Who is the opening act for Mumford and Sons at the Santa Barbara bowl?

they are keeping it a secret

How well do Crape Myrtle trees grow in Santa Barbara, California?

They will do great up there, better than here in L.A. actually. They are a Zone 6 and higher and I believe you are a Zone 9? The only thing is they say they don't like it too humid. They are a weed in the Houston/Galveston area and that is more humid than here in S. Cal., you figure it out. I'd say go for it, they plant them in parks down here and do great.

What are some fun things for teens to do in Santa Barbara?

Whale watching on the Condor Express Sailing/Kayaking Go skateboarding at Skater's Point Shopping on State Street and at Paseo Nuevo Santa Barbara Zoo Hendry's Beach (Arroyo Burro State Beach) Hiking at Red Rock Visit UCSB and Isla Vista to check out the college scene eat Breakfast at Shoreline Cafe and sit outside on one of the 'in the sand' tables Lunch at Longboards Grill on Stearn's Wharf - then walk down the wharf and have an ice cream while taking in the great view Dinner at The Palace then walk State Street

how much is the cost of a wedding at the Santa Barbara Mission?

My understanding is that you have to live in the local parish, and have been an active member for a certain length of time.

How/Can you buy live lobsters from the lobstermen in Santa Barbara CA?

I don't think you can buy much fish/seafood directly from any fisherman anywhere anymore. I haven't been to the Santa Barbara Fish Market on the pier, but they claim to have fresh lobster right now. https://www.sbfish.com/ Note: fresh local lobsters from California are the Pacific Spiny Lobster and they do NOT have front claws. Personally, I don't think they are as tasty as Maine Lobsters, either.

Things to do in santa barbara as a high schooler?

There is a ton of stuff to do in SB, but you'll probably mostly be hanging out with friends, so see about summer school, programs or camp so you can make friends. My niece graduated last year from one of the high schools and she and her friends spent a lot of time attending and participating in sports events, hanging out at friend's homes, shopping, bicycling, hanging out at the beach, surfing, walking/running, stuff you'd do at any high school, just with a nicer environment. It's the type of place where everyone knows everyone else, so you'll probably make a bunch of friends quickly. You can get around SB by scooter, if your parents will go for it. It's a bit easier to get a job in SB as a teen compared to other areas in CA, because adults can't afford to take low paying jobs because of the high cost of living. During high school, my niece worked at an upscale dept store for years from 14 yrs old, a job she wouldn't have been hired for down in LA. Activities: Community programs - http://www.santabarbaraca.gov/teens/ - http://www.santabarbaraca.gov/Resident/Recreation_and_Sports/Teen_Programs/ - www.pageyouthcenter.org SB PAL www.santabarbarapal.com/ SB Summer Camp Guide http://www.independent.com/news/2009/apr/09/summer-camp-guide-2009/ Girls Inc. www.girlsincsb.org/ Summer Discovery http://www.summerdiscovery.com/summer-discovery/ucsb UCSB Summer Pre-College Programs www.summer.ucsb.edu/ Things to do in SB: - http://attractions.uptake.com/california/santa_barbara/cheap_vacations/55045481.html - http://www.santabarbaraca.com/things-to-do/ SB Activity Guide http://www.santabarbara.com/Activities/ Downtown SB http://www.santabarbaradowntown.com/ SB Zoo http://www.santabarbarazoo.org/ Botanic Garden www.sbbg.org/ SB Museum of Art www.sbmuseart.org/ SB Museum of Natural History www.sbnature.org/ SB Historical Museum www.santabarbaramuseum.com/ SB Maritime Museum www.sbmm.org/ Karpeles Manuscript Library www.rain.org/~karpeles/ Old Mission Santa Barbara http://santabarbaramission.org/ SB school district www.sbsdk12.org/ SB News Press www.newspress.com/ SB Independent www.independent.com/ Don't worry, you'll find plenty of friends and activities to do in SB! Have fun!

What is the best way to get from Malibu to Santa Barbara...without a car?

