where are all the san diego padres fans?

i'm a fan... but i probably won't after all this trading and releasing is over. its up to moores if he wants hoffman back and apparently doesn't.

What is the closest a San Diego Padres pitcher come to throwing a no hitter?

Clay Kirby did not throw a no-hitter. On July 21st, 1970 he had a no-hitter going after 8 innings against the Mets. However the Padres were losing 1 to 0 because the Mets scored in the first thanks to a couple of walks, stolen bases, and a ground out. Kirby was scheduled to bat third in the bottom of the 8th for San Diego. After the first two batters got out, manager Preston Gomez sent up Cito Gaston to pinch hit for KIrby. Gaston proceeded to strike out. Bud Harrelson led off the top of the 9th with a single of the Padres new pitcher, Jack Baldschun, to break up the no-hitter. Two more hits sandwiched around a walk and the Mets went on to win the game 3-0. Four years later when Gomez was managing the Astros and pinch hit for Don Wilson who also had a no-hitter through 8 innings but was losing 2-1. The reliever gave up a hit in the 9th in that game as well. http://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/SDN/SDN197007210.shtml

Are the San Diego Padres going to trade Adrian Gonzalez?

No because of the fact that the Padres have showed the league that they are legit now. Why would you trade your best player if you are a contender. Maybe if you were rebuilding.

Is there a reason why the San Diego Padres?

So am i. Its the pads alternate uniform which they usually wear some sundays to honor the troops. You might have noticed all the marines and sailors in attendance and in uniform. Its apparently not working because they are getting owned by my bucs. GO PIRATES

How are the new double play combo going to do for the San Diego Padres?

WTF Has Happened to the San Diego Padres?

Well, their offense has sagged every season, and they only lost good hitters during the offseason. Say what you will about Milton Bradley, but he does produce. The Padres could've gotten several bats over the offseason that would have helped them, but they stood pat. Now, it's the Brian Giles/Adrian Gonzalez show with no supporting cast.

Can either the Dodgers, Giants, or Rockies catch the San Diego Padres and win the NL West division?

Yes. I think the Rockies or Giants could do it. Colorado is the most complete team in the division and the Giants have that 1-2 punch of Lincecum and Cain at the top of their rotation. If one of them can address their holes at the deadline then watch out. The Padres are where they are because of their pitching but their rotation has struggled in July. Latos, their best starter this year, likely won't pitch much in September if the Friars limit his innings. He's already at 106.2 and his season high previously was 123. If the stretch him out to 150 or 160 then he probably has another 8 or 9 more starts. The trade deadline will go a long way toward determining the NL West Cahmpion. Whoever makes the best move(s) before July 31st will win the division.

MLB baseball San diego padres @ Arizona diamondbacks who do you think will win?

D-Backs 4 Padres 1 so Arizona

How will Tim "The Franchise" Lincecum pitch tonight vs Randy Wolf and the San Diego Padres?

6.0 innings 7 hits 1 ER 6 strikeouts 2 walks Gets the L.

what will happen to trevor hoffman of the san diego padres?

he might go to the tigers or angels or the indians. this is a terrible loss and i hope nobidy attends games at petco

Oscar Robles plays for the San Diego Padres. He used to play for the Dodgers, what was the number he wore?

LOL whats up with Oscar he wore no. 13 with the dodgers too!

What is the name of the new stadium where the San Diego Padres play?

petco park

Have the San Diego Padres already quit for next season?

They haven't quit, but they're certainly forced to pay attention to reality. My guess is that Gonzalez made it clear that he wouldn't re-sign with San Diego at any sort of price they could afford. Thus, they decided to trade him away while he was still worth something. Keep in mind that Gonzalez wasn't really what kept the Padres in contention last year: their pitching was. They will probably pursue a similar strategy this year, since it worked for them and San Francisco last year. Keep the great starting pitchers, but have hitters who are just barely good enough to keep the team in games. I suppose they decided they didn't need Gonzalez for that strategy.

How could the San Diego Padres NOT win it all this year?

No reason why they shouldn't. My guess is they win the division, beat the wild card Pirates in the NLDS, then beat the snot out of the Nationals in the NLCS, outscoring them 127 - 2 in a 4 game sweep. This will so intimidate the Al champion Mariners that they will all cross the border at Vancouver and remain in hiding until next spring, thus becoming the first team to forfeit the World Series.

What hotel are the San Diego Padres staying at in San Francisco?

You can try search at this site: http://hotels.klikgue.com/City/San_Francisco.htm hope this helps

what songs are played at Petco Park for the San Diego Padres?

"It's Raining Men" by the Weather girls. Hope this helps.

does anybody know what hotel the visiting team stays in whenever they are playing the San Diego Padres?

