is found mermaid in chennai last saturday?

MERMAID FOUND AT MARINA BEACH AFTER TSUNAMI Below are the pictures of a mermaid found at marina beach (CHENNAI) last Saturday. body is preserved in the Egmore museum under tight Security. Note: Mermaid is called as KADAL KANNI in Tamil which is an imaginary Creature described in stories, with the upper body of a woman and the tail of a fish). Comments: Not true. These snapshots were circulating well before the Indian Ocean tsunami of December 2004 and were previously alleged to have been taken in the Philippines. In any case, mermaids are creatures of myth and legend, not reality, and while there does exist an ancient tradition of fabricating bogus "mermaid carcasses" out of fish skins and animal bones for exhibition, there are no documented examples of the real thing. OR, if you prefer the long verion... The mermaid of Chennai hoax Category : education "Mermaid or Man-made?" By Sandra Leong, The Sunday Times, 27 Feb 2005. In an article about Urban legends, visiting researcher Bella Galil and Peter Ng get roped in to unravel a hoax email. [Note: In Urban Legend circles, this is an old email hoax that has been circulating at least since October 2003. This variant which suggests the creature was washed up after the Indian Ocean tsunami of Dec 2004 is recent. See's Urban Legends and Folklore for the full explanation and photos. Last month another hoax was discussed. Mermaid or Man-made? A dead mermaid was washed onto a Chennai beach after the Dec 26 tsunami. True or false? THE plight of desperate sailors must have been a terrible one. Legend has it that in the 17th and 18th centuries, seamen on long and treacherous voyages became so sex-starved that they started seeing beautiful half-human, half-fish creatures that beckoned amid the sea spray. These mermaids or mermen - depending on their gender - were also documented by 17th century naturalists like Dutchman Georg Eberhard Rumphius in books like The Curiosity Cabinet Of Amboina. Among his factual drawings of the flora and fauna of Indonesia - Rumphius' pet region - was a comely mermaid who was said to have lived a few days in a tub of seawater, mewing like a kitten. So, when a widely circulating e-mail titled 'Mermaid Found in Marina Beach, Chennai' arrived in LifeStyle's inbox last week, we expected to see attached photos of a gorgeous, topless nymph - much like actress Daryl Hannah in the 1984 movie Splash - languishing on a sandy beach. Instead, they showed a frightening, dessicated sea creature with a monkey-like head and fish-like body. Equally disturbing were its protruding ribs, scales, claws and very dry white hair. 'Believe it or not,' read the undated and unsigned text. 'Below are pictures of a mermaid found at Marina Beach in Chennai, India, last Saturday. The body is preserved in the Egmore Museum under tight security.' Hook, line... THE message was convincing enough for LifeStyle reader Alex, who forwarded us the e-mail after receiving it from his friends. Declining to reveal his full name, he said: 'The way the whole thing was phrased sounded pretty serious. The pictures also looked real enough.' Separate postings on Internet user forums confirmed the news of the mermaid or 'Kadal Kanni' in Tamil, believed to have been washed ashore after the Dec 26 Indian Ocean tsunami. Similarly, the Egmore Museum - officially known as the Goverment Museum, Chennai - is real. Founded in 1851, it boasts an array of art, archaelogical and bronze works, and is one of the city's most respected establishments. To get to the bottom of the watery mystery, we sent the images to marine biologist Bella Galil from the National Institute of Oceanography in Israel. Currently a visiting researcher at the National University of Singapore's (NUS) Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, she has written several papers about mythical sea creatures. The existence of mermaids, she said, is an enduring myth that has survived many centuries. 'Fish were viewed since earliest times as symbols of fertility because of the number of their offspring.' The Phoenicians, an ancient people who lived on the Mediterranean coast from 1200 to 800 BC, worshipped a moon goddess named Atergatis who was personified as half woman, half fish. But all mermaids 'found' so far have been fakes, says Dr Galil. When Westerners began exploring the Far East around the 15th century, they began bringing home exotic creatures that resembled the mythological ones - but were uglier. 'The people in the East recognised the opportunity to make fakes and sell them to the gullible Westerners. But they did not have the expertise to make them look like the conventional representations of the mermaid,' she explained. Many fakes were actually displayed in European museums until modern science exposed the ruse. ... and sinker DR GALIL'S colleague, Associate Professor Peter Ng, director of the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, scrutinised the Chennai mermaid and described it as 'a classic put-together animal'. First, the creature looks dried and taxidermised instead of soggy and rotten, as one would expect of an animal washed up by the sea. Second, it is in varying states of decay. While the scales on the fish-like body seem intact, its ribs are wasted. Third, it would be mechanically impossible for the creature to use its arms, considering the awkward way they have been attached to its ribcage. 'My feeling,' said Prof Ng, 'is that it's a medium-sized fish glued to a small monkey. This thing cannot survive in the water.' Computer experts, however, had their own theories. Dr Terence Sim, an assistant professor with the School of Computing at NUS, said the photos were doctored. In the full-length shot of the mermaid, its tail casts a visible shadow on the white background. The same cannot be said for its arms - which suggests that the body parts came from different photographs. But since e-mail messages are theoretically traceable, could we then track the origins of the allegedly doctored images? 'I was hoping to look at the header of the e-mail to see if I could get any clues, but unfortunately not,' said Dr Sim. The route an e-mail has taken is encoded in its headers, normally suppressed by mail programmes. While certain mail programmes have options to view these headers in ordinary text, others like LifeStyle's Lotus Notes programme may have been configured to cut the headers off - effectively severing the digital trail. And unless it is an issue of security, internet service providers (ISPs) do not track or monitor e-mail messages sent or received through their networks. Ms Cassie Fong, StarHub's assistant corporate communications manager, said: 'As chain e-mail are forwarded from person to person who may not even know one another or reside in the same country, it can be difficult for any single ISP to trace the origin of such e-mail messages.' Which left just one more avenue to be explored in our search for the truth: The Government Museum in Chennai. Its education officer, Mr Mathavai Mohan, drove the final nail into the mermaid's coffin. Sounding astonished, he said over the phone: 'We don't have this incredible mermaid museum exhibit. I don't know anything about it.' What about the claim that it was being held under tight security? Could the museum be keeping it under wraps? 'No. I'm in charge of education. And if we had such an exhibit, I would be looking for publicity,' he said. But for those who at times like to indulge in a little bit of fantasy, Dr Galil has a parting shot: 'Somewhere deep in us, we all want to believe in monsters. When it's no longer conceivable to believe in monsters of land, the last place on earth still unexplored is the sea. 'To this day, we really don't know what lives in the sea. But it seems to be a good place for monsters.'