From Santa Monica, you can take bus line 33 up on Ocean Blvd near Pico and take it all the way downtown to Union Station, and then catch the train to Santa Barbara. Once you're on the bus, it'll probably be about an hour or so to Downtown ... and I'm not sure whether you could get to Moorpark or Chatsworth and actually be on a train in any less time than that. Another option may be to find a way to Oxnard (there's got to be a train stop in Oxnard). If you're going to be living in LA, you really should get a car, hon. There's no way that you'll want to be dependent on public transportation from Malibu to wherever. Live on mac 'n cheese for a year if it means that you end up with a car that you can drive while you're here. Best of luck !!

Does santa barbara community college have a mens lacrosse team?

I don't think so...

What dress is Nicole Scherzinger wearing in Santa Barbara?

There are quite a few dresses that look similar to what she wore which you could see here - http://coolspotters.com/musicians/nicole-scherzinger/and/products?id=4784&page=1 this website shows everything Nicole wears, has and uses such as clothing, shoes, make-up, cellphones, clutch, handbags, hair products etc. If you put your arrow on that specific item it will show you a picture of Nicole wearing or using it. I usually go on this website if I see clothing, shoes, make-up, cellphones, handbags I like that that celebrity is using. I love that dress too! If you don't find it you will find something similar to it to the link I posted above. Good luck :)

Is there a Japanese community near the Santa Barbara area of California?

No, there isn't. You can visit Little Tokyo in L.A. It's downtown, southeast of the Civic Center, bounded by 1st, 2nd, San Pedro and Los Angeles Streets. The area is the cultural focal point for the local Japanese community and has some interesting shops and attractions. Glendale actually has the largest number of Japanese residents within the Greater L.A. area.

How is the surrounding area at UC Santa Barbara?

What do I have to do in order to dock/park my 33 feet boat in the Santa Barbara Harbor?

In my opinion I not think the prices are correct. You need a 35' Slip, they not let you put a 33' boat in a 30' slip. The Fees state price per feet AND "Whichever is Greater!!!! So, you may have to pay for a 35' slip. IF, you have a Bow-Spirit you may need to consider that in length. Also, know your Draft. You may have to get on a waiting list, be "VERY" sure you understand how it works. Some information is below. Also notice the Effective Date 2001, this may be old information. Phone Book be most reliable and just call and ask. Welcome to Santa Barbara Harbor 34°23.8'N - 119°43.3'W CITY OF SANTA BARBARA HARBOR RATE AND FEE SCHEDULE Rates effective November 6, 2001 (805) 564-5531 Marina Slips, End Ties, Side Ties with Services Per foot of vessel length or slip length, whichever is greater, per month: 30' slips @ $6.68 35' slips @ $6.97 Marina Side Ties without Services Per foot of vessel length per month: $5.31 Slip Waiting List A non-refundable fee of fifty dollars ($50) will accompany the request to be placed on the slip waiting list. A non-refundable annual maintenance fee of forty dollars ($40) will be required to remain on the slip waiting list. http://www.sailorschoice.com/SantaBarbara/marinas.htm

How much time does it take from Bakersfield to Santa Barbara?

Taking the 166 east to Santa Maria and the 101 south to Santa Barbara it should take about 3 hours or so depending on traffic.

What route should I take to Santa Barbara?

Quickest way there is to take the I5. There are plenty of places to eat along the way I5 route. We always stop at the Kettleman exit going to and from. Theres a Jack-in-the-box on the right hand side with clean bathrooms and hardly ever packed. Then 3 or 4 stops before and after Kettleman regardless. If youre not in a rush, 99 has more stops and more places to eat. It also has more trucks and is a bit more congested as well. Never tried 101, although I know its a few hours longer to travel. I heard it has the best scenery though.

What are the must see sites and activites between San Fransisco and Santa Barbara?

To See Hearst Castle Monterey Bay Aquarium Big Sur Eats Harris Ranch Pea Soup Andersons

What is the best place for Printing, Signs, and Graphics in the Santa Barbara area?