Manchester Hyatt, but I am sure it depends on the team.

How many times have the San Diego Padres been to the World Series?

In 1984 and 1998. They lost in 1984 to the Tigers and in 1998 to the Yankees.

What was the last time San Diego Padres was in the World Series?

1998 World Series. They were swept 4 games to none.

Is any one gonna give the San Diego Padres credit for being a decent team and not "lucky"?

I will but I doubt most people will. They are always seen as the lowly Padres that the other teams in the weakest division beat up on. The bullpen is one of the best and the strongest aspect to the Padres. Credit also goes to their speed as they lead the NL with 29 stolen bases. I'm not saying they will keep their 1st place thrown but they will be competitive this year.

Where are the best seats for home games for the San Diego Padres?

We are season ticket holders and have changed seats three times at Petco, so your question is a GREAT one! We have finally settled on right field, but ALWAYS (please keep repeating always) sit to the left of any aisle. At Petco, everyone walks around the whole game and the way right field is laid out, if you're to the right of the aisle, you can't see the field because of all the bodies walking up and down the aisles. Specifically, we really love section 129 and rows 8 - 12 because the rows are super short and there isn't disruption like in some of the rows with 20 or 30 seats. If money is no object, we also like field level along first base. You can keep Toyota Terrace and the third base line *yawn*...we like what we like and spend a lot of money for our right field piece of heaven.

does San Diego Padres pitcher Mat Latos have a minor league contract or a major league contract?

His minor league contract was purchased by the major-league club last year, then he was re-signed to a one-year deal in the off-season....so he is a "major leaguer." He does, however, still have "options" which means the Padres could send him back to the minors without risk of losing him on the waiver wire. It does look like he has the #5 job locked up for now though. There used to be a great blog put together by a real basebal fanatic called "mlbcontracts" or something like that on blogspot. He used to compile contract data for every team, including GMs, managers and coaches. You might try a google search or check on blogspot.com.

What is wrong with the San Diego Padres?

No, of course not! All of their offense, or at least most of it, was from Gonzalez, Tejada, and occasionally Ludwick or Torrealba. They've now lost 3 of those 4 people, which means they have basically no offense. They also lost Garland, who wasn't a key pitcher for them, but he was probably better than any pitcher they get to replace him (a.k.a. Harang).

who do you think is going to win the national legue west san fransico giants or san diego padres?

Giant will win the NL west, their schedule is more simple than the opponents. They have many all star Caliber players, they stay hot with the bats, and Timmy, Z, Cain, Sanch and Bum do work they will be fine. You cant forget the Rockies who always are in the race this time of year. The Padres dont look out it will be an early October for them.

What is the logo on the sleeve of the San Diego Padres players?

It is a Padre (Spanish Priest).

How could I send a letter to Mike Piazza of the San Diego Padres?

Mike Piazza receives literally thousands of pieces of mail in care of his team; most are autograph requests. Virtually every piece of mail sent to him c/o the team is thrown away without ever being opened. Your best shot - and it's a long shot - is to try writing him in care of his agent: Beverly Hills Sports Council Attention: Dan Lozano 131 S Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90212

When is someone in the national media going to start talking about the San Diego Padres?

When they win the world series this year ;) Slappy-The Padres completely believe in themselves. Heath Bell-"We believe we're going to win the whole thing. The Padres are gonna be on top at the end of the year. You watch.''

What cartoon character does Clayton Richard from the San Diego Padres look like?

I think he looks like Biff from Jabberjaw.

Is it finally safe to say that the San Diego Padres will be NL West leader?

They've got to keep it up but they haven't shown any sign of slowing down. I would bet on them at this point.

Why are the intials for the San Diego Padres SDG?

Most eminent consonant sounds in the team city.

Are the San Diego Padres going to play the Pittsburgh Pirates any time soon?

The Padres play the Pirates for one last time this year and the series will be at Pittsburgh. The games are on September 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st. The only series that is coming up for the Padres to playing at home in August is against the Cardinals on the 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 23rd.

Are the San Diego Padres still the real deal?

Absolutely, Every team goes in a bad streak. Yankees has a very bad week but look at them now. Im not a yankees fan im a cubs fan. Padres are a young successful team. The giants and the rockies might scare them a little bit but i think the padres got it

How could Ron Artest have a San Diego Padres hat on and not know they had a baseball team?

Thats what happens when you wear a baseball cap and not a thinking cap. Actually thats not that surprising. I'm sure when he was a Sacramento King he probably thought they were playing on another continent.

Why are the Chicago Cubs and the San Diego Padres playing an exhibition game today?

It's the final Hall Of Fame game ever. It's gonna be played in Cooperstown. We will probably only play starters for like 2 innings. Then throughout the game we'll play tons of guys that we've never really ever heard of from the Minor Leagues.