Sandy Hook was a hoax! Watch it on U tube. Why isn't everyone being told ?

holy cow, the sandy hook shootings were all a hoax?

I've watched it and it definitely makes you think. I can't believe people just trust the government and the official story. If you think the government wouldn't do this to further their agenda then look up Operation Northwoods.

what really?!?! the sandy hook shootings were all a hoax?

I cant click onto your U Tube link.You are only level one.Work hard to get up to 250 points. How silly it is to say they are a hoax. If those children wasnt shot then we want them back.

Do you think the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax?

holy cow, the sandy hook shootings were all a hoax?

Just because Kennedy died doesn't mean that it wasn't a hoax I think it's insane that funding websites were set up the day before a Facebook page for rip mrs soto was made 4 days in advance and that in almost every mass shooting in history more people were injured than died and in sandy hooks 26 of 27 were killed, it doesn't make any sense that they took another person in custody for the shooting and put him in the front seat and the news hasn't talked about it sense the FACT that several people interviewed are members of and the screen actors guild and that recently the Chinese government demanded more gun control in America and there just happened to be a shooting that would help the American public stand behind the idea that we should get rid of assume rifles... One last thing the assault rifle that "killed" everybody was pulled out of lanzas trunk... How did he kill all those kids and himself but still manage to put the gun back in his trunk?? Wake up America

Is 6yo Emilie Parker from the sandy hook shooting actually alive? (interesting video)?

