Has there ever been Juicy Couture at Sam's Club or Costco?

My friend has bought a Juicy jacket there once and said it was about $50, so it was half off. I personally have never seen Juicy at Costco but I HAVE seen True Religions for $90. There is not one time this will all be out, you just always have to be searching.

Sam's club good prices on refridgerators?

Good prices, but questionable selection

How much is Sam's club college membership?

From a cost analyst: It would not pay for you to get this membership. It only pays if you have a family with extreme food bills. The packages are extremely large and variety is small. Do you really have a large freezer to maintain all the items? Also things like beer, cokes, paper towels, tide, etc are much more expensive at sams club than at walmart or when other grocers put things on sale. Again, I would only recommend it if you find your grocery bill is over $800 or so a month. I've analyzed the numbers. Just keep going to walmart and buy non-name brand items and compare prices with other stores and you'll come out ahead. Does she want you to get the card so she can use it? There are also studies out there that those that don't watch the prices (know the prices of items by heart), tend to spend more at these club houses. Ex: Ketchup can be found cheaper at grocery stores and you only have to buy one small bottle - not 6...

Which is better to work at part time, Sam's Club or Costco and why?

I worked at Costco and I enjoyed the atmosphere and co-workers. The pay was pretty good. It was fun. No experience at Sam's club but in the past, there's been negative news stories with Sam's club and walmart treating employees bad. I would go with Costco. Plus they make great hot dogs and roast chicken!

What's the difference between Costco and Sam's Club.... which is better?

Yeah personally, i like Costco better. Dad used to take us there and ours has a cool ice cream place in front ;] But besides that yeah Costco is much bigger than Sams Club, and I thought the prices were much cheaper. Id go with Costco :]

Do you really save any money by shopping at Sam's Club?

You only save on certain items in bulk. I find savings on; pasta sauce and paste sunny D Cranberry juice (large bottle) eggs - some meat - some freezer stuff cereal - sugar - and other stuff some vitamins I do not find savings on: office supplies coffee paper goods hygiene products smart shopping means walk away from deceptive pricing. BTY you need a advanced degree in math to figure out what a good deal is on TP with all the combo packs that are being sold today. :)

Buying all groceries at Sam's Club and preparing dinner meals?

I buy all my meat at costco. I usually will plan out what I need and then go get it, If i buy a big pack of ground meat, then I buy peppers, rice and kidney beans to make stuffed peppers and chili. Both freeze VERY well and no meat goes to waste. If I buy a big pack of chicken, I will buy potatoes, onions and other veggies and make stir fry or baked chicken, potatoes and onions (one of my favorites). If I buy a big pork loin, have the butcher cut it (at sam's they will, but they won't at costco) half of the loin into chops and the other half leave it whole to roast or grill. I hope this helps!

What kind of hot dogs does sam's club serve?

i cant answer for all locations but at the one i work at we sell nathans. we sell them cooked in the cafe as well as packaged in the meat dept for home use and we even sell them by the case to business members that cook and resell them in their convenience stores. when you were on the web site it is quite possible that if you entered in a specific sams club location and did a search for the hot dogs and nothing came up that location is out of them.

Does anyone know any information about what is Sam's Club doing for the Playstation 3 Launch?

Best Buy:26 per store ebgames:1-5 per store(pre-orders only) gamecrazy:1-5 pre store(pre-orders only) circuit city:1-26 per store walmart:1-10 per store toys r us:1-8 per store(Pre-orders only)

How do I get a job at Wal Mart or Sam's Club?

Return visits. My son in high school was recently hired at WalMart. He put in an application every week for a month. As an old pr person I can tell you that when you fill out the application make sure you fill everything that is asked. I always went by the assumption that if a person can't fill out the application completely they where not a good candidate for a job .

How long until Sam's Club calls me back?

Would joining Sam's club really save my family money?

It depends really on how disciplined you want to be. If you just stick to buying the same amount of food you would buy at normal grocery store, then Sam's club would pay off. But many people get carried away and end up spending more thinking that they are getting it cheap. And they only end up consuming more. But if you want to watch and buy only what you really need, it is certainly the way to go to save the most.

What can be some reason why a person would like to work at Sam's club.?

can you return an ipod touch with a cracked screen to sam's club?