If you want to avoid the hassle and expense of online printing, and have more quality control over your finished product, DCM Graphics is by far the best choice in Santa Barbara for any of the printing, signs, and graphics that you mentioned. Their quality of service and unbeatable prices have kept myself and other locals coming back for years. Their specials on printing are simply the best prices anywhere. DCM can be reached at (805) 563-2000, or by emailing info@dcmpromo.com. They are located at 3022 De La Vina, Suite A, in Santa Barbara (right across from Trader Joe's).

Santa barbara happy hour for bachelorette party?

Personally, I like the Acapulco Restaurant on State Street. Great fountain in the courtyard, and an upstairs area you can reserve for your party.

Where can I find seeds to grow wheatgrass in Ventura or Santa Barbara county?

Try these online sources.

What can I do in Santa Barbara with 2 kids and no car?

I understand at the Amtrak station, there is a shuttle boat that can take you over to the Santa Barbara Zoo. They are little boats (tender boats). Good luck.

What are the names of some 18 and over clubs in Santa Barbara?

You only need to explore lower State St. to find all the clubs in SB. It would be pointless to name them all.

Where is a secluded secret place to camp or a good camping spot in Santa Barbara region?

You could try Gaviota State Beach. They are not listed on the website for some weird reason. It is just before the tunnel north of Santa Barbara. It is small and on the beach with a train that runs high overhead. It makes very little noise but looks cool especially at sunset with the waves crashing. You could also go up to the Paradise campgrounds up on San Marcos pass, route 154. By the way there are a couple of remote spots up in Ojai if you were interested in that area.

Where is a nice place to eat in Santa Barbara?

Santa Barbara is a great place to go out with friends! Was there recently but don't really remember any specific restaurant names. I know that the street close to the pier where the forever 21, yogurtland and cute little shops are have really cool places to eat and have a old time at. I'm sorry I don't remember what the streets called but its where they have the farmers market every week. Cool place ^^

how hard is it to transfer to uc santa barbara?

For Fall 2008 (the latest published stats), out-of-state/4-year college transfer admit rate was 47.5% (CA CC was 70.3%). Source: http://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/educators/counselors/resources/materials/A4T.pdf page 7 of the PDF file.

How should I plan a day trip to Santa Barbara for wine tasting?

Most of the wineries in the Santa Barbara area are actually closer to Solvang. In fact, there are quite a few with wine tasting rooms located in Solvang. My favorite restaurant in Solvang is Cafe Angelica. This is a small bistro styled restaurant. Every item I've tried has been delicious. Learn more about the wineries at this site: http://www.cheers2wine.com/santa-barbara-wineries.html You could easily drive from winery to winery if one of you will drink lightly. Many wineries are just short distances from each other. There are way too many wineries to visit in a day....pick and choose or just sample a few wines at each stop. You can always plan a return visit!

What would living in Santa Barbara be like as a teen?

My niece went to high school in SB and loved it. The parties weren't all that frequent (and she's more of a party girl than most), because many of the families are into education and their kids doing well in school, no matter their socioeconomic situation. San Marcos high school has about 1800 kids, Santa Barbara high school has about 2300. Both schools are about half Hispanic and half white, and they are similar as far as culture, my niece had lots of friends at both schools. The schools are typical, many different stereotypical groups of kids with lots of different interests. SB is small town, everyone knows what everyone else is doing, so it's harder to get away with stuff (parties), which you're probably used to. Many of the families are into outdoor activities, like bicycling, running, hiking, etc. It's a really nice city, a bit too small town for me, but you'll probably find it a just right bump up from where you are now. Good luck!

I graduated from UC Santa Barbara and decided that i want to be a police officer/cop. What do I have to do?

Apply. LAPD always advertise . http://www.joinlapd.com/index2.html

What to do Columbus Day weekend in Santa Barbara?

There is a lot to do in SB for sure. Will you rent a car when you are here? The beach is two blocks from the train station and there are lots of shops, restaurants, and hotels nearby. IF you would like, you can write to me with specifics about what you would like to do and I'd be happy to help. Mike

What kind of bears are in the Santa Barbara, California area?


