How long is Pablo Sandoval's contract with the San Francisco Giants?

3 more years

Are the San Francisco Giants a surprise to anybody?

The Giants have the best Pitching rotation in the MLB in my opinion. I mean, Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, Randy Johnson, and Barry Zito? Pretty nasty huh? They just need a few good bats to be able to backup the pitching and they will certainly make a run at the Dodgers or at the wildcard. An extra arm in the bullpen wouldn't hurt either.

Do the San Francisco Giants still have a shot at making the playoffs this year?

The Giants need to win the games they should be able to win, like this series with the D-Backs right now...they need to sweep them, and do well against the Padres and Cubs after that. So the Giants need to go on a winning streak and hope for the best. That means are pitching needs to be great like they have been all year and are offense needs to step up for a change and produce some runs for us to win.

Who's autograph is worth the most on the San Francisco Giants?

go for lincecum, hes looking like a future hall of famer more and more everyday. If he finishes off this season with 20+ wins, he's gonna get even more publicity. This guy could be mistaken for the bat boy, and yet he is going to be the ace on whatever team he's on.

Where in the South SF Bay can I buy an official San Francisco Giants World Series souvenir T-shirt?

The giants dugout in palo alto, Stanford shopping center I'm guessing. Technically it could be Stanford, Ca. Either way, Stanford shopping center goats dugout is close to you.

What concerns you about the defending World Series Champion San Francisco Giants?

Concerned that they will very soon be out of the defending category. It's a new season and they may still be thinking everything will work out like in '10.

What are the chances of Alex Rodriguez joining the San Francisco Giants club?

he'll either go to the Cubs or the Giants but whoever gets him will have to give him like 35 million a year and a 10 year contract so he could only go to a team with a lot of money.

Do you feel bad for the San Francisco Giants pitching staff as they have no offense to support them?

Although I sympathize for them, I realy don't feel too bad in that they are getting paid a good salary to pitch in MLB. I know what the Giants and their fans are going through. The Pirates starting staff is young and very good. Unfortunately, they've had some of the worst run support in MLB. They will take their lumps this year, but won/lost record isn't everything--ERA, Ks, etc., count in their statistics. They just have to hang in there until help (some offense) arrives.

Is there a way to get San Francisco Giants games in a different state?

Not on cable. You have two options if you want to be able to watch all the games. You can order the MLB package through DirecTV or another satellite provider. I have DirecTV, and I think it's about 30 bucks a month in addition to my normal subscriber fees. Or you could order over the internet. If you go to, you can order and get access to all the out of market games. It costs about $100 to $120 for the whole season. If you just want to listen to the radio broadcast, it's about $15 for the season.

What do you think of the San Francisco Giants signing Barry Zito?

The Giants are going to be one hell of a team!!