe, it should be between a 100% to 1%. Remember, you still believe until you reach a 0%. So my advice to you is to really do what you want. If you want him to be real, believe. If you don't, don't believe. Ignore anyone who tells you what they believe, because what they say is not fact... it is opinion. As we get older, we tend to loose faith in his existence, and eventually our default answer to whether he exists or not will be "no". This is shown in any TV show or Movie that denies Santa Claus's existence. If you search Santa up on Wikipedia or in the Dictionary it will most likely say he does not exist because both of those sources are logically driven. (By the way, children finding other's opinions in trustworthy sources like the internet or dictionary is one of the most common ways for a child to stop believing in Santa Claus). The real answer of whether he exists or not will still be present, but I think we will never truly know it. No one will ever have 100% accurate evidence that he does not exist, but then again, it is rather unlikely that someone will be able to find 100% accurate evidence that he DOES exist. It's a tricky concept to wrap your mind around, but if you think about it for a while, it will always come back to the same answer: We will never know. So, that is why I tell you to believe what you want. Do what you think is right. I believe in Santa Claus, and guess what: he HAS come. There; proof from a believer. And how likely is it that a non-beleiever will believe the believer? Well, the non-believer can't see Santa for evidence, so the believer in this scenario would be a little stuck getting the non-believer to believe, don't you think? Unfortunately, that's how our life is working now. It's much easier to get people not to believe than to get them TO believe. So, here's what's going to happen: If you don't believe, he won't come. If you do, well, we will see what happens. We will see what happens...

What's the best santa tracker?


who will be the most remembered in Christmas for the kids? Jesus or Santa?

Well it sort of depends on what type of family you are brought up in but 99% of kids out there today will remember Santa more. I mean there's movies about him, pictures of him, a tracker, he brings gifts, everything. Whereas Jesus, even though he is our savior and the symbol of christmas, he's history. he's a story that is difficult for young children to understand which is why they will remember Santa. Once they get older though and they realize that christmas isn't JUST about the presents and Santa Clause, they will remember Jesus Christ more.

games to play with children on Christmas eve?

Why not try to play board games they are really good at getting your family together at christmas and everybody has a really good laugh. Pass the Bomb is brilliant. If you don't like that than go onto minie Clip. Hope this Helps x.

What is the best santa tracking website?

Ignore everyone who's answered. Wheiter Santa is real or not, it's still fun to track him on Christmas Eve! Here are some Santa tracking websites I've come across: Email Santa: http://emailsanta.com/ [Great website! On Christmas Eve, a Santa Tracker will be on the homepage. It shows where his is now and where he's been. It's also shows statisics on how much coal vs presents are being given out.] Claus.com : http://www.claus.com/spotter/index.php [Again, when you acess this page on Christmas Eve a tracker and a thing that shows you how close Santa is to your house.] Santa Speaking: http://www.santaspeaking.com/SantaDeparture.aspx Norad : http://www.noradsanta.org/ [Norad is a great one. On Christmas Even they post videos on their website as Santa hits up large cities around the world.]

if santa's sleight flies at 120 miles per hour how long would it take for santa to fly around the world?

Check with North American Air Defense they have information on this subject . They are the Experts in this area NORAD santa tracker has all you need to know.

So is the whole NORAD santa tracker thing totally made up?

Yes, Emma there is a santa claus...

My Norad Santa Tracker for Google Earth wont work?

Don't feel bad, mine isn't working either and I have four kids waiting to see santa!

What is a cute facebook status I can put about Christmas?

While I think it's a little pathetic that you cant think of your own freaking facebook status, you could post the link to the NORAD Santa tracker (google it. It tells you exactly which city Santa's in at the moment).

What is the point of the Santa Tracker from NORAD?

It is for kids...to track santa so they can see where he is .... My grandchildren watch it every Christmas eve here....they get very excited.

Is anyone else following the Santa Tracker?