How can I get from Santa Barbara to Santa Monica by bus?

unfortenlly Greyhound doesnt operated to Santa Monica anymore that would be the best way but I suggest amtrak to Los Angeles then directly in front of Union station (at Alameda/Los Angeles you can board a Santa Monia Big blue Bus #10 for direct service to Santa Monica for $1.75

Is Santa Barbara City College better or Santa Barbara Bussines College for a Medical Assistant degree?

A "business" college or "institute" usually indicates that the school is one of those private overpriced for-profit tech schools. Please be aware that there are NOT supposed to be too many jobs for MAs (or medical billers or coders) despite what those private $$ for-profit tech schools proclaim. If you're still interested in training, please save yourself A LOT of money but considering the more Affordable county vo-tech school or community college as long as the program is accredited within the industry. For US colleges: http://www.utexas.edu/world/univ General career info: http://www.bls.gov/oco and can search.

Any good ideas for a group of us to go wine tasting in Santa Barbara?

Get 2-3 bottles each of MD 20/20, Cisco, Night Train, Thunderbird, and Wild Irish Rose and have the tasting in your home. The you don't have to worry about driving.

How is the quality compared from Huntington Beach to Santa Barbara?

First link is Huntington Beach the second link is Santa Barbara and the last link is where I started looking

What is better Santa Barbara City College or One of the city colleges in San Diego?

In general city colleges have the same reputation and are not rated except in a specific subject. Sometimes one is better for one major and the other is better for a different major. If this is not the case with you, I would go to the school in the location I preferred. The city of Santa Barbara is very small and expensive. Trust me you would live in the city of Goleta which is unknown but much larger than Santa Barbara. I would prefer to live in San Diego than Goleta.

What was the solution used by Santa Barbara Harbor to control the growth of the sandbar across the mouth of th?

b) They constructed a 3rd seawall to block the sand's movement across the mouth of the harbor.

What were the indian men and woman responsible for doing during the Santa Barbara mission ?


What is the best way to get to Las Vegas from Santa Barbara?

We used to live in Ventura and we drove all the time to Vegas. It would only take about 5 hours or so. You can map quest it. I don't remember all the roads we used to take. I do remember the 15 being one. There's a couple different ways to go I think. Which ever way we went was the shortest. Good luck and have fun.

What are some fun things to do in Santa Barbara?

I've lived in Santa Barbara for the past 15 years and can honestly say that it is one of the best places in the world to visit. Start your trip at Stearns Wharf. Visit the wine tasting room. It costs around $5 for 5 tastes of local wines. Then, walk to the end of the pier to look in the hole in the middle of the pier. There are beautiful starfish there. If you spend a few dollars, you can get your parking ticket validated. Next, drive up State Street and visit Historic El Paseo. There is a free museum there. There is also an awesome Sunday Brunch (and great Friday night happy hour) at the restaurant there. Paseo Nuevo Mall has a good Nordstrom and Macys in an outdoor mall setting. A few blocks up State Street will take you to the Museum of Art. Being originally from a big city, I was pleasantly surprised by the incredible collection here. Great restaurants include Montecito Cafe, Taj cafe, Pierre La Fond, Aldos, and Restaurant Kai. Next, drive up State Street and take a right on Mission Drive. Then, take a left at the dead end and you will end up at the Mission. It offers a great self-guided tour and includes many indigenous artefacts and history of how life was 200 years ago. As the previous poster recommended, visit the natural history museum. It is small but nice. On your next day, go wine tasting. (Bring a designated driver or hire a car if possible) Drive along San Marcos Pass and have lunch at Cold Springs Tavern, a historic stage coach stop. When wine tasting, focus on the three "B"s Brander for Sauvignon Blanc, Bridlewood for Chardonnay, and Beckman for other Rhone Varietals. Pack a picnic lunch and have a "Sideways" trip. Be sure to visit Red Rock in the Los Padres National Forest. If you like horseback riding, go to Rancho Oso. Drive along Alamo Pintado Road to see the miniature horses. On the way back, visit the Ostrich farm and feed an Emu. Also visit Nojoqui Falls on your way back to Santa Barbara. It has a beautiful walkway. Nightlife: Soho has great live bands, concerts in the park on Thursday nights are popular during the summer, and you really can't beat seeing a concert at the Lobero or Arlington. These locations draw famous musicians in a small setting. Have a wonderful trip.