America is known for Conspiracy's. Did you know that Osama Bin Laden and Suddam Hussein had training by the American CIA? Expert training at that. Since 1991, the United States killed over 500,000 Iraqi children heartless and shamelessly, yet 20 kids are killed on their soil, and they push for new laws... I understand America is all about "equality", but what's the purpose of equality when it only counts on your own land. Children are children, and no matter when they are being hurt, the consequences should remain critical. The U.N. needs to stop being scared of the United States and charge them of what needs to be charged. America deserves to be charged with conspiracy. Evidence shows that the assault rifle was in the trunk, yet the medical examiner proclaims it was the main gun being used. When authorities found 4 hand guns in the school, but the medical examiner was trying to explain that it was barely used?? HOAX! All these websites were made before the situation, and Emilie had a family picture before the incident. Not to mention, some of these people that claimed they helped the children are registered actors. Its ironic how FEMA was in the area practicing for "Emergency Child Rescue" or something like that, while this happened. That's just like on 9/11 how FEMA was ironically in NYC training for "terrorist attacks/bombings". That girl, is alive, and the world has a photo documentation to prove it. Her father was laughing before getting ready to act like he was sad in his interview.. She's not even in the class picture.

Do you think the sandy hook shooting was fake/hoax?

Real..though it's a compelling video. But don't u think, a hoax would have been better planned. I'd b more disappointed that they would screw it up that badly with all the resources they have available. A mix of over-eager reporters, erroneous initial information, incomplete reports, human error, grainy images, people in shock & confused, made this hoax theory possible. I'd b more suspicious if it all lined up correctly from the start.. It takes a sharp & driven individual to notice all the discrepancies.

IF the Sandy Hook elementary is a hoax...?

Do you thing Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax?

If you believe Obama is going to confiscate your guns, do you also believe Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax?

Sandy hook hoax today?

Folks think the Sandy Hook Shooting was a Government hoax? And,...they're armed?

It's the epitome of a highly superstitious religious fantasy culture where it's easier to find conspiracies believable than to recognize the central god complex held by most obsessive fear-driven gun/rifle/assault weapon and ammunition hoarders who eagerly defend their weapons of death than admit for one second that their "hobby" is actually a sacrosanct disease of death culture where possessing and using instruments of death are more valuable than human life itself. Yeah, I could see the insanity mentality that would convince some people to believe a ludicrous anti-slaughter scenario that obviously plays well with Obama haters who may believe he's whatever the hate-media tells them he is regardless of the fact that Obama has been a thousand times more conservative than his predecessor and is an admitted blue-dog democrat.

What the hell is wrong with you people?

Is this proof that 12 21 12 apocalypse is happening? I'm scared?

I think you will find that if you drive over those Reptilian grooves at different speeds, they will send you different messages, due to the change in frequency. At 30 mph, the message is "Don't forget to buy beer." At 50 mph, the message is "There are termites in the walls of your house." So - I am not sure that you are interpreting it correctly.

Atheists is this proof God is real?

its surprising how many weird things you can read in yahoo answers!

Can a goldfish live alone?

why is this world filled with so much hate?

never underestimate the ignorance of people.... (especially here. ) speaking of which... HOW DID NO ONE COMMENT ON THE VIDEO ???.. o.O i mean damn... possible subjects in your question for us to reply to: #1. why are people mean ? vs. #2. a video implying that the sandy hook shooting was a hoax everyone here picked #1?? how?? -_- i suppose some people are just lazy... idk

Are the rash of current shootings really a conspiracy?!?

The Sandy Hook reference in Batman isn't Sandy Hook, Connecticut. It's Sandy Hook, New Jersey, a popular tourist spot in New York Harbor on the Jersey Shore: Link - In the alternative world of the Batman comics, cartoons and movies Gotham City = New York. New York was called Gotham long before the first Batman comics were written: Link - Link - So that Newtown/Batman movie conspiracy's a load of crap. As is the LIBOR connection: "Like many traumatic national events, the Newtown shooting has already spawned its share of wild conspiracy theories that draw in everything from British finance to the Hunger Games. A false rumor spreading rapidly on fringe sites like Infowars and assorted Ron Paul messageboards ties the school murders to an existing hoax surrounding the Aurora, Colo. movie theater shooting. After that attack, conspiracy theorists fixated on the accused shooter’s father, Robert Holmes, pointing to media reports that he worked as an anti-fraud scientist for credit scoring company FICO. Somehow, a rumor surfaced online that Holmes was scheduled to testify before the Senate on the Libor banking scandal before the theater shooting. It wasn’t true: no such hearing was ever scheduled to take place, nor is there even an obvious connection between FICO and the Libor scandal, which involved a number of high-profile banks misreporting interest rates on transactions." "In the case of Newtown, Peter Lanza, the alleged shooter’s father, reportedly also worked in finance as vice president of taxes at GE Financial Services. Within hours, the same online forums were asserting as fact — again, 100 percent without evidence — that he too was supposed to testify before the Senate regarding Libor. Like FICO, GE has no obvious connection to the investigation, which has roped in various other financial institutions. And once again, there is no “witness list” that includes Lanza because there isn’t even a hearing on the issue." Link - As for the laughing father conspiracy, that's a bunch of bullsh*t too. There's more than one kind of grief response. Laughter IS one of them: "Laughter originating from shock is indicative that the .. person’s brain is momentarily protecting them from the reality of the death." Link - Link - And now you know.

