What pants was sam wearing when he went into the big brother house?

grey tracksuit bottoms :)

what episode of icarly do sam and carly fight in a dressing room over clothes?

It was the the episode, "iWas a Pageant girl"

When do Sam and Eric start getting referred to as Samneric?

How many games do you think Big Sam has left before getting sacked?

The unrealistic demands from newcastle fans would spell doom and gloom for sam quite soon with the way results are going. How can any fan expect to win anything when their much loved team is not a team but a group of individuals who never get the chance to work together properly as a team because the manager is changed every two minutes just because nobody can take the bad results in order to build a good strong team like manu or arsenal and look how long their managers have been there. Rome wasn't built in a day so the saying goes and no good team will ever be produced unless the manager is given a fair long run with the players and the staff to make it work. Good luck to Sam I hope he manages to stick it out

How can i get tax exempt as sam's club with a business membership??

The tax exemption is only for items bought for resale, unless you are a registered charity in which case it covers items the charity uses in the conduct of its charitable purpose. Assuming your business is not a charity, you still pay sales tax on any item you are going to use yourself or that your business is going to use You'd apply to your state for the exemption papers - every state is different.

What do you think happened to sam tyler in ashes to ashes?

It's hard to say. We've been told that he died but for all we know that could be a cover up. I think it will end the same way as Life on Mars and that we will be left wondering what happens to Alex...

What episode of Supernatural did Sam and Dean get the possession tattoos?

We never actually saw Sam and Dean getting the tattoos but in the season 2 episode 'Born Under A Bad Sign' after Sam was possessed by Meg, at the very end of the episode Bobby gave them both charms to ward off possession in the future. Rather than risk losing the charms, they decided the only permanent way to protect themselves against possession was to have the charm design tattooed on their chests. The charms that Sam and Dean give Hendricksen and the others in 'Jus In Bello' are replicas of the charms that Bobby originally gave them in 'Born Under A Bad Sign'. I thought they were two brilliant episodes ; ) I think the episode you're thinking of with Ruby could be 'Malleus Maleficarum' where Ruby throws Dean a hex bag to ward off the black magic being used on him by Tammy.

Supernatural-If sam and Dean were to go their separate ways who should get the knife?

I'm thinking Dean as Sam does have his other options.. Plus Dean is more of a full frontal fighter anyways haha.. And then that raises the question what if The Colt were to return? who would get that ay ay..

How did they make Sam Worthington's legs so skinny during the movie Avatar?

There was an interview where he was asked that question and he said it was created through Computer Generated Imagery (CGI).

What is Sam's top speed, and How far has Sam traveled when he finally coasts to a stop?

Im gonna place the variables in so you just hav to put it in your calculator (sweet deal eh?) u= coefficient of friction F=ma F=Skis-f F=220-ugm a=F/m=(220-ugm)/81 linear accel therefore v=at t=11 seconds Distance at 11 seconds Dx=.5at^2 where until skis turn off add to that after skis turn off Dx=vt+.5at^2 where a=ug and t=v/ug