Wade LeBlanc from San Diego Padres is such an amazing pitcher! Why did the idiot coach send him down to AAA?

That's cool he's your cousin. I think he has potential but isn't the best in this staff right now. Maybe in the future he'll be a 4 or 5 but right now we have some better people. He might be called up in the middle of the season.

Who is Wade LeBlanc from the San Diego Padres?

He's a rookie pitcher for the Padres who has only had like 4 starts in his career and 3 of them have come against the Dodgers and they have roughed him up each time. The Padres season ended a long time ago.

How long until the San Diego Padres are in the World Series?

Although i don't see the playoffs anytime soon, the Padres have been getting better of late. A great replacement for Trevor Hoffman, Heath Bell can close out games. The addition of the Hairston bros is a good move. And of course Adrian Gonzolez. The loss of Jake Peavy hurts though. Their future is bright, but until the NL west drops down in talent, they'll remain at the bottom of the division. maybe 2015, or something like that

What radio station are the San Diego Padres on?

Try using this software that allows you to listen to any of over 20,000 internet radio stations in over 200 countries.

Should the Texas Rangers and San Diego Padres team up to form one big team?

San Diego isn't exactly awesome in the pitching department. A regular person could probably only name like 3 in the rotation and 3 in the 'pen off of their head. And some of those guys(Cha Seung-Baek) are known for fultility. If it did happen, the team would be the Wichita Tornadoes. Because Wichita is an awesome city. And Kansas needs a decent sports team.

Why do the METS have trouble beating the sorry San Diego Padres?

Sometimes teams have difficulty beating certain teams because of the other team's style.Not because the other team is bad.The Padres are a pitching team.And the Mets are a slugging team.Pitching>Slugging.

Why are the San Diego Padres wearing black and orange?

They're brown and yellow (and Orange) not orange and black. The Padres wore these uniforms in 1984, when the late Dick Williams lead them to the World Series.

What reaction would you have if the San Diego Padres won the World Series?

Jubiliation. And I feel you on he Padres being a great team with talent. But if the Cubs won the world series I'd have a heart attack. LOL.

Anyone like Wade Leblanc from the San Diego Padres?

sure is! big part of that team!

Why don't San Diego Padres fans, go to their games at Petco Park?

Rays fans don't go to trop field either. That field only sells out if its a red sox game or a yankees game... sure it fills up....... with the opposite teams fans.

Why do the San Diego Padres need to force a one game playoff against the San Francisco Giants?

MLB does no meaningful accounting by individual series won during the season -- games won is the telling stat. (SD leads the season series with SF, 11 games to 5.) If the Pods sweep the Giants, they finish the season tied with 91-71 records. Only one of them can be the division champion, however, so that tie must be broken. HOW that tie is broken, however, will depend upon the Atlanta Braves, who are also contending for the NL wildcard slot. Scenarios if the Pods sweep and finish tied with SF at 91-71: If the Braves (90-70) win their last two, then Atlanta takes the wildcard -- at 92-70, they would edge out the Giants and Padres. SD and SF would play one game (on Monday) to break their tie and decide which team wins the West and goes to the postseason. San Diego would host that game by virtue of winning the season series. If the Braves lose their last two (finish 90-72), then both SF and SD advance to the postseason. Since they both get a golden ticket, no tiebreaker game is played -- the tie is broken on paper, and here San Diego, having won the season series, takes the division title, while San Francisco gets the wildcard berth. For maximum fun, however, if the Braves split their last two and they all finish tied at 91-71, then SF plays at SD on Monday to settle the West title, and the loser of that game plays in Atlanta on Tuesday to sort out the NL wildcard. The winners of these two games would advance, and the loser of Tuesday's game would stay home. (Atlanta won the season series against both SD and SF and so would be the home team.) It's not over yet, but the Padres have the most work to do.

Can the San Diego padres hold on to win the NL West Division?

Padres will hold on and edge out the Giants by 1 or 2 games. San Diego has the best pitching staff in the league and they picked up Ludwick plus Tejeada to complete that lineup. Giants will get the wildcard.

is there a san diego padres radio website where i can listen to their games for free?

nope :(

how much does it cost to buy the san diego padres?

a lot of money. and hey how come u have the same name as me?

Do the San Diego Padres have a good following?

They don't quite have the tradition as some other franchises. They were established in 1969 in San Diego. They have been an up and down team that has been to the World Series twice, losing both times. Hell, that is a better showing than the Cubs and they have a big following. I like the Padres as a team. And they have some loyal home town fans. I can't wait for opening day when they play the Cardinals.

Where is in San Diego any San Diego Padres fan store?

Im sure you can go to any sports store around there (Sports Authority, Dick's), and they will have plenty of Padres shirts there.