Watch this video on the Sandy Hook shooting, and then tell me what you think?

Google published condolences for Sandy Hook victims 4 days EARLIER on this video?

Is sandy hook a hoax?

I live about 25 miles away and work about 5 miles away and have had some people cry on my shoulder. There is a lot of pain over here in CT. But there is a lot of love and support too. The victims in Newtown are grieving. It will take a lifetime to heal, but their faith will carry them through.

POLL: Was Sandy Hook A Hoax?

It isnt a hoax. real people died and that's fact

If Sandy hook was real and not a hoax?

I believe painting the Sandy Hook incident a hoax is being done by pro-gun people who now see the tide is turning towards tighter and more stringent gun laws in this country, and they're saying those awful things never happened to cast doubt on the need for gun control.

is sandy hook shooting a fake?

No its was real It's pretty sad all those kids died and those teachers

is sandy hook shooting a fake?

It's known as a false flag. Although I wonder since one of the shooting victims also was hugging President Obama afterwards and even her father was caught laughing reading a script on the news. Unless Emile Parker had a twin I'm thinking it's a hoax.

So was Sandy Hook actually a hoax?

Is it true that Sandy Hook is a hoax?

No it definatly isnt. I live about 15 minutes away and in the middle of it happening around 10 o clock all of the schools were put on lockdown.

There is a breaking story that Sandy Hook events never happened.?

It's utter bull --. And yes, I have first hand knowledge. My husband is a police officer who worked in Newtown the entire week after the shootings, and one of our close friends was the second officer on the scene the day of the shooting. He's probably going to be in therapy for the rest of his life after what he saw. Another friend of mine works for the M.E.'s office, and assisted in multiple autopsies on the victims. She herself has two children the age of the children killed in that school, and she is also traumatized. Any time anything big happens, the nut jobs come out of the woodwork. They do not deserve to be given one single second of attention. It pisses me off that the media is giving these people any attention at all.

identify and summarize one example from current events of good and evil in the world?

GOOD: Loving, sociable and kind-hearted mother quit well paying job to spend time with autistic son to ensure that her son received the attention he deserved for his special needs. EVIL: Son with special needs turned on mother, killed her when she is asleep, before heading to neighborhood elementary school on a spree killing of 1st graders. GOOD: Teachers & administrators acted unselfishly to spare children from physical & emotional harm. A few lost their lives in unsuccessful efforts to save their charges. First responders delivered the best care possible under horrific circumstance. People from all over the world including heads of state sent their condolences to comfort the bereaved families. EVIL: Westboro Baptist Church representative, Shirley Phelps-Roper announced their intention to picket at the funerals of the victims of the killing spree at Sandy Hook Elementary Scholol. They wanted to exploit the publicity garnered by the tragedy to promote their homophobic agenda, GOOD: Hackers known as Anonymous posted the names, addresses, emails and phone numbers of many Westboro church members on the Internet as part of #OpWestboro. They 'hi-jacked' the Westboro Baptist Church's website & Shirley Phelps-Roper's (church spokesman) twitter & Internet accounts to post personal details of the members and false ( but funny)information about the church's activities. The group also submitted a petition to the White House to legally define Westboro as a hate group. The Westboro Baptist Church did not picket the funerals, in the face of the offensive moves by the hackers. EVIL: Nouel Alba is alleged to have created a fake Facebook account in an effort to reach out to those still grieving from the horror. Posing as an aunt of a victim, Alba used both text messages and phone calls to con people into donating to a 'funeral fund' to bury her dead nephew on the fraudulent Facebook account. This is believed to be the first of the hoaxes exploiting the victims of Sandy Hook tragedy. The dance of Good vs. Evil continues............. On & on & on.