What would be the best schools to enroll into in Santa Barbara if I want to major in biology?

santa barbara only has one univeristy, UCSB, and one community college( santa barbara cc). UCSB is a very good school and pretty competitive to get into, although not as competitive as other UC's. they have good science programs over there especially biology because they are close to the beach. do some research on the school see what it's like good luck.

What to bring to Santa Barbara, California for about a week?

Pack a dildo! Have fun!

Best time to leave Santa Barbara for Thanksgiving in Bay Area?

Really the best time is to get up early on Thanksgiving. If you leave Santa Barbara at 7am you can be in San Jose by 11:30 or 12:00. Otherwise you will want to do the same on Wednesday at 5 or 6 am to miss most of the traffic. It is a beautiful drive and the speed limit is 70 between Paso Robles and King City. Watch your speed through King city it is a known speed trap. Also, watch your speed through Prunedale. the posted speed is 60 from just outside Salinas to the hwy 156 exit and is HEAVILY patrolled as the accidents there have been pretty bad in the past. Have a great trip! http://www.examiner.com/x-29058-San-Jose-Family-Travel-Examiner

What are some apartments that are near santa barbara city college?


What should I start to do to become a Santa Barbara fire fighter?

Well, go to your local fire department office and tell them you want to be a firefighter. They'll tell you what you need to know, and they're always looking for new recruits.

What is the best website to find housing in Santa Barbara?

I google searched "Santa Barbara Housing" and got this: http://www.google.com/search?aq=f&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=santa+barbara+housing That should get you started. :D

I have received a MIP of alcohol in Santa Barbara. How do I go about using the diversion program?

It is not wise to put your future in that hands of strangers. Call the court and ask. It is highly unlikely that there is a California resident here that has a similar issue (Troll). So again, the best thing that you can do is to call the courts in concern and ask about the issue, make court dates, take care of the issue.

What is the best place to stay in Santa Barbara, California for a prospective student like me?

Cheapest would be a dorm or camp, but you can also try finding a place to rent with other students...check these links: http://www.transitions.cits.ucsb.edu/activities.htm http://www.international-homestay.net/ http://www.iacr.org/conferences/c96/c96info.html

Im driving to santa barbara tomorrow by myself and wanted to know of some good places to meet up at?

the college, shoreline grill, the wharf, pier, east beach, boathouse, mesa cafe, doulas preserve, butterfly beach, paseo nuevo, la cumbre plaza, deanos pizzarama, foster freeze

How much dose it cost in Santa Barbara City College every year?

Try these links: http://www.santabarbaraca.gov/Documents/City_Charter/City_Charter_Documents/Santa_Barbara_City_Charter.doc http://lightblueline.org/taxonomy/term/101?page=1 http://www.santabarbaranewsroom.com/news-briefs.html

Is it possible to live in Santa Barbara California comfortably on 200,000 per year, and not be house poor?

it seems that the california housing market MIGHT be cooling down. if you can wait some(6 months-1 year),it would be to your advantage. santa barbara will never be cheap or even reasonable, & there are parts(montecito for example) that are outrageous. the coast will always be more expensive than inland, but you may be able to do better down in carpinteria or ventura county or up in santa maria(thats a fair piece away!)

Santa Barbara?

SB is a beach town (absolutely gorgeous); an expensive place to live. More of a party town is the neighboring Isla Vista. My best friend's sister went to Brooks. I'd say she was a partier, but I don't know about the college as a whole.

santa barbara?

I suggest looking online till you find something. I recently purchased a house in another state without ever seeing the house other than online. check out place like realtor.com, craigslist, and realdo.com.