Lol yeah!! On norad. LOL IT WAS HILARIOUS! He skipped florida on purpose making us go crazy. Then it said cape canaveal and we freaked out. I jumped into her bed and she was like GET OUT! LOL! It was hilarious<3 :)

How many of you watch NORAD santa tracker?

I live in America, and I watch it by myself, and I'm 18 haha. Merry Christmas!

What is the exact day and time of day when the countdown will end and tracking begins on Norad Santa Tracker?

Is this Santa tracker that says where Santa is real?

No santas not real

How many days left until Christmas and can I track santa yet? LOL?

Norad Santa tracker starts December 1st http://www.noradsanta.org/ Christmas Countdown here runs all year http://www.santa-at-home.com/pages/track.html

How dose santa get in to the white house ?

Santa has top-level Secret Service clearance. Plus, there MUST be a chimney. That place must have at least 20 fireplaces. Santa just goes down the chimney into the family quarters and leaves the presents under the tree, just like in our regular houses. Edit: This website says there are 28 fireplaces, and where there's a fireplace, there's a chimney! http://clinton4.nara.gov/WH/glimpse/WH_Facts/html/facts.html P.S. Your cousin sounds cute. Have you guys ever seen the NORAD Santa Tracker on Christmas Eve? It shows Santa's progress around the world. Your cousin might like that. http://www.noradsanta.org/

Best santa tracker for little sister?

NORAD Santa tracker (http://www.noradsanta.org/en/) is my favorite. Along with the Santa Tracker that goes on Christmas eve (which has videos, etc.) there are games to play before Christmas. It's almost like an advent calendar :P

Is there any thing else like the Santa tracker?

yes its the cat tracker , you can get it from a bay .

How does NORAD's "Santa Tracker" really work?

I think asking this in a technology section will give you a more precise answer, but my estimate is that it's just graphics - They create an animation beforehand that "locates" santa and they just let it run for a few hours leading up to Christmas.

Is it healthy for a 7th grader to still believe in Santa?

No it's not healthy. But it also is not your place to tell the kid otherwise.

Can anyone in Newfoundland Canada see Santa?

If I were a kid in Newfoundland right now, I'd be tucked up in bed and not even slightly tempted to peek, lest the man in the red suit pass by my house. Merry Christmas.

Why is my computer shut down whenever i play a game?

Your power supply may not be sufficient. So, when you play a game or do anything demanding, your computer starts sucking up more power but if there's not enough power it'll just shut down.

Why did Santa skip over Iran on the NORAD Santa Tracker?

Dude. Seriously. You Don't think Santas gonna use stealth mode in that airspace?

Geek Kids Question: Is there a place to download Previous NORAD SANTA TRACKINGS?

I never heard of all that

How to keep the christmas sprit alive?

oh, that's sad. i believed until i was 11. i still wish i did. though, i read an article after i typed in santa tracker and it told me he was real. but anyways, i have a 10 year old sister who believes and a 3 year old cousin. it's generally easy, especially with the younger kids to have them believe. simply talk to him about santa and start conversations and be like "what do you think the elves are doing right now?" and on christmas eve ask him where he thinks santa is. although i wouldn't worry. on christmas morning when you wake up and see presents from santa, he will believe completely. i still do sometimes, when i see how my sister acts, and the simple magic of the christmas spirit, it's hard to think he doesn't exist. Merry Christmas!

What's with the I-rate people here, are parents abandoning the santa tradition?

I saw that question... and those answers are just plan... "Ugh" even though that's an understatement. Absolutely nothing wrong with having your kids believe in Santa, I did when I was younger and I still do (I'm 14 now) of course I know that he isn't real but it is still fun. ;) Sorry I can't help you with the Santa tracker question but if it's any consolation, those people are idiots. Now, people are relying TOO MUCH on studies and not what THEY want to do. Also, the US is becoming TOO politically correct, where if you do one thing, it leads to another bad thing.