Do you believe what happened in Sandy Hook is real?

Do you believe the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax?

I can speak authoritatively because I am a Sandy Hook Elementary School parent. I wish this was a hoax. My son's inability to sleep and fear are as real as it gets. The funerals that I attended and the dead children that I knew personally that were laid in the caskets are real. The grieving parents that I sat with are real. This is not a is a tragedy and a breach of our civilization's moral fiber. Mourn with us for we all lost something that day. And just to be clear, gun control WILL NOT solve this problem...

Do you think the Sandy Hook shooting is legit or a hoax?

When i first saw this story unfold on live tv, i was horrified, i couldn't believe that someone could kill little children, and as the story unfolded and the story kept changing, first Adam Lanza's mom was a teacher at Sandy Hook then she wasn't then she was a substitute now she isn't. First it was 2 handguns found long rifle in trunk then it was 4 handguns, long rifle in trunk, the long rifle was never used and it wasn't a assault rifle. Oh but we need to ban assault weapons because of this shooting in which no assault rifle was ever found. And isn't it odd how the victims seemed to not exist before all of this. Try to find something on any of the 6 adults that they claim were killed, no Facebook no photos no info. The Facebook pages you do find were just created as a memorial. Oh and lets not forget the reporter from USA Today who interviewed the people from the small town in Newtown "Sandy Hook" who lived next to the Lanza's for years but no one knew or can even remember seeing them, We need to open our eyes. The medical examiner Mr. Carver, yeah his name is Carver, he lies and said the primary weapon used to kill all these children was the "LONG WEAPON:, the one that never left the trunk. When asked what caliber of bullet was used he didnt know. Mr. Robbie Parker laughing, oh well you see he didn't know the camera was on, when he does he completely changes to the devastated father, its all lies. We are so quick to believe what the media tells us, if you actually look at the facts or the lack of, any person with half a brain can tell that it was all a hoax. Way to many discrepancies to even think it was real. Robbie Parker is a fake, what kind of person would even consider laughing when they just had their little girl slaughtered! We need to take the blinders off. Its only the facts people, don't shoot the messenger. Please watch the links before you hurl you insults, if there are Accurate Facts, please show me, because honestly the thought of our government creating all of this and making the American people and the world believe that all these people died just to get a gun control bill is horrific.

Do you think the Sandy Hook shooting was real or a hoax?

What proof do people who think the sandy hook shooting was fake have?

If it was a hoax, then the claimed victims were killed some other way or sold into slavery. These claims of a hoax are most likely from people who are trying to drum up more support for the need to have weapons of mass destruction in every household.

Why are conservatives calling the tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary a HOAX?

I think they have completely lost all reasoning and any understanding they may have had, Its gone over the gun affair. They are actually so scared of losing the guns. Its scaring me now.

Florida Professor claims Sandy Hook massacre could be a hoax. Is this proof that intelligence is not always?

Unfortunately, real intelligence often makes it hard to understand normal human emotions. couple that with intelligence in a teaching role most often creating massive egos, and you come up with a person so wrapped up in themselves, they have no clue of social or personal interaction or empathy for others.

What is this Sandy hook hoax thing about?

check out Don't listen to Catherine. Every comment for a controversial video or thread has at least one person who claims they have an uncle/friend/blah who knows someone who was there. They are in every thread! They usually call the town Sandy Hook, so at least Catherine got that right. Since she was there, maybe she could explain why no parents cry in their videos, why robbie parker is acting, or why the M.E. (crazy Wayne Carver) acts so goofy, or why there's no footage of 600 kids evacuating the school, or hardly any footage for that matter. WAKE UP!

Why do I keep seeing so many Sandy Hook hoax stories? Was it staged?

I live here- my kids go to the school. It is not fake. I knew these kids, and I saw the bodies for the funerals I went to.

Why do some people believe that Sandy Hook was a hoax and planned by the government?

What if the sandyhook massacre was a hoax?