Why are Americans required to indulge Sandra Fluke's nymphomanic endeavors?

It's just another tactic to make republicans look like cretins. Works well, too; look at all the feigned outrage at Limbaugh, and how "nicey nice" Obama looks. By making the Republicans look like they're trying to deny women their health rights, it bolsters support for Obamacare, in a roundabout way. 'Conveniently takes attention away from Obama's failed policies, too.

How about we meet half away on the Sandra Fluke issue and start buying batteries? lol?

Is Rush Limbaugh correct in calling Sandra Fluke a prostitute? Should the government subsidize women's?

i don't like his approach, but no the government should not be subsidizing contraceptives under the guise of women's health

How is it that Sandra Fluke is more upset about not getting free birth control, than her $45,000 a yr tuition?

If Sandra Fluke was a lesbian, would birth control cost as much?

Should the Obama healthcare pay for women to buy contaceptives? A woman Sandra Fluke has so much sex that she?

Birth control pills can be bought for about $15/month. Apparently, Sandra thinks she will be in school for almost 17 years (which may turn out to be correct). And you can get them for little or nothing through various services. What is so special about contraceptives that they should be handed out for free? Won't Sandra's food bills be more than $3000? Isn't food more important than contraception? If so, shouldn't that be free, too? But the issue isn't contraception. Contraception is okey-dokey with me. The issue is about forcing churches to buy products that are against their moral principles. That is unconstitutional. Doesn't the government have better things to worry about, like that $17 trillion debt that they've laid on our kids and grandkids?

How early should i leave to pick up Sandra Fluke for our date,i hear there may be a line?

How much sеx will satisfy sеx-addicts like Sandra Fluke? Is sеx all they ever think about?

Is there any guy on the Georgetown campus that Ms Sandra Fluke has not done the nasty with yet?

Should someone offer to pay $100 a month to Sandra Fluke in exchange for intercourse?

Does anyone know Sandra Fluke, I want to buy and use Her Birth Control stuff?

Yes shes the whore that goes through 3K worth of condoms every 6 month and wants you to pay for it.

Did Sandra Fluke's testimony make you feel sad for college girls forced to pay for their own contraception?

Is Playboy going to go to Georgetown U. to do a photo shoot of the Sandra Fluke types?

Have you seen her? She would have to hang a pork chop around her neck to get a dog interested in her.

How long will Sandra Fluke enjoy left-wing-idiot poster girl status?

Perhaps she should walk her stupid self over to the New Freedman's Clinic and pick up some birth control and condoms, for free. There are 10 free clinics within 10 miles of Georgetown and all of them will provide free condoms and birth control pills.

How long will Sandra Fluke enjoy left-wing-idiot poster skank status?

as you can see from the first answer, some members of the left are already regretting this line of attack, however, the hard core members of "The One"'s inner sanctum will run with this until they start to see the backlash in the polls

Was Obama pandering to white promiscuous women when he called Sandra Fluke?

Should Sandra Fluke sue Limbaugh for slander and defamation of character?

yes, as should all women with brains in their heads Rush was married three times, but he has no children, which means one of three things the man is impotent the man is gay the woman used birth control which one do you think is most likely? (besides all three, of course)

Is Sandra Fluke a right wing parasite sent to destroy the left from within?

do you think sandra fluke appreciates all the attention she is getting from message boards like yahoo politics?

Conservatives: Would you sleep with Sandra Fluke if given the chance?

Does it surprise anyone that the conservative attacks on Sandra Fluke are escalating now that Rush apologized?

Did any Limbaugh fans think Sandra Fluke was slut before Limbaugh called her that?

No. But I hope that girl can get some police protection because there are at least a thousand mentally unstable and sexually starved men who are very aware of who Sandra Fluke is and Rush Limbaugh has told them what kind of a woman he thinks she is. I am not nor ever will be a limbaugh fan.

When will Bill Clinton weigh in on the Sandra Fluke issue?

What are the odds Sandra Fluke was raised in a fatherless household?

When Limbaugh apologized to Sandra Fluke, did he mean it? Or did he apologize due to losing advertisement $$?

How many professors does Sandra Fluke have to sleep with to keep her C average?

what position are you taking on Sandra Fluke?

How, exactly, is Sandra Fluke a "slut"?

Why do conservatives want to be in Sandra Fluke's bedroom?

Why doesn't Sandra Fluke try to make money the old fashion way she is obviously good at it? lol?

How come people are turning this whole Sandra Fluke thing into a Gender Issue when?

How long before Sarah Palin shows up on Fox News denouncing Sandra Fluke as a "slut"?

Does the Sandra Fluke non-issue show how desperate the Democrats are?

Who do you side with - Sandra Fluke, or Rush Limbaugh?

If he can call that young woman a "slut," without knowing her or having met her, then I am perfectly justified in calling him a pedophile - there were reports that he was diddling young boys in Central America. I have never sided with Limbaugh on anything of significance. Unlike him, I think about things before I start shooting my mouth off.

What was Sandra Fluke's EXACT Statement on Contraception?

If Sandra Fluke expects free birth control, should she also be provided with a paper bag for her head?

Was Sandra Fluke on her back facing the ceiling in Capitol Hill while making her testimony?

What do you guys think about Bill Clinton offering an internship position to Georgetown student Sandra Fluke?

Who has worse morals: Sandra Fluke or a tijuana ho•ker?

Fluke. At least the hooker does real work.

Can we all chip in and buy Sandra Fluke a Battery Operated Boyfriend and be done with it?

Should modern day heroes like Sandra Fluke have any legal recourse against Conservatives?

Obama wins in 2012. Rush needs to go bye bye along with the GOP Tea Party RepubliCONs.

Why don't people like Sandra Fluke just get free condoms at Planned Parenthood?

saying Limbaugh is "uncouth" is an understatement!

Should Obama have sunk so low as to call Sandra Fluke?

Did you know Sandra Fluke supplements her income by selling crack to school children?

She needs to sell crack to pay for her rubbers... It makes sense for a liberal...

Do you think Sandra Fluke is a sad and misguided woman since she is spending 3000 a year on contraceptives?

Why would Sandra Fluke open herself up to be probed by Congress and the public?

What do you think of Sandra Fluke challenging the top 25 college football teams?

that b*tch is ugly as hell i wouldn't touch her with a 10ft pole

How much education does Sandra Fluke have compared to rush limpaugh?

yup rush is an uneducated moron

When you think of Sandra Fluke's comments, what is the first thing you think?

Another entitlement baby getting her 15 minutes of fame.

Do people like Sandra Fluke know that birth control doesn't cure the underlying problem of PCOS?