Does Sam's Club have a hotel discount code for super 8 motels?

Look if you want to stay at a Super 8 check online reviews first. While many are absolutely lovely there are also scary icky ones because low prices attract, well, less than reputable people. My advice for travelers based on years of experience in the hotel industry: Most flights are cheapest on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so when you plan try to figure in flying out on those days. Next, look into which seasons are less expensive for the flight. Expedia and Travelocity work like large groups for a hotel. Since so many people use them, hotels give them a discount to these companies. The 3rd party sites (eg. Expedia) mark up the prices that they sell the rooms for and that is the price you pay. Hotels like them- because you can't cancel the reservations- so the hotel makes money even if you don't show up and so do the 3rd party websites. Now, what they don't tell you... Hotels, have a hard time with these sites because: The reservations come in for the wrong room types Guests get upset and confused when they can't cancel the reservation The number of nights cannot be changed If you wanted to pay to upgrade to a suite- you can't Many people who book through those sites tend to be the cheapskates and give hotel staff a hard time- being polite when a reservation was screwed up by the 3rd party site can occasionally land you with freebies (breakfast, 2 drinks, movie, etc.) Be polite and ask if the hotel can compensate you for the error. You may end up in the wrong room type, but a hotel will do its best to work with you. What hotels do- if you are trying to beat the 3rd party prices, call the hotel directly. Most hotels will beat that price. But, please, don't lie about the price you found. The staff sees the rates for 3rd party sites- we have an idea as to what you're paying and if you lie the hotel won't give you a better rate. The big name hotels- Hilton, Choice, Westin, Wyndham, etc. all have desk staff 24-7. The hotels that tend to close doors early are extended stay or discount chains. Definitely check with a bed and breakfast about check in times if you are coming late. Check in time is 3 pm, because on sold out nights no rooms would be available for early check in. The big hotels you can check in between 3pm and 2am without worrying about loosing your room, unless you have a specific time hold. (A 6pm hold means that your room is only held until 6pm on the day of arrival) Early check in can be requested in advance, but it is best to call the hotel before arrival to verify that a room is available early. If it isn't many times the hotel can hold your luggage for a while until it is ready. Arriving after 11 pm is not always in your best interest. If you know that you are arriving after 11 pm, call the hotel earlier in the day and confirm it with the staff. This is because on busy nights, hotels will oversell their rooms- typically a hotel gets 1-3 no-shows per night so they account for this with a slight oversell. If you get to the hotel and they are out of rooms- you get a complimentary night at a different hotel- that your original hotel chooses. (Usually, it is comperable or better)

How much is an iPod nano at Costco/Sam's Club?

The 2 gb costs $149 and the 4gb costs $199. I just went to Sams Club yesterday and like you I was looking at the Ipods and remembered the price! :)

Getting your Sam's Club card from online membership registration?

Just go to the Customer service counter and they will verify your membership and issue you the card. Then shop to your hearts content.

What does Sam's Club pay a starting cashier?

That would be one of the first things I would ask at the interview.... Each applicant may be a little different. There is likely a "set" amount they want to start all cashiers at, and that may be a little flexible, depending on your experience. If you have no cash handling, cashier, or customer experience...you likely will be offered a pay on the low end of the spectrum.

What is the difference between working at Wal Mart and Sam's Club?

i work at sam's and an aquaintance of mine works at walmart. sams pays more money and has better opportunities. she has worked at walmart for 3 years. i have worked at sams for 2 months i make 2.00 more per hour than she does. she works in the accounting office and i am cashier in the tobacco cage. they are the same ownership but are run entirely different from who they hire how they hire how much they pay. the benefits are different the only thing similar is the name on the checks. they say walmart. sams offers health insurance from day one of employment. its not the same health insurance you are offered after 1 year of employment but nontheless there is a plan for everyone. i like my job she hates hers. i will leave the math up to you.

Can I haggle the price for a engagement ring at Sam's Club?

Technically? You can, but it won't work.

What were the original vegan burgers at Sam's Club?

They're Boca Burgers, and they still sell them (at least at mine.) So Yummy! I know you can still buy them here and in most grocery stores, but I'm not sure exactly how you can make them yourselves.

