I found a full Sand Dollar on the beach what should I do with it?

Keep it and have it framed. It will remind of your day at the beach.

is their anyway you can keep a sand dollar alive at home?

You'll need a Salt water Aquarium to keep it alive.

How do I know if my sand dollar us dead?

It will try to move or dig in the sand if it is alive.

How do you clean a sand dollar and get rid of the smell?

Add some baking soda to the peroxide and soak them. Then put them in the sun.

How long does it take a sand dollar to turn white?

my mom and me do sand dollar art and we found out after we got our first sand dollars,they turned yellow,then we went to a shell store and we found out we need to get some bleach,and we soaked them in a bucket of bleach,so they could turn white.so what you need to do is soak them in bleach,they won't do it by them selves.

I found a brown starfish with a sand dollar inside of it... How does this happen? How common is it?

Probably but not unknown

What happens if you touch a live sand dollar?

I remember being in Florida one spring and we found alot of sand dollars that were alive. I don't remember anything happening when we picked them up. However, if you held them too long they might make a little change in your hand.

What can you put on a sand dollar to protect it?

Equal amounts of White glue and water. Brush on and let dry. I bleach mine first to make them white ;)))))))

Can I add a sand dollar or shells to a brackish tank?

I don't see any trouble to add them, seeing they live in saltwater.

How to preserve a sand dollar?

once they dry out they usually are ok till someone drops it [ someone always drops it ]... once its dry paint away. i've seen some nice beach scenes painted on sand dollars. some types of sand dollars have the image of JESUS on the cross on the back .. check it out.