I would like to set up a web account in order to be able to make my Sam's club payments on line. How & where?

Find a bank that offers free online billpay. This service is becoming more mainstream, and is offered by Bank of America and Wachovia, as well as many other national and regional banks and credit unions. It can save you a fortune in mailing costs, and can keep your payments on-time.

What happens to my membership when I stop working at Sam's Club?


Is there any difference in goodyear tires from the goodyear store and sam's club goodyear tire?

Most of the time they are the same, but sometimes tire manufacturers will develop a tire and sell it specifically to one large retailer. You'll see this with Michelin Tires - XC LT4 sold at Sears Tires. They are not even mentioned on the Michelin website. I'm pretty sure Walmart Tires have a similar deal, and I wouldn't be surprised if Sam's or Costco Tires did too. However, if you see the same exact make and model on the tire then it's exactly the same as you would get at any other retailer. Take a look at sites like www.tire-reviews-online.com. They offer some details on how manufacturers sell their tires to various retailers.

How many wallets come on a sheet at Sam's Club?

Nine is the maximum for an 8.5x11 sized photo sheet.

Are the criticisms about Wal Mart and Sam's Club credible and verifiable?

watch the movie walmart. its an eye opener. i believe that anything said about walmart is true. i REFUSE to shop there because of how they treat their employees, the usa, its communities, and US. walmart is putting america out of business by selling INFERIOR products, at so called low prices. they have low prices because they bully everyone. Look at the wealth of the founders family and how much they ACTUALLY donate. its sicking.

Does anyone know the brand name of the pot pie that was once sold at Sam's club?

I know they did carry Marie Calendar's Pot Pies. I am not sure that is the ones you are talking about. Hope that helped you out. nfd♥

What would be the best selling points or point to selling a Sam's Club Membership?

Here are five things to always keep in mind when trying to find differences in your company compared to your competition. There are five key points customer service convenience quality speed and price. If you hit all those points in your presentation and show your potential client how you differ from your competition in these areas you should be fine. If you are speaking to your client face to face your first words should be something like "before we get started what would you like to get out of this presentation" " or what would your main concerns be before buying this membership" This will do two things 1) focus your current presentation 2) give you marketing information so you can address common problems Denials-use the five keys to your advantage It's too far away- would you mind driving that far if you knew that your products are high quality I shop at costco- i understand, most people do, what is it about costco you like? and then follow what about your dislikes. You can always use the answer a question with a questions it's too expensive- what would you expect to pay for this kind of service/product I do not buy bulk- why wouldn't you buy in bulk have a graph ready to show the difference between non perishables bought not in bulk to in bulk

Is there a big different between Costco and Sam's Club?

I am a member of both and the only difference I see is that COSTCO has a better floral selection.

Can i use a coupon code from dell in sam's club when im ordering my laptop online?

No, that coupon code is only good if you order from Dell's website.

What questions to expect at a Sam's Club Interview?

What they will want to see: (You will see key questions on this). - Are you dependable. Will you be at work on time and will you be responsible about this. - Do you have transportation to get back and forth to work (they won't ask this directly) - Do you have a good attitude? (they will ask questions to dig into this). There are some great books at the library and bookstores on how to Ace an Interview. Also google Interview tips. My best tip: Google: Wikipedia Sam's Club Find out a bit of the history such as when the first store first opened, how many stores they have nation-wide, etc. One sentence thrown in that you have done your research will make an impression...

How much does the measuring cup from Sam's Club 300 oz. detergent hold?

possiably the dtergent bottle will say how much it is. just a guess I's say about 1 cup.

Is there any way I can get a list of the products and prices in my local Sam's club?

www.samsclub.com is a great website.

How long does it take when signing up to become a member at Sam's Club?

When you enter the store there will be a person checking cards. Tell him or her that you want to join and he or she will point you to the membership desk. How long it takes will depend on how long the line is. But once you get to the front it shouldn't take more than 5 or 10 minutes. You show them your ID, give them some money, have your picture taken, and in about 60 seconds later you are on your way with your card. Also find out the shopping pattern at your store. At my store Tuesday afternoons are good for getting in and out quickly while Fridays and Saturdays are torture.

Does anyone else love the pies they make at Sam's Club?

Actually, it's the same pie that Costco has. Just like everything else in the bakery. Muffins and cookies, bread, etc. It's all from Pillsbury (or however you spell it)

Can i exchange my camera for a different one at sam's club?

exchange as in the same model or another model? You may need to pay the price difference if they take it back at all. Just go there and ask. I believe they still have a lifetime return policy on electronics.

Has anyone experienced swelling after Light White teeth whitening system at Sam's Club?

The swelling your are experiencing is more common with teeth whiteners purchased from K-Mart or Target. Because Sam's Club does not sell such products, be certain that the source of the swelling is not due to lack of proper teeth and gum maintenance such as regular flossing and brushing or going to bed with bubble gum, candy especially sugar-daddies and m&m's wedged between your lip and gum. If such is the case, as an experiment, try hitting the sack with sugar-laden snacks trapped in the lower lip area and see if such swelling takes place there. Keep us informed of your progress and good luck in finding the source of the swelling.

Why does Sam's Club have a regular and a reseller price for cigarettes?

First, the reseller price is for businesses that sell cigarettes to consumers, so the price is generally less, usually by 10 to 15%. Second, look at the brands. It's all about what marketshare the brands have. I am sure all of the big brands are cheaper, but the cheap brands are more expensive to the reseller.

How much do you pay for formula at Sam's club?

Go to SAMS and tell them you want to look at things and decide if it's worth having a membership. They will typically let you in and let you look at the costs of things, and then if you like it you can go to the front and get your membership. Sometimes the costs can vary by a couple of dollars per region. I know we bought the huge can there and it was about $30, that's typically 2x the large can in the stores in size and about $10 cheaper I think is what I figured out. They have the Gentleease by Enfamil, which is what we use, so that was very nice. I've never used their store brand, but they have a lactose-low formula there as well. But I'd go there and say you want to compare prices and see if it's worth the membership costs and they should let you in. It's not like you can buy anything without a card.

how long is a pumpkin pie purchased at sam's club good after the sell by date?

I wouldn't eat it but if you're feeling daring...and have any sick days available...you could try it. Again, I wouldn't though.

I went to Sam's Club yesterday and an obese welfare queen used food stamps and then paid for her own beer?

Strange that you violated someones privacy enough to see the details you tell. Or do they not deserve privacy in your twisted immoral mind?

What happened to the Pueblo Pies that Sam's Club used to carry? What company manufactured them?

I don't remember them myself but Google does! :: Alicia's Pueblo Cookie And Pie 13 S Santa Clara Albuquerque, NM 87101 Phone: (505) 897-1320 .

What does Sam's club call the person that checks your receipt and buggy as you leave the store?

receipt and buggy checker

On average, how much does a Sam's club tire technician get paid starting out?


Besides Costco and Sam's Club, where is he best place to get canned goods by the case for a low price?

I dont know where you live but here we have caned food warehouse and also bimart is prety good look in the yellow pages

How long can management keep you after your scheduled time at Sam's Club?

they can only make you work the posted hours. they cannot fire you if you refuse to stay but they can find another reason to let you go.

How can i get tax exempt as sam's club with a business membership??

The tax exemption is only for items bought for resale, unless you are a registered charity in which case it covers items the charity uses in the conduct of its charitable purpose. Assuming your business is not a charity, you still pay sales tax on any item you are going to use yourself or that your business is going to use You'd apply to your state for the exemption papers - every state is different.

How much is a large black and white print at Sam's Club?

Not all places can do images that size. the best thing to do is call the photo department at your local Sam's Club and ask them. Whenever I need large prints, I use BlueCube Imaging. They can do prints up to 2.5'x160' (30"x 1920") and their quality is second to none... http://www.modelmayhem.com/10720

What is the recipe for Sam's Club rotisserie chicken?

I've never had the Sam's Club chicken. Here's an easy recipe from Bobby Flay: http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recipes/recipe/0,,FOOD_9936_27272,00.html

Can you deduct a Sam's Club membership on your schedule C?

Yes....for the business portion of your purchases. If 100% of your Sam's Club purchases were for business related items, 100% of the membership would be deductible. If not all of your purchases were business related you would have to prorate the membership fee down based on the percentage of business to total purchases.